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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

I have already written several of the 'big' stories about Melody, Christmas, her summer vacation, Easter. These incidents are NOT typical punishments, so I am adding some 'small' stories about her everyday experiences.
   —Lurking Dragon

Bedtime I

Mar. 14, 2748

Part 8 of Melody's Stories

It was an eventful Saturday. Melody had gone shopping with her Daddy, a special treat, and while she had never been really BAD, she wasn't particularly GOOD, either. She'd carried on like a magpie all day, even after he'd told her to be quiet. He'd had to call her back to him several times, and he'd even swatted her once for 'wandering off', though she was always in clear sight. Anyway, Melody figures she's probably in for a pretty good bedtime spanking tonight.

After supper is over, Mama said that she'd clear the table while Daddy Josh 'took care' of Mel. Yep, she was in for it a bit. It wasn't even seven o'clock, but her Daddy had already picked her up and was carrying her upstairs to the bathroom. As the tub was filling up with warm water, Josh sat down on the toilet seat and began to undress his little girl. First he took off her little shoes and socks. Then he unbuttoned her fancy pink knee-length dress, with the little yellow polka-dots and pulled it over her head. Her pink blouse was then carefully unbuttoned and removed. Finally her pink polka-dotted white cotton panties were slipped down her legs, to her embarrassment, and Melody stood revealed in all her six-year-old hairless glory before her Daddy.

Then Daddy put Mel into the tub and began to scold her even as he scrubbed her (rather grubby) body with the washcloth.

"You were a bit out of line today, young lady. I don't have to put up with such behavior from a little Penitatas like you. You were due for a spanking tonight anyway, (sob) but now I'm going to spank you quite a bit longer and harder than usual. You'll be a sorry little girl by the time its over, all red-faced and crying. That's right, Melody, and this naughty little bottom I'm washing <pat-pat> will be all red and sore, and you'll cry yourself right to sleep!"

Of course, all this left Melody crying and sniffling even before she was taken out of the tub. Which she soon was. Daddy dried Melody off with a big, soft towel and then wrapped her up in it before carrying her into her bedroom. There he sat her on her bed while he got out her night things. He helped her into a pair of yellow cotton panties, then pulled her nightgown over her head. The giant sunflower fell off her shoulders to her knees, and she was ready for bed.

"Bring me your hairbrush Melody." Daddy ordered as he sat on her bed. Melody hastened to comply. Josh then pulled Melody between his knees, turned her away from him, and began to brush out her shoulder-length blond hair. Melody relaxed back against her Daddy as he gently took care of her tresses. When he was done, Daddy set the brush down on the bed next to him...not a good sign!

"Go stand in the corner, Melody, while I get the camera set up." Uh-oh! Daddy had stopped holoing most of Melody's punishments, but he still did occasionally...even ordinary punishments.

Soon Daddy had returned with the floating camera, and sat back down on Melody's bed. "All right, Mel. Come here and ask for it."

This was one of the things Melody hated the most, but she knew she had to do it, so she walked over to her Daddy, stood directly in front of him and said, "I'm sorry I was a handful today, Daddy. Please give me a good spanking so I'll behave better next time."

Daddy gently helped Melody up and over his lap. He put her at a slight angle, so that her upper body rested on her bed, while her legs were left dangling in space. "Now Melody, all day I've been listening to you chatter on and on. Now I want to see if you can manage to keep your little mouth shut for once. I don't want to hear ONE WORD out of you during this spanking. I know you'll cry; that's OK, but I just want to hear crying, NO WORDS, you understand??"

No words?? She wasn't even going to be allowed to TRY to beg off? (Not that it ever did any good...) "I-I'll try, Daddy."

"Good girl, Melody, those had better be your LAST words tonight. Because every time you talk, you'll get five good spanks WITH THE HAIRBRUSH!! Beginning right NOW!"

And Daddy's hard hand slapped firmly against the thin fabric of her yellow nightgown. And again. And again. The regular, firm spanks were soon heating up Melody's bottom. She bit her lip and wiggled her bottom. Still the spanks kept coming. "Wah! Wah-haaa! (sob) Dad-dee! No...I mean...NOOO!"

But it was too late. Already Josh's hand had swept down and back up with Melody's red maple hairbrush, and she Yowled as the back impacted her tender bottom. Two layers of thin cotton weren't much protection from the hard hairbrush back, as four more stinging spanks exploded onto her tender rump. "WAH-HAAAAA!" (An allowable bawl...)

"Warned you, Mel..." said Josh as he dropped the brush next to him and resumed handspanking Melody. Then he paused for a moment. "That's enough of a warm-up. Let's get your nightie up, Melody."

Josh began pulling up the calf-length nightgown, and soon he picked Mel up a bit and tucked her nightie well up above her waist. Then he began to take down her yellow panties. "No need for a panty-warming, Melody, lets go straight to your BARE-BOTTOM SPANKING."

"Waaaaaah! Noooo! I-OH NO!"

And instead of a hard hand, it was the terrible back of her hairbrush that landed SPLATingly on Melody's bare bottom, five hard times. Which is what broke the dam; the intense pain made Melody howl and start to cry hard, like a naughty six year old should while getting a good spanking. Melody didn't need to worry about talking now; she was much too busy bawling like a baby.

Josh waited a moment to let Melody feel all the burning heat of the hairbrush spanks, then resumed Melody's sound bedtime spanking. He spanked her slowly, starting at the top of her hips, alternating sides, and working his way down to the tops of her tender thighs. Her poor bottom was so tiny, the trip only took a dozen spanks. Then several swats across both cheeks, then back up to the top to begin the painful trip back to her thighs again.

Melody was crying and sobbing hard by the time her spanking was over. Her poor bottom was a nice, dark pink from Josh's spanks, each cheek with a hot red center where the hairbrush had done its work.

Finally Josh let Melody stand up. She danced around the room in the traditional 'Spanked Girl Hop', yellow panties hobbling her ankles, rubbing her sore cheeks. (Unlike Mary, Josh usually allowed Mel to rub her fanny after a spanking, at least for a little while, mostly because he enjoyed watching it so much). Josh caught her on the fourth bounce, gently holding her still while he bent over and pulled her panties up. Then it was time for her post-spanking hug, and then Josh popped Melody right into bed for an early bedtime.

"Go right to sleep, young lady, if you know what's good for you!" he ordered, as he deactivated the camera, turned out the lights, and left Melody to cry herself to sleep, just as he'd predicted.