Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six and seven year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

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BTW, I haven't had time since I got back to do a 'final review' on this one, so there may be 'oopsies'.
   — Lurking Dragon

Winter Sunday

Dec. 27, 2748

Part 43 of Melody's Stories

Melody squealed and squirmed over her Mommy's lap as the little paddle spanked Mel's tender bare bottom into a ball of hot stinging fire. Mary had asked Melody to set the table, and the little girl's response of "Are you sure you trust me for that?" (Actually, a valid question — since most little Penitatas her age were NOT trusted with even the simplest such chores.) But the sass in her voice was evidence, to Mary, of a small attitude problem. Which of course, necessitated a small attitude adjustment... it was two days past her 'special' Christmas punishment, her little fanny was all healed up after a good dose of nano-lotion, and her Mommy had decided her attitude required her to re-introduce her tender cheeks to the painful, burning sting of a good sound spanking.

And so Melody got spanked. Good and sound.

Finally it was over, and Mary stood her little seven-year-old daughter onto her feet, making sure she kept her little hands well away from her stinging and burning bare bottom. Then Mary stood up from the kitchen/breakfast room chair where she'd been spanking Mel, and, taking the little girl by the hand, led her slowly (with her white cotton panties fettering her ankles, Melody couldn't move very fast) over to the corner. Where she pulled out, not the tall wooden stool Melody used to spend her corner-time on, but her new CornerStool.

Melody cried even harder as her Mommy helped her up onto the awful seat of the stool, making sure the pleated skirt of Melody's light red sailor dress didn't come between Melody's spanked bottom and the corrugated wood of the stool. Finally Mommy set Melody's ankles into their holder, NOT fastening the restraining bar, but simply ordering her daughter to keep her ankles there. And to hold up her skirt so Mary could watch Melody's tender, well-spanked behind squirm and wiggle on it's painful perch.

"Five minutes in the corner, Melody, and then you may go to your room for the rest of the afternoon. It's too cold and rainy to let you out to play, anyway. Don't forget to change out of your Sunday clothes before you start to play."

"Why don't you watch one of the old cartoon vids Johnny gave you? Then you can give me a brief report on the story, and I'll check it against the computer to make certain you understood it properly."

So after a very painful five minutes on the stool, Melody went up to her room to follow her Mommy's 'suggestion'. She'd already watched a few of the original Sailor Moon vids, remembering the characters from her original childhood. She felt that the holo re-makes of the characters she'd watched as a child hadn't really kept to the 'feel' of the original; for one thing, she'd liked the use of deliberate distortion to exaggerate the character's reactions and emotions; the 're-make' had used modern computer techniques to achieve the ultra-realistic animation popular at the time.

This time she decided to watch one of the other vids, Creamy Mami. As she watched, she thought to herself that this was ONE naughty little girl who really deserved a spanking, Kindern or not!! That skate-pulling thing looked dangerous, and Yu certainly shouldn't have been using it unsupervised, and she was causing wrecks and damage all over the place!!

Then Melody had to giggle at the 'UFO' she encountered — it looked more like a Viking longship than a Viking lander!!

At the end, Melody was pleased to see little Yu get her comeuppance, as the child was shown over her Mommy's knees getting a good spanking across her little yellow underpants. Not a very hard spanking, in Melody's expert opinion, but a well-deserved one, anyway.

Afterwards Melody blushed a bit as she realized she'd certainly need to include the spanking, and her reaction to it, in her 'report' to her Mommy on the story. And Melody wondered if any of the other old vids had spanking scenes in them. After all, Johnny had gotten them for her, and choosing series that had spankings in them would be just the kind of gentle joke Johnny would enjoy pulling on her.

The vids were certainly improving her comprehension, though.

* * *

After giving her Mommy her report on Creamy Mami, Mary asked Melody "Well, dear, have you decided on what you'll be studying during the interterm??"

Perhaps I should explain the interterm. Even in the 20th century, schools had a problem. School had traditionally started in early September, and society had decided it wanted that to come back, along with a full three month 'summer vacation'. But this either resulted in 2 terms of unequal length, or 3 terms, or required having the first term finals after the children returned from Christmas break.

The final answer was the interterm. The first term ran from Sept. 1 through the end of the week before the week containing Christmas. (That was how it was formally defined). This resulted in 15 weeks of school (more or less).

The second term ran from the third week of February through the end of May, another 15 weeks of school.

From the second of January through the second week of February was the interterm, a six week term that formed a single grading period, while the two 'main' terms had two grading periods each. And while the 'required' classes, such as (for Melody) reading practice, printing practice, arts and crafts, and (for Penitatas) Moral and Ethical Behavior would continue right through the term, 'electives' would not. Children — even Penitatas (with their parent's approval) could select shorter subjects of particular interest. These were rather limited at Melody's age, but would improve in future years.

Melody answered her Mommy's question: "Yes, Mommy, I've decided on a brief class in Japanese history for Tuesday and Thursday. Mrs. Hashima has agreed to teach it, and Masao and I, and a couple of other kids will be taking it. It'll be fun, and understanding the culture should help me with the language. We'll dress up in costumes, and study plays and stuff from 19th century Japan. Maybe even a field trip to the Museum!!"

"Very good, Mel!! And since other kids will be joining you, I guess it won't be in Japanese, hmm?"

"Well, some of the homework will be, for Masao and me. But it won't be near as hard as the language studies."

"And for your other course??"

(Melody winced) "Johnny's talked me into taking pre-calculus review. I didn't do very well in that or calculus growing up, and Johnny's convinced me it's just because I didn't work hard enough. I hope I can do better this time around!! That'll just be in the main classroom, though."

"Well, I didn't do too well in math myself, dear, but your Daddy was a real math whiz. He'll help you if you need it. And provide a little motivation at the same time!!"

(another wince) "Ah, yes Mommy. I-I'm sure I won't need any help from Daddy. Or any motivation, either!!"

"Well, Melody, I also needed to tell you that we've made plans for New Years Eve again. That'll be Thursday night. We're going out with the Smythe's this year, so Janie will be spending the night. Melissa will be sitting for both of you, so you be sure and behave yourselves. Not that that will save your little bottoms from a good spanking; she already knows she's to give each of you a good one. But if either of you give her any problems, well, your Daddy and I will give you something to really regret the next day, I can promise you that!! And I'm certain the Smythe's will deal with Janie the same way!!"

"Y-yes Mommy. I-I'm just glad Stevie's not sittin' for me any more."

"Yes, I know, dear. Steve did go a bit far. I spoke to his Mommy last week, and we're considering letting him sit again this coming year."

Melody sniffled a bit. She HATED Stevie!!

"...For Janie. If she really deserves him." added Mary.

Melody started a bit. Then a little grin creased across her mouth. That was something different!! Now, wouldn't little Janie just HATE one of Stevie's 'special' evenings!...

But Melissa was another story. Melody thought back to the first time the pretty young girl had 'sat' for her. It had been back in June, just before they'd left on vacation...

* * *

"Come in, Melody!! Your sitter is here, and I want you to meet her."

Melody jumped up out of the sandbox in the back yard, brushed off what sand she could, and ran to the back door of the house. It was a warm June Friday afternoon, and she was just wearing her two-piece white swimsuit. Which was definitely getting too small for her, as her little bottom tended to keep 'popping out' as the suit slid into her bottomcrack. As she entered the kitchen, Melody stopped, suddenly shy. Her little finger crept into her mouth as she said "Hello" to the young girl standing next to her Mommy.

She was twelve or thirteen years old, wearing a dark blue plaid romper over a light blue shirt. She had brown hair, and a wickedly mischievous twinkle in her brown eyes, and silver 'C's on the backs of her hands.

"Melody, this is Melissa. She's just turned thirteen, and she'll be sitting for you tonight while Josh and I are out. We won't be back until ten or so, so I've told Melissa to give you a good spanking at bedtime. And of course, she has our full permission to spank you for any mischief or misbehavior you get into!!"

Melody winced. As a general rule, Penitatas weren't allowed to babysit. There were rare exceptions; Melody had been told she'd be allowed to babysit Janie Smythe when she was older, though Mel knew it would only be for short periods of time, during the day. Penitatas were assumed to be unreliable, especially hard timers. But Melissa wasn't a Penitatas. She was a Completas, a Penitatas who'd completed her sentence and was finally being allowed to grow up again.

But she'd been a Penitatas. Possibly for several cycles. And as a Penitatas, she'd have been spanked. Lots. And that meant that she'd now know HOW to spank. And how to spank hard. And how to make each spank burn and punish the very worst before the next spank. No, a Completas as a sitter for a hard time Penitatas would be no bargain for the sittee. Or especially the sittee's seat!!

"Speaking of which, dear," turning to the older child. "Would you mind turning little Melody over your knees for a short spanking now? I'd like to get an idea of how well you deal with naughty little Penitatas like her before we leave, just in case you need a few pointers..."

Melissa didn't mind at all, and sat right down on one of the kitchen chairs. She pulled the hem of her short dress right up to her hips, baring her slender, still childish thighs. Patting her left thigh, she said "Come over to this side, Melody. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm left handed."

Melody obeyed, of course. She had little choice, since her Mommy was standing right there. As she felt her small body being gently pulled up and over into spanking position, Melody thought to herself "At least I wasn't in the wading pool. At least my bottom's dry."

Once Melody was properly positioned across her left thigh, her little body sharply bent across Melissa's narrow lap, Melissa began to sharply spank the seat of Melody's white swimsuit. The first couple of spanks caused the suit to ride right up into the crack, baring Melody's bottom for all practical purposes.

Seeing this, Melissa giggled and said "Well, Melody, since you're bottom won't stay in it's suit, I might as well bare it now instead of later." And so Melissa stopped spanking and took Melody's white bottoms in her hands. It took a lot of work to get them down off Melody's hips, however, since the suit was so tight. But they were soon down, and the sitter's small palm was sharply spanking Mel's bare little bottom. And Melody was soon crying and kicking as the hot spanks burned her little asscheeks. Melissa really did know how to spank a naughty little Penitatas!! Soon her fanny was a nice shade of hot pink, and Melody was crying freely. Her sitter paused in her spanking to shake out her stinging palm. "That's about as much as I like to give with my hand, Mrs. Johnson. If you'd like me to continue, I'd like to borrow a helper paddle or hairbrush..."

"No, dear, that's quite an adequate demonstration." Melody felt relieved, even as she continued to cry over her babysitter's lap. At least it was OVER!!

"Of course, before bed we'd like you to give Melody a good dose with the back of her hairbrush." ("Nooo!" thought Melody)

"Perhaps you could give her another good handspanking beforehand, if you don't mind?? Perhaps not as long..."

"Oh, If that's what you want. Personally, I prefer a shorter warm-up before I use the brush, then another good handspanking a few minutes after the child's bare bottom has been thoroughly reddened by the hairbrush. You know — after her bottom's cooled down just enough for it to be really tender and sensitive??"

"Well, I won't argue with someone who's clearly an expert. Spank Melody however you want, just so long as she cries herself to sleep tonight a very well-spanked little girl!!"

"Oh, she will!! I can certainly promise you that!!"

And with that ominous conversation out of the way, Melody was finally allowed off Melissa's lap, and allowed to rub her flaming bottom prior to pulling up her too-tight bottoms (OW).

"It's almost five. Would you mind giving little Mel her bath while I get your suppers into the unit, Melissa?? You may stop by her room and select what you want her to wear this evening first..."

Of course Melissa didn't mind. She took Melody firmly by the hand and led her up the back stairs to her room. Melody had to point out which was her nightie drawer, and Melissa probed around for a moment.

Melody was unsurprised when Melissa selected a babydoll nightie for Melody to wear. It was one of her older ones, now a little short and small for her. It was all frilly lace, pink with blue polka-dots, with a matching pair of cotton panties to preserve the child's modesty, since the nightie had barely reached the middle of Melody's bottom when it was new. Now, Mel knew, it would barely reach the top of her fanny.

Carrying the nightie, Melissa escorted Mel to the bathroom and began to fill the tub. She quickly pulled off Melody's little swimsuit, causing Melody to sigh in relief as the tight fabric stopped pressing into her well-spanked bottom.

Then, to Melody's surprise, Melissa quickly stripped off her own jumper and shirt, leaving her wearing only panties and vest. Her totally flat chest testitfied to the effectiveness of the Fujikawa treatment; Melissa was still, definitely, a little girl. The lack of curve to her slender hips confirmed this. She hung the clothing up neatly, well away from the tub.

Melissa said "I don't want you splashing my clothes while you're in the tub, Melody. I'd spank your little bottom for it, but if you ruined my new dress I might get spanked tomorrow!! Now let's get you into the tub. And remember — no splashing!!"

Melody behaved herself like a proper little lady as Melissa quickly scrubbed her little body down with soap and water. She squealed a bit when it was time for her sore little fanny to be scrubbed, but as usual Melody had acquired a layer of grime that required a lot of rubbing to clean off.

Then Melissa dried and garbed her small charge, dressed herself, and was taking her down to the table just as Mommy had their supper ready. Dinner consisted of pizza and milk, for both little girls. Josh and Mary left for their restaurant just as the children began to eat.

Melissa was a great babysitter!! They played computer games, (one educational for every two 'fun only' games). They played an old-fashioned board game called 'Monopoly', which had recently become very popular on Aynrand, and was spreading out from there. Melody thoroughly trashed Melissa at the game, having learned to play it years before when she was studying 20th century history (they'd spent hours playing the ancient game in the dormitory). That was how she won her panties back.

Earlier, while playing Snafflebits, Melissa had beaten Melody so badly, Melody lost her temper and threw the remote down. Instantly, Melissa had the child over her knees with her panties down, spanking her naughty bare bottom a dozen times. Then Melissa had put Mel back onto the couch next to her, reached for the waistband of her panties, and pulled them right off.

"Naughty little girls who throw tantrums, and other things, go BARE-BOTTOMED when I sit for them, young lady! Now go get that remote and bring it back NICELY, and we'll continue to play and have fun, all right??"

And Melody had played the next two games bare-bottomed, her little nightie barely reaching below her waist. It made it very hard to concentrate on her play.

So later on Melody had taken a chance, and bet an additional handspanking against the return of her panties on the Monopoly game—and won. So she retained her panties until 7:30, when it was getting close to her bedtime.

"Well, Melody, you know what comes next. Come on and get over my knees. That's right, right here on the couch. I'll take you upstairs AFTER I've given your bare bottom a nice little warmup!!"

Melody had to slide over on the couch and crawl over her babysitter's left knee, lying down submissively over the thirteen-year-old's lap. At least the couch provided better support. Melody sniffled as she felt her recently-returned panties slip down over her bottom, and began to sob quietly as they were tugged right down to her knees.

Then Melody was again being subjected to the burning, stinging pain of Melissa's expert left hand. Worst of all, the spanks fell the hardest and most painfully on Melody's little left hindcheek, which was usually slightly spared in her parent's punishment. Especially the outside of the slender hillock, which was hard for a right handed spanker to reach. But Melissa's strong left palm taught the poor bottomglobe just how how a good handspanking could warm it up!!

Once her bare bottom had been spanked to a hot pink, and Melody was crying constantly, Melissa ended the good warm-up and made Melody get up off of her lap. The child's little blue polka-dotted pink panties fell into a ruffled heap around her ankles as Mel's hands flew back to rub her burning rump. And the six year old proceeded to hop right out of the panties after that!!

But Melissa caught her charge on the third bounce, pulled her hands away and in front of her little body, and began to escort Melody upstairs for her appointment with the dreaded hairbrush-back.

Soon Melody was esconced in her own little corner, her hands on her head. Melissa waited in the 'spanking chair', Melody's red maple hairbrush in her hand, watching the red in Melody's bare rump fade under the hem of her little babydoll nightie. Waiting for Melody's rump to cool to just the right point, when it would be at it's tenderest, it's greatest vulnerability to the burning, awful sting of a hard hairbrush-back.

And when it was time, she called Melody over to her right side.

Yes, her RIGHT side. And there she bent Melody right over her lap as she sat on the chair, using the slenderness of her thighs to get Melody well over, almost off the other side.

"Your hairbrush spanking will be in two parts, Melody, with a few minutes sitting in the corner in between. I've gotten a lot of hairbrush-spankings over the years, Mel, and this is the absolute worst. Believe me, in a few minutes you will be the sorriest little Penitatas in the state. I may still just be a kid, but after this I guarantee you'll respect my authority as much as any grown-up you know. Prepare to have your naughty little bare bottom burned, little girl!!"

That awful lead-up left Melody crying helplessly even before Melissa brought her left hand down the first time. Melissa was cross-spanking, reaching over and bringing the hard hairbrush down onto Melody's poor bare bottom vertically.

And Melody howled as the hard brush burned into her naked nates. The unusual position let Melissa easily spank right into Melody's prime spank-spot, right into the base of each buttock, where Melody's weight rested when she sat down. Melissa had made certain Melody was pulled far enough over so that even the tender crease at the very base of Melody's bare bottom was easily accessible to the burning, blazing, spanking hairbrush.

Each spank thrust Melody forward over Melissa's lap, but the older girl had a firm hold, and Melody was going nowhere. In a dozen crisp spanks, Melody lost control and both her little hands fled back to try to cover up her blazing bottom.

This caused the babysitter to pause. Then she quickly pulled Melody to her feet, and ordered the child to fetch the terrycloth belt from her robe where it hang on a hook on the door to her closet.

When the crying child returned, she had to hold out her hands to have her wrists tightly but gently bound by the soft cloth. Then it was back over Melissa's knees. Where Melody's hard hairbrush spanking resumed just as before.

Melody's bare bottom was a blazing hot apple-red when Melissa ended the spanking and ordered the bawling child into her own corner—to SIT in her little rocking chair and cry while she waited for her next installment with the hairbrush.

Finally, Melody had just started to get herself under control, the fire in her bare bottom becoming just barely tolerable — when Melissa ordered the child to "Come here, Melody."

Melody stood up and turned around — to find Melissa sitting on her bed. Hairbrush in hand. This time Melody was ordered to Melissa's left side, where she was taken across the thirteen-year-old's lap more traditionally.

And it was a traditional good, sound bare-bottomed hairbrush-spanking that Melissa proceeded to apply to Melody's little fanny. Melody cried and bawled as the brush spanked all over her tender little bottom. And she howled when the brush impacted the well-reddened sit-spots of her bare behind.

But Melissa ignored Melody's carrying on, and continued spanking the little Penitatas until Melody was reduced to the bawling helplessness of a totally spanked little child, her cherry red buttocks barely wiggling as spank after cruel spank flattened the tender young globes.

Only then did Melissa stop spanking Melody's bottom with the brush back. Melody continued to cry and bawl for several minutes after the spanking ended. But still Melissa held the little child gently over her knees. Then finally Melody's crying began to ease. The color in her bare bottom began to slightly fade from cherry red towards strawberry red.

That's when Melissa resumed Melody's spanking, this time with her good left hand.

Melody screached at the renewed fire in her tender behind. She howled and wiggled. But Melissa was an experienced spanker, and continued to expertly pepper Melody's bare nates with crisp, hard handspanks.

Until Melody was AGAIN reduced to a thoroughly spanked little girl.

When the spanking finally ended, Melissa turned her charge over on her lap, and cuddled the little girl she'd had to spank so hard.

"I'm sorry I had to do that, Melody" she finally said. "But it really is for the best. It takes a while, but I finally realized that all the spanking and restriction and control had worked. I'll never go back to... what I was. I KNOW what being hurt is like now, and I'll never do that to people again. Just remember that you get spanked because you are loved, and because you need to expunge all the guilt from your little heart before you can be allowed to grow up again as a free citizen."

Melody could still only cry, but eventually Melissa set Melody down on the bed next to her, stood up, and got the six-year-old down under the covers.

Where Melody cried herself to sleep.

* * *

That had been Melody's first encounter with Melissa. There had been others, though the months, and surprisingly Melissa had become Mel's favorite sitter.

Of course, her spankings were pure hell. But she always spanked Melody exactly as she'd been instructed to, unless Melody misbehaved.

And when she did misbehave, Melissa spanked her just about half-again as much as Melody thought she deserved — but never took advantage of the opportunity to really blister Melody when her parents hadn't explicitly requested it, like the first time.

And most of the time, they had lots of fun.

"You've been pretty good, Melody, and if you keep it up, we're just going to have Melissa give you a good spanking with the helper paddle."

Melody winced at the not-unexpected news.

"But the Smythe's are still very angry with Janie, and her further crimes against you, so I expect they'll want Melissa to apply one of her sound hairbrushings to Janie's little four-year-old bare bottom, and I expect you'll be allowed to help spank our naughty little neighbor — and that should be fun, shouldn't it!! So make sure you behave for the next few days, Melody, and you may have some fun New Years Eve."

"Good, Mommy!! I'd like to help Melissa give that little brat a good spankin'. She sure deserves it. (sigh) Too bad she's gotta see ME gettin' it, but that's a small price to pay. I'm lookin' forward to it..."