Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Ellen is a twentieth-century woman who was cryonically frozen after her death. She is the first early-cryo to be successfully brought back to life, but extensive complications has resulted in her being rejuvenated to the age of 20 months, babyhood — an age never before successfully reached by rejuvenation. A spanko herself, a submissive or 'Bottom', she has voluntarily joined the family as Melody's baby sister...

NB: This story was quite hard to write, and it made me quite uncomfortable to write it... but it HAD to be written; it was necessary closure of Melody and Ellen's old relationship in order to release them into their new relationship...
   — Lurking Dragon

New Sister

Apr. 3, 2749

Part 54 of Melody's Stories

The hearing at Family Court was set for early Saturday morning. Melody and her parents were there early, seated at the table in the large room when Ellie was brought into the chamber by one of her nurses. To Melody's delight, Ellie was clearly walking under her own power, although one little hand was firmly held by her adult supervisor. She had on a little pair of red shorts (with green polka-dots). Under them she was clearly wearing a diaper or something similar. A white T-shirt and little baby shoes and socks completed her ensemble.

The room was a typical Family Court — more like a conference room, with several tables and chairs, than a traditional court room. In this court, there could easily be more than 2 interested parties involved... like this time.

After the judge, an older man named Rodger Carlton, had taken a seat at the center table the hearing began.

The hearing had two basic purposes. One was to decide who would be Ellen's new parents; the Johnsons, as Ellie had requested, or another family. Apparantly some of the officials on the Family Board had objected to a 'spanko' couple raising a non-Penitatas child, especially one as young as Ellie. They felt that the 'unique opportunity' should go to some favored couple training for their parenting license... no matter Ellen's preference.

The second purpose, however, might well help the Johnson's cause. Ellen's behavior before her rejuvenation had been, to say the least, less than ideal. Even before running away from home to avoid the last rejuvenation needed to save her life, Ellen's behavior had been willful and disobedient. She hadn't cooperated with her doctors or parents at all, and Melody had been the only person she'd been willing to follow or trust — and that intermittently.

Of course, a lot of that was due to her pain and illness. Being essentially a 'stranger in a strange land', and not knowing Panglish, all had contributed to her behavior and attitude.

But a lot of it had been Ellen's own stubborn willfulness and, well, pigheadedness... and basic naughtiness.

And now that she was WELL, it was time for Ellen to discover that there is a limit to what society will put up with from naughty little girls — no matter how good an excuse they have for their behavior.

The hearing didn't take very long. Judge Carlton asked the woman representing the Parental Training Centre what Ellen's new parents would need to do about her serious misbehavior prior to her latest rejuvenation.

And after some heming and hawing, she admitted that yes, some discipline and punishment WOULD be necessary. And then the Judge pointed out how Ellen's unique nature seemed to require punishment, specifically spanking, in order to help her control her impulses and help her to behave and resocialize to her new society. That when she hadn't gotten what she needed from the Miller's they'd had to ask the Johnsons for help.

And if Ellen needed discipline and punishment for her extremely willful behavior of the last few weeks, and would continue to require that sort of discipline in the future in order to have a 'reasonably' happy childhood, then why not place her with the Johnsons and let them deal with it — rather than having some poor 'normal' parent-in-training have to deal with it — and possibly learn lessons they should NOT apply to their own child's 'rearing' in the future...

The Johnsons already knew her, and were aware of and supportive of her 'different' needs. They certainly knew how to spank a little girl's bottom properly!! And they were clearly superior at raising children in need of greater structure and discipline — as Melody's exemplary behavior showed. (Even her recent misbehavior was due to her desire to help others, not self-interest — a definite improvement in her overall attitude!!)

So the Judge ruled for the Johnsons and Ellen officially became Ellen Johnson. With an 'official' birthday of August 17, 2747.

Then everybody except the Johnsons and the Judge were asked to leave, since it was not time to deal with Ellen's recent misbehavior and 'attitude problems'.

Ellen was escorted up to the main table, where the Judge placed the little girl on his lap and began to scold her.

He did NOT scold Ellen like the woman she was, but instead scolded her like the little child she appeared to be.

This could have been explained by Ellen's limited knowledge of Panglish; her limited comprehension requiring a limited vocabulary.

If the Judge had scolded her in Panglish.

Unfortunately for Ellen, he spoke English as well as Melody did.

And the little earplugs worn by the Miller's would provide them with a real-time translation...

[Well, young lady, I hope you feel proud of yourself. You have been a very bad little baby girl, haven't you?? Disobeying your Mommy and Daddy. Defying your DOCTORS!! Yelling and throwing tantrums—and toys!! Yes, I know about that, too!! A very bad baby girl. A very Naughty little baby girl!! And then you RAN AWAY. Do you know how many people had to look for you?? They thought you went into Atlanta—a very, very bad place. Because you were naughty a lot of people could have been hurt. Ellen, somebody might have gotten KILLED because you were too big a baby to take your rejuve like a good girl. Even when your new sister Melody TOLD you you just HAD to have it!! Didn't you believe HER?? Or are you just a spoiled little baby-brat who just HAS to have her own way because that's what you WANT!! Yes, I know you are really not a baby, but you certainly have been behaving like a little baby girl — and a very spoiled and naughty baby, too!! Aren't you ashamed of yourself!! Well!! Answer me!!]

[<Sniffle> Yessir. <sob> But it just wasn't FAIR!! I didn' WANNA be rejuved again... I mean, I knew I needed it but I didn't WANT to need it. And, and sometimes everything — it all seems like a dream, yaknow? like it isn't really REAL...]

[Well, it IS real and now you ARE rejuved. And you should be very thankful, too! And not just because it means you survived, young lady. But also because you are just TOO little a baby girl to get spanked as soundly as you really deserve!! Yes, young lady, I said SPANKED and I meant it!! You know you deserve a good spanking, don't you? Well?]

[<snif> Yessir. I know I wuz a bad lil' girl. <sob> I didn' mean fo' anybod'y to get hurt tho!! I just didn' wanna be a BABY!! <snif> An I know it was bad. I knew it then. But I was just so scared!]

[Well, Ellie, I know you were scared. But that was no excuse for being so naughty and doing all those bad things. You should have just trusted the people who cared for you. I know, but you're just going to have to learn to let your parents and other grown ups take care of you. You still haven't quite learnt that you are a child and you are not in charge any more. And if you can't get that through your head, maybe the Johnsons can get it through your little baby bottom!!]

[<sob> I Sorry! really!! <sniffle> I'll try to be good! I-I know I need spankin'! M-maybe if th' Millers had spanked me more I wouldn' ha done it!! <sob> I HATE bein' spanked!! It hurts!! But sometimes <sob> (whispered) sometimes I know it's what I need]

[Hmph! Well, Ellen, if you were a Penitatas who'd pulled such a stunt I'd have you over may lap right here-and-now with your little diaper down for a good spanking!! And I wouldn't have dismissed the court, either!! Even if you were a Voluntaras I'd be awful tempted to paddle your baby bottom right now!!]

[But as a Medicalos, I'll let your new Mommy and Daddy — and Sister!! take care of spanking you. And believe me, baby girl, they will start giving you the really sound spankings you deserve just as soon as they get you home, won't you??]

(Enthusiastic agreement from Josh, Mary AND Melody!!)

[I'm gonna just content myself with giving you THIS!!]

And the Judge handed little Ellen a gift-wrapped box. Half-fearful and half-delighted, Ellen hesitated just a moment before tearing the paper off and opening the box.

To the Johnson's delight (and Melody's surprise) the open box revealed a little-bitty paddle!!

[Your behavior has been much too naughty for just some hand-spanking, young miss!!] scolded the Judge. [You really NEED paddling, and I strongly suspect you're the sort of little girl who'll need an occasional paddling from now on. The problem is that you are just too itsy-bitsy a baby for any of the regular paddles now. Note that, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, and Melody! Even the standard Helper Paddle is much too severe for a little baby like Ellen. So we asked the experts at the Bawling Baby Paddle Company to help us out!!]

Ellen fearfully picked the little paddle up out of its wrapping paper. The famous Bawling Baby logo, instead of being discretely embossed on the handle, instead decorated the very center of the little paddle. It displayed a well-spanked baby not MUCH younger than Ellie was now!!

And it WAS little! Made of the extremely light-but-strong alien Chochona wood, the little paddle was the thinnest Melody had ever seen. It was barely one and a half or two millimeters thick, and the edges had been carefully rounded over to prevent them from biting into Ellen's tender baby bottom. The spanking surface was eight centimeters wide and just twelve centimeters long, with a fairly small handle; the entire paddle was barely twenty centimeters long.

But as Ellen considered just how tiny and tender her little baby bottom now was, she shiverred and the little paddle subtly changed into one of Torquemada's torure implements.

No matter HOW much she deserved it Ellen realized that even THAT little paddle would really sting and burn her baby bottom!!

Around the edge, the paddle was clearly labeled "Baby Ellie's Very Own PADDLE for SPANKING her Little Bare Bottom!!"—And Ellie realized that that was just what she deserved — a little paddle spanking her tender little bare bottom until it was all hot and rosy red, and she was crying hard, and THEN she could finally forgive herself.

Ellen began to quietly bawl, even as she sobbed (In Panglish):

<sob>"Th-thanx you for the paddle, sir. I-I guezz itz wha' I havva have. <snif> I noze I needs it. May-be good paddlin's what I gotta have to learn to be gooder girl. <sob> Thanx you bery mooch!!"

[Hmph!! Well, your Panglish has slipped a bit — but that's not too surprising — you were just learning to pronounce it before!! Well, I guess you know just how naughty you've been, Ellen. So now, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, it is time you got your new little girl home. I think Ellen needs a nap after all this excitement. ]

[And then I really think it is time you got this little lady over a lap and her bottom bare for some spanking!!]

And with that final admonition, the Johnsons were dismissed from Family Court.

Mary started out leading Ellie by the hand, but ended up just carrying the child out to the hovercar. She was almost asleep when they opened the back door.

She awakened as they began to fasten the little girl into her brand new child-seat. Ellie stiffened at this latest confirmation of her babyhood — then relaxed as she realized that the child seat was an inevitable precaution, given her new size and status.

She still didn't LIKE it, but she'd just have to put up with it.

* * *

Ellen was fast asleep when they got home; her new body was sleeping twelve or thirteen hours a day, and would be for some time. So Josh just carried the little girl into the house, and Mary and Melody quickly got her out of her clothes, into a new diaper and plastic pants, and then into the new little sleeper they'd bought her. It was pink (of course), with little teddy-bears dancing on it. (Ellie would find herself wearing purely Kindern styles, since rejuves her age were supposedly impossible. Now that they WERE possible, of course, soon slightly less babyish styles would become available. The techniques developed to save Ellie would save a lot of lives from now on, especially of children previously 'unrejuveably' young!)

And the family went down for lunch, and to await Ellen's awakening.

Ellen had been tucked into her new bed, which the Johnsons had just gotten for the girls. The bed was a double-decker bunk, decorated with pictures of Fairy Jenny, the bottom bunk being equipped with lowerable railings, and with the head and foot enclosed. Thus, Ellen would be allowed to sleep in a regular bed — which nevertheless would give her all the protection and safety of a proper crib. Josh and Mary felt that a 'real' bed might help her adjust — and having Melody right over her head certainly wouldn't hurt!! And next to Ellen lay her little teddy bear, which she'd been sleeping with for the past year.

Ellen did not sleep well; Melody watched as she twisted and turned in her sleep. Clearly she was having a nightmare...

* * *

Ellen walked through a scene of devastation, a blasted terrain of steaming pits and smoking craters. Around the area moved myterious figures in garb vaguely reminiscent of space suits. Suddenly Ellen came across one of the figures on the ground in front of her.

The figure grasped at his knee, where the fabric had torn free. He seemed unable to breathe... he tore off his helmet. Suddenly the figure was a child!! It was Johnny Devine!! Ellen watched in horror as the boy's face dissolved in front of her... and awakened with a screech as...

* * *

Melody's hand shook her awake. Ellen grasped at her friend through the protective railing, crying and sobbing, and it took several minutes for Melody to calm her down and assure her that of course Johnny was OK...

Ellen knew that her guilt had caused the dream. Of course, Johnny hadn't been in any danger; he was just a child. But others HAD been in danger — because of her!! Maybe even people Johnny knew, since Ellen had been told that Star Fleet had started to search the more dangerous parts of Atlanta's ruins when Melody had found her.

Ellen couldn't believe how selfish and wicked she'd been; she knew that the only way she'd ever feel clean was to be properly punished for her behavior...

Of course, much of Ellen's irrationality was due to her illness. Her new parents understood that, as did Melody. Yes, she'd misbehaved, and should be punished for it — but there were mitigating circumstances.

Unfortunately, guilt is an emotion — and not always subject to logic.

* * *

When Ellen woke up again, Melody was in the room watching her, and immediately called her parents. Ellie sat up in the bed and watched as the adults filed in. And gulped as she saw her new little paddle in Mary's right hand. And at the holocam floating along behind Josh.

She realized it was time for her spankings to begin, and that her little bottom would soon be paying the price of her recent misbehavior. And Ellen welcomed the chance to purge herself of the guilt and remorse she felt.

But she was also frightened at the imminent prospect of that little paddle heating up her tiny little bottom.

Ellen gulped as Mary, her new Mommy, lowered the safety rail of her new bed and set the paddle down beside her. And felt a sense of relief as she was picked up and carried over to the changing table. Ellen was less than a meter tall and weighed less than ten kilos; Mary had no trouble carrying the little girl around.

Mary quickly unzipped and slipped Ellen out of her little pink sleeper, slipped off her plastic pants, and then unfastened and disposed of her wet diaper.

A few quick applications of baby wipes, and Ellen was all clean and ready for a new diaper.

But no new diaper was forthcoming. Nor were panties or other clothing. Ellen was left bare-baby naked as Mary picked her up and gently carried back over to the bed. No point in clothing a bottom that needed to be bared and spanked anyway!!

Mary sat down on the bed and set little Ellie down on her knee. "Now Ellie, you know you were a very naughty little girl, don't you?"

<sniffle>"Yes Ma..mommy. I be a bad girl."

"And you know you need some good, sound spankings for being so bad, yes??"

Ellie was already sobbing, but managed: "Yes. I feel bad. I feel bad 'bout bein' bad." <sob> "Peepals maybe get hurt 'cause I be so bad. I sorry I runned away. <sob> I-I need a spankin' <snif> I need it to feel good agin. <sob>"

"Pleez spank me Mommy. Spank me hard!!"

"Not too hard, Ellie" said Mary as she smiled and turned the naughty little baby face down over her lap. As she got the child centered over her lap she wondered at how TINY she was. Her head and feet barely extended off of her lap!! Mary adjusted Ellen backwards a bit — making sure that her head was supported by her left thigh, letting her little legs dangle further off of her right leg—arching her little baby bottom up higher for it's spanking.

Then Josh took a length of soft cloth and gently restrained Ellen's hands. The parents knew that Ellen could never keep her hands from trying to shield her little fanny — and it would be far harder for her to hurt herself pulling against the soft restraining cloth than if Mary held her wrists behind her back...

Mary patted Ellen's little tushie and wondered at how fine and soft her baby bottom was. And realized just how tender and fragile her new daughter truly was. "In fact, Ellie, your little tushie is SO tender and soft, I don't think I should spank you very hard at all!!"

"But I need it!!" wailed Ellen.

"I know, dear. You DO need a good spanking. But your bummy is so tender, I think we'd better make it a long spanking instead of a hard spanking. A good, long spanking will make your baby bottom burn plenty, young lady. And it won't just be ONE spanking, either!!"

"Josh will be spanking you again later, young lady!! And <slap!> (Owiee!) you'll be getting even more spanking tomorrow!"

"No, I think I can promise you'll be a very sorry little girl soon!"

<spank!> [Owwiee!! <sob> Yeeow! it HURTS!] cried Ellen.

And it DID hurt!! Mary's hand covered all of Ellen's little bottom, and even those first two mild spanks had caused her baby bum to bounce and jiggle — and STING!!

And the sting grew and grew as Mary began to discipline her little girl with more firm-but-not-hard spanks.

Mary wondered at the bright pink that appeared rapidly on Ellen's bare bottom even after just a few brisk spanks. Her baby buns were clearly already stinging and beginning to properly burn from the spanking. Her skin was even more tender than Mary had thought possible!!

But Ellen truly needed this. For two reasons; first, so that she could forgive herself for her misbehavior — and for endangering herself and others.

But also to reinforce the lesson she'd never really learned from the Millers: that she was truly a CHILD. That not only had her descisions been poor, but that she shouldn't have been making any of those descisions AT ALL.

And finally (as her palm briskly slapped the very base of Ellen's bottom, briskly impacting the tender area where bottom met thigh), to unmistakeably inform Ellen that she was now the Johnson's little girl — and her days of willfulness under her permissive parents were over. Her NEW parents knew how to be strict, and how to deal with a strong-willed little girl's antics — over their knees!!

And as her tender tail turned a bright red under her new Mommy's slaps, Ellen had that lesson indelibly imprinted on her mind and fanny—

Be A Good Little Girl — Or Else!!

* * *

Ellen was bawling hard after only two dozen swats had spanked into her little bare behind. Her fanny was a bright hot reddish-pink, and she was kicking and wiggling over her Mommy's lap as her bottom stung and burned. Ellie couldn't BELIEVE just how much the spanking hurt!

She knew Mary really wasn't spanking her very hard. And she was cupping her hand, so the impact was spread out over as much of her little bottom as possible... but it still hurt worse than any spanking Ellen had gotten as a three year old!! As bad or worse than her 'round robin' spankings last summer!!

But finally Mary stopped spanking her little daughter's bare tush.

Ellen sobbed and bawled, then looked back over her shoulder — at where her Mommy was picking up her brand new little baby-paddle!!

[Waaaaaah!! Nooo!! Not the paddle!! <gasp> Nooo! <Smack!!> WAAAAAAH!!] The little paddle spanked firmly into Ellen's right bottom cheek, and the baby howled as a fresh wash of pain swept over her seat in a wash of fire. <Splat!> [YAAAAAH! WAAAAAH!] the little girl bawled as the second spank impacted her little left tushie. It really, really hurt!! Ellie's bare bottom was so tiny and tender, even the ultralight paddle burned intolerably!! <Spank!> The third swat was right across the base of her bottom, even the little paddle easily covering both cheeks and making them burn!!

And Mary continued to spank her naughty daughter — briskly paddling the child's tender seat into a bright red ball of fire. Ellen was quickly reduced to a bawling baby, lying limply over her Mommy's lap and simply bawling and crying for all she was worth as spank after brisk spank toasted her tender tail.

And then it was over. Ellen lay limp over Mary's lap and bawled out her pain and guilt as her new Mommy gently rubbed her back and gently stoked her burning bottom. Finally Mary picked up her baby girl and held and cuddled Ellen until the child fell back asleep.

For the next half-hour or so Ellie slept cuddled up against her new Mommy's bosom, but then Mary gently awakened her new baby — who promptly began to sob again at the burning sting in her baby bottom.

But it was time for Ellen to get some nourishment, so she had to endure being placed on her little changing table, to have her bright red fanny gently diapered before she could be carried downstairs for lunch.

In the kitchen Ellie encountered, for the first time, another emblem of her babyhood. At the table stood her brand new high chair, into which her diapered bottom was firmly placed. With the tray in place Ellen was as helpless and contained as any baby... contained sitting on a very well spanked baby bottom!!

Ellen did not enjoy her lunch. She didn't enjoy her baby food (not really necessary, as she had her baby teeth; but desirable, since she really WAS still upset, and Mary didn't want anything heavy to upset her tummy). She didn't enjoy drinking her milk out of the unspillable baby cup. Especially when her baby reflexes caused her to drop the cup, PROVING that she wasn't ready for a 'grown up' glass.

Ellen was helpless and dependant and hated it. Which was just too bad; the only cure for her condition was TIME, and Ellen would learn patience whether she liked it or not.

No matter how many spankings it took.

* * *

Lunch was followed by another nap. Which was followed by the inevitable diaper change, and another meal; this time with the family, and Ellen was allowed a little lasagna.

Then it was time for her bath, and to Ellen's joy and discomfort, Melody would be assisting her Mommy. A shallow tub of water was drawn, and Ellen was carefully bathed all over. Mary carefully followed the experts advice and made certain Ellen was under full control at all times; even a few inches of water are dangerous for a little baby!!

Then it was time for bed. Well, almost.

Actually, it was time for a good, sound spanking. And THEN bed!!

Ellie knew what was coming, of course. She'd been told even before her bath had begun. After her bath she'd been dressed in a little baby-frock over her diaper. No plastic pants had been added, however.

And as she was carried downstairs to the living room, Ellen learned why. In the living room corner was Melody's CornerStool™.

Ellen began to sob as Melody carefully draped a fluffy towel over the points covering the hard wooden seat. And she yelped as her diaper-clad bottom was gently deposited onto the towel.

The towel and her diaper were pretty good padding — but the little pyramids still pressed uncomfortably into her little bottom. A bottom that still felt awfully well-spanked to Ellen!!

And soon the little girl was bawling again as she wiggled and squirmed on the punishment stool. Wiggling and squirming just made her fanny sting and ache even worse, but Ellen just couldn't help herself!! It was so... UNCOMFORTABLE!!

Finally, after a full half-hour on the stool — a terribly long time for such a little baby!!—it was time for her spanking.

Josh picked his new baby up off of the stool and carried her over to the straight-backed spanking-chair brought in from the breakfast room. And he simply deposited Ellie over his lap as he sat down.

"Well, Ellen, THIS little discussion is going to be about OBEDIENCE!" <swat!> Josh's hand smacked the back of her light red frock.

"Yeeeow!!" cried little Ellie; the spank wasn't very hard, but on her well-paddled bottom it stung even through her thick diaper — the little frock providing virtually no additional padding at all!!

But the frock was quickly rucked up over her back, as Josh continued to firmly spank her little diaper-covered seat. "Yes, obedience <splat!> (Aiiieeeow!) that is what I expect <spank!> (Waaaah!) from my little girl. You will <Whap!> (Yaaaaa! Waaaah!) do as you are told <smack!> (Nooooo! I means YEEES!) when you are told <splatt!> (Waaaah! Haaaah!) or get a very sore bottom!!" <Smack-Whap!>

"Noooo! Owwww! I be good! I promisss!"

"Well, I hope so young lady. You are a Medicalos, and I shouldn't have to put you over my lap at all. It's not like you are a Penitatas like Melody!! But from your behavior as the Miller's little girl, I think we both know you need a little something to encourage you to be a properly obedient and well-behaved little baby girl, don't we? So... I'll just have to slip your little diaper down your little baby-waby legs like this..."

And Josh slipped his fingers under Ellen's diaper and carefully drew it up and over her well-reddened little mounds — which caused Ellen to wiggle and squirm as the fabric chafed her stinging hams—then he slipped the cotton down her little legs right to her knees. His big hand gently caressed her stinging little bare bottom, and he said "Now I'm going to give you a good, sound spanking Ellen. We all know you really deserve it, and why, so I'm not going to scold you any more. I don't think you'll be in any condition to understand Panglish, anyway!! (In truth, Ellen was missing about one word in five as it was...) It's going to hurt your baby bottom; a spanking is supposed to hurt! And I'm sure you'll cry and wiggle and try to get away. Melody, kneel down here and take her little hands to keep them out of the way... Thank you, dear. All right, young lady, here it comes!!"


Josh began spanking Ellen's naughty little bottom. Not very hard. Mostly he just used his wrist — barely drawing his arm away from her little bottom.

But from Ellen's howls and screeches, you would've thought he was using a red-hot branding iron!! Ellie's little bottom rapidly turned a bright crimson under her Daddy's stinging, punishing swats. Her tush was so tiny each swat of his big hand couldn't help but sting her entire fanny. And each careful spank made her bottom hotter and sorer and sting even more and more fiercely. And before a half-dozen swats had impacted, Ellen was crying and bawling. She kicked her little legs and wiggled and squirmed her tiny body over her daddy's broad lap.

Not that any of that actually helped, but Ellen was a naughty little girl getting a good spanking — and she was doing what little girls have ALWAYS done while getting spanked throughout history.

It never has helped, but they have always wiggled and squirmed, and cried and howled and sobbed.

So that's what Ellen did. Until her little bottom was a dark red ball of fire. Finally she simply lay limp over her Daddy's lap and cried as he continued her spanking to its conclusion.

And then Josh turned his little girl over, setting her little bare bottom onto his left knee (Which couldn't possibly have helped the burn in her bottom. But considering just how well-spanked that bottom WAS, it probably didn't increase the sting. At least not much).

For a moment Josh studied his little girl's tear-soddened face. Then he cuddled her to his chest, soothing her sobs and tears, assuring her that her spanking was over and that he was very sure she'd be a really really good girl from now on.

And then he stood up and carried her up to the girl's bedroom. Melody and Mary followed. Josh dried his little girl off — both her tears and her sweat-covered little body. Then he carefully diapered her bottom (which renewed her bawling as the cotton fabric swathed her well-spanked cheeks). Plastic pants followed, and a little green sleeper (with feet).

And then it was time for little Ellen to be tucked into bed for the night.

But as the delta inducer sent her into slumberland, Ellen remembered that she still had one more spanking to go. The spanking her best friend had promised her for getting both of them into so much trouble.

And while Josh and Mary had carefully avoided letting Ellen know just how severely Mel had been punished, Ellen figured that it just about HAD to have been pretty bad. Especially for swiping that scanner! Melody had even hinted that she might be rejuved and blistered like Jane had been!!

Obviously that hadn't happened — for which Ellen was very grateful. But Melody had been awfully quiet and subdued — not quite the ebullient girl she had been earlier in the week!! So clearly SOMETHING had happened. And it was really ELLEN'S fault.

So while the LAST thing Ellen wanted tomorrow was another spanking... well, a good spanking from Melody was the least she DESERVED for what she'd done!!!

* * *

Sunday morning. Mommy and Daddy got the children up so that they could all go to church that morning. Melody was dressed in a light yellow dress (with discreet green polka dots), with little-girl puffed sleeves. Ellen was changed and put back into diapers (despite her — truthful!—assertion that she had certainly been toilet-trained before two, and didn't need a diaper — except at night, of course...). Over the diapers and plastic pants Mary slipped a frilly pink sailor dress — with matching hat.

Ellen's little bottom was still stingy and was causing her quite a bit of discomfort. She had certainly been one well-spanked little girl last night!! But the baby oil and powder helped ease the sting in her fanny as she was diapered.

And then the girls, after a big breakfast (and Ellen got to eat real food, too!) the girls were escorted off to Sunday School. Ellen walked along holding her new Daddy's left hand, while Melody held her left, with Mommy holding on to her elder daughter's left hand to complete the family chain.

At Sunday School old Mrs. Barnes greeted Ellen with quiet enthuiasm. She certainly remembered the little Medicalos, and all her questions!

Ellie found that she was NOT expected to keep awake in class; A playpen had been provided for her in the back of the class, with a nice soft floor and some blankies if she needed them.

And to her self-disgust, she did. Despite her interest in what Mrs. Barnes was saying, she soon fell asleep.

Ellen was quickly learning the biggest curse of her new age; at her age, she just tends to drop off to sleep at the drop of a hat.

In fact, you didn't even need to drop the hat.

For the next few months Ellen would be forever MISSING things, just because she couldn't keep her little body awake for them...

She even slept through Jimmy Parker's spanking, when the little eight-year-old Penitatas 'tagged' Melody with a well-aimed spitball.

(Hmmm, maybe Johnny was developing a rival...)

But after class Melody woke up her new baby sister and half-walked and half-carried the girl up to the main service. Ellen spent the service in her Mommy's arms, snuggled against Mary Johnson's breast.

And of course, fell asleep.

After church several of the parishoners came over to see Ellen. The successful rejuvenation had been all over the news, of course. Indeed, Melvin Feinberg's new rejuvenation technique had already been used again — to save the live of a five-year-old Kindern who had been badly injured in a hovercar accident — despite his having been in a safety seat, and all the air bags and restraint systems having worked properly.

Sometimes all the precautions in the world can't prevent an injury.

But he was fine... although terribly upset about his reversion to babyhood. But at least the change from five to two was easier for a Kindern — who had no experience of anything older — than for Ellen, who had been having enough trouble adjusting to being four!!

So everyone cooed and ahhed over Ellen, and Melody felt a little bit left out.

But after they got home, and had lunch, the family congregated up in the girl's room — with the holo-cam.

And after a whispered order from Mommy, Melody took a seat in the middle of the lower bunk — while Ellie was gently pushed forward to the side of her best-friend-now-sister.

It was time for Melody to give Ellen the good sound spanking she'd promised her friend for getting her into so much trouble.

Mary helped Mel get Ellen up and over her lap and into position. Oddly enough, Ellen looked much more natural over Melody's lap that she had over her new parents' laps. Melody was only seven, and barely fifteen centimeters over a meter tall. Ellen, at 20 months, was well under a meter herself.

So, relatively speaking, Ellen was just about the right size to be over Melody's knee. In fact, she wasn't much taller than Robin, Melody's Spanking Susie doll.

Melody quickly got Ellen's little sailor dress turned up onto her back and out of the way. Her parents had already told her that she was to spank Ellen's BARE bottom after a short warmup over her diaper.

But as the seat of Ellen's plastic baby-pants was exposed, Josh briefly interrupted the spanking to give Ellen a scolding.

Well, not really a scolding. Instead, he carefully described just what had happened to Melody as a result of Ellen's naughtiness.

First, he explained why Melody had NOT been taken to court, with an emphasis on how lucky she was, and how extremely rare it was for ANY Penitatas to be allowed to get off so easy for running off into forbidden Kindern territory — not to mention taking valuable equipment, and taking the sort of risks Melody had taken to save her friend.

In fact, (and this was news to Melody), if it hadn't been for Mel's yeoman service, her intently proven dedication to helping Ellen out during her illness, the horrible emotional pain she'd felt watching her friend's suffering, she might well have gotten that in-cycle rejuvenation after all. Her emotional state was, after all, a factor in her descision to look for Ellen — and the main reason she'd made so many mistakes in how she'd gone about it.

And finally Josh told Ellen about the severe spankings Melody had endured. And then he had Ellie turn her head and watch the holo on the bedroom wall (a new addition, as a naughty little Penitatas certainly didn't need a holo in her own room...).

And he played the tape of Melody's blistering. Not all of her punishments, just the terrible metronomic smacking of that horrible bumblebee paddle into Melody's soft and yielding flesh.

And a nice closeup of the little white sting-blisters springing up on her scorched-red bottom.

Ellie was bawling by the end of the tape.

[My GOD!! Melody!! I am SO sorry! I had no idea — they — that <sob> Oh my dear — how could you STAND it!! Melody I am SO...]

[Its OK, Ellie. Shhh, It really is. I mean, it was horrible at the time, but I got nano'ed Friday and really, I'm fine now. It coulda been a LOT worse...]

[But it's all MY FAULT!! I feel TERRIBLE!!]

[It certainly WAS NOT all your fault!! I could'a gotten somebody to listen if I'd really tried. Probably would'a had to get spanked FIRST, but that would'a been a lot better than what happened LATER!]

[<sniffle> But its still all, well, MOSTLY my fault!! I didn't even think about how you'd feel, what you might do. I was so SELFISH!]

[Which is why, SIS <Spank!> (OW! Mel! Wait a minute!) you are about to get the soundest spanking I can manage. No, no more waiting!!]

"I promised you a good, sound spanking for all the trouble you caused, and I think right now is the right time. Mommy??"

"Yes, Melody, I think it is time you gave Ellen her final spanking for all the mischief she got into. But don't bother spanking the seat of those plastic pants, Melody! She'll hardly feel a swat from YOU over them. Get them down, dear, get them down..."

And so Melody's next act was to get the plastic pants right down to little Ellen's knees, exposing the soft seat of her cotton diaper to the room's cool air — and Melody's small spanking hand...

<Smack!> Melody's palm impacted the loose fabric covering Ellen's tiny tush sharply — but the loud clap of sound was nothing compared to the loud 'WAAAAAAAAH!" Ellen let out as the burning sting of that spank stung her still-tender little bottom. But Melody knew from experience (on the receiving side, of course) that a little girl's howling and bawling was no reason to stop spanking — and so continued Ellen's final lesson with another crisp spank to her diaper-clad bottom.

By the time Melody's hand had completed a full dozen spanks onto Ellen's rapidly heating seat, Ellen was bawling and howling like she was getting killed. Or soundly spanked, anyway.

Then the reason for diapering Ellen became obvious — as her little bladder let go right over Melody's lap!!

"Ewww! Yich!! Mama!! Ellie peed all over me!!"

"Noooo! Waaaaa! I sorreee! Waaaah!"

"Now, Ellen" responded the girl's mother "don't worry about it, dear! I should've made you go potty before Melody began to spank you. Let her up, dear, and I'll get you girls cleaned up..."

Which Mary did, quickly and efficiently. And just in case there were future 'accidents', she quickly stripped the sheets from Ellen's little bed (revealing the rubberized underliner). And she had Mel (who suddenly realized her Daddy'd holocam had been recording the entire incident) sit back down on the bed 'au natural'.

But to Ellen, the critical part of the operation was that her freshly wiped and clean little bottom was now un-diapered.

And was going to remain that way for the rest of her spanking...

Which re-commenced shortly after Ellen found herself repositioned over her big sister's slim thighs... only this time it was Ellen's little BARE bottom — already turned a bright pink — that Melody's small hand began to enthusiastically slap.

Melody was amazed at how quickly the baby's tender flesh turned hot and red under the impacts of her flashing palm. And at how loudly Ellen howled and bawled, and entusiastically wiggled and kicked her little legs. Ellen really WAS just a baby, and Melody realized that even SHE would have to be moderate with her spanks.

But when Melody began to spank less than enthusiastically, her Mommy quickly said "Is your hand getting sore, dear?? Here, use Robin's Spanking Susie Special Spanking Hairbrush to finish paddling little Ellie's bare bottom. Remember, dear, that Ellen has been really, really naughty, and you promised to give her a really, really sound spanking on her little bare bottom for it, and for getting you into so much trouble. No, take the brush dear, and give your new sister the spanking she deserves... yes, I know what the judge said, but that was for Josh and I. Besides, that little brush isn't any heavier or nastier than Ellen's new paddle."

With no choice, Melody took the little hairbrush in her right hand, (it just fit) and patted the chochona wood back against her bawling sister's bright red bare bottom. [I'm sorry, Ellen, but Mama's right. I DID promise you a really sound spanking, and I guess you really need it if you're to behave yourself and not get into any more trouble — and you're REALLY too little to be allowed to get into trouble now!! So, her it comes Ellie!! I know it hurts, but that's what a good spankin's all about!!]

And <SMACK!> the hairbrush back exploded against the very base of the nude baby's naughty bottom, bridging the crease with a splash of fire. And Ellie's bawling and howling redoubled as the fire of the brisk spank increased the intolerably hot bonfire already blazing in her buttocks. None of these spanks were terribly hard — but Ellen's bottom was just SOO tender, that hardly mattered...

And Ellen's spanking continued as Melody applied spank after brisk spank to her sister's bouncing fanny under her Mommy's careful and expert direction. Until little Ellie was finally lying limp over Melody's lap, all resistance spanked out of her, leaving her to simply lie quietly and bawl as her spanking swatted to its final set of awful spanks.

Melody set the brush down and let Ellie bawl out her remorse and guilt for a few minutes after ending the spanking, rubbing the child's back and gently comforting her. Then she turned her little sister around on her lap; Ellen's bawling actually went back up for a moment as her sore little rump found itself planted on Melody's lap, but she quickly quieted as Mel cuddled and hugged her sister.

Melody assured Ellen that it was all over; she was forgiven, and Mel hoped that she'd never EVER need to get such a sound spanking again. At least, not until she was old enough to take it better!!

And after several minutes of cuddling and comfort, Ellen settled down enough for her to tell Melody that she forgave her big sister.

And to Melody's surprise, she turned to Mary and said "Mama I know I be bad. I neededed a good spankin'. <snif> Maybe not THAT good a spankin' though!! I try to be a good girl now. I PROMISE!!"

"Well, I hope so, Ellen. For your sake. Or your bottom's sake, anyway!! Now, Melody, get a washcloth and wash Ellen's face; it's all covered with snot and tears. Then I'll watch while you get her diapered and ready for a nice long nap..."

Ellen was a little upset, even though she KNEW that Melody would be helping to take care of her. Still, sitting on a hot, sore bottom while her best friend carefully washed her face, (and NOT being allowed to help — having her little hands slapped away when she tried) was quite a trial. And then to be laid back on the changing table while Melody carefully powdered and DIAPERED her was even worse.

But Ellen suddenly realized that she'd just have to get used to it. She really was just a BABY now, and she'd just have to get used to being treated like one. Until she grew up again.

And finally Ellen began to submit to the necessity of her new situation, and relaxed and even began to enjoy being pampered and powdered — although having baby oil rubbed into her hot, burning bottom was a mixed pleasure, to say the least!!

Finally Ellen was put to bed (which the robomaid had re-made while she was being diapered) and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

And shortly after that, Melody joined her in her nap, having been informed by her Mommy that she felt that MEL had had entirely too exciting and stressful an afternoon, herself!

And the two girls slept quietly until suppertime in their cute little Fairy Jenny bunk beds, each child cuddling her teddy bear in her arms as she slept. (Smokey, Melody's bear, has not had a prominent place in these stories — which does not mean he doesn't have a prominent place in Melody's heart!!!)

Before supper, the girls were awakened and taken downstairs — still dressed in their pajamas. (Ellen in a sleeper, while Melody had on green jungle-book print long pajamas over her panties).

Ellen was put into her high-chair. And again realized that sitting on a well-spanked bottom made any meal less enjoyable...

After supper, it was Ellen's bedtime. And as she changed her baby's diaper (it didn't really need it) before bed, Mary rubbed some cool nano-lotion into Ellen's little baby bottom — and then triggered the tiny machines to finally end Ellen's well-deserved ordeal at last.