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As I have said, I will be out-of-pocket for a while, so I am posting my Christmas stories early.

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) seven year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon

Melody's Xmas II

Dec. 25, 2748

Part 42 of Melody's Stories

Melody awoke in her warm bed for her second Christmas morning as a Penitatas. She slipped out from beneath her blankets and quickly but neatly made her bed. Slipping a robe on over her knee-length yellow nightie, she put on her bunny slippers and slipped quietly downstairs to see what Santa had brought her this time — if anything.

When Melody got downstairs, her eyes immediately sought out her stocking, fastened to the mantel over the fireplace. To her surprise, it looked like there actually were a couple of apples in there!! But sticking up past the apple Melody could see the slender lengths of the whippy switches that would shortly be stinging her bare behind.

Three whippy little switches, one of them sticking up so far out of the stocking, it was clearly a new Nursery Cane.

Hey, waitaminit... Three switches?? Melody took a step closer. Yes, there were three switches. A nasty looking little cane, and a couple of whippy looking wooden ones. Last year there'd been four, including that awful Junior School Cane James Platsburk had 'sliced' into her sentence, after Melody had refused his amorous advances while awaiting trial. Maybe he'd added the cane?? No, the Corrections Board had said he'd just substituted it for the Nursery Cane the Board had sent to sting her bottom last Easter.

Melody was amazed to have the number of switches reduced. She was older now; surely she couln'ta been that good all year??

Melody finally looked away from her stocking (she knew better than to mess with it before her Mommy and Daddy came downstairs). Instead she looked around for her other presents...

There was Robin, her 'Spanking Susie' doll, sitting on a stool in the corner. Melody knew that this wasn't really 'her' doll; that one had been recycled back to the company.

The idea behind the 'Spanking Susie' was that she was a perennial five year old. The doll was carefully chosen to match the size of her owner. She was built to be proportional to her 'Mommy'.

Let's say a normal woman is 1.7 meters tall, and Melody is 1.2 meters. And a normal, smallish five year old is about 107 cm. tall. So her new Spanking Susie doll is 75.5 cm tall — the height of a five year old IF Mel was a grown-up. As Melody grows up, each year her doll will 'grow' as well — but always remaining a five year old in size proportional to Melody.

Spanking Susies (and Spanking Sallys, the seven-year-old variant) were quite inexpensive, since so much of the dolls were recycled. Nevertheless, SpankKo made a profit on the original sales... But the real credits were in the yearly upgrades!

Melody wandered over to look at her old/new doll. They'd really matched Robin's features well, even the little nick next to her left eye.

Then Melody finally noticed the stool Robin was sitting on.

The stool with the bright pink bow tied to it.

Melody shuddered. She'd been hoping these were still too new and expensive. They'd just come out again this past year, as part of the recent 'craze' over twenty-fourth century furniture and fashion.

Everybody wondered why they'd gone 'out of style', since they were clearly ideal for dealing with a naughty Penitatas.

Melody looked at her new CornerStool™ with a mixture of fear and admiration. It certainly was a clever design.

Just not one Melody wanted to sit on.

The CornerStool™ was designed for naughty children to sit on in the corner, of course. Since it was assumed the child would be well-spanked, the stool's crossbars were all right down next to the floor, where the naughty child couldn't get her feet on them to lift her weight off her sore bum. (It came in varying heights, too). And it featured two little additions to help naughty little Penitatas contemplate their crimes.

One was the ankle rest. This was adjustable (Mel noted that it had already been adjusted for her height). It was a small board that angled out and down from two of the legs at about a 45 degree angle, sticking out 30-40 cm. It was made of smoothly polished wood, and had two deep cutouts where the child's ankles could fit. And an optional locking crossbar to keep her ankles IN the cutouts, if necessary.

This would hold the naughty child's feet and legs out from under the stool, just a little. Just enough to keep a child from shifting her weight off of her spanked (or about to be spanked) bottom and onto her upper thighs. This was a trick all spanked children learned in the corner — to get as much weight off of their sore bottoms as they possibly could. But not on a CornerStool. On it Melody's whole weight would be on her naughty little bottom in the center of the stool's top.

Its very special top.

The stool's sitting surface could be ordered in any one of several variations. The one the Johnson's had ordered for Melody wasn't all that severe. The top of the stool had been divided into hundreds of little 1cm by 1cm squares. And in each square the wood had been ground into a little pyramid, 1cm on each side, slanting up to a little point just 3mm above the surrounding wood.

Just enough to make sitting on the stool for any length of time very uncomfortable.

Enough to make sitting on the stool on a well-spanked bare bottom an awful, painful ordeal.

It could've been worse. 1cm were the largest squares, and 3mm close to the lowest pyramids. Worst of all were supposed to be the ones cut into triangular pyramids. Some were said to be almost like sitting on needles. After she'd seen the stools in the Mall, Melody had been interested enough to look up their history. The design of the sitting surface had originally been taken from a hammer-like kitchen gadget apparantly used to 'tenderize' tough cuts of meat before in vitro cloning came along. Those gadgets might even still be used out in the colonies.

If it was effective in tenderizing meat, the theory went, it should be effective in tenderizing naughty little bottoms, too.

Of course, they also made the stools with the seats cut into a hexagon pattern. The broader base and six-sided pyramids made these stools far less uncomfortable. But those stools were only recommended for non-hard-time Penitatas. Melody had even heard a rumor that a few very naughty Kindern had found themselves perched on the less-uncomfortable seats. They were becoming very popular.

But they were still quite expensive, since they were real wood, and production hadn't quite caught up with demand quite yet. So Melody had hoped this was one present she wouldn't get.

But it seemed nothing was too good for Josh and Mary's little girl...

Melody took Robin down off of the CornerStool and carried her new/old little girl over the couch, where she sat down and waited for her Mommy and Daddy to get up and come downstairs.

* * *

And that's where they found Melody, with Robin over her knees, her green print romper-style dress up around her waist, her plain white cotton panties around her knees. As Melody's small hand spanked Robin's soft plastaflesh bottom, the doll cried and kicked her legs.

Yes, kicked her legs. Mary and Josh had bought the kicking upgrade. Well, the level 1 upgrade; Robin was kicking her legs from the hip. As Melody spanked, and Robin cried, her legs waved up and down gently. The knee kicking option was quite a bit more...

But as her parents came down, followed by Josh's holocam, Melody pulled up Robin's underpants and set her doll next to her, telling her to be quiet and sit still.

It was time for Melody to take down her stocking, carry it over to Josh in his armchair, and discover just how much punishment 'Santa' had decided the little seven-year-old deserved.

"Hmm, here's your apple, Melody." said Josh, as he removed the fruit from the stocking. "You can eat it later. And here's a chip. Ah, its the interactive Japanese learning program you asked Santa for. And let's see — only three switches this year, Melody. Well, you have behaved yourself. This one is peach, and this is another real hickory switch." Josh swished the lengths of wood briefly. "Hmm, I think they're a bit longer and thicker than last year. No sign of an apple switch, though."

"And this is a new Nursery Cane for you, Melody. They got it right this year!! Hmm...(Josh measured the cane in his hands) Of course, its still a half-centimeter thick — that's standard for a Nursery Cane. But I think this one is a bit longer, don't you, Melody. That should make it sting your naughty bare bottom just a bit more than your last one, huh??"

Now Josh began to take the lumps of coal out of Melody's stocking, keeping a careful count. Melody would shortly be getting the first of three sound switchings, one with each switch. And the number of lumps of coal would define the number of 'licks'...

"twelve..thirteen..fourteen..fifteen!! Looks like fifteen licks from each switch, Melody. Say, that's only forty-five licks — last year you got forty-eight. You should write the Corrections Board and thank them for giving you such a light punishment, Melody. You are a year older, you know. But you have been a pretty good girl..."

"Now, why don't you just get up and over my lap for your first switching, Hmm?" said Josh, as he pushed aside the end table and patted his broad lap as he sat back in the armchair.

And Melody sniffled as she slipped out of her robe, handing it to her Mommy, stepped out of her bunny slippers, and crawled up onto her Daddy's lap. Melody put her head down and sobbed slightly as she felt the familiar caress of her yellow nightie being slowly pushed up onto her back. Then her Daddy patted the seat of her matching yellow panties and began to spank.

Spank, not switch. Melody began to cry a bit harder as she realized she was in for a warmup pantyspanking before her switching.

But after a dozen stinging spanks, Josh slipped Melody's panties down to her knees. "Please hold her hands, Mary." he asked. Once his wife had secured the seven-year-olds slender wrists, Josh picked up the slender peach switch and brought it down crisply onto Melody's pink bare bottom, SNAP!!

"Yeeeow!!" went Melody at the fierce sting. Oww! that HURT!! Then Melody remembered that this was a Special Punishment Day. Her licks would be applied full force...

SNICK!! SNAP!!! WHACK!! THWAP!! Daddy brought the switch down rapidly and hard onto Melody's tender bare bottom, leaving bright red stripes of fierce stinging pain behind the strokes. Melody was already bawling at the fierce sting of her switching. SMACK! POP!!! THWHAP!! SPLACK!!! Melody yeowled as the whippy wood was smacked down across her rump over and over again.

But finally all fifteen good hard licks had been applied to Melody's bare bottom. Thinking her punishment over, the crying Melody tried to get up, only to find herself still held down over her Daddy's lap.

For a good, sound handspanking all over the hot, burning welts left by the whippy little switch.

After twenty good spanks, Melody was really bawling and crying. When she was let up off her Daddy's lap, she bounced around the living room, patting at her sore fanny.

Daddy caught her after the second bounce, swatted her fanny a couple of times, and carried her over to the corner.

When she realized where they were going, Melody screamed "Noooo! Noo Dad-dee! Not now! Not after a switchin' PLEEEASE"

But Josh ignored his daughters tearful pleas, as he gently set Melody down onto her new CornerStool. Facing the corner, of course. Mary caught Melody's evading ankles and clipped them securely into the ankle rest, forcing all Melody's weight onto her well-switched fanny.

"Now, Melody, hands on top of your head!!" warned Josh, and Melody obeyed. Her panties fell right down onto the ankle rest. Her nightie was bunched up around her waist.

There was nothing between Melody's bare bottom and the nasty top of the CornerStool. And the points of all its little pyramids.

Melody was a little further from the corner than usual, and could see a bit more of the living room. The ankle rest kept her legs slightly away from her in front, which forced the stool to be set a few cm further away.

That was the only thing good Melody could see about the hellish piece of furniture.

In under a minute Melody was squirming and wiggling helplessly. It HURT. Her poor sore bottom was being subtly prodded and pinched by the stool. And it was hard, too.

As time went by, Melody began to realize just what she was in for. That stool was awful. There was NO WAY she could get comfortable, and the hot welts covering her ass made it infinitely worse.

Melody began to cry. And she kept on crying for the full ten minutes of her corner time. Finally, Melody was allowed off the stool to stand in the corner while Josh and Mary opened their presents to each other.

From the giggles and squeals of her parents, Mel figured some of their presents to each other were of the 'naughty' variety. But she was a good girl and kept her nose right in the corner and out of her Mommy and Daddy's business. Only after Mommy had carted away the grown-up's presents was Melody finally allowed out of the corner and permitted to join Mary on the couch as Josh fetched her her own presents.

First was a present from her best friend Ellen Miller. To Melody's delighted surprise it was a Fairy Jenny Phone, a small com unit built for children. And it was no toy; it could really access the communications net!! Of course, Melody couldn't use it to call just anybody; these special child-phones could only call numbers explicitly authorized by the kid's parents, and then only during specific time periods. Melody could use the phone to call Ellie, but only during the times her parents (and Ellie's) allowed it.

Next was a present from Janie Smythe next door. When Melody tore it open, she burst into giggles. "What is it, Mel???" asked Mary.

"The exact same thing I gave Janie!! A Spanking Susie Special Spanking Hairbrush!!"

Mary broke out in giggles herself. The hairbrush was very small and light, designed to be easily weilded by a five-to-eight year old hand. It was made of Chochona wood, a very light wood from Carter's Planet, (about like balsa wood, but far sturdier). The hairbrush was designed for the doll's plastaflesh bottom, (and her long synthafiber hair), but it was widely recognized that the Spanking Susie Special Spanking Hairbrush, (and the Spanking Sammy Special Spanking Paddle) would inevitably end up being used on the doll's 'Mommies' and 'Daddies' sooner or later. And the gift of one of these little girl (or boy) toys (usually by a fellow child) had become a bit of a studied insult, i.e. 'you are a brat who needs more spanking...'

An opinion mutually held by both Melody and Jane.

Johnny Devine had sent along a wonderfully unique gift. A friend of his in StarFleet knew somebody in Planetary Archives, and had acquired a set of restored ancient 20th century Japanese cartoon videos, once known as Anime. He'd selected several titles from a sub-genre called Shojou Anime, something called Creamy Mami, Magical Fairy Perusha, and a huge set of twelve chips containing something called Sailor Moon — the original Sailor Moon! Melody had had no idea the series was so ancient.

All in the original Japanese, of course. Trust Johnny to find a way to help Melody practice her Japanese and have fun at the same time!!

After all, the class would continue next year... and Melody had decided to sign up again, same deal as before (her only elective). With the techniques Johnny had taught her, she was doing MUCH better, and now she even had something entertaining to watch and listen to!!

Her next present was from her Mommy. When she opened the box, she saw a brand new set of Pain-ties. Only this time there were TWO each of level 1-3, one in the traditional colors, the other set in plain white cotton. Melody blushed as she realized that the plain Pain-ties were for her to wear to school — if necessary.

Melody thanked her Mommy nicely for the punishment panties.

Her next present was from her Daddy, and was the expected Punishment Dress. But this one was in a tartan. Her school tartan!! At her shocked look, her Mommy said:

"It's a new policy, dear. The school wants every Penitatas to have a Punishment Dress in the school uniform. I think the new principal plans to have naughty girls spend a few days 'buttoned up' when they've been particularly naughty."

Melody could believe it. With Principal Barnes' retirement at the end of the year, the School Board had decided to promote the vice-principal, even though she'd been a vice-principal for only three years. And Melody suspected it was partially her fault.

Mrs. Garrett's actions in saving Melody's life had been pretty impressive.

So now the school's PRINCIPAL would be ol' Iron Hand herself...

Melody decided she'd do whatever she could to leave that dress hanging in her closet!! But she thanked her Daddy nicely for it anyway.

(There WAS a boy's equivalent to a Punishment Dress, pants that had a 'drop-seat' arrangement like old-fashioned longjohns — only the seat was completely removeable as well).

Then Daddy handed Melody his 'special present'. Melody knew what it would be. Spanking Paddles were designed to wear out after about a year, so they could be replaced with slightly nastier ones.

With trepidation, Melody opened the present.

Inside was the expected spanking paddle. This one was from the Bawling Baby Paddle Company!! Daddy'd gone first class this time!

Melody's PaddleThis paddle had a cartoon in the center. Melody blushed as she realized it was HER, over her Mommy's knees getting spanked!! She was shown being held gently up by her Mommy's arm, her green dress pulled up, a bright pink paddle (like her new one) spanking her bare bottom to a dark red — WHACK! SMACK!.

Multicolored stars sprang from her bottom, representing the burning pain of the paddling. Mommy was saying "Will You Be A Naughty Girl Again, Melody? Will You?"

And the cartoon Melody was replying: "WAAAA! I'll Be Good! WAAAA! I Won't Do It Again!! I PROMISE!! WAAAA!"

Considering the fire in the cartoon Melody's red bottom, the real Mel could believe it!!

Around the edge was the embarassing phrase: Melody's Very Own PADDLE for SPANKING her Naughty Little BARE BOTTOM!!

And below the cartoon was the little poem her previous paddle had indelibly imprinted on Melody's brain — and bottom:

Show her that You Really care-Spank her soundly, Bottom bare!

Melody noted that a warning had been imprinted in red above the cartoon: WARNING: APPLY ONLY TO VERY NAUGHTY BARE BOTTOMS!!

And of course, the handle (above the NoSlip wrapping) was imprinted with the bawling, red-bottomed baby of the Bawling Baby Paddle Co.'s logo. It really was a first class paddle...

Then Melody noticed the most remarkable thing of all.

The paddle was an OV10201P — 10cm by 20 cm by 1 cm. The same size as her old paddle!!

"Daddy! This is the same size as my old paddle..."

"Do you think you need a bigger one?? Doesn't your's sting enough, little one??" replied her grinning Daddy.

"Oh! Yes, it does!! th-thank you for the paddle, Daddy — REALLY thank you!! I guess I really HAVE been learning to behave myself!!"

Melody's other presents were games and toys, and a few dresses and so forth for Robin, her Spanking Susie doll. Not too much — she was a Penitatas, after all...

Besides, now that Melody had gotten all her presents, it was almost time for lunch. Last Christmas, Melody had gotten another good switching before lunch, but since nobody was getting out a switch, Melody figured this was the one she would NOT be getting this year!!

Unfortunately, Melody WAS required to get dressed before lunch. Her Mommy took her upstairs and dressed her in her new school punishment dress. And a pair of her new Pain-ties. The hot pink ones, with the hairbrush-and-paddle design.

Lunch might have been eaten without a second switching, but Mel was hardly comfortable....

Eventually lunch was over, and Melody was escorted back to the living room for an exciting afternoon sitting in the corner. But as they reached the corner, Melody realized two horrible facts.

One was that the corner still held that horrible CornerStool™.

And a sharp sting right on one of her still-stinging stripes reminded her that she was still wearing Pain-ties.

Melody began to sob and cry. "Pleeze, Mommy! Pleeze! Not on th-the CornerStool!! Pleeze! Not with PAIN-TIES on!! Not on that stool! PLEEASE!!"

But a word and a couple of sharp swats on her pain-ty covered bottom quieted Melody down — as she was settled back onto the punishment stool. Melody yelped as the pyramid points pressed through her pain-ties into her tender flesh, stretching and irritating her well-spanked skin. And poking multiple biters into the thoroughly tenderized flesh. Melody began to sob a bit even before her ankles were secured in the ankle rest. Melody's hands were gently pulled together in front of her and tied with a soft rope.

The first five minutes were awful.

The second five minutes were horrible. By the end of ten minutes Melody was crying quietly but continuously.

By the end of twenty full minutes on the CornerStool, Melody was bawling as hard as after a good, sound spanking — with the hairbrush!

Finally her Mommy and Daddy took pity on poor Melody, and let her off a bit.

Her Daddy picked her up off the stool a few inches while her Mommy pulled her little Pain-ties right down to her knees.

Then she was twisted around and bent OVER the CornerStool (which forced her legs to cross due to the ankle restraints). And her Mommy gave Melody's new paddle a nice little try-out by applying it to her poor bare bottom a dozen times, twelve good, crisp, stinging spanks that made Melody howl.

Then Melody was rolled back over and set firmly onto her freshly-paddled bottom. Right on the center of her CornerStool.

Where she finished out the solid hour of corner-sitting time her parents had decided on.

Then, to Melody's intense relief, she was allowed to stand up in front of the CornerStool for the second hour of her corner time. But she had to pull up her Pain-ties.

(Extensive corner time is traditional for hard-time Penitatas on Christmas day. Childhood Christmas afternoons were spent playing with new toys, visiting relatives, and basically were busy and interesting times. Penitatas punishment Christmases were defined by excruciating switchings and spankings alternating with lengthy, boring sessions of corner time).

Then three o'clock was approaching, and it was almost time for Melody's next switching. This would be from her Mother, and with the whippy peeled hickory switch. Melody sobbed as she remembered last year's switching. On the one hand, it had certainly been over in a hurry. But on the other hand, it had been unbelieveably painful while she was getting it...

It was time. Mommy took Melody firmly by the hand and began to lead her away. In her other hand was the whippy peeled hickory switch issued by the Board of Corrections.

But they weren't headed for Melody's room, like last year.

They were headed for the couch!!

Melody began to sniffle as her Mommy seated herself on the living room couch and began removing Melody's shoes and socks.

The blinds and drapes were wide open.

The punishment dress was still buttoned up in back. Mary unbuttoned the skirt, then unfastened and unzipped the back. The dress fell to the floor and Melody stepped out of it. Her shirt and T-shirt followed. Finally, with a grin, Mary slowly drew down Melody's little hot pink Pain-ties.

Leaving Melody bare as the day she was born. The first time.

Finally Mary began to scold. She seemed to remember every single incident where Melody had been naughty for the entire previous year. And Melody was reminded and scolded for each one. As she stood before her Mommy, right out in front of the picture window, bare naked, her little seven-year-old hands firmly held by her Mommy, waiting for her sound licking. Then her wrists are being re-tied with the same soft rope as before.

At last, Mary turned Melody up and over her lap. And began to spank.

Like last time, her Mommy intended to thoroughly warm-up her little dear's bare bottom with a good handspanking before applying the switch. And Melody yelped and begged as Mary's palm visited her poor tender bottom over and over. It was a pretty hard spanking, more like what Melody was used to as a regular punishment than a warm-up. And it lasted for quite a while.

Then Mommy reached for the switch. Remembering last time, Melody tensed herself for the blaze of pain.

It didn't come. Finally, just as the sobbing Melody couldn't stand it anymore — her Daddy's finger ran lightly down the sole of her tiny right foot.

Her leg jerked wildly, she yelped — and relaxed her bottom...


The switch snapped down across Melody's nates in a rapid flurry of HARD licks. Eight good, sharp stripes of pain exploded across Melody's bare bottom in less than five seconds.

Melody howled and bucked as the pain flooded her senses. Her bottom caught instant fire. "AAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEOWWWWWWWW!!!!! WAAAAAAAAA!" she burst into tears. She bucked and kicked as wiggled. She cried, as any well-spanked child cried.

Her Mommy set the switch down on the couch next to her — and began to handspank Melody's fresh-striped bare bottom. "YEEEAAAAAA!!!! NOOOOO! NOOOO! MOMEEE! NOOO! WAAAAAAAH!!! WAAAAAAH!!!!WAAAAAAAH!!"

The crisp handspanks all over her freshly-welted bare bottom left Melody in a panicked frenzy of pain. It hurt unbelieveably!! Her bottom was on FIRE!! Her wrists tugged back and forth at the soft cord binding them, but even Melody's total desperation couldn't free her hands — and it is physically impossible to cover up a bare bottom with your hands bound in front of you.

She tried, but she couldn't do it.

The handspanking wasn't very long, or even very hard. It was Mary's hard hand impacting Melody's freshly-imprinted red stripes that had hurt so unbelieveably.

Now Melody was just bawling hard. Her screaming didn't resume until she felt that awful hickory switch lightly pat her naked bottom, and Mary ask "And now it's time for your next dose, Mel."

Suddenly Melody realized that, as painful as they'd been, those hard licks had only been about half of her switching.

There were more to come.

As her screaming and pleading resumed, Daddy lifted the small child and slid a cylindrical bolster under her hips as she lay over her Mommy's lap. This lifted up her small bottom and placed the very base of her rump into position for a switching. Right down where her thigh's met tender bottom-flesh. Right where Melody sat down.


It was even worse than last time!! The tender flesh of Melody's under-bottom was ignited into hot bonfires of blazing pain. She almost managed to kick herself in the head, before her Daddy madly grabbed her ankles to keep her under control.

Melody was a naughty little criminal getting the lesson she so needed to learn — in her case, that honesty is the best policy. And stealing results in several bouts of utterly intolerable blasts of hideous burning pain. Right where it would do a naughty little girl the most good!!

When Melody's near-convulsions of pain ended, Mary resumed spanking her naughty child with her hand. This time concentrating on the lower curves she's just soundly striped with the switch.

Melody tried to levitate. She failed, but she tried.

Then it was finally over. EACH fast switching had been as horribly intolerable as the one last year. But instead of being over all at once, quickly, the handspankings — and splitting the switching in two — had drawn the whole thing out and made it twice as bad.

Melody was so limp with exhaustion, her Daddy had to carry her upstairs and tuck her into bed, still bare naked. He put her wrists into the restraints to keep her hands from rubbing the burn out of her bottom, but it was hardly necessary — Melody fell asleep BEFORE her head hit the pillow.

* * *

Josh finally managed to awaken Melody just before seven. It was almost time for her final — and worst — switching, a caning with the little nursery cane. But first her Daddy would give her a long, warm bath, like last year. And afterwards, like last year, the softly sobbing child was dressed in a T-shirt that barely covered her bottom, and was then led into her bedroom.

Where her own little chair, that she sat in the corner in, had been moved out into the middle of the room. Without being told to, the crying child bent herself over the towel padding the back of the chair, reaching out and taking a firm hold on the far edge of the seat. Her daddy tested the feel of the new nursery cane as she got into position.

(Swish!!) "Remember, Melody, whatever you do, don't let go of the seat. It means five extra swats, with the PADDLE, each and every time you let go of the seat. (Swish!) Now, you just think about what happens to naughty little crooks who steal from their employers, and I'll do my best to make sure you NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!"

Swishhh-CRACK!! "Yeeeeeeeeeeow!!" Melody howled as the very FIRST lick burned right into the crease between her bare bottom and her thighs!!

Whissss-SNAP!! "Aieeeeaaaoowowow!!" Melody bucked and her little feet actually left the floor as the next stroke burned across the center of her rump.

Sssssss-WHAP!!! "Yaaaaeeeowwww!!" The stroke smacked into the center of her bottom, crossing the second stripe. This was the nursery cane, technically a switch, and Daddy wasn't even TRYING to aviod crossing stripes...

Swisss-SPLACKT!! "Yeeaahahahaowwaaaaaa!!" Melody's hands flew off the seat and half-way back to her bottom as the fourth lick snapped into the base of her bottom-right over the welt left by the first stroke, right on top of where her Mommy had concentrated half of her LAST switching!! Her Daddy was TRYING to make her take penalty swats!! He wasn't helping AT ALL!

"Get your hands back on that chair, young lady!! That's five penalty swats over your hot welts, young lady, with the PADDLE!! And I'm planning to make you take plenty more, just TRY to stop me!!"

Melody gripped the hard wood in a death grip. She got MAD. How DARE her Daddy TRY to make her fail!! Melody felt betrayed!! She'd show HIM!! She wouldn't let go of that chair no matter HOW it hurt!...

Sssssss-SPLAT!!! "Yeaaaa! Owwww! Waaaaah!" Melody howled, but her hands stayed glued to the wooden seat.

Whissssss-SNAP!! "<sob>WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" Melody let herself go into hard bawling. It almost seemed to help. She cried so hard she almost couldn't let go!!

Sssssss-WHACK!! "<aaaaah>WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Another deep breath as the rattan burned into the center of her bare butt, then the theraputic howl of a bawling child...



Whisssh-SPANK!!! "WAAAAAAH-HAAAAAAAAA!!!" Another stroke right into the crease!! Melody ALMOST last her grip, but managed to keep her fingertips on the stool by a tremendous effort of will! GOD did that cane burn...

Ssssssss-PLAT!! "WAAAAAAA-WAAAAAAA-WAAAAAAAA!" Melody bawled as the burning stripes were painted onto her bare bottom.

Shissss-THWAP!! "WAAAAAAH! WAAAAAAAH! WAAAAAAAAH!" Melody couldn't get a deep breath for her long howls, so her protests were reduved to continuous short bawls.

Sssssssss-SPLAT! "WAAAAAAAAH <choke> <gasp> WAAAAAAAAAH! YAAAAAAA!" Yet another stroke into the crease—and Melody's will broke briefly. Her hands just barely lifted...

"MELODY!! That's TEN!! But you're taking this caning better than I would've expected from a little baby like YOU!!"

Melody's anger reignited!! And pain stabbed into her heart that was even worse than that in her bare bottom. Surely Daddy thought better of her than THAT!! She wasn't REALLY a baby, was she??


Sssssssss-SPLAT! "WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Right into the crease, but Melody held onto the chair like a drowning man holds onto a life preserver!!

But there weren't any more spanks coming. Why not??

"Alright, baby, it's over." Her daddy's voice had changed. Suddenly it was the soft, caring voice she remembered!! "Stay in position, though. You still have your extras, you know." Her daddy was now gently tying her wrist to the seat of the chair. The terrycloth belt was pulled around her knees, then tied her other wrist to the seat. Melody now could neither kick nor cover up.

As the still-bawling Melody felt her new paddle gently pat her burning bottom, her Daddy said "I'm sorry I said some of those things Mel, but darn it, you HAVE been good this year! I knew that keeping a hold of that chair, under the burn of a good nursery caning is almost impossible. So I decided to cheat a bit."

The hard wood left Melody's bare bottom. "That's why I made you get mad, baby. And it worked, too — didn't it??" <WHACK!!>

Melody's bawling couldn't possibly get any harder. But it did anyway. But even as Melody howled out in pain, as her new paddle swatted firmly into her burning red, welted, incredibly tender bare bottom, her thoughts swirled and twisted, as her universe, just turned upside-down by her Daddy's meanness, inverted itself again.

But soon the ten paddle swats had been duly imprinted on Melody's poor derriere. And it was, finally, time for beddie-bye. Daddy helped the bawling baby into a soft nightie, tucked her into bed (on her tummy, of course) and gently fitted her wrists into the restraints built into the bed for that purpose.

Melody's second Penitatas Christmas was over.