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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

This is the second of my otherwise untitled bedtime spanking stories. Bedtime I was posted back in March.
   —Lurking Dragon

Bedtime II

July 22, 2748

Part 21 of Melody's Stories

Supper was over, and Mommy took Melody my the hand and escorted her up to the bathroom for her bath, leaving the dishes behind. Daddy was out of town, so Mary would deal with them after putting Melody to bed. Once in the bathroom, Mommy started filling the tub and undressing her little girl. This was simple, as Melody had been called in to supper straight from playing in the yard, and just had on her new little pink-and-black-print play dress. The top was pulled up and over Melody's head, the matching little panties stripped off, and the child was in the tub playing with her toys.

Melody usually had to bathe right after supper, unless Mommy decided to do it beforehand. Mommy dried her off and dressed her for bed in her short yellow nightie. This garment barely fell to mid thigh, and was usually worn with white cotton panties. After her bath Mommy took Melody to her room, instead of downstairs to watch holo.

That tore it. Bedtime spanking. This was far from unusual; Mommy and Daddy both delighted in putting Melody to bed early with a hot, sore bottom. Melody usually went to bed at eight, but here it was not even seven and she was already in her room and ready.

"Mommy, am I gettin' a bedtime s-sp-..."

"Yes, dear." Said Mommy, going to Melody's bedroom window. "But first, let's look in on little Janie. A little bird told me she'll be getting a good spanking of her own tonight."

Really! Melody loved to 'peek' at Janie getting it, and ran right over to the window. She and her Mommy looked over at Janie's house. They could see right into her upstairs bedroom, especially when they had the drapes pulled back and the window open, like tonight. They could see and hear everything.

Right about then Janie walked in to the room, already crying a little. Her Daddy followed her in. He was carrying Janie's paddle with him. This paddle was a little smaller than Melody's, but it was still 28 cm long and was even wider than Melody's, a full twelve cm. It was only 4mm thick, though, and while it was designed to sting like mad, the impact would be more appropriate for Janie's smaller bottom.

Mr. Smythe pulled the straight backed chair out from under Janie's dresser and seated himself. Then he took his daughter firmly in his strong arms and deposited her gently over his lap. Like Mel, Janie was wearing only a short little nightie and panties; these or babydoll jammies were generally favored for bedtime spankings, and any Penitatas got a bit nervous when wearing them. Janie's had thin blue stripes on the white background, in a barber pole pattern.

But the striped cloth was quickly turned up, and the man started spanking the naughty four year old with firm handspanks to her plain white nylon pantyseat. Melody winced in undesired sympathy as the child began to cry and wiggle under her Daddy's firm spanks. A good dozen swats warmed up the little panty-seat, then they were pulled right down, and Mr. Smythe reached for the paddle for the main portion of Janie's bedtime spanking, a good paddling on her bare bottom.

Melody grinned as Janie's antics increased under the stimulus of the fiery paddle spanks. Her crying redoubled, her wiggling took on a new urgency. She frantically tried to swim off of her Daddy's lap, but he just held her down firmly with his left hand as spank after awful spank was landed on her little bare bottom with the big, thin paddle. Soon nylon panties flew across the room as the little four year old kicked them off her flying legs.

Janie's bottom was soon the hue of a ripe watermelon, and she was crying her eyes out with the pain and shame of her spanking. Finally her Daddy set aside the paddle, and resumed Janie's spanking with his big, hard hand. From the effect on Janie's crying and squirming, Mel didn't think the tradeoff was much kinder for Janie's sore fanny.

Finally Janie's Daddy stopped spanking her bottom. He held her over his lap awhile while she got her bawling under control, then whispered some orders to his little girl. Janie looked out her window right into Melody's eyes, fierce hate burning in them. But she had no choice, and walked right up to her window, turned around, and pulled up her nightie so Melody could get a good look at her well-spanked bare bottom.

After a good, long look Janie was pulled out of sight to where her little bed nestled against the wall. The show was over. Janie's window was left open to the cool summer air.

"Was that fun, Melody?" asked her Mommy.

"Yes, Mommy. After what he, she did to me, you know I love watching Janie getting it."

Mommy now walked over to Melody's own bed. "Yes, dear, but I'm afraid its now your turn." Melody flushed, then turned to close the window. "No, leave it open. A little turnabout is always fair. Maybe Janie can't SEE your spanking, but it won't hurt either of you to let her HEAR it."

Well, Melody certainly didn't agree with THAT, but she knew better than to object. Instead, with a sob, she had to go over to her Mommy's side and await being turned over the knee. Her little yellow nightie was raised, and Mary began to spank the seat of Melody's panties with her hand. Mel was soon yelping and sobbing as the firm spanks impacted her little sit-down. She ALWAYS forgot just how much a spanking STUNG!

I was to be a long warm up, and Melody was crying by the time the fiftieth handspank was applied to her panty-seat. But then her Mommy tugged her white cotton panties down, and resumed her spanking on Melody's bare bottom.

The fire in her bottom continued to slowly expand as her spanking kept on raising the temperature of her bottom. That was the problem with a really good handspanking; it wasn't so bad at first, but the spanks just kept on adding to each other until the fire in Melody's bare buttocks had her howling and bawling in pain. Her own panties flew across the room as she swam and kicked and wiggled her six-year-old body as furiously as Janie had her four-year-old form under the paddle.

Then it was over, and Mary took a few minutes to settle Melody down over her knees. Then she stood Mel on her feet, got off the bed, and popped the crying Melody right into her bed, pantyless. Melody was soon thoroughly tucked in and crying herself to sleep. It was barely seven-thirty.