Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Jane is a man who was convicted of using his authority (as JAMES) to force accused criminals to service him sexually or face penalties illegally added to their sentences. For that, he was sentenced to 8 cycles of 4-to-8, with Y repression, and was rejuvenated into a four year old girl a year ago. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves... Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) five year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon

Naughty Jane's Easter Sunday

Mar. 28, 2749

Part 50 of Melody's Stories

Jane had had a terrible Saturday. The burning welts of her Birthday Spankings had been left alone by her Mommy and Daddy — no nano-lotion for a naughty little Penitatas like her, who couldn't even stay out of trouble AS a Penitatas. She'd been kept in bed all day long, not allowed up even to eat or 'go potty'; she'd had to ASK, and then her Mommy or Daddy would carry her into the toilet to 'go'—like a very sick little girl.

Not that Jane was sick — just very, very sore!! Johnny's choice of the nursery cane to punish her had left her poor bottom in even worse condition than usual after a 'Special Punishment Day', and Jane had spent her entire day crying or sleeping — and not too much of the latter.

Jane was beginning to wonder if 'getting back' was really worth all the pain and trouble it brought.


But now it was Sunday Morning. EASTER Sunday Morning.

And Jane's Mommy was awakening her little daughter for the first of the many, many spankings she'd be getting today. Severe, Special Punishment spankings.

Mrs. Smythe awakened Jane by grasping her little hand firmly; there would be no chance for her to try to escape her fate this time. And her Daddy was standing in the door waiting, just in case she tried.

So Jane was quickly pulled over her Mommy's lap as the slightly plump woman seated herself on her five-year-old daughter's bed. And her Mommy quickly began turning up the hem of her knee-length nightie, rolling the green-polkadotted white cotton up to expose the seat of the nightie's matching panties. Rebecca gently patted the thin cotton covering her little girl's bottom, knowing how much Jane HATED that sort of sympathetic, juvenile treatment. Then the woman grinned at her husband as she slo-o-w-w-ly tugged the panties well down her little girl's legs, right down to her knees.

Jane began to sniffle as her bruised and still sore bottom was exposed to her parent's gaze. The blisters left by her severe spanking and paddling had mostly healed; there were only seven or eight little blisters left. But these were right on her 'spank-spot' where little Jane's weight fell when she sat down. Right where a naughty little girl could expect most of the swats from a good spanking to land.

"Remember to count the spanks carefully, Janey. I wouldn't want to have to repeat any. Especially since that would add to your base count. And you wouldn't want THAT to happen, would you dear??

Mrs. Smythe began to spank little Jane's bare bottom. She spanked HARD, full force Special Punishment Day spanks.

<SPLAT!!> Owww! One! That HURT you <WHACK!!> Yeeow!! Ow!! Two-ooo!! Ma-Ma!! <SPLAKT!> Yaaa-Haaaa!!! Three-ee! Waaaah! Noooo! <SPANK!> Yeaaa-haaa! Fo! Four! Owwwieeee! Th'Blisters!! <SPAAANK!> Yeeaaaaaa! FIVE!! Not on the BLIST..<WHAAP!> Naaaaa!! Waaaaa! SIX!! SIX!! <sob> Noooo! <WHACK!!> Aiiieeeee! Seven!! Seven!! HUURTS!! <SPANK!!> Waaaaa! Eight!!! No More... pleeze... Mom-meee! <SPLAT!!> Yeeeeoooaaaahh! My GOD that HURTS!! Ten... no! NINE!! NINE!! <WHAP!!> Aiiieowww! TEN!! THAT was TEN!! Is it OVER?? <SPLAT!!> Waaaaaah! 'Leven!! Let it be OVER!! <WHACK!!> AIEEEEE!! NOT ON THE BLISTERS!! TWELF!! NO MORE!

Jane's hard spanking continued. The poor state of her bare bottom to start with made each swat an even more terrible, blazingly painful test of her endurance. But Jane had learned a thing or two about self-discipline, despite herself. And she was still counting each hard spank as her Mommy called out the twenty-first good, sound spank onto her tiny bare rump. Her little bladder had let go all over her Mommy's dressing gown on spank eighteen, much to everybody's disgust, but the naughty little five-year-old kept calling out numbers through the last swat!!

The eight blisters on her bare fanny had been totally re-ignited into eight little spikes of unendurable pain driving into her poor, bruised rump. And as she stopped spanking Rebecca reflected on just how MUCH this particular little Penitatas DESERVED every painful swat of her punishments...

But now it was JB's turn. Mrs. Smythe quickly sponged off Jane's belly and legs, where she'd peed herself during the spanking, then helped her daughter over her Daddy's lap. Mr. Smythe hated his given names. He could have changed them, easily at any rejuve, but he'd just decided to go with his initials instead. And J.B. Smythe knew JUST how much his little girl's bare bottom was burning, and he was looking forward to increasing the pain in her posterior with another twenty-one good, hard bare-bottom spanks, this time from his much larger and stronger hand. Meanwhile, Rebecca went off to the bathroom to run water over her red and sore hand, and to clean herself up. But there would be no cooling water for Janey's bottom.

Just another twenty-one hard spanks.

And that's just what Jane got. Her base was forty-two — more than Melody's base the previous year, when she'd actually been a year OLDER than Jane.

But it had been Melody's first Easter as a Penitatas; this was Jane's second. And Melody certainly hadn't had a session in Penitatas court!! Jane was lucky she didn't have a 'base' of FIFTY!!

Her Daddy had been kind enough to keep the count for his little girl; over her bruised and blistered bottom, his hard spanks left her with no concentration or breath to count with. She just cried.

After she'd finally finished ber bawling (under threats of further spanking), it was time to get Jane ready for church. On Easter, little Penitatas go to the early morning service, instead of Sunday School followed by the ten-o'clock service. This was so they could get to the Easter Egg hunt in time.

While Rebecca went off to get ready herself, J.B. got little Jane ready for church. First he stripped off her little nightie, then, frowning, he decided to carry the little girl into the bathroom for a quick sponging off. Jane had certainly sweated during her spanking. And her little bladder had let go again, too. Not as bad as the first time, but it looked like J.B. would need to change, too. Then he quickly got her into her Pain-ties.

The level IV pair that covered both her full botton AND her little thighs with nasty biters, right down to her knees.

And over this he put her new little Easter dress, a bright collection of pink taffeta and frilly, little girl lace. The sort of excessively feminine garment that previously-male Jane really HATED.

The skirt was terribly short — short enough that the legs of Jane's little Pain-ties could be clearly seen beneath the frilly lace. Even a bit of the bright red, well-spanked bare bottom painted on the back of the Pain-ties could be clearly seen. A matching Easter bonnet, white socks and patent leather shoes completed the little girl's attire. And then Mr. Smythe escorted his little girl down to the kitchen, where she could wait for her Mommy to come get her breakfast ready.

On her Punishment Stool, of course.

Even through the lace and frills, sitting on the Stool with such a well-spanked and blistered bottom was quite an ordeal. But soon Rebecca Smythe came down and began to get breakfast together, while J.B. finally got to go change.

Jane had learned the hard way to sit still and pay attention during the Church service. Her parents had the habit of asking pertinent questions about the sermon — and being very upset when she couldn't answer. This was terribly hard, as he blisters were planted directly onto the hard bench, and the biters constantly shot needles of bright pain into her bottom and thighs. But Jane bit her little lip and listened... and worried. Where was Melody?? OK, she knew that Melody was off in Georgia somewhere, and had been for quite a while, but this was EASTER!! Surely they'd make her come back to Assville for the big Easter Egg hunt?? There WAS no real hunt in Marietta; the town wasn't even Penitatas rated!!

Melody HAD to come back. Jane had been looking forward to seeing her nemisis getting spanked for WEEKS, ever since she'd left!!

She just HAD to.

But she wasn't in Church.

And then it was time for the big Easter Egg hunt in the park, and Jane had to leave the church, still worried.

The Easter Egg hunt was no game. In the park were gathered all the Penitatas from three states around, almost a hundred and forty of them. All around the park were hidden the sealed plastic Easter Eggs. And in each egg was a coded chip containing a modifier for the finder's spankings of the day. The modifiers could either add or subtract spanks from the finder's base. But the eggs were weighted toward reducing the spankings, so the more eggs you could find the better off you were. Most eggs yielded fairly small changes, plus two, minus four and so forth. But some prized eggs contained modifiers like one half, or one quarter, or the very prized 'hand only', or the less-prized 'helper paddle'. And of course, the SINGLE 'no spankings' egg in the park was the best one to find of them all. Of course, there were also the feared 'double swats' eggs, and the single 'triple swats' egg... it was an exciting hunt.

The event was timed, one hour only, from ten to eleven. All the children hunted together, three year olds to teenagers. All the kids had to 'play nice' or face expusion, confiscation of their eggs, and an automatic triple-swat penalty.

Jane was too small to search the trees, and too slow to get to the 'easy' eggs before the other small ones. And to be honest, her red and sore bottom slowed her down. Other kids kept yanking eggs out from in front of her as she tried to get to them.

She ended up getting a pitiful two easter eggs in her little wicker basket. When time was called, Jane morosely carried her basket over to where the lines were forming in front of the officials. As Jane waited in line, she looked out over the park and saw the first good, sound hairbrush spankings getting under way on the folding chairs set up all over the park. She winced as she realized that soon her own poor bottom would be undergoing public chastisement. Last year, her Mommy had spanked her with the lightweight hairbrush she usually carried in her purse. But as they'd left their house, her Mommy had shown her the oak hairbrush she'd gotten for Christmas. THESE spankings would be MUCH harsher!!

Finally it was little Jane's turn to see the official.

Egg 1 was a Minus Six egg!! Jane's spankings were cut to thirty-six!! Down to three dozen with one egg!

The second egg had a RED chip in it... a 'special' chip!!

The official carefully inserted the chip into the reader:

ONE-HALF SWATS!! Jane had gotten one of the prized half-swats chips!! She would only be getting EIGHTEEN spanks with the hairbrush!! Then Jane's face fell-as she realized she'd be getting eighteen hard bare-bottom spanks from her horrible hairbrush — over her blistered bottom!! Jane took the slip and began to slowly walk over to where her parents were sitting.

As she went she carefully searched the park for Melody or her parents.

They weren't there!! They just were NOT there!!

It wasn't FAIR!! Jane didn't get to see that goody-two-shoes get her fanny whacked HALF as much as Melody got to see HER 'getting it!' Easter was one of the few times Jane had felt she could COUNT on getting a glimpse of Melody's bare bottom reddening, and here she was and Melody WASN'T.

Jane decided they must have taken Melody to an Easter Egg hunt closer to where that twentieth-century brat Ellen lived, somewhere nearer Marietta, like Savannah. Jane hadn't heard just what WAS wrong with the little Medicalos, but whatever it was it had certainly gotten Melody into the catbird seat!! Jane's few friends had let her know that Mel hadn't been back to school in like, forever. And her assignments weren't being forwarded, either!! Jane just couldn't understand why Melody got so bloody lucky — and why the brat was such a curse on Jane's life.

(Jane never even considered that Melody's behavior and actions might be responsible for her recent treatment — or that her own selfish behavior might be responsible for Jane's own reverses.)

(And Jane would have been totally furious had she discovered that Melody was NOT undergoing Easter Sunday Spankings in another city.)

(In fact, the seven year old wasn't getting ANY Easter spankings at all. And she would've infinitely preferred BEING at the Easter Egg Hunt to what she'd BEEN doing... if it meant that her current efforts were no longer necessary.)

(Even if she knew she'd be getting a 'double swats' egg for certain. Or even the 'triple swats' egg.)

But Jane had finally reached her Mommy's lawn chair, and was presenting her with the results of her egg-finding.

"Well, Jane, this is certainly better than last year. Only two eggs, but I have to admit you found quality. Of course, if the officials had opened the 'special' egg FIRST you would have been in for, lets see, fifteen swats..."

Jane had been desperately trying NOT to think about that...

"But as it is, eighteen is very good. Well, SOMEBODY decided to give you a break today, Jane. Not that you deserve it!! I'll expect you to thank HIM nicely before bed tonight for letting you find that wonder egg. Don't you think so Jane??"

Hell, SHE'D found the egg — and had gotten lucky for once. But Jane replied "Oh, yes, Mommy I'll be sure and thank him for my eggs very nicely."

"And you can thank him for all the nice spanks you're going to get, too." replied her Mommy with a smile. "Since they ARE for your own good so you'll grow up to become a GOOD person who doesn't try to hurt or exploit other people. WON'T you, Jane??"

Jane HATED having to thank God for her spankings, but it was an ordeal her Mommy had her undergo frequently. And Jane admitted to herself that she WAS grateful that more swats weren't going to be impcting her bare bottom this afternoon. But now it was time for her to get her 'spanking in the park'. And Jane was being turned over her Mommy's lap, right there in front of everybody. Her little taffeta dress was being lifted to reveal her crimson-bottom-painted Pain-ties, which were quickly lowereed to reveal her still-rosy and blistered little bottom.

And to all the Penitatas' horror, a fine drizzle began to fall as Jane's Mommy settled her down for her punishment. Punishment over what would now be a blistered WET bottom. Punishement with the dreaded oak hairbrush-back...

A cool wind chilled Jane's bare, dampened bottom and brought up goose-bumps on her tenderized flesh. But her bottom would warm up quickly once...<SPANK!!> "YEEEEOWOWOW!!" Jane howled as the first spank exploded full-force right onto the middle of her blistered left butt!! <WHAACK!!> the brush impacted the other blistered hemisphere with equal force. Jane's Mommy might have only eighteen spanks to make her point, but she was using all her experience and skill to insure that Jane got the maximum effect out of each swat!!

Jane howled and kicked and cried as spank after horrible spank burned into her tormented nates. The little blisters that graced her poor buns quickly reached a horrible intensity of fire, as spank after spank exacerbated their fire. The blisters quickly began to grow and swell oven further under the punishing spanks of the heavy brush.

Had Jane gotten more swats, her Mommy might have carried the spanking right on down to her knees. But with only eighteen spanks to impart, Rebecca Smythe decided to apply all eighteen to Jane's prime Spank Spot.

And by the time the last spank had impacted Jane's bare bottom, the eight blisters left from her Birthday Spankings had been joined by three more brand-new little bitty blisters. And Jane was howling and bawling like the five-year-old brat she was.

A well-spanked and very, very sorry little five year old brat.

Jane's Momma let her bawl out her pain over her maternal lap for several minutes. Her bare nates had been spanked to a dark cherry red, the little blisters showing up as white spots on the bruised and abused flesh. But finally Mrs. Smythe lifted her bawling baby off of her lap and set her on the turf. Jane could barely stand, and needed both her parent's help to walk over to the picnic tables.

Picnic tables with hard wooden benches.

Jane couldn't eat much. Just forcing herself to sit on the hard wood and poke at her food was almost more than she could stand. But Weather Control had really screwed up, and when thunderstorms began to arrive the picnic was broken up a half-hour early, much to Jane's relief, and all the families ran for their hovercars — with most of the younger Penitatas, like Jane, being carried by their Daddies since the well-spanked children just couldn't manage to run very fast.

When they got home J.B. sent Jane up to her room to wait for her next spanking. Because of the early departure, the five-year-old would have an extra half-hour to wait facing the corner before her paddling.

Finally J.B. came into Jane's bedroom, where he closed the door, took Jane's Very Own Spanking Paddle down off of its hook, and seated himself on Jane's bed, calling his naughty daughter over to his right side for her paddling.

J.B. gently began to undress his convict daughter, and soon had her stripped down to her Pain-ties. Then those were removed, leaving Jane as bare naked as the day she was rejuved. J.B. took his little girl onto his knees and gently hugged and cuddled her for a few minutes. Jane hated being treated like a little kid, but her therapists had told her parents it was important to her eventual recovery that she receive 'positive' touching attention as well as her punishments, and that a good hug or cuddle before or after a spanking was just as important as the spanking. (Besides, J.B. enjoyed cuddling his little girl, especially before blistering her little bare bottom.)

Finally the heavyset man turned Jane face down over his lap and settled her down for her paddling. Full-force Punishement Day paddle swats. This was gonna really hurt Jane, he reflected.

For a moment J.B. thought about it, then decided he hadn't had a single Penitatas over his knees who deserved every bit of their punishment half as much as Janey did.

"Jane, originally you were sentenced to forty-two good, hard swats with the paddle. Over your blisters, that would've been a lesson you'd remember almost as long as your week under Firebottom!! But now, thank's to the Lord's mercy, you will only receive a dozen and a half swats. I hope you are truly grateful for the reprieve, young lady!! If you can learn gratitude, maybe letting you off a little easy will be worth it. IF you CAN feel gratitude. Still, you'll have a nice set of blisters to cry yourself to sleep with. All the ones you have now, and I'll do my best to add a few more—even if I only have eighteen swats to go it in!!"

"Waaah! Waaaaah!! Nooo! Pleeze Da-Da!! Don' TRY to blister me!! I'll be good! I'll be grateful!! I <SPANK!!!> IIEEEEEEOWWWW! WAAAAAH!"

Jane began to bawl as her poor bottom was impacted by the hard wood. And continued to bawl as her Daddy did his best to add additional blisters to her bare behind, while insuring that the blisters she already HAD would impart the maximum amount of repentance in the naughty little girl...

Jane bawled. She kicked. She wiggled. She did everything she could to ameleorate the burning fire being paddled into her bare buns.

And nothing did a bit of good; Jane was soon a very well paddled little girl. A well-BLISTERED little girl, as her Daddy managed to add several MORE blisters to her now almost-purple paddle-point.

J.B. didn't bother scolding his girl after he began paddling her. He knew she was in no condition to comprehend anything but pain. Her little fanny was soon a blazing, blistered mess as the eighteenth hard swat impacted her little nates.

And it wasn't over yet.

When the paddling finally ended Jane's Mommy came in and quickly popped a short little pink nightie over her little girl's head. But instead of panties, Jane was subjected to the indignity of having a fluffy diaper pinned around her hips. Then she was tucked into bed on her tummy, her hands firmly yet gently caught in her bed's restraints. She still had her bedtime spanking to go, and it would be the worst one yet!!!

Like all little hard-time Penitatas (except Melody!!) Jane would be going to bed without her supper tonight. So after they'd eaten, J.B. went upstairs to give his little girl her final, and most awful, punishment of the awful Punishment Day.

After awakening his daughter, the man told her "O.K., Janey, it's time for your final spanking. I thought for sure it would be the nursery cane, but I guess the boys in corrections felt that would be a bit much for a five-year-old, even if you DO deserve it. So they've ordered me to use the hickory switch for your final lickin'. I bet if they'd known how much you'd cut your number of licks they would've ordered the nursery cane, but those are the breaks. I hope you're grateful!!" He gently freed Jane's wrists from their restraints and helped her out of bed.

Then the man carefully placed several pillows at the edge of Jane's bed, finally rolling a thin pillow into a narrow cylinder and setting it over the others.

Without being told to, a sniffling and sobbing Jane pulled herself up and over the pile, as her Daddy helped her make sure her little hips were centered over the rolled pillow, that lifted her blistered little bare bottom high up over the rest of her body. The pillows were piled so high her little feet kicked freely several inches above the floor.

Jane was prepared for her Easter Evening dose of the switch.

Jane cried softly. Even a HALF dozen licks of the switch would be intolerable over her well-blistered bottom. And she had too keep her hands carefully in front of her and not even TRY to cover up. She remembered what would happen then — as her final punishment, Jane had to hold position or get punishment swats from her paddle.

And since she was getting a switching and not a caning, she'd have to keep position for ALL of her licks, not half. And each lick was gonna HURT—really hurt. Jane sobbed bitter tears into her covers as her Daddy took his place at her side...

Daddy had already taken off her diaper; now he tossed her little nightie over her back and patted her bare bottom with the 60 cm long whippy little hickory switch.

Then it was time.

J.B. switched Jane hard, and he switched Jane slow. The little girl was allowed to feel the intense burning fire of each lick in full before the next was laced into her blistered bottom.

Each lick impacted at least one, and sometimes two or three little sting-blisters. And each lick made Jane howl like a banshee, and twist and wiggle her little bottom lasciviously from the pain.

And five of the licks made her reach back and try to cover up or rub some of the burn out of her bottom.

So after the eighteen licks of the switch had left her bare bottom a STRIPED, blistered, crimson ball of pain, the naughty little girl had TWENTY-FIVE PENALTY SWATS LEFT TO GO.

OVER her welted bottom!!

Daddy quickly fastened Jane's little hands into the restraints built into the far side of her bed, then carefully patted her bottom right over the fresh, hot welts with her bright yellow Bottom Buster.

"Just be thankful you got the switch or not the cane — or you'd be getting these swats BETWEEN the two caning sets, and you'd still have more licks to go afterwards. But I think you'll find that a good, hard paddling pver those little red welts will be all the punishemnt a naughty little Penitatas like you needs..."

And it was. The over two-dozen hard swats left Jane's poor abused bottom a blistered and welted mass of hematomas and deep blisters. Any twentieth-century social worker would have had Mr. and Mrs. Smythe in jail in no time — and they would have been right.

But Jane wasn't really a little girl. She had been a rapist and a user, a man who used his authority to force women to serve him. A power addict, drunk on the abuse of the helpless.

As Jane, he was getting back what he'd subjected dozens — perhaps hundreds of women to. With interest.

And payback, as they say, is a bitch.

Jane was tucked into bed and her wrists restrained, her bottom again gently covered by a cotton diaper. Her bottom was in a state of total pain. And after consulting with his wife, Mr. Smythe reluctantly turned on Jane's Delta Inducer so that she'd get SOME sleep during the night.

And the next morning, Mrs. Smythe pulled back the covers, unfastened Jane's diaper, and gently rubbed Nano-lotion into Jane's abused bottom and thighs. Without releasing Jane's hands from their restraints; she'd learned the hard way that Jane just didn't have the self-discipline to keep her hands off of her bottom while the nanobots did their work, so Jane was confined to her bed until the little machines had returned her bottom to some semblance of normalcy several hours later.

And then Jane's Easter Sunday Spanking was finally over.