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Problem: With this story, stories posted have finally caught up with stories written. The next story is about 80% completed, and I hope to finish it, and the next chapter (the final chapter of this particular sequence, which is meant to be the climax of the Melody storyline) this weekend — but there are no guarantees. (Well, plus one epilogue to wind up, which I also need to write.)

Note that this does not mean that I won't be writing any more Melody stories — although I may branch out into other characters now that the 'big' story is finished. But any future Melody stories will be smaller one-offs, not big honkin' epics like the last one. I've been planning the final climax of Ellie's illness and Melody's recue for a LONG time, and I feel these stories are some of the best I have ever done... but they have been VERY hard to write.

No, any future Melody stories will have to be less... intense. Still, I'm glad I wrote these, and from the feedback everybody seems to really appreciate the Melody series.

And at the very least I'll write a few more scattered over the next few Melody-years to tell what happens to her — I won't leave you hanging.

But it may take a while; I started writing Melody stories a full year before I posted the first one, for two reasons — one, I wanted to be able to post the stories in 'real time', at least at first, and I wasn't certain I could write the first year of Melody's cycle that fast. And second, writing out in front like that would give me time to 'polish' the stories, re-write and tighten them up, before posting them. (The secret to writing well is rewriting — as my High School English teacher used to say. If you like my writing, thank him/her—she/he's the one who taught me how...). When I started posting I had nine months of stories ahead (although I later filled in some stories, esp. in the summer months). But now I've caught up to that lead, and the RATE of Melody (and other) stories will necessarily go down a bit.

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...
   — Lurking Dragon

The First Principle

Apr. 1-2, 2749

Part 53 of Melody's Stories

Leaving Ellen in the hospital, where she would be kept for a couple of days (just to be SURE she was OK), Mary and Josh put Melody in the car for the trip back home. Melody squirmed a bit on her sore bottom, which her Mommy had just spanked to a hot pink — with the hairbrush!—for her rather overentusiastic reaction to Ellie's recovery.

As they drove home, Mary leaned over the back of the seat to talk to Melody.

"Melody, dear, I need to discuss this with you. I know you like Ellen, but just how much?? Before she was rejuved, Ellen was told that she would NOT be returning to the Miller's. After all, now that she is completely recovered from the radiation poisoning, their special skills are no longer needed."

"Oh? I-is she gonna move away? I just hope they find her some parents who can, ya'know, take care of her 'special' needs. Besides, I told her she was gonna get a good spankin' for scarin' everybody half to to death, and she deserves it, too!!"

"And you promised her a spanking yourself, too. Yes, I know all about it, dear — Ellie told her doctors. When she asked them if Josh and I could be her new Mommy and Daddy."

WHAT!! Melody's jaw dropped as her Mommy continued.

"She wanted them to know that she felt she needed and DESERVED the kind of strict 'rearing' Josh and I would give her, and that she really, really wanted to stay close to you if she possibly could. Even if you were allowed to spank her when she needs it. Which, I have to tell you, you probably WON'T be. Although I DO think we'll let you give her the spanking you promised her. Considering the VERY serious trouble her antics have gotten YOU into, young lady."

"Well, Melody? what about it? Would you like to have a new little sister to share your room with? Remember — Ellie will get to see most of your spankings — but since she will NOT be Penitatas, she'll only be getting a spanking when she really, really deserves it — or maybe NEEDS it!! But..."

"YES!! Yes Yes Yes YES!! PLEEASE let Ellie come stay with us, Mama! Pretty please!! I love her Mommy, an' I wanna help take care of her and she'll NEED me!!"

"Well," commented Josh "I'd say we have to take that as a 'yes', don't you, dear??"

"I'd say so, honey. We'll have to lay in some supplies, though. We've never taken care of anybody so young before. And it will take a lot of work, from all of us — including YOU Melody. Now, sit up straight — on your sore bottom — and watch the clouds; we'll be home soon."

And they were. And when they pulled up to the house, there was a hovercar waiting to meet them there. A car from the Justice Board..

Judge Marilyn Jones was waiting to talk to them. And to Melody.

* * *

As everybody settled down in the living room — Judge Jones and Mary on the couch, Josh in his armchair, and Melody perched on her CornerStool (to get her into the proper frame of mind). The Judge looked over sternly at the naughty little Penitatas sitting locked into her stool and said "Do you have any IDEA of how much trouble you are in young lady??"

"Y-yes'm. I-I know I gotta be punished. I don't blame you — the law's the law. I-I'll be rejuved back to four. An' you'll give me a Judicial Paddling, just like you gave Jane. With blisters. A-and Mommy and Daddy'll spank me over the blisters over an' over all week."

Melody was beginning to cry as she detailed her future punishments.

"An I'll NEVER make parole this cycle. Maybe you'll even give me MORE cycles. And I'll deserve 'em. Not for takin' the scanner, tho. I'll take my punishment for it, but I won't say I'm sorry I did it. I only did it to save Ellie. That's all that was important. I deserve to be punished 'cause I could'a handled the whole thing better. I really SHOULD'a at least left a note about what I'd done. Ellie might'a died 'cause I didn't MAKE the grown-ups listen. But I DID find Ellie, and she's OK, and I'm not sorry about that at all!!"

"Are you saying you took the scanner KNOWING that you were breaking the law, stealing AGAIN, as a Penitatas, and that you accept that, under the law, Administrative Rejuvenataion, Judicial Paddling, and possibly additional cycles as a Penitatas are what you deserve for it?? That you are pleading guily as charged to taking the scanner, and to wandering around on your own in an area explicitly out-of-bounds to Penitatas?"

"Yes ma'am. <snif> Guilty as charged. W-when will it happen?? I-is there gonna be a trial or will you-you <sob>"

"No, Melody, there will not be a trial. Nor will there be an Administrative Rejuvenation, or any formal record of your offenses."


"How is that possible, your honor?" asked Josh. "I didn't think the District Attorney had any option BUT to prosecute in the case of a Penitatas who commits further crimes."

Judge jones smiled. "Well, for one thing, the Marietta Emergency Response Teams declined to press charges, and pleaded for Melody to be let off easy. And you are wrong, the D.A. CAN apply to the Justice Department's Artifical Intelligence to decline to prosecute, and request that offenses by a Penitatas be handled 'in family', if he can find valid grounds to do so. And he did."

"Huh? What grounds?? I'm guilty!!"

"Constitutional grounds, Melody. First Principle, to be precise."

The First Principle of the Confederation of Humanity is the ultimate value of all sentient life. Most citizens are allowed to use that as a defense, if their criminal actions were needed to save a life. For example, breaking into a house to save someone from a fire. Or stealing a hovercar to get somebody to the hospital.

The exception were Penitatas. "I can't claim First Principle protection!! I'm a Penitatas, so I'm not allowed to!!"

"Correct!! As a Penitatas, you are not ALLOWED to make judgements about when breaking the law is justifiable, since your judgement about such things has been PROVEN to be faulty. Even a 'soft timer' who tried to justify her actions using the First Principle would automatically be convicted and punished."

"What most people don't understand is that, if the guilty Penitatas does NOT try to argue their way out of their punishment, if they accept responsibility for their actions and plead guilty to their crimes — like you just did — then the District Attorney IS allowed to refuse to press the charges on the grounds of the First Principle—if he so chooses. YOU do not have the right to decide to break the law in order to save a life. But the D.A. DOES have the right — with the Judicial A.I.'s agreement — to refer the matter back to your parents to handle if HE feels your actions were INTENDED to save a life. So there will be NO rejuvenation for you, young lady. And no further cycles or permanent record."

As she sat on the stool Melody began to feel an incredible relief. She wasn't going to be hauled off to court to be turned into a bottom blistered four year old after all!! Judge Jones was smiling at the totally relieved child as she reached into her purse.

And took out the very same little bumblebee paddle she'd used to blister Janie Smythe's bare bottom back in October. Melody blanched at the sight, and began to sputter as she sat on the CornerStool.

"However, as you pointed out, Melody, you did NOT handle the whole affair as well as you should have. And you DID break the law. And as I said, all the D.A. can do is refer the matter back to your parents. Not that you weren't to be punished at all; just that the State is willing, in this case, to let your parent's handle the matter."

"But you are still about to get the awfullest spanking of your entire life, young lady. And, if your parents agree, I think that this little escapade HAS earned you a day or two with a BLISTERED BOTTOM!"

"I agree." said Josh. "We told you you'd be getting punished for this, Mel. I'm just glad it doesn't have to be official!! But I promised you a good spanking for going into that storm sewer. And you also deserve it for going wandering off by yourself — in a KINDERN neighborhood!!"

"And, most of all" chimed in Mary "for taking something that did NOT belong to you without permission. No matter HOW good a reason you had, Melody, I'm afraid your history of stealing requires a severe spanking for that action. Do you agree??"

Melody was crying as she looked at the horrible little paddle being shaken in her direction. At least it was the four-year-old's paddle. Judge Jones could have brought the SIX year old's paddle from her courtroom, instead. But that little paddle would be PLENTY enough to blister even her seven-year-old bare bottom.

"Yes, Ma'am. <snif> I agree. I deserve to be spanked; to be b-b-b..."

"Blistered. Yes, Melody, you will be blistered. Besides, it will help make up for missing Easter."

Huh?? "Whaa? I thought Easter... it isn't until, I dunno..."

"It was last Sunday, dear. With Ellie just reaching her crisis, the Medical Board simply insisted that you NOT be taken off Ellie's case for the usual punishments. They felt the work you were doing was simply too important. Under <smile> the First Principle. Well, shall we get started with giving little Melody a perfectly HORRIBLE day??" asked Marilyn.

"Yes." replied Mary. "But since this is NOT in Penitatas Court, I'd like us to give Melody a couple of good, sound spankings as warm-ups before you blister her bare bottom. Just so she understands that this punishment is from ALL of us. Josh, why don't you take Melody upstairs and change her into something more suitable. Do you have time to wait, your honor??"

"I need to be back in court by three; I'm free until then. Why don't you and I decide just how severely Melody is to catch it while Josh gets her ready?..."

The crying Melody was released from her CornerStool (which had been quite uncomfortable even through her jeans). Her Daddy took her upstairs and began to undress her. Shoes, socks, jeans and shirt were removed, and her Daddy began to slip down her white cotton panties. He scolded his little girl gently as he prepared her for her severe punishment. Melody was unsurprised when he selected a very short babydoll nightie as her primary garment. It was the same white nightie she'd gotten her severe punishment for bad grades in, last year. Mel had grown another inch — and the nightie now didn't even get down to the top of her bottom.

To Mel's surprise, after a couple of brisk handswats, her Daddy DID put a pair of panties on her. Her LEVEL IV PAIN-TIES, to be precise!

Melody had rarely worn these awful garments. The legs reached down to her knees, like an old-style panty-girdle. And the fierce biters were liberally strewn throughout both the bottom and the back of the thighs of the garment.

To Melody's ever greater concern, her Daddy collected both her red maple hairbrush AND her Very Own Spanking Paddle before escorting his naughty little girl downstairs to meet her fate.

When she got downstairs, Melody was quickly sent to her first lap—the lap of Judge Marilyn Jones as she sat in the center of the couch. But before lowering Melody over her lap, the judge took out a pair of KidKuffs, and quickly fastened them around Melody's slim wrists. Now Melody was totally helpless, unable to even try to cover up the target of the adult's displeasure — or to try and rub it afterwards. Then the sobbing Mel was put over the Judge's knees.

And Judge Jones began to hand-spank Melody's behind.

Her Pain-tie covered behind.

Melody yelped and howled as each crisp hand-spank both burned a hand-shaped area of her bottom AND launched a veritable swarm of stinging biters into it. Judge Jones spanked Melody right down to her thighs, then down her thighs to her knees, then back up to her bottom, and then right back down to her kneehollows again. Melody was crying hard well before her first punishment ended. Ended in her being helped up off of the stern young woman's lap — and over to her corner.

Where the CornerStool stood waiting for her.

Her Pain-ties were NOT lowered before she was seated on the punishing wood. While the adults went into the breakfast room to have lunch.

Melody was well beyond both screaming and bawling by the time the adults returned. The little pyramids had done their awful work well, and Melody was regretting every mistake she'd ever made that had brought her to this atonement.

But now it was time for her Mommy to spank her little bare bottom.

Melody let out a gasp of relief as she was let off of the stool. And an even greater sigh escaped her lips as the Pain-ties, having done their job, were pulled down — and OFF — her little behind. Melody would be spending the rest of the afternoon, and evening, bare bottomed.

Her Mommy seated herself on a straight-backed chair brought in from the kitchen, her hairbrush in hand. Melody was sobbingly turned over her Mommy's lap. And her spanking began.

And eventually it ended. But only after her bottom, and the tops of her THIGHS, had been turned into a cherry-red ball of fire and her howls of pain and repentance turned into the deep, sobbing crying of a very well spanked little girl. A well-spanked little girl who's crying was allowed to subside only a little before her Mommy set aside the hairbrush — and resumed the spanking with her good right hand. And finally it was that VERY obedient, very well spanked little girl who, after being helped off her Mommy's lap, walked over to the awful CornerStool... and climbed right up onto it and planted her blazing hot fanny right onto the punishing top of it. Her ankles were quickly fastened into the restraints, and Melody began her next period of penance.

Eventually her twenty minutes of corner time ended, and it was time for Melody's next punishment. Judge Jones and Mary helped the child off of the stool and over to the sofa, where she was gently laid over one arm, her little legs kicking the air, her head right down in the cushions — and her still bright red bottom and thighs up higher than the rest of her little body. Then her daddy entered the room, slipped up behind her...

And brought the nursery cane down right across the base of her sore seat!! Melody howled and twisted, but the KidKuffs kept her hands well out of the way as her Daddy gave her naughty little bare bottom a proper six-of-the-best licks with the little cane. And then took up her Very Own Spanking Paddle to continue her bare-bottomed lesson with a good, sound paddling right over her well-wealed little bottom!

Soon Melody was again reduced to the status of a well-spanked bawling baby. Before beginning her next twenty-minute time-out in the corner.

On the CornerStool.

And then it was time.

Judge Jones was seated on an armless chair brought in from the kitchen. The Judicial Bumblebee paddle in her hand, it's cleverly tapered holes ready to turn Melody's bare bottom into a crimson mass of blistered, burning flesh.

And Melody had to walk over to her. By herself.

And when she got there, the naughty little girl had to say:

"Y-your Honor, I-I've been a very, very, v-very naughty little girl, and I-I <snif> need a-a <sob> a good bare-bottomed paddlin' until... <sniffle> until m-my little b-bottom is all b-b-blistered an' I'm r-really, really s-sorry I was a b-bad girl."

"Very well, Melody. Nicely done. Now, come here and bend over my lap and we'll get started on getting your naughty bottom a nice, solid dose of stinging blisters."

Once Melody was in place, her hands helpless in the KidKuffs, her ankles gently restrained by Josh, Judge Jones raised the awful instrument of State displeasure and brought it down onto Melody's well-tenderized and already sore bare bottom. <WHACK!!>

"YEEEEEEOOOOWWWW" went the naughty child, as the pain exploded into the depths of her bare seat.

Judge Jones spanked Melody with the same terrible rhythm that she'd used to punish little Jane last October. And Melody howled and screamed as her bare bottom was set on fire by the terrible spanking. She howled, tried to kick, wiggled and squirmed.

But nothing prevented the burning spanks from impacting her bare bottom. And raising the little blisters the paddle was meant to inflict.

With her bottom already well-spanked (and switched!!) Melody's nates became thoroughly blistered even more quickly than Jane's had. And after only thirty spanks, it was over.

Thirty unbelieveably painful spanks.

And Melody was sent to the corner, to (thankfully) STAND quietly and try to cry out some of the burning pain in her bare bottom. While Judge Jones left for her appointment.

And she stood there, her hands on her head, still cuffed, for three hours.

At the end of that time, her bottom burned almost as badly as it had when she started. Finally, Melody was allowed to leave the corner. But to her horror, it was only so that her Mommy could march her upstairs for another spanking!!

Melody cried and tried to hang back, but Mary effortlessly walked her daughter upstairs to the bathroom, where a tepid tub had already been filled. And where she could quickly strip her little girl and give her her bath.

And after carefully scrubbing Melody all over with a rough washcloth, with a particular emphasis on her blistered bottom, Mary took her naughty little girl into her bedroom and sat down on Melody's bed, turning her unfortunate daughter up and over her knee, still bare naked, as Mary's hand reached for the little Helper paddle.

Seconds later Melody was discovering what Jane had actually felt when that awful little paddle had impacted her blistered bottom. First hand, so to speak.

Melody's howls could be heard throughout the house. And even Jane, next door, heard Melody's screams, and delighted that her arch-foe was getting what sounded like all the spankings she'd missed while she was helping that other brat, Ellie.

And when it was all over, Melody was tucked into bed to cry herself to sleep, hungry, sore, and miserable.

* * *

The next day was miserable. And not just because Josh woke Melody up early in order to give her blistered bare bottom a brisk handspanking before he left for work, but for other reasons, too.

For one thing, Mary came in to have a long talk with Mel about school.

"You've missed a lot of school, Melody. WAY too much. For good reason, but you are a little girl, and I'd hate for you to be held back, and have to go to summer school."

So would Melody!! For a Penitatas, Summer School meant a good hand-spanking each and every morning before class, since it was assumed the child had been shirking during the school year. Even for SOFT-TIMERS. Not a particularly long or hard spanking, maybe, but a spanking in front of the entire class!!

"Fortunately, Masao dropped out of Japanese this spring. He just couldn't cut that and all the rest of his classes. You and he can resume the class together in the fall. And your Interterm classes will be re-instated next year — so I'm afraid you won't have any choice then."

"But I'm afraid your reading and writing classes, and of course, Ethical and Moral Behavior, are NOT optional. Now, under the circumstances, the School Board will allow you to try to catch up, by working on those classes in the afternoon instead of Japanese. But there will be a LOT of work involved to catch up and pass the classes without summer school, and you will have to really apply yourself."

"Wow!! I-I didn't think!! I mean, that's great! Of course I'll work hard. Mommy, you KNOW I will!! 'Specially if it means not havin' to do SUMMER school!! That's great!!"

"Good!! You go back to school Monday. Now, Ellie is coming tomorrow, so we need to go to the mall and do some shopping. Let's get you into your Punishment Dress, and we'll leave."

"M-My Punishment Dress?? B-but..."

"And NO panties. Yes, Melody, I've decided to let the entire Mall see your blistered little bottom, so everybody will know JUST how naughty a little girl you've been lately. No, No argument!! Now, let's get you dressed..."

And so Melody went bare-bottomed to Assville Mall. And just as she feared, when they reached the benches in the center atrium, her Mommy sat down, pulled her naughty little girl over her lap, with her Punishment Dress buttoned well up. And proceeded to spank Mel's little blistered fanny while the seven-year-old howled and squirmed and cried, putting on a show for the entire Mall.

And after the spanking Melody couldn't help bouncing around in the Spanked Girl Hop, patting and fanning away at her blazing bottom (it was MUCH too painful to rub) while the crowd cheered her on.

She was still sniffling when they returned to the house.

And was soon bawling as her Mommy briskly refreshed the burn in her bottom — and then made her spend fifteen minutes sitting in the corner.

Fortunately, she was allowed to sit on the old hardwood stool, rather than the CornerStool. But on her blistered backside, sitting on ANYTHING was a terrible ordeal.

Finally, at bedtime, Melody's Daddy gave her her bath, put her into her babydoll jammies (no panties) and gave her one last, good, sound spanking on her blistered bare bottom, with the little 'Mother's Helper' paddle. This spanking, he explained, was the one for going into the culvert after she'd finally found Ellen — as he'd promised.

But when the spanking was over, Mel's Mommy came in with a bottle—a bottle of Nano-lotion!! And she and Daddy rubbed it into her burning bottom as she lay over her Daddy's lap, and Melody let out a sigh of relief as the actuator was hit and her bottom began to itch intolerably — as well as burn and sting and just horribly HURT.

But she knew that by morning her bottom would be completely recovered from the awfullest punishments she'd ever gotten. More than ever Meloody was determined NEVER to get into trouble again. ESPECIALLY as a Penitatas. She never wanted to have a well blistered bottom EVER again!!!

And Ellie was coming home tomorrow!!!