Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Welcome, this where I can speel off about myself to anyone who cares to Listen, time to shudder. ;)

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Firstly my name is Gerald, but as that is also my fathers name, I'm also quite use to being called Jr. (and no, I was named one month before Dallas came on, and though I have been shot.) It's interesting that I can track how I came to know people via which name the call me. Like if they call me Jr, I met them when I was a little kid, or via a childhood friend (or family). If they call me Gerald (or Gerry) I meet them in School (Jezza is an other name this group will call me). If I met them via the Vic BBS, they will call me Phoenix, and finally if I have met them via the net the will call me Rogue.

Not that I mind all the different name it is just there way of addressing me, I am as always me though

I often on the 'Net, abrevate. Bronze Firelizard down to 'bfl', I tend to get two questions asked of me from that, they are:

Do You come from Florida?:Very american centric. Ironically the answer is, as of 2008, yes. But that is not what the nick mean. I live now in Florida, USA, But before that I lived in IL, USA and even before that I lived most of my life in New Zealand sense shortly before my 8th Birthday. BUT I am an american though, I was Born in Mass, USA.
What does 'bfl' stand for?:Yep you guested it, Bronze firelizard.

Now this of course leads on to:

What is a Bronze Firelizard?:Firelizards are small dragons with leathery skin, abut the size of a human forearm. They come from the the writings of Anne MacCaffrey, in her series 'Dragonriders of Pern' (the first book is called Dragonflight). They come in 5 Colours; the two female colours are, Gold (or Queen) and Green, and the three male colours of, Bronze, Brown, and Blue.
This of course leads onto:
Why you call yourself that/this?:Well now... when I first got onto the internet I went to PernMUSH, an online real time place to role-play life on Pern. There I was called Rowan, through the course of life I managed to impress a Bronze Firelizard, who through his antics got named Rogue. Then when I got onto the Newsgroups, I joined Alt.Fan.Dragons, where it is traditional to take one the persona of a dragon or dragon-kin for your postings there, so i took on Rogue the Bronze Firelizard,(I'm happy to say I was the first (but not the last)Firelizard in the group 8) ) the nick suited me so I keep it.

Now for some basic info on myself:

Chinese character: dragon

Interests :

Role Playing: This is an interest that often inspires people to become actors, but not so for me. I like exploring the what if this type of person was put into this kind of situations. that's why I play Role Playing Games(RPGs). I have played a few systems before such as:

of all of the systems I like G.U.R.P.S. the best, for it's flexablity and it's natural bent on encouraging role-playing, instead of roll-playing. But having said that you can role-play in any system, often despite the system.

Speclitive Fiction:'what is that?' you ask?. It was a term coined by Mark Twain, to describe a story that took on the 'What if' nature to themselves. though most people with describe these stories as eitherFantasy or Science Fiction, though not always. I will take this fix wither it is in the form of TV, Movie, or Book. I will say though the the Books tend to be better. The Author will well have free reign to tell there story, without TV executives, Budget constants, or Censors, getting in the way. among my favorite authors are:

Not mentioned in the Above that deserve special mention because the don't quite fit in with the above writers, are William Price who's Juvenile's 'Adventure' series (book one: Amazon Adventure) sparked off my interesting in reading, and Bill Waterson for his cartoon strip 'Calvin & Hobbs'.

Music: My tastes are wide and varied, the best I could do to describe it is say the music either has a feel to it, or the lyrics are humorous some examples are:

Spanking:Yep, you read that right, I'm a Spanko, or Spankophile.I'm interested in consensual spanking play between consenting adults. I myself am what you call a Switch, which means for the non initated, that I am both a Top (Spanker) and a Bottom (Spankee), depending on mood, timing, phases of the moon etc. though I have stronger leanings as a Bottom. When I bottom I'm into 'Brat' play, and in particular, age play involves taking on the an age and acting it, that is no your own for on the example on the Undernet channels #Pantsdown, and #Overlap, I would originally at on the age of a 12 year old, though through experances, that has been changed to that of a 8 year old. I should say for fairness not all Brat play involves age play (Hey you all probably know someone who is a bratty Adult, with they are playing so that they hope they will be spanked or if they really are a Brat that never grew up, and learned there lesson.