Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Welcome to My G.U.R.P.S. page

Here you will find various Stuff I have written for G.U.R.P.S. Fourth Edition ( 4e )

Self Stating
As part of the SJGames forums exercise of build baseline humans I wrote up myself in G.U.R.P.S. 4e Stats, and came out an embarrassing low point total.
The Main Characters from the anime Meitantei Conan / Detective Conan a.k.a. Case Closed
Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Kogorou Mouri
Ai Haibara
Agasa Hiroshi
Ayumi Yoshida
A racial write-up including a template of pernese firelizards from Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern Series
G.U.R.P.S. Children
a Graph showing average stats for children, in GURPS, by age.
G.U.R.P.S. Damage Calculator
a Javascript power program That calcualted what type of damage an attack will do in gurps
G.U.R.P.S. Enchantment Calculator
a Javascript power program That calcualted the cost and power for an enchanter's circle in gurps
RPG motivational posters
My contributions to the monster thread
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