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Detective Conan is about 16 year old high school detective Shin'ichi Kudou who while investigating some suspicious activity, was poisoned and left for dead. But the poison instead of killing him had the unexpected effect of physically rejuvenating him back to the form of a 6 year old. At the prompting of his friend and nominal guardian Professor Agasa, he is hiding his real identity, and is living under the assumed name of Conan Edogawa. Agasa has arranged for Conan to live with Shin'ichi's girlfriend Ran, and her detective father Kogorou Mouri, without them knowing who Conan really is. Using gadgets of Agasa's design Conan is secretly aiding Kogorou in the hopes of coming across information relating to the mysterious Black Origination so that he can undo his transformation.

Case Closed Vol 1 Cover featuring Detective Conan Edogawa

Detective Conan (or 名探偵コナン) was first published by Aoyama Goushou during 1994 in Shounen Sunday magazine where it continues to be released on a weekly basis. periodically these weekly manga are collected and released in a volume format. These volumes are currently up to Volume 59. Following the successful release of then anime in english Viz has begun releasing these volumes under the name Case Closed. Vis is currently expected to release Volume 22 on 2007-03-08.

Ayumi Yoshida and Ai Haibara resting agianst Detective Conan Edogawa

Yearly in 1996 Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation began airing an anime adaption Aoyama Goushou's work, with a j-pop star Minami Takayama of TWO-MIX, staring as the voice actress for the starring character, Conan Edogawa. Aoyama and Minami had a brief 4 marrrage. In 2004 FUNimation brought the show to the US as Case Closed. though it will be a long time before FUNimation will catch up to Japan in episode count, due to there being nearly 500 episodes and still releasing every monday night in prime-time. Make this the longest running Prime-time anime ever in japan.

Detective Conan at home from the 4th movie's opening showing Ran Mouri telling conan off, while Kogorou Mouri baps Conan on the head.

Every year since the anime began during Japan's Golden Week TMS Entertainment releases a movie. With the preimere of the 11th movie "紺碧の棺(ジョリーロジャー)" (Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure), fans where once again told to expect a 12th movie. FUNimation has also secured the rights to dub the movies as wells as the anime. They have now released the first movie "Case Closed The movie, The Time Bombed Skyscraper". Sometime in 2007 is when Movie 2 due be out, but then it's a difficult dub due to how the original names are key to the movie.


Live Action
In celebration of the Detective Conan anime's 10th anniversary the creators have released a live action prequel drama focusing on Shin'ichi ( played by Oguri Shun) and Ran ( played by Kurokawa Tomoka). Other characters included Sonoko, Megure, and Kogorou.
It aired on YTV

The Detective Boys (Jr Detective League) in soccer uniforms. Starting Center frount and going clockwise: Detective Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, Genta Kojima, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, and Ayumi Yoshida

I will be writing up the main character from the world of Detective Conan is the rules for G.U.R.P.S. so they can be used in a role-playing game under the said system.

Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Kogorou Mouri
Hiroshi Agasa-hakase
Ai Haibara
Ayumi Yoshida
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya
Genta Kojima

FUNimation runs a web forum where you can discuss Case Closed.