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Welcome to Link Central

Below are some links that I have gathered that for some reason or another I have enjoyed so i though I would share them with you..

SJGAMES web site
these are the creators of GURPS and are very net friendly.
GURPS: Pern web site.
it is a 'net book'
Dragonhold - Underhill
This is the Home page of Anne McCaffery, a most wonderful Author and person
Robin Wood's web site
Robin Wood is an excelten Artiset, and has done the art work work for People of Pern
Slashdot on line News
/. is billed as 'News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.'
A Wiki for all your anime needs.
The SETI web page.
have a look at [email protected] if you want to help directly
The #Overlap homepage
this is one of the IRC channel I hang out on. WARNING: the site is not intended for minors, and deals with the Spanking fetish.
Anime OTK
a.k.a. "Anime Spanking Community" is an attempt to rebuild a central home for the spanking of brats in the anime style.
Boyz Being Boyz
This is a male spanking art site that the male counter part to the handprints site.
Spanking Art Wiki
The new home of the wiki
Anime Spanking Archive
flairblack's project to collect the anime related spanking stories
Anime Brats
A interactive web community dedicated to Anime based spankings
Due to cracker harassment the maintainer has taken down the site untill they decide what to do
Anime Conan
A Fan-sub Site For the Subbing of Detective Conan from the beginning
Another fan-sub site who works include Detective Conan
Kaizou Fansubs
Another Detective Conan Fansub group that constrated on story line epiosdes
Hari no Ito
Another Detective Conan Fansub group that constrated on filling in gaps in the subs
Black Organization Fansubs
The newest Detective Conan Fansub group, openned with the Fansub of Movie 11
Leon's Reality
A Friend from the Conan Groups, and good source for Bubblegum Crisis info
redhat is the distribution of Linux that I use
one of the Best places to go if you are looking for program to run in Linux
User Friendly
Join the Staff of This typical ISP as the go though life and day business
you can go stright to today strip here
Join the Fox Family, the highest complement I can give it is, it's the logical successor to Bill Waterson's Calvin and Hobbs, But sibling rivly though in.
Keirsey Temperament Sorter
This is a Personality sorter based on the theories of Jung.

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