Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Jane is a man who was convicted of using his authority (as JAMES) to force accused criminals to service him sexually or face penalties illegally added to their sentences. For that, he was sentenced to 8 cycles of 4-to-8, with Y repression, and was rejuvenated into a four year old girl a year ago. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves... Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) five year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon

Janie Turns Five

Mar. 26, 2749

Part 49 of Melody's Stories

When Janie's Mommy awakened the now-five-year-old, Janie yawned and stretched, then bolted for the door. Expecting the break, her mother swept the little girl up off of her feet and expertly placed her over her lap as she sat down on Jane's bed.

"Ready or not, little miss, it's time for you to get a nice sound birthday spanking." Mrs. Smythe easily overcame Janey's struggles, and lifted her right hand.

<Smack!> The spank smacked down onto the thin fabric of Jane's knee-length pink nightgown, right where it covered her little tushie. Jane howled, more in outrage than pain — for now. "One!" cried her mother.

"Two", "Three" and "Four" followed rapidly, and Jane was beginning to whimper a bit as the hard spanks stung her fanny, two layers of thin cotton barely padding her bottom against the full-force 'special punishment day' spanks.

And by the time the 'one to grow on' had been applied, Jane was sobbing as she continued to try to escape her well-earned punishment.

Then Jane's little nightie-spanking was over, and her Mommy promptly lifted the thin fabric up over her back, revealing the little pair of pink panties underneath. Before applying five good, hard spanks to the thinly-covered bottom before her. Followed by a really stingy handspank to grow on.

Her panty-warming over, Mrs. Smythe slipped her fingers under her babygirl's waistband, and began to slip the crying girl's panties down her legs, right to her knees. Jane's crying increased at her mortification at being bared for the rest of her spanking.

Rebecca, long familiar with Jane's willful ways, ignored her daughter's renewed struggles — and began to spank the five-year-old's bare bottom with crisp, hard handspanks.

"This is <Smack!> what wicked <Whack!> little girls <Splatt!> get for <Whap!> their brirthdays! A good sound <Whack!> spanking <WHAP!> on their BARE BOTTOMS!! Beginning to regret your naughty behavior this year little miss?? I hope this spanking does some good, child, because we have a long way to go yet, and I intend for you to feel every bit of this day's punishment!!

"Starting with your next birthday spanking — with the little 'helper' paddle you just hate so much!!" And, having picked up the instrument in question, the woman proceeded to spank her little girl with it. Hard. Once for each of Jane's 'official' five years of age. And once more to grow on.

Although Mrs. Smythe spanked Jane very hard, either Jane's little helper paddle was stronger than Melody's had been, or her little tush was softer. Her paddle did NOT break under Mrs. Smythe's hard swats. Despite Rebecca's best efforts...

Jane was crying freely now as the horrible burn in her bottom built up with each succeeding spank. But her Mommy was reaching for Jane's own Hairbrush — her new hairbrush that she'd been given for Christmas. Twenty-two centimeters long and eight centimeters wide, including the handle, the brush was almost a centimeter thick. It was made of solid oak, and Jane had hated it on sight. Her opinion was confirmed the first time it impacted her tender little bottom.

But these spanks were harder than any the little five year old had yet been given with her new brush. Full-force 'special' spanks, they burned deep into the child's tender buttocks, bruising and flaming her little cheeks with each swat, as her bare bottom turned scarlet red, and then almost purple under the harsh spanks.

Mrs. Smythe planted the sixth spank, the 'one to grow on' right into the base of the wicked child's bare bottom, causing Jane's howls of pain to reach still another level of screeching penitance.

Then Jane was pulled off of her Mommy's lap and set onto the bed next to her. While her Mommy moved both her pillows to the edge of the bed. And then the poor five-year-old was being firmly bent over the edge of the bed, the pillows raising her punished rump up high for her next dose of birthday pain. Five really sound spanks with her Very Own Spanking Paddle, a rectangular walnut Bottom-Buster painted a bright, cheery yellow. Eighteen centimeters long and nine wide, it was a full centimeter thick, and was just barely rated for four year old Penitatas. It was every bit as big and nasty as her neighbor Melody's paddle — and Melody was two years older than Jane.

Jane's tiny body bucked sharply as the first swat burned into her abused bottom. She screamed. But her Mommy continued to apply good, hard spanks to her daughter's bare bottom. Five of them.

Plus one to grow on.

Jane cried and bawled helplessly as her Mommy slid her white cotton panties over her blazing bottom. Then Rebecca dressed her naughty daughter in a short little pink plaid dress. A very short little dress, that just barely covered her bottom. In fact, an observer could just see her white cotton panties peeking out below the pink fabric of the dress.

When they reached the kitchen, where Jane would have to sit quietly and eat every bit of her prune-flavored oatmeal, Jane froze in shock at the sight that greeted her.

Wrapped in a bright pink bow, in the corner, was her brand new CornerStool. It had finally come in.

And once breakfast was over, Jane got to try it out. Thoroughly.

It was one of the most severe CornerStools made. Available only 'by prescription' from the Corrections board. Instead of having its little 'enhancers' ground out in a rectangular pattern, into pyramids, the stool had been ground in a triangular mesh pattern. So that each little wooden peak was essentially tetrahedral in form.

Melody's square pyramids were 1 cm. square, and 3 mm high.

Jane's stool was cut into triangles that were only 6mm on a side.

And the points stood up a full 5mm.

After breakfast, Jane's Daddy picked her up and set her onto her stool. Her short dress rode up easily, and her well-spanked seat was protected by nothing but her thin cotton panties as it was gently placed on the wooden seat. Her ankles were quickly fastened into the restraining brackets, and her hands were placed firmly on her curly brown hair.

Jane cried. Her bottom HURT and the stool certainly wasn't helping.

In fact...

As Melody had discovered, the stool was very effective at its purpose. And its purpose was making a naughty little Penitatas' corner time a pure hell on Earth.

And Jane's stool was MUCH more... effective... than Melody's.

In ten minutes Jane was bawling as hard as she'd ever done under a good spanking. By the time twenty minutes had passed, the child had been reduced to whining whimpers of pain as her poor seat was tormented by the CornerStool's enhancers.

Finally, after thirty full minutes on the CornerStool Jane's Mommy picked her up off of the torturing wood.

Just long enough to slip her panties down to her ankles. Then Jane was summarily re-planted on the hard wood to consider her past behavior, and the consequenses thereof.

For another thirty minutes.

Finally Jane was let off of the stool, her panties were restored, and her Mommy got her into her little raincoat before leaving the house.

Jane was not in school, but there was a separate Birthday Ritual for children who were too young for school, or for those whose birthdays fell on Saturday or Sunday, or during the summer.

And the first stop on that trip was Assville Mall.

Actually, to a small establishment in the mall, The Discipline Zone. These were essentially child care facilities where Penitatas could be dropped off by their parents while the parents went shopping. And for the most part it was a typical day-care facility, with toys and games and so forth. After school older children would do homework at the variously sized desks, but during school days the facility was dedicated to the younger preschool set.

Melody had only visited the Discipline Zone a couple of times, since Mary wasn't really 'into' shopping, and prefered to just keep her daughter with her. But Rebecca went shopping with several of her bridge buddies every Wednesday, so Janie was far more familiar with the establishment. She knew many of the 'regulars', at least the ones who were there Wednesday afternoon.

But it was Friday morning, and DZ's was pretty empty. There were only 3 kids present, all Penitatas, of course-two girls and a boy.

They were playing Shoots and Ladders — the Penitatas variant — while the one supervisor, a young woman whom Rebecca Smythe recognized. She was a student at Assville Community College, working part-time to help put herself through school.

Right after they walked in the door, the four year old hit one of the chutes, and had to draw a red card from the penalty pack. The card had pictures on it — five drawings of an open hand and a picture of a panty-clad bottom.

"Well, Susie," asked Janet Mills, the young student handling the DZ. "Will you take your spanks, or use a Free Card?"

Susie thought for a moment, then handed Janet a green card — which simply had a picture of a panty-clad bottom and one Helper Paddle with a transparent red X across them, indicating it was good for avoiding a spanking up to the helper paddle, with clothing down to panties or more. Susie had won the card the last time she'd climbed a ladder.

There was a good reason for winning the game, colloquially called Spanks and Excuses, since the losers would have to draw one card for each of their years of age from the Penalty Pack — and any they couldn't Excuse with their own green cards would be sequentially applied to their bottoms — in the required order; all Clothed spanks first (Card has a picture of a skirt and a pair of shorts, plus the spanks, of course). Hand spanks, followed by Helper Paddle, then Ruler, then Hairbrush, with the number of spanks represented by the number of implements pictured on the card. Followed by all Panty/Underwear spanks, then all the Bare Bottom spanks earned, all applied by the Supervisor to the children's bottoms.

And the winner would get to draw ONE red card for each opposing player — and get to spank THEM however the card read. With NO 'Excuses' allowed.

But the game was interrupted by the Smythe's arrival. "I called ahead yesterday. Today is little Jane's birthday, and..."

"Oh, yes!! I remember. Well, kids, we get to have a little party now, don't we!! But first, Janey, come her and let Miss Janet give you your birthday spanking!! James, hand me the little 'Helper Paddle' please..."

And as the grinning little five year old fetched the standard little paddle from the 'Paddle Board' on the wall, Rebecca got Jane's coat off and hung up, and Jane was soon face down over the young woman's lap, her white panties peeking out easily from under her very short skirt. But Janet soon had her skirt pushed up all the way, and her panties were quickly lowered to her knees, an Jane was sobbing as the 'Helper Paddle' spanked down onto her poor bare bottom five hard times.

And then once more.

The spanking was followed by cake and ice cream, which all four children thoroughly enjoyed.

Then it was time for fun and games — and Janet declared that a new game of Spanks and Excuses would be played — the Birthday Varient, of course. Which meant that each of the three children playing against Jane would get to draw one GREEN card for each year of JANE's age, five. Which would give them five 'Excuses' even before the game began!!

Needless to say, Jane got far more spankings than the other children. In fact, not one of the other children got a single spank before four-year-old Sally won the game.

At that point, with five Spank cards to draw, Susie and James both DID get fairly good spankings — Susie got six handspanks over her skirt, then four ruler-swats, and finally four stingers over her panties with the 'helper paddle'. James had used up more of his 'Excuses', and ended up with his shorts and underwear down for two swats with the hairbrush-back, after three separate underwear encounters with Janet's hand and ruler.

But poor Jane had ended the game with no 'Excuses' at all. The few ladder's she'd been lucky enough to climb had been more than matched by the number of 'Spank-chutes' she'd slid down.

And now she had to draw five cards.

And her very first card had a picture of a bare bottom — with pictures of SIX HAIRBRUSHES on it!! The worst card in the deck!!

Her second card was a Skirt/Shorts card with four Helper Paddles on it. Next, a card with an underwear-clad bottom, covered by two MORE hairbrushes!!

Her fourth card was another Clothed card with Helper Paddle spanks, but this time there were six Helper Paddles on the card.

And her last card also had Helper Paddles on it, two of them. But this time they were on a card with a panty-clad bottom on it!!

So Jane was sobbingly turned over Janet's knees for her spankings, a sharp ten swats over her little skirt with the Helper Paddle—and her skirt was SO short half of these ended up stinging her panty-clad lower rump. Then her skirt was slipped up so that the UPPER half of her panties could be stung with two good swats...

Then Janet took the hairbrush from where a grinning Sally had fetched it, then SPANKed the seat of Jane's panties sharply twice. The pain of these swats broke through Jane's stubborness, and the child began so sob pleadingly as her panties were slipped down her legs for a final set of six hairbrush spanks onto her bare bottom.

And since this was a Special Punishment Day, the spanks weren't the playful but stinging swats usually applied at the Discipline Zone for game-penalties, but full-force Special Punishment Day spanks!!

As the bawling Jane was let off of Janet's lap, to have her panties slid up over her sore bottom, James was having to draw his own Final Card to determine the forfeit he'd have to pay over Sally's four-year-old lap. And he drew four hairbrushes — over an underwear-clad bottom!!

The five-year-old lay over the little girl's lap as she sat on the floor, his slacks slid down for his forfeit. And the five-year-old boy was sobbing after the fourth hard spank had impacted his little bottom!!

Susie faired much better. While she got six licks with the 'helper paddle', they were just over her skirt. And her friend was careful not to spank TOO hard — she'd end up over Susie's lap again sooner or later!!

Jane's final luck was mixed. While she drew a spanking with Sally's small hand, she also drew eight Spanks, the highest number of hand spanks in the deck!

And Sally applied those spanks as hard as she could!!

After the spanking, Jane and her Mommy had to leave, to go back home for lunch.

* * *

Jane's birthday party would normally have been held in the early afternoon, since her 'guests' would usually be children her own age from around the neighborhood. But Johnny Devine had explicitly asked to come, especially as Melody and Ellie would not be able to attend. So the party was scheculed for right after three.

After lunch Janey was put down for a nice long nap in her room. Where she stayed until her Mommy awakened her, straightened her short pink plaid dress, got her shoes and socks back on, and escorted the little girl downstairs to the living room.

"Surprise" cried out everybody when they arrived. Jane forced a smile and jumped up and down in pretended glee. Boy, she thought, they really dragged out everybody for this one!!

Johnny Devine was there, of course, since a few older children were always allowed to attend such parties, and nobody would deny a Medicalos rejuve anything reasonable that he wanted.

Five year old Judy Shelton from the next street over was present, a Penitatas, of course. A conviction of Assault with Intent to Commit Bodily Harm had resulted in her rejuvenation to such a young age. She was still a hard timer after 5 full cycles...

Tommy Maloy, from Jane's (and Melody's) church was there, the five-year-old paddled in Sunday School in front of Ellie last December. (And fairly often when Ellie WASN'T there, too).

Karen Robinson, a three-and-a-half-year-old Y-suppressed child molester was there — Jane recognized her from Thanksgiving, where she had been one of the few children even younger than Jane being put through the day's severe 'Pilgrim' punishment.

And Walter Flores, a four-year-old boy who was a regular at the Discipline Zone on Wednesdays with Jane.

And that was it. Four little Penitatas children — and one older Medicalos.

Janey didn't have many friends. Both because she was still in her first cycle, still being very rigorously supervised.

And also because she really wasn't a very nice little girl.

Jane DID enjoy the ice cream and cake that preceeded her birthday spankings. The chorus of five childish voices singing 'Happy Birthday' set her teeth on edge...(one of James Platsburk's few real talents was perfect pitch)...but she endured it stoically in order to get to the good stuff-cake, ice cream, and presents!

Jane blew out all of her candles, and everybody then enjoyed the chocolate cake and ice cream.

Then it was time for presents. Walter gave Jane a remote-controlled toy hovercar!! It was really a boy-type present, but then Walter knew she'd been male before her conviction, and knew she'd enjoy the toy more than the dolls and dresses the other children had given her. Walter's parents had finally given in to his desire to get Jane something she'd really like.

It seems that at least ONE kid her age DID actually like Jane...

Fun and Games time arrived — the very serious game to decide just who would get to give Jane an extra birthday spanking, get to give her ALL his or her birthday spankings on her bare bottom, and even get to use an instrument of his or her choice!!

The picture of Jane, taken while she was standing red-bottomed and crying in the corner, had been taken right after one of her daily paddlings following her Penitatas conviction. So it showed a VERY sore, red bottom covered by dozens of open, weeping blisters. The picture made Jane wince internally at the reminder of her previous suffering. She thought again that even getting back at that terrible goody-two-shoes Melody hadn't been worth the terrible suffering she'd had to endure during that week of pure hell.

The bulls-eye had been added to the dead center of Jane's little right bottom-cheek.

As the little paper hairbrushes were handed out to the children, Jane took a deep breath and began to concentrate. Johnny Devine was GOOD at this game, and HE would get THREE tries at pinning a hairbrush onto Jane's bare bottom. But if JANE could manage to win, she wouldn't get ANY birthday spankings from the other kids AT ALL.

The blindfold was put over Jane's eyes, and her Mommy spun her around several times. But Jane was sneakier than most kids; she'd closed her eyes just as tight as she could while being blindfolded — and as she'd hoped, once she opened her eyes, she actually could see a bit.

Not much — just a thin crack under the bottom of the blindfold. But she'd lived in the house for several month's now, and knew every stain and ripple of the carpet.

And Jane managed to pin her hairbrush within a centimeter of the white bullseye added to her red, blistered bottom in the picture.

It would be a hard effort to match.

While Rebecca Smythe suspected Jane had managed to cheat somehow, she didn't know how, so the game had to continue.

Judy, Tommy, Karen and Walter all tried their best, but none of them came anywhere close to beating the little hole of Jane's pin right next to the target.

But Johnny would get three tries.

He didn't need them.

Johnny grinned as he heard Jane squeal, just as his first attempt nailed the pin placed through the center of his paper hairbrush right into the bull's eye, a full half-centimeter closer to the center than Jane's attempt.

There was nothing like free-fall training for developing one's kinesthetic sense — and Johnny had always had an excellent feel for where he was and where he was going.

An HE knew the trick of squinting before being blindfolded, too. Only in his case, it had been part of his training in escape and avoidance techniques, in case of capture.

Which were, he knew, virtually useless since the Alderran Protocols had been developed. Now, almost every star-travelling race used them, and Prisoners of War were 'rej-rep'd (rejuvenated and repatriated) as soon as possible — rejuvenated to a VERY young age, like five or six for humans, which kept them from being of any further use to a war effort, and then sent back home — so the captor didn't need to try and care for a bunch of aliens with, possibly, very different food and environmental requirements for too long. So these days, escape from an enemy POW camp was virtually impossible. But Fleet officers were still trained in the old tricks — which occasionally had certain side benifits.

And as a Medicalos, Johnny would get to give Janey FOUR good, sound birthday spankings. And Johnny had something special planned for Jane, who had done such awful things to his friend Melody...

"Mrs. Smythe? I know that, traditionally, as the winner I should go last. But I'd like to give Janey one of her birthday spankings before the other kid's get a shot at her bottom. Please??"

Jane gave Johnny a look that would melt lead, but her Mommy was already replying "Very well, Johnny. Have you decided what implement you want to use?? I think my hairbrush..."

"Actually, Ma'am" interrupted Johnny. He looked right at Jane. "Five and one is six, and I can't think of anybody who deserves 'six of the best' more than Jane. I choose... a NURSERY CANE!!"

Jane's jaw dropped and she howled "NOOOO!"

But Jane had been a terrible little girl during the past year.

And Johnny was, well, Johnny Devine!!

A few minutes later, Jane found herself bent well over the arm of the couch, her pink print dress pushed well up her back, while her Mommy held her arms to keep her in position. And then Johnny was slowwwwly tugging down her white cotton panties, revealing her pale little five-year-old bare bottom to the children waiting eagerly for their turn at spanking her.

The cool air of the living room caressed Jane's exposed nates as Johnny stepped back and accepted Jane's little Nursery Cane from Walter's mother, who was helping out at the party.

Jane's cane, which she'd gotten for Christmas in HER stocking, was made of rattan. It was only 50 cm. long, and just barely 4 mm thick, the littlest cane made for naughty Penitatas. (Useable on only the naughtiest four year olds, and usually reserved for five-year-olds—Like Jane, who would be feeling it's sting a LOT more often now that she was officially 'of age' for it...)

It was a very little cane. But it was a cane, and Johnny swept it through the air twice, making Jane flinch at the awful 'whoosh' sound. Then Johnny snapped the little cane into Jane's bare bottom!

<SNAP!!> "Yeeeeaaaaawww!!" bawled Jane as the cane cut into her tender bare bottom. Johnny looked at the bright red line he'd just painted across the top of the little child's hips and grinned. He was going to enjoy this...

Ssssss-<WHAP!!> Johnny's cane snapped into Jane's little butt a bare centimeter below the first stinging cut. "Waaaiiieeeeooowww!!" went the wicked little girl, as she discovered that her bare-bottom birthday party spanking was starting out a lot worse than she ever would've believed.

Whisss-<SPLATT!> And a third bright red stripe painted Jane's poor bare bottom. "Yeeeeeaaaaah!! Noooo! PLEEEEZE!" begged Jane, but Johnny was relentless in his determination to teach Jane a lesson the little child would NEVER forget. The last stripe had been below the first two, and now the top half of Jane's bare bottom was covered by three evenly-spaced bright welts.

Ssssss-<SPANK!!> went Johnny's cane, and Jane broke down into bawling sobs as yet another bright red stripe appeared on her bare bottom, right below the other three.

Shissss-<SPLATT!> The fifth, and semi-final cut of Johnny's cane blazed right across the base of Jane's bare bottom, where she would feel it every time she sat down... and Jane's bawling became even harder.

"And one to grow on!!" snapped Johnny, as he stepped back, then forward, putting all his young stength into his final blow — which he expertly placed right into the crease between Jane's bare bottom and her equally bare thighs!!

Jane's howls reached new heights as her bare bottom screamed pain messages into her brain. But her caning was over, Johnny was pulling up her little panties, and Jane was finally being allowed to stand up and try to rub the fire out of her poor fanny.

"Thank you, Mrs. Smythe. I wanted Jane to get her 'six of the best' from me first since I imagine it will make the rest of her birthday spankings so much more... interesting... for her!!"

Jane's bawling renewed in vehemence as she realized how much those burning, firey welts would make her subsequent birthday spankings hurt!! But she had no choice in the matter, and already little five-year-old Judy was sitting down on the family couch, patting her little lap and waiting for Jane to come lie over it for her birthday spanking.

And as Jane lowered herself into position, she realized the subtle cruelty in her Mommy's choice of her birthday dress.

It was too short. Much too short; even just lying over Judy's little lap on the sofa, at least half of her panty-seat was exposed to the five-year-old's gaze. Penitatas were only suppposed to birthday-spank the back of her dress, but if Judy decided to...

<Smack!!> Judy's hand fell right where Jane had dreaded—below her skirt, onto her thin cotton panty-seat.

Right over the most painful of Johnny's cane-stripes.

Jane howled as the fire burned her bottom. Five times. Plus one to grow on.

Then it was Tommy's turn. And HE sneakily slipped her skirt up just an inch or two as he got her settled over his lap, exposing even more of her panty-covered bottom to his eagerly spanking palm. For five good, hard spanks. Plus one to grow on.

Karen was too small to spank Jane very hard. So she enthusiastically planted each one of her small hand-spanks into the very base of Jane's bottom, right over Johnny's final cut of the nursery cane. And the former pedophile clearly enjoyed applying each spank...

Only Jane's friend Walter took it easy on her, and confined his spanks to the back of her dress. He even pulled her dress down a bit before beginning her birthday spanking.

And then it was Johnny's turn. Again.

"Well, Johnny" asked Rebecca Smythe. "Have you decided what you want to spank my naughty little girl with this time??"

"Well, yes, Ma'am." replied Johnny. "For her next birthday spanking I think I'll use... THE NURSERY CANE!!!"

And a crying Jane howled out "NOOOOOOOOO!! NOT AGAAIIIIN!!"

But a smiling Johnny Devine was seating himself on the couch, patting his six-year-old legs, and waiting for Jane to place herself over his lap. And then he was flipping up her pink plaid dress, and then attending to her white cotton panties.

And Johnny admired Jane's well-spanked little bottom, a bright hot pink flushing it's little curves between the blazing red stripes of her first caning.

And that same cane was now in his right hand... patting her little bare fanny. Johnny couldn't get nearly the force behind his cuts with Jane over his knees. But the fire in the child's tender backside made that point moot as Johnny swept the little cane down hard...

CROSSING the previous welts...

Jane howled and bawled as Johnny deliberately caned her bare bottom in a regular cadence, one good lick every five or six seconds. One... Two... Three... Four... Five......and ONE to grow on!!

Jane cried and bawled as Johnny reluctantly returned the little cane to Jane's Mommy. "I think that's all for now, Ma'am. If you could please let me have Jane's little hairbrush for her final birthday spankings..."

And Jane's own new hairbrush was fetched. And the hard spanks Johnny planted onto her hot, welted and very painful bare bottom with the hairbrush back made Jane howl and bawl... but there were only a dozen spanks applied, all told, and it was soon over.

And Jane cried the tears of a well-spanked naughty little girl.

Eventually she calmed down, and it was time for the birthday girl to hobble over to the door, her panties fettering her ankles, her dress pinned (unnecessarily) well up on her back to completely expose her bare, welted bottom. And Jane had to thank each of her guests for coming, and for their presents.

And for giving her her birthday spankings. And that was hard, especially for her to thank Johnny.

But she did.

* * *

Jane wiggled and squirmed through supper, just like Melody had after her birthday spanking.

Jane was in even more distress, though, since she'd been placed on her CornerStool to eat her supper off of the kitchen counter. And even touch she'd been put on the stool facing away from the ankle restraints, which let her get close enough to the counter to eat, she still couldn't get her weight off of the well-spanked parts of her bare bottom. Johnny's caning had seen to that!!

And she still had to get her final, most awful birthday spankings of them all. From her Daddy.

Bathtime. And Jane would be bathed by her Daddy, as the first part of her final punishment. And after her bath, Mr. Smythe dutifully turned his little daughter over his knees on the toilet for a really sound handspanking.

He spanked in silence, and Jane bawled as his hard hand warmed her still-sore bare bottom. He spanked her dry, and then continued to spank Jane's poor bare bottom until she was sobbing and bawling a and begging incoherently to be let off.

Finally, as Jane cried and bawled and slowly began to recover over his knee, Mr. Smythe began to lecture his little daughter. "Jane, you are a BRAT. I've handled a dozen little Penitatas through the years, and I've NEVER seen a worse-behaved, less repentant, or more wickedly NAUGHTY little hard-timer in my entire LIFE. It seems like nothing gets through to you that YOU are the reason you are being punished. It wasn't anybody else's fault, just YOURS. But it seems like you just can't get that through your head. Well, then, we'll just have to get it through your bare bottom!!

Which is why <SPANK!!> you are getting ANOTHER GOOD SPANKING RIGHT NOW!!!

Mr. Smythe raised his hand as Janey bawled out "NOOOOOO!", and resumed spanking his naughty five-year-old with good, sound handspanks.

Until Jane was crying and bawling and wiggling like a well-spanked little girl should, all over again.

Finally it was over, and Jane's Daddy dried off his little girl and got her ready for bed, gently placing her pink Boswell Bunny nightie over her head and letting it fall to her knees. Then Jane had to use the toothbrush as her daddy watched, then he escorted her by the hand to her bedroom, where the middle-aged man sat down and had Jane bring him her new oak hairbrush... so that he could brush out her tangled brown hair, still a bit damp from her shampooing.

And after he'd brushed out her hair, it was time for him to brush off her naughty little bottom. So Mr. Smythe gently turned the now-squirming and protesting little five-year-old up and over his lap, gently smoothing down the pink fabric covering her little bottom.

Until <SMAACK!!> "Yieeee-owww!" he brought the back of the hard wood down sharply onto the little girl's bottom, protected only by a thin layer of pink cotton. Though both knew that even that slender defense was to be short lived. <WHAACK!> went the hard brush and Jane howled again as the brutal full-strength 'special day' spanks burned into her little hiney. And Jane continued to howl as three more sound spanks tormented her poor nates.

And then, after a pause to declare "And ONE to GROW UP ON!!" the final, good sound swat of her first dose impacted the seat of Jane's pink nightgown. The last spank of the day to strike anything but tender, BARE girl-flesh!!

Because now Jane's Daddy began to gently slide her thin cotton nightie up her thighs, gently gathering the garment up past her hips, and on up her back. Slowly baring her bright red, well-spanked tiny bottom. To her daddy's satisfaction, a couple of tiny sting blisters now adorned the crest of each bottom-cheek, crowning the welts left from her earlier double-dose of 'six of the best' from Johnny.

Now his little girl would really feel the rest of her old-fashioned punishment, he thought. Even as he raised his hairbrush up above his head and delivered the first of six hard Bare-Bottomed spanks to Jane's crimson bare bottom.

And how Jane howled as those brutal spanks impacted her welted, blistered bare bottom. But Mr. Smythe applied the five spanks and one to grow on with slow, deliberate, inevitable force. And Jane was howling and bawling like, well, a soundly spanked five-year-old.

The it was time for the next step. Mr. Smythe let go of Jane just long enough to reverse his grip on her hairbrush. Then he began to bring the brush down crisply onto her blistered bare bottom in yet another set of good, hard spanks. Bristled side down.

Jane's howling and sobbing reached a new level of shrillness as the wicked bristles dug cruelly into her well-punished posterior, burning needles of pain savaging her body. For five cruelly slow spanks. And another one to grow on.

Finally Mr. Smythe set the hairbrush down, its punitive work done, as he took up the next instrument of Jane's bare-bottomed torture, her Very Own Spanking Paddle. Five times the strong man brought the walnut board down onto his little girl's bare bottom. Fresh blisters burst into burning existence as the five swats all burned down onto Jane's little right bottom-cheek. Except that, of course, Jane's bottom was so tiny that, inevitably, her left bottom-half ended up getting a piece of the five hard swats anyway. But Mr. Smythe centered his efforts onto the child's right bottomcheek, and the five hard swats left the poor, tender flesh of her bottomglobe thoroughly bruised and with at least six bright sting blisters that hadn't graced her flesh before. Then he carefully applied the one to grow on right over the developing blisters.

Then Mr. Smythe shifted his daughter forward so he could apply the next set of sound spanks. This time to the howling child's left fanny-globe. Again, while the effort centered on her left cheek, both halves of her bottom ended up tormented by the hard walnut. More blisters sprang into existence as Jane howled out her pain over her Daddy's knees.

Mr. Smythe continued calmly. Again Jane's position was adjusted. This time for her third set of paddle-swats, crisply applied across both her blistered hams equally. Jane couldn't cry any harder as yet more blisters popped into existence all over her little fanny. As five good hard spanks impacted her tiny little bottom. And one to grow on.

There was one last spanking to go. As Mr. Smythe adjusted Jane up high on his right leg, lifting her blistered, blazing bare bottom up high in the air, Jane's bawling reached a new cresendo as she caught a glimpse of his hand reaching for the nursery cane on the bed next to him through her streaming tears.

The nursery cane she'd already felt in Johnny's six-year-old hands earlier that day. The cane that had blazed an incredible amount of pain into her tender flesh, her relatively un-spanked flesh, now in the hands of a grown man, about to be brought down onto her tormented bare bottom with a man's strength....

And that's just what Mr. Smythe did. The welts Johnny's licks had left were nothing compared to the deep purple welts left by her Daddy. Six tramlines right across her bare bottom, where they'd sting and burn and smart for DAYS.

And as her daddy tucked Jane into bed, he gently reminded her that Sunday was Easter. That her NEXT 'special punishment day' was only TWO DAYS AWAY!!!