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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of (physically) four and seven year old girls. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon

Melissa Babysits

Dec. 31, 2748

Part 44 of Melody's Stories

Janie had come over around four, with her little Fairy Jenny back-pack with her nightie, toothbrush, and Spanking Susie doll (named, naturally, Tune). Melody and Janie had to play 'nicely' in the living room until their babysitter arrived; The Millers and Smythes were going out to dinner together, and then out to an all night party, so Melissa would be taking care of the two children until morning, and would be napping on the couch after they'd been put to bed at eight.

Melissa arrived a few minutes after Janie, so the adults decided to leave a bit early, in time for a before dinner drink at a 'lovely little watering hole' Mr. Smythe knew.

Once the 'grown ups' had left, little thirteen year old Melissa took charge readily. Her first suggestion was 'teacher's conference', with Melody and Janie playing the part of the Mommys, while Tune and Robin played the part of their naughty little girls. Melissa would play the girl's 'teacher', who had called the Mommy's to school to pick up the two dolls, who had been suspended for fighting.

Melissa began the game by turning each doll over her lap for a good paddling with Melody's New Very Own Spanking Paddle, in order to get their plastaflesh bottoms nice and red, and to thoroughly trigger the dolls' crying program.

Once the 'Mommy's' had arrived, they found themselves facing a stern teacher who scolded THEM for 'failing to teach your children to get along' and 'a general lack of discipline'.

Melody responded that Robin was a good girl who'd never have gotten in trouble if Tune hadn't hit her first. And Jane replied that if Robin kept her little hands off of her Tune's toys, Tune wouldn't have hit Robin.

Melody blushed; according to the rules, the 'children' were assumed to share their parent's faults — so as a thief Melody couldn't deny the charge against her 'daughter'. But Jane was far more than just a thief...

"Well, if your little girl wasn't such a bully, or at least wouldn't play so rough and hog ALL the toys, Robin wouldn't get so greedy. And anyway, 'borrowing' Tune's toys is no excuse for hitting her."

Finally it was decided that each Mommy would give her daughter a 'good old-fashioned spanking' with her hairbrush, her Spanking Susie Special Spanking Hairbrush, to be precise. And then, just to be fair, Each 'Mommy' would then give the OTHER little girl a good handspanking over her little red bottom.

And so Robin was soon bawling over Melody's lap, wagging her little legs up and down, while Melody brought the back of the light little brush down crisply onto her 'daughter's' bare bottom, again both enjoying the role-playing, expressing some of her own frustration—and, in another part of her mind, thrilling at just how realistically the engineer's had managed to have the doll's bare bottom redden and even swell a bit under the thorough spanking.

And Robin cried and tried to beg off..."Nooo, Mama!! Nooo! Robin be good!....Waaaaaaah! Me no fight again!! Me and Tuney be friends!! Waaaaa! Waaa-Haaaaa! I be good!! Waaaah!" as the brush spanked artificial fire into her synthetic cheeks.

Meanwhile, Janey was spanking Tune with far less enthusiasm. As much as Melody hated Janey, it was a pale imitation of the way Janey despised Melody. Even in fantasy, she couldn't bring herself to punish her Tune for hurting Melody's 'child'. Not that Tune wasn't bawling he head off; the smaller doll was crying, just as Robin was. Though she was NOT kicking her legs, as that particular option had been deemed an unworthy addition for someone recently conviced of yet another violent crime.

So Tune cried "Nooo Mom-mee! Nooo! Owww! No so haard! Waaaah! I be good! Robin and me make up! Be friends now! I sorry I hit her! Nooo! I be goood girl!! Waaaaah! Waaaaah!"

Finally Melissa indicated that it was time for the two 'mommy's' to exchange children for the little doll's second dose of spanking. The ensuing scene was a bit hilarious; Robin was a good bit larger than Tune, in proportion to her larger 'Mommy', so it looked like Jane was trying to spank a girl far older than Robin was programmed to behave — while Melody looked like she was spanking a two-year-old.

Melissa had decided on the game to try and 'break the ice' with Jane, whom she hadn't sat for before, and to see just how bad the animosity between her two charges really was. The answer was, plenty bad. It was time for desperate measures to try and get the kids to resolve their differences...

(Melissa had been convicted of assault on her husband and his mistress. She'd known that her marriage was in trouble, known that he wasn't happy at home, they fought way to much, but Melissa had so desperately wanted children of her own, she'd simply denied the problems, refused to acknowledge anything that might delay their getting a child-liscense. So when she'd come home unexpectedly and found Paul in bed with their next door neighbor, Janice, she'd just snapped and attacked both of them with anything that had come to hand. Ifshe hadn't managed to put out one of Janice's eyes, the matter might have been resolved differently, but she'd now learned, the HARD way, that the best way to resolve differences was to communicate.)

"All right, girls, time for another game. And we'll put a bit of a wager on this one, OK? I'll bet ten credits I can beat BOTH of you at Snafflebits. But if I win, I get the usual. Let's say with your Spanking Susie Special Spanking Hairbrushes this time... one spank for each five points??"

Play wagers were not especially encouraged with Penitatas, but they weren't forbidden, either. Nor were they exactly voluntary — Jane and Melody didn't really have much choice but to accept. The sitter, in these cases, could offer whatever she wanted — but the Penitatas by tradition had only one thing to offer — their bare bottoms for a good spanking.

Actually, Melissa figured she'd lose this one. As well as she played Snafflebits, two-on-one was more than she could manage. All the two girls had to do was cooperate — heck, just keep out of each other's WAY — and they should win the ten credits easily.

Melissa destroyed them.

Melody's play had been bad enough; she hadn't actually attacked Jane's Snaffle, just hadn't helped much when Jane tried to bite Melissa's flowers.

But Jane had attacked Melody every chance she'd gotten — even though she couldn't win any points for it.

Melissa beat Melody by 350 points — a definite skunk.

Jane lost by 515.

Melissa was so angry, she put both children into opposite living room corners before spanking them. Melody had her brown corduroy pants and pink print panties pulled down before being set on the kitchen stool the babysitter had brought in from the kitchen. Jane had her blue culottes and white cotton panties pulled down before being seated in the opposite corner. On Melody's CornerStool!!

Then for five minutes, Melissa scolded them. She pointed out how easily they could've won, if only they'd worked together. But now both of them would be getting spanked. Finally, she sat on the couch and called Melody over to her left knee. Mel hobbled over and was bent over the young teen's lap.

And was then soundly spanked with her own Spanking Susie Special Spanking Hairbrush. The brush was made of a very light wood, and actually stung Melody's bottom less than her Mommy's 'helper' paddle.

But it still stung. Especially seventy quick, sharp spanks. Melody was sent back to her corner sniffling a bit.

By this time, Jane was becoming a bit desperate. This was her first acquaintence with a CornerStool. (The Smythe's had one on order for her, but the local dealer had been out of stock. The triangular seat patterns were signifigantly more — intense — than the ones he usually kept in stock). Jane hated it — and was getting desperate to get OFF of it when she was finally allowed to. For her spanking.

A hundred and three spanks stung quite a bit more than seventy. Especially since Melissa, who was quite put out with Jane, spanked her just a little bit harder than Melody.

After her spanking, both girls had to spend an additional five minutes sitting in their corners before being let up to go eat. (Melissa used the time to have the unit get their meals ready). This was no real problem for Melody — she'd spent a lot longer time sitting on a more-spanked bottom quite often. Jane, however, was seated on a CornerStool, and found the interval to be MUCH harder.

Once the children had finished every bit of their liver and onions, green peas, and spinach, it was bathtime. (Melissa also hated liver and onions; her parents had arranged the meal as a minor disciplinary action for being 5 minutes late coming in Tuesday night).

Both girls would share the tub — no matter how much they detested each other. But Melissa, now familiar with Melody's well-behaved bathtimes, didn't bother taking off her blue slacks or white shirt before bathing the girls. And soon discovered that little Jane was not very well behaved in the tub.

James Platsburk had been a real throwback — a male chauvinist, a user and abuser of women — a real a*****e in general. And he-she'd NEVER really accepted her Y-suppression. Jane HATED to be bathed by her mother, or any other woman. She HATED being undressed by females, being helpless in their hands, being subservient to them. And it showed.

Oh, Little Janie was clever. Very clever. But Melissa knew all the tricks. Including pinching your tub-partner in JUST the right place so that she splashed water all over the person bathing you.

Melody did the splashing. But Janie was the one yanked right out of the tub and over a pair of soaked blue slacks, as Melissa sat on the toilet. And it was Janie whose sopping bare bottom was soundly walloped by Melissa's experienced hand.

"I <Splat!> Saw <Splatt!> What <Splat!> You <Splat!> Did! <Splat-Smack-Splackt!!> You'd <Splatt!> better <Splatt!> learn, <Splatt!> little <Splatt!> miss, <Splatt!> that <Splatt!> I <Splatt!> know <Splatt!> ALL <Splatt!> the <Smack!> tricks!! <Splatt!-Spank!> Messing <Smack!> with <Spank!!> me <Spank!!> just <Spank!!> earns <Spank!!> Naughty <Spank!!-Smack!!> Little <Whap!-Smack!> Baby <Slap!-Smack!!> Girls <Spank!-Splat!!> a nice <Whap!-Slap!> sore <Spank!-Smack!> bottom!! <Spank-Smak-Slap-Whap-Smack!!>

Jane was crying when her brisk little spanking ended — and squealed even louder when her hot, sore, and now dry little fanny was set firmly onto the bottom of the warm tubfull of water.

"Now, BOTH you children behave while I finish giving you your baths. Then we'll go downstairs for some special games before I put you naughty brats to bed!!"

First Melissa pulled the naughty little four-year-old out of the tub, ordering Melody to sit quietly while she dried little Jane off (being careful to rub her sore little behind vigorously with her towel). Then the child was quickly dressed in the knee-length nightie she'd brought, patterned in a dark green jungle girl motif. To Melody's surprise, Janey was also dressed in the pink nylon panties she'd brought. Mel had thought Janey's behavior would have resulted in a pantyless evening under Melissa's rules.

But now Jane was facing the corner of the bathroom, and it was little seven-year-old Mel's turn to be lifted out of the tub, briskly dried off, and then dressed for bed — in her case, an old-fashioned long white nightie with a frilly collar that came all the way to Melody's little calves. And she got to wear a matching pair of cotton panties, too!! Then the two children were led downstairs by their sitter and placed into their corners (standing) with strict orders to face the wall until Melissa got back — which she did five minutes later, having dried off and changed into her own long pink nightgown.

"I was going to play a number of games with both of you, but Jane's behavior certainly supports her parent's orders!! Jane, your Mommy and Daddy asked me to give you a really good spanking tonight, with Melody's red maple hairbrush, which is a lot bigger and harder than your Mommy's usual brush." (Janey began to quietly sob) "I had my doubts about that — you seemed awfully young for such a hard spanking, but now I see how much you really need lots of good spanking!! Well, I'll certainly oblige, and just for being so naughty in your bath I'm going to give you your spanking and put you to bed before I even start Melody's spanking. So she'll get to see your whole lesson, and get to stay up later and play, while you cry yourself to sleep!! But first, we have time for one game before I give you your real spanking."

"We're going to play Monopoly until one person goes bankrupt; and the rule is the winner — the person with the most money — gets to spank the loser. Five dollars a spank over her nightie, Ten dollars a spank on her underpanties, Twenty-five dollars a spank bare bottom, Fifty dollars for a bare bottom spank with the little helper paddle — or One Hundred Dollars for each spank with the hairbrush back. How many spanks, and with what, will be decided by the third party! Now, lets play Monopoly!!"

Melody was obviously pleased with the game choice, and even though they played the 'short' form, she won easily, although Melissa was close behind her (as she'd planned). And when a poor, sniffling little Jane finally went bust (On Melody's Boardwalk. With hotel.) Melody eagerly cashed everything in and counted up her money.

Eight thousand eight hundred and forty dollars!!

Melissa divided up Jane's forfeit spanking like this:

Eight spanks over nightie: $40 Fifteen spanks over panties: $150 Thirty-two spanks over bare bottom: $1550 Ninety-two spanks with the 'Helper Paddle' (Bare-bottom!) $4600 Twenty-five spanks with the Hairbrush Back (Bare-bottom!) $2500

Melissa helped Melody get the now-struggling little four-year-old over her lap as she sat on the living room couch. Melissa had to threaten to spank Jane herself before she finally lay quietly to accept her forfeit.

The eight sharp spanks of little Melody's palm against the dark green seat of Jane's nightie elicited almost no reaction from the little girl — although Melody spanked as hard as she could. Then Melissa, who was holding Jane's wrists in front of her (to help hold her over Mel's lap), helped Melody get little Jane's jungle nighte up past her hips and well up onto her back, exposing the four-year-old's little pink panties to the older girl's eager gaze. Fifteen crisp spanks over the thin fabric elicited a squeal and a couple of 'Ow's, but that was all.

Then Melody began to slowly draw her nemises's pink panties right down to her knees. This broke the dam, and little Jane began to sniffle as the girl she'd so abused in the past was able to regard her hot pink bare bottom. And spank it — thirty-two times, which, even with Melody's limited strength, had little Jane squealing and wiggling as the sting in her bare buns grew.

Then Melissa bent forward, retrieved the little 'helper' paddle from where it rested on the coffee table, next to Melody's hairbrush, and handed it to the eager seven-year-old. For ninety-two good spanks onto Jane's tiny bare bottom.

Janey was crying hard before a third of those spanks had impacted her buttocks. She wiggled and kicked, but her panties restrained the latter, and Melissa damped the former. All Jane could do was lie there and take it. And take it — Melody was spanking rapidly, but was making each spank count, and Jane's baby bottom was blazing by the time the ninety-second good spank impacted her bare behind.

And finally it was time for the hairbrush. This was the first time Melody had ever tried to spank somebody with a real hairbrush; all her experience had been on the receiving end. So the spanking took almost five minutes, as Melissa kept interrupting the spanking to critique Melody's technique, and to provide helpful and useful tips on how to maximize Jane's regrets about the spanking.

And Jane clearly regretted her behavior intensely, at least at the moment. She cried, bawled, squealed... but it did no good at all. And these spanks were with Melody's slender and inexperienced hand on the handle.

Soon it would be Melissa's much stronger and far more experienced hand weilding the hairbrush!!

Finally the last hairbrush spank impacted baby Janey's bare bottom, and her forfeit for losing the Monopoly game was over. Unfortunately for Janey, this meant that the time of her real spanking from Melissa was nearing.

But it wasn't quite time yet, Melissa wanted to time Jane's lesson so it ended right at seven, exactly one hour before Jane's usual bed time. She had a few minutes.

Just enough to beat Melody at another game of Snafflebits. While Jane waited patiently with her face to the corner. On the CornerStool. With her panties around her knees.

Melissa glanced at her watch — it was time. She got up and walked over to Jane, and simply picked up the little girl off of the stool, and carried her easily over to the straight-backed 'spanking chair' kept in the living room for just such occasions.

Jane was already crying, and Melissa felt no need to scold the naughty; no wicked child any further. This was a well-earned punishment spanking, on the direct orders of her parents. Melissa simply turned the small child up and over her left knee, turned up the short skirt of her little green nightie, and began to thoroughly handspank Jane's little naked rear.

Jane's crying, wiggling, and wailing went up exponentially as she experienced the multiple, rapid impacts of Melissa's small, expert palm on her exposed bottomglobes. She bucked, she writhed, she squealed, she tried everything she could think of to STOP that awful, painful tattoo of hard slaps onto her tender flesh. None of it worked. Jane's spanking went on until her poor fanny was a bright shiny red, Jane was howling out her remorse, and the naughty child was thoroughly prepared for the hairbrush-back.

Once Jane's little bottom had been spanked to a hot red glow, Melissa paused in the child's spanking. For a moment, the sitter considered putting Jane back into the CornerStool for a while, but then changed her mind.

Jane could spend a few minutes on the horrible stool after her bare bottom had been thoroughly spanked with the hairbrush-back. The young teenager decided Jane's bottom had cooled sufficiently, and was ready for the hairbrush-back.

Which Melody fetched for Melissa when ordered to do so. Melissa was very young, but when she grew up, Melody thought she might be the hand-spanking equal of Aunt Abigail, whom Mel had met last summer. But she clearly had a long way to go to match Iron-Hand Garrett, the new principal.

A gorilla with steel hands would have a long way to go to match Ol' Iron Hand.

But the thirteen-year-old finished juggling the handle of the large red maple hairbrush in her hand, getting a feel for the implement. And then she began to spank. Not too hard, but with more than plenty of sting to each swat.

And Jane howled as the brush was put to her poor bare nates. It was horrible!! Each spank arrived just as the previous spank started to ease off from its height of awful stinging burn — as if the spanker knew exactly what Jane was feeling, and could use that to maximize the burning sting of each spank. Which she did, of course.

Melody watched, fascinated. She'd been over Melissa's knees for the brush a half-dozen times in the last six months, but this was the first time she'd been able to watch the young hairbrush expert at work. And actually see anything, of course.

Melissa wasn't as strong as a grown-up, of course. But she didn't have to be. Skill, not strength, was the key to one of her totally devastating hairbrush-spankings. Each spank was a terrible ordeal. All of them together was a behavioral lesson of epic proportions.

When instructed to do so, Melody took Jane's little hands in hers and held them straight out. Melissa then used her free right hand to spread little Jane's bare bottom apart a bit, so that she could direct the edge of the hairbrush right down into the tender flesh on either side of Jane's little bottom-crevice. Several times. Hard. Melody winced as Jane's howls and screams reached new heights. Melissa had done that to Melody, once, when she'd been particularly naughty one evening, complaining about her bedtime, whining about what games Melissa had them play, and being basically bratty all evening. (Yes, Melody did have bratty and naughty evenings. Just not as many as most little Penitatas). The crevice-spanking had hurt horribly-that part of the bottom rarely got spanked directly like that. But the worst part of the spanking was later. Jane would find the two cheeks of her bottom rubbing together as she walked, sat, ran — did anything. Well-spanked flesh rubbing together. That particular spanking technique, Melody knew, would remind Jane of her naughtiness for hours, maybe into tomorrow!!

But now Melissa had resumed spanking Jane's bare bottom all over, soundly and thoroughly. Then suddenly the sitter stopped. "Let go, Mel," she asked, and quickly stood up with the released child and carried her over to the corner. And the CornerStool.

Jane bawled and howled as her thoroughly tenderized bare seat found its way onto the points of the little pyramids covering the top of the stool. Melissa quickly re-adjusted the ankle restraints and set little Jane's feet into them, restraining the child. Her wrists the teenager tied together with a soft cloth, behind Jane's back, so that there would be no way for the four-year-old to relieve the pressure on her well-paddled posterior.

And there Jane was left to bawl for ten minutes.

After which, Melissa unfastened the child's ankles, helped her down from the stool, and half-led, half-carried little Jane back over to the spanking chair.

Where Jane found herself right back over Melissa's lap. Right-to-left, this time. Melody stared openmouthed as Melissa's left hand again took a firm hold of the hairbrush — which she began to bring down hard, and vertically, over and onto Jane's little bare bottom, right into the very base of her sit-spot.

Cross-spanking the child as she had Melody a few times.

But AFTER Jane's hard hairbrushing, not before. Jane could not possibly cry any harder. But she tried. She could not possibly get away from her teenaged tormentor. But she tried. Finally the naughty child lay quietly and accepted her hard spanks with only a little extra howl as each spank seared her poor bottom. Finally Melissa juggled the hairbrush around — and planted four crisp cross-spanks into the very base of Jane's bare bottom. With the bristled side of the hairbrush. Jane's howls actually increased... then Melissa stopped cross-spanking, and let the baby lie quietly over her lap.

After a few minutes, Melissa called Melody over to her right side. "Well, Melody, would you please give little Janey's nice, sore bottom a few good hand-spanks for me?? Just enough to get her howling again..."

Melody did as instructed, and after a couple of dozen spanks her hand was stinging and burning. But not nearly as much as Jane's bottom!! Finally Melissa carried the bawling baby upstairs to Melody's room, where Jane would be put right to bed, under the delta inducer.

Then Melissa came downstairs.

It was Melody's turn...

But Melissa didn't begin Melody's spanking immediately. First, she sat down on the couch and called the seven-year-old over to her side — as she turned on the holoset. "There's an hour special on the development of the Photon Racer on channed 237 that just started a few minutes ago. Would you like to watch it with me??"

Of course Melody would!! Late twenty-first century was a bit later than Mel's field, but close enough to be interesting. They sat together on the couch and watched the program together. Until the commercial break in the middle, when Melissa told Mel that "I'm sorry, Melody, but if I'm going to get you into bed on time, I'd best give you your warm-up now. (Patting her knee through her long pink nightgown). And Melody was turned over Melissa's left knee onto the couch, and as the commercial break continued the babysitter quickly worked Melody's long white nightgown up past her bottom — and briskly applied two dozen spanks to the seat of Melody's white cotton panties.

Then she lifted the slightly sniffling Melody up onto the couch next to her and said "Good!! Now lets watch the show together while your bottom cools down a bit."

And they did. Melody rapidly recovered her aplomb, as the spanking had barely registered on a Penitatas' experienced bottom. At the next commercial break, however, Melissa fetched the CornerStool from it's corner and set it next to the couch. Then she helped Melody up onto the awful punishment seat. But her nightgown wasn't raised, nor were Melody's panties lowered. It was her clothed bottom that was gently lowered onto the little pyramids of the Stool.

Not that 2 layers of thin cotton gave Melody very MUCH padding, but every little bit helped. And at least Melissa let Melody finish out the last fifteen minutes of her program. On the CornerStool.

But finally the show was over, and it was time for Melody's spanking, as ordered by her parents. And the sniffling little seven-year-old was helped down from her painful perch, then over to the spanking chair. There the little girl's babysitter sat down and began to carefully roll Melody's calf-length nightie up. She rolled and rolled until the entire length of fabric was rolled right up under Melody's little armpits, leaving her exposed from the chest down except for her little cotton panties.

Only then was Melody helped over Melissa's left knee into spanking position. Once there, her cotton panties were slowly slid down to the child's knobby knees, leaving her pert pink bottom sticking up nice and bare for her spanking.

Melissa picked up the 'Mother's Helper' paddle from the end table, patted Melody's little bottom a couple of times, and began to spank.

Melody quickly realized again that her sitter was as experienced a spanker with the light paddle as the hairbrush. She was soon reduced to tears and sobs as the paddle rapidly heated her little fanny to a hot, bright pink glow of pain.

Then the spanking suddenly ended, and Melody was helped off of the thirteen-year-old's lap. Melissa picked up little Melody with a grunt, slapped her bare bottom a couple ot times with her hand, and set the child down — onto the CornerStool, which was still sitting next to the couch.

Melody sniffled and wailed as her sore fanny pressed into the hard, flat spikes of the stool. But to her surprise, after only three minutes on the stool, Melissa helped her up. "I gave you that bit of stool time for splashing me, Melody. Even though you were provoked, and startled, you still did the splashing. Now lets get your panties back up, and your nightie down."

"Huh?? I-I mean... that's all??"

(Grinning) "Yep. Your Mommy and Daddy said you'd been pretty good lately, and they just wanted you given a couple of dozen with the helper paddle. And you haven't given me any trouble tonight. Well, except for the Snafflebits game; I am a little disappointed you didn't at least try to work with Jane..."

"I-I don't think I'm ready for that yet, Melissa. I-I just don't think so."

"Well (sigh) I guess I understand. Let's get you up to bed. With Jane. Of course, since I have the delta inducer on for her, YOU'LL be going right to sleep too..."

And she did.