Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...
   — Lurking Dragon

Final Assembly Epilogue

May 28, 2749

Part 56 of Melody's Stories

School finally ended, and Melody fetched home her report card — some things don't change. And when she got home, her Mommy and Daddy took her into the living room for a discussion.

Her Mommy began, "Melody, we'll be meeting your Mother and Uncle for dinner, but first we needed to talk to you about what your Gold Star means. There is a tradition about that, for Penitatas..."

"Huh? Mommy, has ANY bad penny like me ever gotten a Gold Star? I couldn't remember ever hearing about one..."

Josh replied "I had to look it up, pumpkin. The last Penitatas hard-timer to get it was eighty-three years ago!! You have to understand, hon; MOST kids aren't gonna get any OPPORTUNITIES to do something special until they are a LOT older than you are. And a Penitatas is even less likely to be accorded that much freedom or choice in the matter — at least as a hard-timer. And to be frank, even with the opportunity, very few Penitatas hard-timers would be the sort of kids who WOULD give of themselves this way. Melody — you are the FIRST Penitatas in HISTORY to be awarded a Gold Star in your first cycle!

Melody was stunned, and her Mommy said "Close your mouth, dear, before something flies into it. Yes, dear, it is true. But SOME hard timers HAVE gotten Gold Stars, and it WILL have an effect on how you are treated from now on."

"Yes, Melody" her Daddy continued. "First of all, you are STILL a Penitatas, and you are STILL a hard timer. Even a Gold Star doesn't change THAT. And that means that any disobedience or misbehavior will result in a good, sound spanking on your tender little bare bottom, just like now."

"That's ANY naughtiness, Mel" interjected Mary. "Punishment spankings will still be MUCH more severe than your actual behavior warrants; extreme strictness will still be the rule!!"

"Yes, but where you WILL get a break is in the UN-earned spankings."

Daddy sat back and went into 'lecture mode' as he continued.

"For the past year-and-a-half your Mommy and I, and your teachers, have been paddling your little bottom five or six times a week, no matter HOW well-behaved you were. More often, and harder, of course, when you got into mischief. Some of these were fairly minor spankings, a few swats over your skirt, or a handspanking over your panties. But about once a week one of us would give you a good, hard, bare-bottom over-the-knee spanking, and about one in four of these would be with a hairbrush or paddle or someting. Just to punish you for your original crime and to keep you toeing the line."

"Well, there will be a lot fewer of THOSE spankings now. The little 'reminder' spankings go down to one or two a week, and from now on you can expect an UN-EARNED good, sound spanking, no more than once a month or so. And from now on, those un-earned spankings will be handspankings. You don't have to worry about switches or paddles or hairbrushes anymore, Melody — as long as you behave yourself!"

Mommy now took over. "A soft-timer, of course, wouldn't get spanked even that much — un-earned. But you are NOT a soft-timer; your purpose in life is still to be puniched for your crimes. Just not as hard. And your 'special punichment days' will be reduced, too."

Melody started, and stared at her Mommy open mouthed. She'd ALREADY had her 'special punishment days' cut ONCE, due to Jane's sabotage of the SpankMaster 2000 last Diaspora. And now it was to be cut MORE?

Josh smiled as he read Melody's astonishment in her face. "Yes, dear. Diaspora is a moot point for you, but your next birthday will be a bit easier. Not that the actual number of swats per spanking can change; you'll still be eight years old!! And of course, all your guests will get to give you birthday spankings; that's as usual."

"But when your Daddy and I spank you, dear, there will be fewer sets of birthday spanks. Last year I gave you your birthday swats over your nightie, panties, and bare-bottomed with my hand. This year, you will JUST receive the panty-spanking. And a bare-bottomed birthday spanking with the hairbrush afterwards."

"And when it is my turn, Melody, there won't be any good handspanking; just your birthday swats. And instead of the hairbrush, I'll be using the little helper-paddle, though you'll still get two doses from it — one over your nightie and one bare bottom. And while I'll still give you a spanking with your paddle, it will be just ONE spanking, not three. I'm afraid that you will still get a caning at the end, though. I'm sorry, but those are the rules."

Melody was both horrified at the reminder of how terrible her future fate was, and relieved that it would be so much less than last year.

"On Christmas, Melody, it will be up to the Corrections Board—but I suspect you will have even fewer switches and lumps of coal than last year." Mommy continued.

"And for Easter, well, a lot of Easter is chance, and still will be — but your base level, your start point, will be cut in half..."

Her parents paused. Melody suddenly realized what had been left out. "And-and what about July 4th? That's next..."

Her parents glanced at each other, and her Daddy said "Well, Melody, usually your Independence Day spanking will be cut in half as well. But not this year."

Melody started and stared at her Daddy.

"Now, Melody, you KNOW you MISSED Easter this year" her Mommy answered Melody's unasked question. "That happens sometimes, due to illness or injury. And what happens then?"

Melody knew the answer. "Your next 'special punishment day' is doubled to make up for it... OH!! That's why it'll be as usual—doublin' and halvin' it makes it come out even...."

"Precisely, Mel!! Now, that's about everything. Except your report card — let's just see how you did..."

Melody had gotten straight A's, to her shock. (She was SURE she'd gotten a 'B+' in writing — she'd had SO much work to make up!)

And so Melody was due NO spankings at ALL.

So when Johnny Devine rang the bell, Melody met him at the door grinning. "I have to be back by 5:30 to go out with my real Mom an' Uncle to celebrate — but 'till then, lets go find some action!!"

"I thought as much, Mel. You did a great job at catching up. (Johnny, as usual, ignored his own efforts to HELP Mel catch up).

"I've heard that Gloria completely blew the final on Ethical and Moral behavior — ended up with a C. And she was really 'slacking' on the mathematics she was taking as her Elective — and actually got a 'D'! Shall we go?"

"Sure thing!!" replied Melody, and the two trooped off to Gloria's house. Where they saw the little six-year-old, facing the corner, wearing a blue Punishment Dress with the hem buttoned up, her little blue polka-dot panties around her ankles. Her pale bottom was mute testimony that her spankings had not yet begun.

Melody watched as her Daddy came down the stairs — carrying Gloria's Very Own Spanking Paddle, which looked a lot like Melody's, only it had been painted a light brown. He also held a large, flat-backed ebony hairbrush.

And he was carrying both a whippy-looking little switch, apple or peach, and a little Nursery Cane. Melody winced as she realized that, as a murderess, Gloria wouldn't be cut any slack at all; even a single 'D+' would have called for a couple of switchings. A 'C' as well meant a couple of good, sound bare-bottomed spankings as well—and changed one of the switches into the stinging little cane.

Worst of all, Gloria's 'birthday' was next week; she'd be turning seven. And ending her third cycle of punishment, due to be rejuvenated back to three years old again to start her fourth cycle. As a hard timer — she had at least two more cycles of hard time before she could progress to soft-time. So whether she passed or not, she'd be repeating first grade in about three years. After three years of strictly supervised preschool-age childhood.

But now Gloria's Mommy was moving towards the door, and inviting Johnny inside to watch Gloria's punishment more closely. Melody urged Johnny to go on, but he declined, saying clearly that he'd prefer to remain with Melody outside.

Which resulted, predictably, in both children being invited inside to see. After all, Melody too had just gotten special recognition for her achievements — the Hart's had just seen it on the local news.

So Melody and Johnny sat together in a big armchair and watched as Mrs. Hart turned bare-bottomed GLoria up and over her lap for her first dose. Melody giggled as she watched little Gloria yelp and wiggle over her Mommy's lap as the prepatory handspanking reddened her pert little cheeks. "Do I wiggle like that when Mama spanks me?" she whispered to Johnny. "No — you wiggle a lot more, and look even cuter when you're bawling" responded Johnny with a grin.

Mrs. Hart reached down for the little applewood switch, and Gloria began to really hown as the slender wood began painting bright red stripes of pain all over her slender bottom and cute thighs.

By the time her poor fanny had been thoroughly switched, Gloria was bawling like a baby. But her Mommy didn't even pause as she reached for Gloria's big ebony hairbrush and began Spanking the poor little girl's bare, welted bottom with crisp, sound spanks with the brush's broad back.

Gloria was quickly reduced to loud howling and begging for mercy, promising to do better in school, to be very, very, good, doing ANYTHING that might alleviate the blazing pain being imparted to her posterior. Not that anything would work; besides, this was one of Gloria's last sound spankings before she went to start serving her next cycle — and one of the last the Hart's would be applying to her bare bottom, since Penitatas almost always change parents every cycle.

When Gloria's bare bottom had been spanked to a deep cherry red, with even darker streaks representing her switch-welts, her Mommy finally ended the spanking, and Gloria was allowed to return to her corner.

To sit on her CornerStool. Melody had checked out the new piece of furniture when Mr. Hart had carried it in from the kitchen. Like hers, it was based on the square pyramid plan. But Gloria's stool had pyramids about 8mm square — more densely packed than Melody's. And each pyramid stood a bit taller than on her stool, maybe 4 or 5mm tall. Making each little pyramid that much sharper, that much more uncomfortable when it pressed cruelly into a bare bottom.

And that much more painful when it pressed into a *well-spanked* bare bottom. And pure hell when a bottom was as thoroughly spanked as Gloria's was right then!!

As Mr. and Mrs. Hart presented Melody and Johnny with milk and cookies (while they enjoyed Gloria's 'corner time') Melody checked her little Fairy Jenny watch (one of her Christmas presents), and realized she had to go home — if she waited for Gloria's caning and paddling (or paddling and caning — it might be either way) she'd never make it home in time... and she knew what that would mean for HER bottom!!

So Melody make her excuses and left — telling Johnny that she wanted to stay ("Watching Gloria wiggle like that was fun, Johnny. If I really look even cuter than that, well, I guess I understand why you like to watch when I get spanked. Not that I'm gonna ever go gettin' a spankin' just so you can see!! But I gotta get home early tonight — like I said, we're goin' out with my real Ma.")

And the Johnsons went out for a good meal, and even Ellie behaved herself, and everybody had a great time.

And as her Mommy tucked Melody into bed that night, she whispered to her little girl, "Melody, I am so very proud of you. I've taken care of a lot of little Penitatas over the years, but I truly think I love you more than any of them. Because you, young lady, have a truly good heart. I hope someday I have that Donnie of yours over my knees for a while; he must be a real manipulative son of a bitch if he managed to get you to be so wicked as to steal. But I truly think you have learned your lesson, and will be proof against men like him from now on. Though you'll still have to finish your sentence; 'you played the tricks, you take the licks'. But I'm glad we can ease up on you, strictly according to the rules."

And Melody slipped into sleep after the best day of her life.