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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spankings of (physically) children If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

I am not really very happy about this story; it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped, so I cut is a bit short. Due to a death in my family last week, I will probably find writing to be very hard, esp. writing about families, so bear with me; there may not be much output for a while. Even taking care of arrangements is taking a hard toll.
   — Lurking Dragon

School Trouble

Jan 13, 2749

Part 46 of Melody's Stories

Somebody had vandalized the teachers lounge. And Melody was going to be punished for it!

She hadn't done it, of course. Melody would never have tumped over the cases of bookchips, or scribbled all over the notices on the bulletin board, or even gone into the lounge without permission.

But the lounge had been fine at nine A.M. when Mrs. Abu Simbal went in for a cup of coffee. And it had been vandalized at nine-twenty, when Mrs. Garrett the principal had gone in next.

And Melody was one of the eight little hard-time Penitatas pupils (and four soft-timers) who had been given a hall pass (to go to the toilet) during that interval.

And so Melody was one of the eight pupils sitting on the Punishment Bench in the secretary's office outside Iron Hand's office, waiting to be called in for her punishment.

Already in Mrs. Garrett's office, Christie Frazier, a nine-year-old fifth grader, was getting her spanking. Although none of the other little Penitatas could hear anything through the soundproofed door.

The four soft-timers had already been in and out of Mrs. Garrett's office. Their brief visits indicated they had been essentially let off with warnings, and just a few swats over their clothing 'just in case' they were guilty.

Melody was the second child in line. Next to her, Melanie Teague, a 'big girl' Penitatas of eleven (and due to start her next cycle in March) awaited her turn. Billy Atkins, a fourth-grader, was next. Then Sarah Smith, another sixth-grader. She and Melanie had been out on hall passes together, and Melody suspected strongly that the two older 'hard-timers' had been responsible for the mischief. She understood that the older kids sometimes caused trouble on a dare, or as a 'forfiet' for one of their games.

It was just too bad that her own fanny would also be paying for their 'fun'. (They'd never admit to causing the problem, unless it turned into something so serious they had no choice. Getting some of the 'little kids' into trouble was part of the fun...)

A girl named Marilyn was seated next on the bench. Melody hadn't caught her last name. A fourth grader, she would be eight or nine years old.

The other boy unfortunate to be caught out of class during the suspect interval was Davey Peterson, a third-grader.

The last little girl was a friend of Melody's from Mrs. Gillespie's first grade class, Susan Carney. She was still just six years old, and a hard-timer, so she'd be getting a good spanking just like Melody.

But now Christie was coming out of ol'Iron Hand's office. And she was CARRYING her panties, and bawling her eyes out. Her other hand rubbed gently at the back of her skirt, but it was clear she'd gotten a really good spanking.

And it was now Melody's turn.

* * *

"Hello, Melody. I have to ask — did you vandalize the teacher's lounge, child?"

"No, Ma'am I did not. I'd never do something like that!! Really!"

"I believe you, Melody. Unfortunately, that is not enough. Since you are a hard-time Penitatas, I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a good, sound spanking. And you will certainly be getting another good spanking when you get home!! I'm sorry, I know it isn't fair, but as you know, being a Penitatas isn't about being fair, it's about paying for your own, real mistakes. And a sore bottom just happens to be the result. Very well, Melody, come over here and get your spanking."

Melody obeyed, walking around Mrs. Garrett's new desk to her right side as she sat in the desk chair. Her desk chair, like all the teacher's, had no arms, making it more suitable for over-the-knee spankings.

Melody sniffled a bit as the strong woman lifted her up and over her broad lap. And sniffled a bit harder as her tartan dress was quickly rucked up, along with her cotton slip, revealing her little white cotton panties.

Panties that were quickly pulled well down, right to her knees. It seemed that this spanking was to be bare bottom, right from the start.

And from the very first spank Melody was thoroughly reminded of just why Mrs. Garrett had gotten the nickname Old Iron-Hand. She was howling and sobbing hard after only two swats. And she had an awful lot of swats still to go!!

Melody cried and wiggled as the principal's hand spanked her little seven-year-old bottom into a bright ball of red fire. And spanked. And spanked.

After the first dozen Melody just put her head down, cried as hard as she could, and prayed it would end.

After the second dozen, Melody was certain it wouldn't end, and just bawled out her sorrow and pain.

After the third dozen blisteringly painful hand-spanks, Melody was simply bawling her eyes out, a thoroughly well-spanked and sorry little girl. For a few moments, she didn't realize spanks were no longer impacting her bare bottom like small nuclear weapons. Her fanny was flaming so bad, it took several seconds for the fire to dampen enough for her to realize it was over.

For the moment. Then Melody felt something pat her bare bottom.

Something very flat.

And very hard.

Terrified all over again, Melody looked back over her shoulder to see Mrs. Garrett patting her bare bottom. With a paddle.

The Principal's paddle. A long, 15 cm. wide and 40 cm. long (not counting the handle) and 1.5 cm. thick pain-inflictor called the Board of Education. Melody had never felt the burning pain of the Board before. She'd prayed she never would.

Her prayers were not answered.

Melody screamed as the paddle spanked into her little bare bottom, her very well-spanked bare bottom. And howled again as it again burned into her fanny. And she continued to yell at the terrible pain as the paddle began to spank her naughty little bottom over and over again.

A full dozen times.

Melody lay over Mrs. Garrett's knees and bawled out her pain from the awful spanking. Her bottom felt like she'd sat on a stove.

"There, Melody. A good paddling is my cure for school mischief. And believe it or not, I let you off easy. Just enough spanking that the other kid's won't suspect you weren't given the full treatment."

She hadn't gotten the full treatment?? Melody stiffened as she suddenly wondered just what 'the full treatment' would entail — and swore to herself she'd never do something to earn it!!

"If you'd gotten what I'm giving those two sixth-graders, Melody, you'd have a nice crop of blisters to take home. And if I thought you were or even might be guilty, even at seven, you'd take home a fanny that was one scant millimeter short of blisters, not just the soundly spanked bottom you have now!!"

"Now, I'm afraid this is NOT over. Tomorrow and Friday I want you, and this applies to all of you, to wear the Punishment Uniforms I had all your parents buy at Christmas. You do have a Punishment Dress in the school tartan, don't you Melody?"

"<snif> Yes'm. I was hoping..."

"And make sure your skirt is buttoned up before you leave the house, and that you're wearing the special slip that came with it. I want all of you children to attend school with your underpants showing. And Melody — I'm afraid you have to wear the number 1 pain-ties — both days."

Pain-ties?? To SCHOOL?? Where she had to SIT DOWN all day?? Melody started crying again at the thought.

"Now, Melody, just be glad I'm certain you were not involved. Since all the Pain-ties I ordered for school are identical-looking, no one can tell you are NOT wearing the level 3 Pain-ties like those sixth-grade girls will be!! And most of the other children will be in level 2's; I'm not as certain they are un-involved as I am with you. So be thankful you've been such a good girl this year!!"

"Now, go on back to class. Here is the note for your parents; Yes, but you got spanked at school, so I'm afraid you're in for it tonight, too. Now, run on..."

And Melody returned to class. And found that it was very hard to sit still and study with her well-spanked bottom seated on the hard school chair. But somehow she managed.

And when she got home, her Mommy was waiting for her. With her own red-maple hairbrush in her hand. Melody handed her her note from school, and Mary played it in the couch's reader.

"Hmph. Well, it's not as bad as the call made it sound. It looks like you just had a bad break, Melody. I don't think you would've messed up something just to make mischief; I've certainly taught you better than that."

"Unfortunately, the rules are clear, and since there is a CHANCE you are guilty, well, being a Penitatas hard-timer just means you have to be punished anyway. Come over my lap here on the couch, young lady..."

And Melody obeyed. And began to squeal as her Mommy's hand began to spank the seat of her school dress sharply. Ordinarily, Melody could have taken the moderate spanks quietly — but her fanny was still burning from the sound paddling she'd gotten that morning!

But Melody lay still and sniffled as a dozen sharp spanks impacted her dress. And continued to sniffle as her dress was slowly raised, and her spanking continued on the seat of her cotton slip. These spanks stung considerably more, since only her very thin slip and cotton panties padded her posterior. Her Mommy paused after eighteen crisp spanks had been applied.

And then Mary slid her hands up under Melody's slip and eased her little panties right down to her knees. Melody sobbed, as she realized that, as thin as her cotton panties were, her little slip was made of an even lighter fabric. A thought that was confirmed as her Mommy began to spank her through her thin slip.

<Spank!> "I can see your <Splat!> little bottom <Whap!> right through <Smack!> your slip, Mel! <Whack!> It's already <Splatt!> turning a <Whap!> bright red <Spank!> from your spanking." <Spank! Smack! Whap!>

"But it's gonna get a lot redder. NOW!!" <SPLAT!!> Melody howled as the back of her maple hairbrush exploded onto her tender slip-seat. And continued to yell as crisp, sound spanks began to impact her tender behind through the thin fabric. A brief pause to raise her slip, and then her Mommy continued spanking her wayward daughter soundly with the hairbrush back.

Finally, when Melody had been reduced to a bawling baby, and her bare bottom turned a bright cherry red, Mary left off spanking Melody with the hairbrush, and resumed handspanking her little seven-year-old all over her bare bottom. Melody sobbed and cried as her Mommy scolded and spanked her. But it finally ended, and Melody was allowed to sit in the corner to 'wait until her father comes home.'

On the CornerStool.

* * *

When Josh finally arrived, having worked late (again), Melody was sent upstairs to bathe and change into her jammies before supper. Mel was just glad she wasn't getting sent to bed hungry. As her Daddy bathed her, and after about half of the grime had been scrubbed off of her body, she was suddenly pulled out of the tub and over his knee for the expected good, sound handspanking over her wet, bare bottom. And when Melody was returned, bawling, to the tub, her Daddy made no further reference to her problem at school, but just finished her bath.

Melody was unsurprised to be dressed in a yellow baby-doll nightie. Though actually being allowed to wear the matching panties did surprise her a bit. But not too much; panties came down much too easily...

But she did NOT get a bedtime spanking.

Instead, she watched Jane getting yet another good paddling before bed. Then her Mommy tucked her in for the night a little early...

The next morning, Melody was awakened by her Daddy's hand shaking her shoulder. "Come on, honey, wake up. I know it's a bit early, but we need to take care of something before you leave for school."

Melody opened her eyes. Her Daddy was standing before her. And her hairbrush was in his hand. "Sorry, Mel, but you DID get spanked in school yeaterday. And your Mommy and I felt that a good, sound spanking would be just the thing under your Pain-ties today."

Sniffling, Melody had to crawl over her Daddy's lap as he sat down on her bed next to her. Lie quietly as her little baby-doll nightie was pushed up out of the way. And as the matching panties were carefully lowered to her knees.

And then Melody howled and bawled and cried as her Daddy gave her another good, sound hairbrush-spanking on her still-sore bare bottom!

A solid five minutes of crisp hairbrush-spanks left Melody with a cherry red bottom and a tear-sopping-wet face. And for a few minutes more Melody cried over her Daddy's knees. Cried and felt sorry—mostly for herself and her unfair punishment, but also for the acts that had made her a Penitatas in the first place. And her daddy comforted her for a bit, but then helped her up. It was time for her to get dressed for school.

First came her Pain-ties — the plain white Level-1 Pain-ties Mrs. Garrett had asked all the parents to acquire. And now Melody also understood just why all the Pain-ties were identifiable only by looking at the label on the inside of the waistband — it allowed the school to 'tailor' the punishment to the individual culprit—without any of their peers being aware of it.

Next came the special white cotton slip that had been included with the punishment dress. From the front, it looked completely normal, a plain little-girl slip that hung down to Melody's mid-thighs. From the rear, though, the slip barely reached her waist.

Melody thought, as she looked at herself in the mirror, that it rather looked like an ice-cream scoop from the side...

And finally Melody was helped into her Punishment Dress by her Daddy. And after it was on, he turned her around and carefully lifted the dress' skirt and buttoned it to her shoulders, turning the skirt almost inside-out and comepletely revealing her little panties to the world.

And that was how Melody had to go to school.

And her Mommy took her by the hand and walked her to school (another reason she'd been awakened early) so that everybody in the neighborhood could see her underpants.

And of course, when she went into her homeroom, Mrs. Jackson called her up to the front. And to her surprise, as her teacher turned her up and over her lap, the entire class called out, in unison:

I see London, I see France, I see Melody's UN-DER-PANTS!!

Melody blushed a bright red, even as Mrs. Jackson's hand slipped under her waistband... and checked the label to be certain she was wearing the prescibed punishment panties. And then applied a dozen crisp little handspanks all over her Pain-tie covered bottom.

And another dozen after pulling her panties down.

Melody sniffled and wiggled a bit on her hard school-chair as she sat and tried to work on her printing skills. They were up to letter...

(Sigh. I've described Melody's printing as being A's or S's, but they aren't. Melody's time uses the Drakonian alphabet, consisting of 60 separate symbols, so the letter she's practicing has no current equivalent, OK?)

and she dutifully wrote it down several dozen times. And after she finished that assignment, her PADD notified her that Principal Garrett had ordered her to print "The Teacher's Lounge Is Off-Limits To Students" twenty-five times as an additional punishment. So she started working on THAT.

And by lunchtime, she'd almost forgotten she was being punished.

But during lunch, Mrs. Garrett came into the cafeteria — and walked right over to Melody!!

"Melody, please stand up."

Worried, Melody obeyed the order. Mrs. Garrett walked around behind the seven-year-old. And then Melody felt her hands on her shoulders.

Unfastening her Punishment Dress.

"Sarah Smith and Melanie Teague decided to do a little bragging to their friends about getting away with trashing the teacher's lounge on a bet. Unfortunately, Mrs. Perkins overheard their conversation, so those two naughty little girls are reporting back to my office for a much longer discussion about their behavior. And you are off the hook, Melody. Now, where is little Miss Carney sitting?..."