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I had a bunch of stories at the end of the year. The real problem is that I am trying to write a story set in a couple of weeks, and it ain't finished yet. There are very few un-posted Melody storied left written, with several 'in work', and with RL going a bit nuts lately, I'm having trouble finishing them up. I will try...

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
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Jan 2, 2749

Part 45 of Melody's Stories

Melody watched as Ellie expertly reddened the seat of her new Spanking Susie doll with her agile four-year-old palm. The doll bawled heartily, kicking her little arms and legs (which bent at the knee, Melody noted) and even showing some 'clenching' in her plastaflesh bottom between swats. And when her friend stopped spanking and set her new doll on her feet in front of her, the doll proceeded to bounce enthusiastically up and down, tiny artificial arms swung behind it fanning the general vicinity of the red plastaflesh bottom.

Melody noted that the arms were NOT fully articulated — the slight elbow bend didn't change, nor did the wrists rotate, so it was the BACKs of her hands that fanned her synthetic bottom. Still, the Millers had certainly 'sprung' for a top-of-the-line model — a couple of hundred credits, easily.

Registered pedophiles, Melody knew, spent thousands on fully-interactive and responsive sexbots, artificial intelligence-driven android children virtually impossible to discriminate from the real thing, at least within their programmed areas (or by the silver 'A' on the backs of their hands). The Spanking Susie dolls were vastly scaled down derivatives of the same technology, but were vastly less expensive, too.

"Now, you go strait to th' corner, Helen!! An' behaif yourself or Mama spank you wi't the harbrush!!" And the crying doll toddled over to the cleared corner of Ellie's room. The articulated knee joints and sophisticated laser-ring-gyroscopes allowed the toy to stay upright — barely — but the lack of articulated feet limited her mobility. And greatly reduced her cost...

[Why Helen, Ellie?? And why are you talking to her in Panglish...]

[Ellen and Helen, for one thing. Also, I knew a Helen on a newsgroup called soc.sexuality.spanking back in the twentieth century. And I have to talk to her in Panglish because she doesn't understand English!! Mommy and Daddy insisted, told me if I was gonna get such an expensive present, it'd have to be at least partly 'educational' — so the're using Helen to make me practice my Panglish even when I'm alone playing!!]

[Well, that makes sense, anyway. Are you feeling OK, Ellie?? You're color isn't too good...]

[NOT YOU TOO!! Mommy's always going on about how pale I am and stuff. Yeah, I have felt a little tired lately, but I'm sure I'm O.K. Hey, it's a brand new body, right!! Hey...]

"Why Helen not facing corner!! You not look at Melody and Mommy, you face corner!! Come ovar heer, yung ladee!!" For the doll's little plastic head had turned to look back over it's shoulder at the two little girls. Just as Ellie had told it to before starting the play spanking. As the toy toddled back over towards the girls, Ellie asked Melody [Would you like to give her her next spanking, Mel?]

[No, she's your ]"Spanking Susie",[ Ellen. She's still new to you, so you spank her while I watch.]

So Ellie took her little Helen by the earlobe (which also helped to stabilize her walk) and escorted the doll over to her bed, where Helen was soon turned up over Ellen's lap, her blue pinafore skirt turned up neatly. Her bright yellow-daisied white panties still lay on the floor where the doll had kicked them after her last dose of maternal discipline. But this time Ellen's small hand reached for the Spanking Susie Special Spanking Hairbrush Melody's Mommy had given her for Christmas. (Melody wondered if Mary knew the unofficial 'meaning' of the present. Probably — Mel knew that her Mommy thought Ellie needed a lot more spanking, and was being a bit spoiled.)

"Waaah! No MAMA!! NO! Not the hairbrush!! Please, I'll be good!! Don't spank Helen's poor bumbum with <Spank!> Waaaaah!! No! Just use your haand Mama! <Whap!> Yeeeaow! Mommy, It Stings! I'll be good! <Smack!!> Yaaaa! Pleeze! Hairbrush <Spank!!> Owww! hurts so BAD <Splat!!> Yaaaah!!! on my little <Whapt!> Yeeeee! BARE <Spank!> OwieOwieOwie!! BUMMIE! <Spank!> Owwww! No more! <Whack!> Yeeeeaaa! Noo! Waaah! Waaah! <Whap!> Momeee! Waaaah!"

Melody watched, and listened, as little Helen's spanking continued until the doll's bare bottom was crimson and it — she — was bawling hard. Helen spoke much better than Robin, her own Spanking Susie doll!! Of course, Robin was programmed to speak like a child, with all a child's errors and mistakes. Helen had clearly been programmed to speak a better brand of Panglish — probably to set a good example for little Ellen's own pronounciation.

After the spanking had wound down to its inevitable sobbing conclusion Melody and Ellen began to play with several of Ellen's new toys, including a copy of the newest version of Snafflebits, which Melody promptly began to teach Ellen how to play.

[You mean he gave you a complete set of Sailor Moon?? Wow!! I watched that back in the twentieth century. Almost everybody in SSS had at least caught it by the late nineties, and everybody thought Serena was a real brat who needed a good spanking to straighten her out. I certainly did! I'd like to see them — no, they're in the original Japanese, darn it!!]

[You might see if you could get copies of the holo remakes. Or just see if they are being broadcast on one of the holochannels — they usually are. Those were in Panglish, and your Panglish is certainly up to them!! I wasn't too fond of the animation technique, but the stories were unchanged.]

<laughing>[The stories were ALL the same — over and over. The real stories were how the relationships between the girls developed over time. If they kept that, it might be worth while.]

[But, Melody — how were your Christmas spankings this year?? Were they... really bad?]

[No! I can hardly believe it, but Ellie I got spanked LESS than LAST year — even without counting the cane incident. All I can figure is that 'they' still feel bad about, you know, the last 'special', and are cutting me some slack. It was terrible, of course, and hurt like HELL, but, well, that's what its there for, of course. It's an awful, terrible punishment to remind me that I'm a Penitatas for a darn good reason. And I am, I mean, I really, really screwed up, Ellie.]

<whispered>[Ellie, come here. I-I haven't told anybody else, but... sometimes, when I've been thinkin' about what I did to everybody, how much I hurt them all. About all the projects that the Society won't get done... Ellie — some of my best friends there had to get laid off because of what I did!! Five had to emigrate to get jobs in our field, and I'll never see them again. Wh-when I remember all that, sometimes, sometimes I look forward to my next spanking.]

[It makes you feel better, doesn't it] replied a suddenly serious Ellen. [Even though it hurts like hell, and burns, and makes you feel naughty and little and punished, still it makes you feel a little less guilty and awful and wicked, doesn't it?]

[Yes, that's it exactly!! Especially the 'special' punishments—they're absolutely horrible, but as I cry myself to sleep afterwards, I feel, I don't know — clean somehow. I mean, those punishments are specifically for what I did, for my crimes. And as much as they hurt, I think Melissa is right — I DO need them.]

[Now you know why I'm a spanko, Mel. I feel like that fairly often, always have — even though I haven't committed any real crimes, I just feel that way about all the little things I do wrong, ya know? I can't tell you how much those spankin's I got at your place helped. Mommy spanks me occasionally now, when I'm really naughty, but it's not the same, not like Mary and Josh did it. You're lucky to have them, Mel. Anyway, any other presents I should know about?]

[Lets see, I told you about my new paddle. And the new 'punishment dress' school uniform. I wonder how long it'll be until I'm prancing around the schoolyard with my dress pinned up and Pain-ties on my bottom?? But the worst, the absolute worst, is that dang new CornerStool.]

[Huh?? Why? I mean, sittin' on a sore bottom on a hard stool isn't a fun punishment, but you sound like this stool is worse than your old one. A stool's a stool, isn't it?]

[Not like these. They're new. Actually, old, but somebody dragged the idea out of the dustbin — where it belonged. Ellie, its almost enough to get me to abandon history.]

[Ellie, they came up with this thing back in the 24th century. It's a stool specifically for naughty children to sit on. The top of the stool is, well, corrugated.]

[Huh?? what do you mean? It's not flat... they cut grooves in it? That would be nasty...]

[That's nothing. It's cut into flat little pyramids that press up into your bottom. They aren't sharp, they don't cut or anything. They just push up into the bottom enough to stretch the skin and be really, really uncomfortable.]

[Oh, wow!! That would probably be no fun even through pants or a skirt...]

[I wouldn't know. I've never sat on it in a skirt or pants. I can't tell any difference between panties and bare bottom, though. And Pain-ties are...]

[OWWCH! But, Melody, I mean, after a spanking...]

[Yeah. After a spanking. Or in the middle of one — one of my Daddy's ideas. It could be worse — they make a lot of tops for the things, and the one Mommy and Daddy ordered is one of the less-severe ones. They come in smaller pyramids, and taller ones, and even seats cut into triangles instead of squares. Those are supposed to be the worst.]

[Well, can't you at least sorta sit forward?? I got set on the kitchen stool after my last spankin'. That was last week — I was bored and went out into the yard to play, and I sorta forgot to tell Mommy...]

[And you properly got spanked for it!! Ellen Miller, you know better!]

[I know, but she found me and took me into the kitchen for a spanking. She put me over her lap, and tugged my pants an' panties down and spanked me maybe a dozen times. And it stung, too! Then she put me onto the stool in the corner. And she took off all my clothes, too, and made me sit there bare!! I hate that!! But even though my bottom stung, I found I could sorta lean forward, and get my weight on my upper thighs, ya'know??]

[Not on this thing!! There's a sorta thing mounted on it for your ankles that hold your legs out, so all your weight stays on your bottom...]

[OUCH!! They thought of everything, didn't they. Well, at least I don't have to worry about one of 'em. Penitatas only, right?]

[Wrong. They make 'em in a hexagonal pattern, too, and a couple of THOSE are even rated as OK for KINDERN, sister, especially of the 'strong willed' variety. So you'd better behave, friend, or you might see one of those things gracing your own kitchen corner.]

As the girls played and played, Ellen eventually became tired and a bit grouchy. But when Mrs. Miller came in to tell the children that it was nap-time, Ellen refused to go to bed!! Even Melody's telling the younger child that SHE was tired, and didn't mind a nap, didn't help.

Finally, Melody said "Mrs. Miller, I hate to say it but I think Ellen is just asking for a good spanking, and I think you should give it to her right now!! She still hasn't accepted that she's just a baby now, and can't get her own way, and..."

"And I think you're right, Melody." said Mrs. Miller, sweeping her little girl up into her arms as she sat on Ellie's bed. "I've been having to get a bit stricter with Ellen for a while now, but this is the last straw." The wiggling and struggling child was quickly being subdued by her Mommy, turned face down over the maternal lap, her brown striped pants tugged out by their elastic waist, and then tugged down the squirming child's legs, exposing her yellow print panties. Then Mrs. Miller began to spank her little daughter. Right on her little nylon pantyseat. And these spanks were hard!!

"Yow! No Maa! Owiee! I be good! Yeek! Yow! Ow! Not so HAAARD!!"

"You've finally gone too far, young lady!! Whether you like it or not I... AM...YOUR... MOTHER!! And you WILL... DO... AS... I... SAY!! And I say it's time to get those little panties DOWN!!" Suiting action to her words, Mrs. Miller quickly lowered Ellen's panties right down to mid-thigh, above the waistband of her pants.

Ellen was crying now, and certainly not throwing a tantrum anymore. Nevertheless, her misbehavior, in front of a guest (and a Penitatas, a better behaved Penitatas at that) had been the last straw. And Mrs. Miller reached for Ellen's brand new Spanking Susie Special Spanking Hairbrush.

And brought it down onto the center of her daughter's bare right hindcheek. Followed immediately by an identical spank to her left bottomglobe. Not too hard. But plenty hard enough...

"Yeaaaa!! Nooo! Owwwwww! Not the brush, Mom-mee! Nooo! I be GOOD!" cried Ellen as her Mommy began to give her naughty daughter a real spanking for the first time. Every bit as real as the ones Ellie had just mentioned to Melody, that she'd gotten from Mary and Josh.

But Mrs. Miller ignored her daughter's pleas until two dozen crisp spanks had impacted her little tush. Then she set the crying little girl on her feet in front of her, and quickly finished stripping the now-unresisting little girl of her remaining clothing. And Ellen found herself facing the same corner Helen had recently been occupying. Only this time it was HER tear-streaked face turned to the wall, and HER red bare bottom being displayed for Melody's enlightenment. Mrs. Miller kept Ellen in the corner as she quickly took off Melody's own pants and shirt, shoes and socks, getting her ready for her nap. And then the two children were put to bed — for the rest of the afternoon, a much longer nap than had been originally planned. Melody was tucked right in next to Ellen, wearing nothing but her T-shirt and little white panties. Ellen was still wearing nothing at all. And Melody held and comforted her friend until she fell asleep.

And by the time the extra-long nap was over, so was the afternoon, and Melody's parents showed up to take their daughter home.

* * *

A little before her bedtime, Melody's Daddy took her upstairs. With a sinking feeling, Melody learned that, while Ellen's behavior didn't seem to be her fault, Josh wanted to make SURE Melody hadn't had anything to do with the incident. And as a Penitatas, there was a simple solution. A good bedtime spanking for Melody.

If she'd had anything to do with Ellie's naughtiness, she'd be punished for it. If not... well, she was Penitatas...

So Josh sat on the 'Spanking chair' kept in Melody's room, ordered his camera to begin recording, and helped his little seven-year-old up and over his broad lap. Smoothing the matching yellow panties of her little baby-doll nightie, (the skirt was far too short to even need raising — though Daddy had pushed it up a bit, just on general principles) Josh patted the tender curves of Melody's bottom — and began to spank.

Melody yowled as her Daddy's hard hand spanked fire onto her poor bottom. The thin panties provided almost no protection for the little girl's fanny, though Melody knew that soon even that last defense, at least of her modesty, would disappear. Melody ouched, and wiggled, and squirmed, and squealed. But nothing interupted the slow cadence of her Daddy's sharp spanking of her little bum-bum.

Melody had again forgotten just how much a spanking hurt. How it burned and stung. How much it made her feel like a naughty and punished little girl. How much she hated it, even when she felt she needed it. And how much it really HURT.

It was a long spanking, and Josh didn't stop applying his hand to Melody's pantyseat until well after the child was lying still over his lap bawling. Then Josh paused. And lowered Melidy's panties.

Melody burst into renewed bawling at this proof that her suffering was far from over. She cried and cried as her Daddy's palm gently rubbed and massaged her sore bummy, as he gently scolded her.

His hand left her bare bottom for a moment. Then Melody's howls renewed as the burning sting of her Very Own Spanking Paddle exploded across her bare hips. Hard.

Each swat burned Melody's well-tenderized bare bottom like a hot iron. Josh swung the paddle in good, hard, burning swats that had Melody howling like a little banshee. Twelve good, sound paddle swats were applied to Melody's bare nates. Before her Daddy went back to using his sturdy right palm.

And as Melody's spanking resumed, this time on her well-paddled bare bottom, she held down her head and bawled out her sorrow and regret and naughtiness and guilt. Until her good, sound bedtime spanking finally ended and her limp, heaving, bawling body was tucked gently into her bed to cry herself into a dream-filled sleep.