Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

NB: This will be it for a while. I had a sudden flurry of writing over the weekend; don't know when it'll happen again.

I am also writing a new series, set in the Rejuve universe — sort of a mystery story. That's a new genre for me, and I don't know how well it will work. I think I'll wait until I have a few more 'episodes' before I start sending them in... they need polish...
   — Lurking Dragon

Decisions, Decisions

June 3, 2749

Part 57 of Melody's Stories

At Gloria's final birthday party this morning, Melody had won the pin-the-paddle-on-Gloria game, and had therefore been allowed the privilege of giving Gloria a birthday spanking bare-bottomed, for double swats.

Which she had — fourteen spanks, and two to grow on, all with Mrs. Hart's little 'helper paddle'. (She asked if Melody didn't want to use something 'stingier', pointing out that in a few hours Gloria would be three years old again, any welts or bruises gone. But Melody just didn't want to sting Gloria's bare bottom any harder than the Helper Paddle would.)

The only really weird thing were the birthday presents — all of which were more appropriate for a three year old than a seven year old. Since these were the ONLY posessions little Gloria would be allowed to take with her into her new life, they had been carefully chosen to be appropriate — and her parents had had a veto over each one.

All in all the party had been sad, but sucessful. Melody had quietly pointed out to Gloria that, while it would be terrible to be three again, and that she'd be starting out all over, getting spanked even more often than she had lately, still three-year-olds just aren't spanked nearly as hard as six-year-olds... and if she had to take more naps, well, that was time she couldn't be getting into trouble and earning additional spankings. (Melody was trying to look on the bright side. The problem being, for Gloria, there really wasn't one.)

After the party, (held in the morning to accomodate Gloria's afternoon appointment at the Corrections building) Mommy took Melody shopping in Assville Mall. And gave Melody a descision of her very own to make — subject to her Mommy's veto of anything 'inappropriate', Melody would be allowed to pick out her very own new swimsuit. Her old suit was now much too small (as a few afternoons outside playing in the sprinkler had proven). So she really needed a new one.

This posed a real problem — and a hard descision. One-piece or two?

For a Penitatas, this is a hard choice.

One the one hand, if you wear a one-piece suit, then when you get a bare-bottomed spanking (and as a Penitatas, you will), then your Mommy or Daddy will have to take the entire suit off of your shoulders and then down, and instead of just a bare bottom you'll find yourself ALL bare. On the other hand, in marginal situations, the theory ran that the additional trouble of getting a one-piece suit down might keep some of your spankings wearing it from being bare bottom.

On the other hand, with a two-piece suit, baring your bottom is too easy. Swoop — you're bare. And if you act up a bit during a spanking over the suit, it comes down so easy a non-bare spanking can become a bare bottomed spanking in no time. However, you will more often find your bottom being bared after being turned over your parent's lap — which at least spares you a little modesty.

It was a hard decision. Finally, Melody decided that she'd never seen any reluctance on her parent's part at taking whatever trouble was necessary to bare her bottom — so she went for what little additional modesty she could. (Not that there was anything for her to be modest about above her waist).

So Melody picked out a blue-and-pink print two-piece swimsuit, with a nice, full bottom to it (No bikini pants for Melody!! When she did get to have the suit covering her bottom during a spanking, she wanted as much of her bottom covered as possible, thank you!)

After they were done, they went home, and Melody was sent over to the Smythe's to pick up Ellen. When she got there, Jane was standing in the corner, her bright red bare bottom to the living room, quietly sobbing and crying. From the look on Ellie's face, Mel's sister had been treated to an entertaining morning of watching the naughty five year old getting her fanny paddled — several times.

Back home the sisters went into the kitchen, where Mommy fixed them lunch. After which, they were asked if they wanted to go to the pool in Assville park for a swim, to try out Mel's new suit. (Ellie had already gotten a new suit for her swimming lessons last month).

And so they went.

* * *

At the pool, Melody and Ellen had a great time. Despite her age, Ellen had learned to swim quite well, and demonstrated her new skills to her big sister. They swam and played, and watched together and giggled when a naughty Penitatas found themselves over their Mommy or Daddy's lap occasionally for a good spanking — usually bare bottomed.

Melody noticed that girls in one-piece suits seemed MORE likely to get their bottom's bared than girls in suits like hers — and was glad she'd gotten the suit she did. Besides, she looked CUTE in it!

Several of the kids wanted to see Melody's hands, and she always let them; she was so proud of her new marks. Around each of the 'P's on the backs of her hands, that designated Melody a Penitatas, a new mark had been placed by the Children's Board. A thin, gold line now enscribed her marking 'P's. A line in the form of an empty five-pointed star — a symbolic representation of her Good Citizenship Medal, her Gold Star, marking her great achievment.

These marks were rare, and usually were around 'V's, or even 'K's. But few of the other kids had seen one at all.

Melody and Ellie were having a great time, and started using the water slide. Melody would help Ellen to the top, let her slide down, then follow her. But then Melody tried going down head first—and mistimed a bit and got a mouthfull of water.

That was no problem; but it let Ellen get ahead of her. Her sister was almost to the foot of the ladder when Melody got out of the pool; Melody was worried about her sister, and...

"Melody!! ELLEN!! Get over here NOW!!" called their mother. Melody froze as she suddenly realized what she'd done. In her worry over Ellen, she'd RUN several steps towards the ladder....

Melody and Ellen walked over to their Mommy. Without dawdling, but certainly not with any eagerness.

"Ellen, you know you're supposed to wait for Melody before climbing the ladder, don't you?? You're too little to do it on your own."

"Y-Yes Mama. But I DIDN' climb it!! I just went over to it!"

"Hmm. Well, maybe you wouldn't have tried to climb it. But it certainly looked like you meant to to ME. Melody?"

"Yes'm. That's why I ran — I was worried about Ellen. I know I was wrong, and I'm sorry."

"VERY good, Mel. Now, Ellie, that's what I expect my little girls to do when they make a mistake — admit their guilt and take their medicine like big girls. Well, miss?"

<sigh> "Yes, Mommy. I guess I prob'ly woulda tried to go up the ladder. I was havin' too much fun to think."

"Better, Ellen. But your first lie will cost you. Now, let's get your suit off, young lady, and your baby bottom bare."

"NOOOO!" But Ellen's protest was moot, as her Mommy was already slipping her tiny black one-piece swimsuit (with the white polka-dots) off of her shoulders and right down to her ankles, leaving the one-year-old baby completely bare naked.

And then Ellen was face down over her Mommy's lap, getting her little bare bottom spanked until she cried and squirmed. It only took a dozen spanks for Ellen to be reduced to a bawling little baby, and after Mary let her up she bounced up and down on her toes, briskly rubbing the sting out of her little hams. This sort of spank-sting alleviation was never allowed Penitatas — but Ellen was still a Medicalos.

Then it was Melody's turn. She sniffled a bit as she was publicly upended over her Mommy's bare thighs. And wailed a bit more as her new swimsuit bottoms made their predicted descent down her thighs to her knees, baring her own small hindquarters to her fellow swimmers' eager gaze. And Melody began to yelp as her Mommy's hand began to spank her bare bottom.

"Melody, <Spank> you know the rules, <Splatt> about running <Smack> by <Whap> the <Thwap> pool. <Spank> I appreciate <Spank> you were worried <Whack> about your sister. <Splatt> But that is NO <SMACK> EXCUSE <CRACK>!! You should've called to her FIRST!! <SPLAT!>"

"So you definitely deserve this spanking!!"

As she spoke the last line, Mary reached into her purse and took out, not the Helper Paddle, but Ellen's special little paddle she'd been given for her tender baby bottom. And then Mary was bringing that little paddle down across Melody's damp bare bottom in a very rapid series of painful, stinging spanks, all over Melody's prime 'spank spot.'

And Melody soon began to bawl like a little baby herself!! The little paddle didn't really hurt — but it stung like the dickens!! Melody cried and wiggled and kicked her legs, but was not let up until she was a Well Spanked Little Girl.

As Melody did her own bouncing up and down on her toes — while concentrating on NOT trying to rub her stinging bare bottom — her Mommy took a giggling, naked little Ellen by the arm. And pulled the surprised baby girl back over her lap!!

"Remember, Ellie?? I promised you something extra for trying to fib your way out of your spanking, didn't I?" said Mary as she calmly began to spank her younger daughter's baby bottom.

With the light little paddle.

Ellen howled and tried to levitate off of her Mommy's lap as the light Chochona wood spanked her tender nates into a mass of bee-stings. Her antics over her Mommy's lap brought grins to many of the spectators, adults and children both. Finally bith girls were allowed up. Melody was sent off to find her swimsuit bottoms—and ended up having to go back into the pool bare-bottomed, and dive down to the bottom — she'd kicked them right into the deepest part of the pool. And Melody was terribly embarassed by that fact—and the way she had to stick her own bare bottom up out of the pool in order to dive down for her suit bottoms. Then she slipped them on and up right there in the pool!!

Meanwhile, Mary had dressed Ellen in her swimsuit, and to their surprise the two girls were allowed to return to their fun for another hour before it was time for Ellie's nap and they all had to go home.