Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon


July 26, 2748

Part 22 of Melody's Stories

Sunday afternoon, and Daddy is watching Melody while Mommy gets some well-deserved time off to shop and visit the hairdresser. Melody is playing in a little wading pool that's been set up in the back yard.

She splashes and jumps up and down in the water, then sits down and starts to 'teach' Robin how to swim. Last week Melody and her Mommy had made Robin a little black-and-green striped swimsuit using the autotailor. That had been a lot of fun! And now the doll was trying out its new outfit in the wading pool.

Melody was teaching Robin to swim the same way she'd been taught... with frequent swats to her soft little fanny. She'd programmed in a bunch of new responses for Robin, coded to her outfit and being wet. So Robin replied to the swats appropriately: "OW! Mommy, please! Na' so HARD on a WET BOTTOM!" "Waaaah! Rob'n Trying! REALLY!" "No, No! Mommy! I won' run by the pool again!" And so forth.

Meanwhile Josh had slipped inside and fetched out the hover-cam, and was quietly filming Melody's play. And so he got the climax as Melody sat on the edge of the wading pool, firmly sat Robin on her lap, and quickly divested the doll of her wet bathing suit prior to upending her for a sound bare-bottom spanking.

As her padded plastaflesh posterior brightened into a hot red, Robin cried and wailed and tried to beg off, but her six-year-old Mommy just continued to spank until she was certain the doll had learned her lesson. Only then did Melody notice her Daddy filming her play.

Melody blushed, knowing that her roleplaying had been taped. She'd been concentrating so hard, she'd become oblivious to her surroundings. Another common but dangerous childhood trait rejuves were subject to. Another reason for parents.

Melody wasn't sure why she was so embarrassed. After all, she'd just been projecting; trying to quantify just how she felt, her own reactions to her punishments. Still, it had probably looked pretty silly from a grown up perspective.

(Actually, Melody was wrong. As far as Josh was concerned, the entire episode had been extremely erotic, and he and Mary would be treasuring that chip for years.)

Melody set Robin aside and went back to energetic splashing and jumping. Josh waited for almost a half hour, the called Melody over to where he sat on a patio chair next to the table.

Melody obeyed, albeit a bit tentatively. "I think we'd better put some more sunscreen on, Melody."

"Why, Daddy? It doesn't come off, and you already put it all over my face an' arms an' legs?"

Josh pulled Melody close and started tugging the straps of her suit off of her shoulders. "Yes, Melody, but after your spanking I'm gonna make you play bare naked for a while. And we wouldn't want your sore little fanny to burn, now would we."

Melody began to cry quietly at the news she was about to be spanked. And even as her little swimsuit came down she heard the raucous ball game next door subside, and she knew that half the neighborhood kids were on the other side of the wooden fence, crowding together to peek between the boards at her. She was right.

Her Daddy pulled the suit right down and off her feet, then pulled poor Melody up and over his broad lap. Then he twisted the chair around so that Melody's audience would have a nice clear 3/4 rear view of Melody's bare bottom. Only then did he begin to spank.

Melody yelped at the awful sting of the first spanks. She'd forgotten her bottom was WET!! She wiggled and squirmed as her Daddy settled into a slow, constant rhythm of good, sound handspanks. Melody was crying hard now, doing a better crawl than she'd ever managed in the pool as she tried to swim off her stern Daddy's lap to avoid the raging bonfire being built in her hiney.

Daddy didn't stop spanking for five solid minutes. By the end, Melody was bawling like the baby she was, lying still and defeated over his lap as spank after spank stung her poor strawberry bottom. She kept on crying for quite a while after her spanking ended, and was not let up off Daddy's knee until another solid five minutes had passed.

"There! That, Melody, is what I call a good old-fashioned sound bare- bottomed spanking. And it is just what naughty little Penitatas need. Isn't it Mel? (quietly) Well?"

"Oh! (sob) Yes, Daddy! I-I mean..(sniffle) Th-thank you for givin' me (sob) a good ol' fashin (sob) soun bar-bott'm spankin'. I-I know it (snif) did me a lot of good."

"Good girl!! Now, Melody, I want you to do something for me."

And he whispered into her ear. Melody bawled "Noooo! Daddeee! Nooo!"

"NOW Melody. Run, young lady!! <swat!!>"

And Melody scampered off into the house, still stark naked and dripping. And came running back out a few moments later.

Carrying her red maple hairbrush from her dresser. One hand held firmly behind her in a hopeless effort to shield her poor red fanny, she handed the traditional instrument of parental disfavor to her now grinning Daddy. "Do you know what else you can call that good, sound spanking you just got, Mel?... A warm up. Now it's time for the main event. But first... Melody, I want you to go sit down in the pool. Just for a second. Then get your little tail right back here."

Melody blanched at the order. Her first sound spanking had at least dried off her poor fanny. Sitting down in the wading pool would... and the brush would... Melody broke into tears as she shuffled over to the wading pool, turned around (giving her audience an even better look at her little red ass) and plopped her fanny into the cool water. It felt pretty good, but her Daddy was signaling that it was time for her to come and get it.

Melody obeyed her Papa and walked back to his side, her head down, shuffling her feet as she began to cry again. As soon as she was in range her Daddy swept her back over his lap, this time pulling her little wrists behind her and pinning them in one large hand so that she couldn't even try to defend her poor posterior.

Which he then began to spank with sharp licks of the hairbrush. Melody howled as the burning spanks ignited her already well-tanned bottom. Again, her wet bottom made a big difference in how much the terrible swats stung and burned. Of course, the spanks were measured. Josh knew his own strength, and was using just enough to make Melody's bare bottom intolerably hot and sore, but not enough to deeply bruise her bottom. This was a proper six-year-old spanking, a hot, burning surface sting that would be gone in a couple of hours.

But poor Melody was in no position to tell the difference. As far as SHE was concerned, her poor bottom was being spanked off, she'd NEVER be able to sit down again, and the pain was totally intolerable. But then it always was, especially when Daddy used the hairbrush. Or the paddle. Or his hand. Actually, every spanking was unendurable. But she endured them anyway. And cried, and bawled, and wiggled, and weaved her bare bottom around, and howled, and twisted lasciviously, and gave all the watching boys and girls quick looks at her hairless little pussy, and sometimes even her pink anus as she bucked and writhed over Josh's lap as he spanked her bare bottom.

It was a pretty long spanking, and Melody was again lying quietly, broken and defeated, bawling out her naughtiness with long howls before her Daddy was done. And again he kept her over his lap for a long crying time before making her get up. Then she had to stand in front of him as he rubbed sunscreen all over her teatless chest and hairless pubes. The turn around as her bare back was similarly anointed.

Then be turned back over his knees so that her sore bare bottom could have an extra-large dose rubbed thoroughly into it's well-heated cherry-red curves.

Then Melody had to go back and get into her wading pool to play. Bare naked. Sniffling and sobbing, she lowered herself into the cool water. WOW! did that feel good!! She sighed, sat back against the side of the pool, and sniffled and sobbed for a while. Then, finally, she began to push one of her toy boats around the pool. And soon forgot about the watching neighborhood kids (who mostly soon wandered away, after they got used to seeing her bare), forgot about her burning bottom (well, mostly) even forgot about her own nakedness as she became involved with her internal fantasies and play.

And she stayed in the pool playing for two hours, until her Mommy came home and found her. And began to spank her for taking off all her clothes outdoors... until she saw Melody's still hot pink bottom and realized that her protests that 'Daddy did it' might just be true.

Of course, Mary gave Melody a dozen good stingers anyway, just on general principle.

But then it was time for them all to go back inside. Melody had missed her nap, and her Mommy wanted her to lie down for a while before supper.