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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of (physically) three and seven year old girls. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon

The Great Mall Prank

Dec. 19, 2748

Part 41 of Melody's Stories

Melody, Ellen and Johnnie had made their plans carefully. It hadn't been all that hard to get the Millers to go along with a 'family outing' to Assville Mall so the girls could talk to Santa; even though the 'very vanilla' Millers were a little embarassed about visiting a blatantly Penitatas mall like the AM, they knew Ellie would enjoy it more than their own Kindern-rated mall, and finally gave in. (According to Ellen, it 'only' took three days of whining. She was really starting to get into the whole kid thing...)

And Johnny went along with it. After all, it counted as 'good, clean fun'...a prank, but a good prank, one that wouldn't hurt anyone, but just embarass and discombobulate some people. He rather liked the idea.

And so he 'happened' to be in the Mall when Melody, Ellen, and their parents showed up.

Somehow, Johnny made a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt look like a uniform.

Anyway, after 'accidentally' meeting Johnny, the kids wandered around with their parents, carefully waiting until a large bunch of Voluntaras, kids between eleven and fifteen, mostly, showed up together, headed for Santa.

This was something the V's loved to do — show up in a bunch and cut in front of all the little Penitatas waiting (very anxiously) to take their turn on Santa's lap — and over Santa's knee. They'd all get to cut in line, and they'd make the kids — and their parents — wait while they all dawdled and took as much time as possible with Santa, making outrageous demands, tugging his beard, and, well, acting like kids.

When the horde passed them to get in line, Melody, Ellen and Johnny suddenly wanted to go see Santa 'right NOW'. And Ellen and Johnny, at least, were to be properly indulged as much as possible.

When Johnny marched right up to the head of the line — with Ellen — several of the Voluntaras growled at him, saying things like "Get back to the tail, Penny-brat!! We're — uhoh..." as they made out his and Ellen's Medicalos-branded hands.

Medicalos priviledge cuts in front of almost EVERYBODY — even Kindern!

And so Johnny and Ellen went straight to the head of the line.

Mr. Paul Carlos, Johnny's stepfather, had accompanied them to the mall, and spoke to the photographer, then Johnny walked forward to see Santa.

When Santa saw Johnny's hands, he immediately recogniaed the boy from INN, and quickly sat up very straight. He helped the little six-year-old boy onto his knee, and, clearing his throat, asked Johnny if he'd been a good boy...

"Oh, fairly good, I suppose. Helped defeat a few pirates, saved some lives — about average for the year." <g>

"Ah, yes, of course!! Yes, I think everybody would agree with Santa that you've been a very VERY good boy this year. And what would you like Santa to bring you this year??"

"Actually, while I'm still a bit young, I was wondering if you might bring me a red bicycle? With (sigh) training wheels — (sotto voice: bloody muscle memory loss...) That would give me a bit more mobility than the other kids..."

With a glance at Mr. Carlos, whose slight nod indicated agreement, Santa said "Well, normally I wouldn't let a little boy your age have a bicycle, Johnny, but considering what a good boy you are, I think I can manage that. Of course, you'll have to take the safety class on a Saturday before you should ride it on the street, just to make certain you know the rules."

This was a standard for ALL bicycles — the class was held every Saturday in the mall parking lot, and for rejuves was a one-day review of the rules of the road, and safety rules. Johnny would undoubtably be the youngest kid there. For Kindern, it was a much bigger deal, and took several weekends before the young riders would be permitted to pedal on the streets.

"Also, I'd like several modelling kits. Ah, the Confederation Battlecruiser, of course; I'm planning on customizing it into the Resolute; tradition, y'know. Also, I'd like a model of the new Defender class destroyer, if you can find one..."

Frantic headshaking by Mr. Carlos indicated this was not available, but Santa, with a gleam in his eye, said "Why, I think I can accomodate you, son, (looking right at Johnny's dad) Revell is releasing that model next week, I happen to know, and I'll see to it one's reserved for you!!" (and a sudden look of relief on Paul's face made several of the parents looking on laugh).

Johnny continued on, asking for some clothes of all things, then got down off of Santa's knee.

An now it was Ellen's turn. The Voluntaras stood impatiently behind her — they weren't used to waiting, and the rules said once they were in line they had to stay in line unless their parents pulled them out. (There had been too many incidents of the V's cutting and holding up the line — then leaving without seeing Santa (or paying the photographer).

Ellen walked up to a very surprised Santa. Medicalos rejuves, especially to very young ages, are RARE. Johnny's case was well known, even famous, but who was this very little girl?? She was clearly Medicalos — her hands showed that — but she looked like she was around four years old!!!

Ellen selfconsciously bit down on one forefinger, and then held up her hands for Santa to pick her up. He did, settling her down onto his broad lap. "Hello dear; what's your name?" he asked gently. "Ellie Miller. I am now thee years olds. I sorry, but I have to talk simple. I just learnin Panglish now; I was frozed in twennyth century, and just revived this year."

Santa's eyes grew large as he realized that Ellen was a revived cryonaut from the distant past!! WOW! Between this and meeting Johnny, he'd be drinking on the stories all year!! And Santa eagerly leaned forward, speaking slowly and carefully... "But why were you rejuved so young, Ellie??"

"The doctor who revived me used Chrno... Chran... the same stuff that poisoned Johnny so bad. It took more than he thought, so I had to have a lot of rejuv'nation."

Briefly Santa wondered where that misguided researcher was. And what Santa's lap he was on. Or over.

But back to business. "Ah! Well, I'm glad you are all right now. And have you been a good little girl??"

Ellie's face fell as she hammed it up. "No, Santa, I haven't been a very good girl. I don' take my medicine wit'out fussin. I hate takin my naps. An' sometimes (whispered) somtimes I sneak into Daddy's office and use his 'puter to look up stuff I'm nat s'pozed to. I guess I don' deserve any toys, huh?"

This took Santa back, for a brief moment he hemmed and hawed — then he saw the twinkle in Ellen's eyes, and suddenly Santa knew that Santa had been had.

But two could play that game!! "HO HO HO!! No, Ellie, Santa doesn't think you've been THAT naughty!!" The look on the Drs. Miller's faces showed they just might disagree... "But Santa thinks maybe he should just roll you over on his lap like this... that's a good girl!! Now, since you haven't been a good girl, Santa will just have to give you a little spanking so he can bring you lots of toys Christmas morning!!"

<spank> Santa's hand gently swatted the seat of Ellie's Levis. (Yes, they were real Levis. That company is like their product; they'll last forever). Ellie made a great show of "OW!! Sanna's spankin' me!"

<whap> The next swat was a little less gentle, and Ellie "yowped" for real; "Now Ellie, <spank> you need to remember, <smack> that you're a Little <Spank> Girl <Whack> now, and you must Obey <Swat> Your <Whap> Mommy <Spank> and <Splatt> Daddy!! You had Better <Spank> take your Medicine <Whap!> like a GOOD <Whack!> GIRL!! <splatt-spank> And NEVER <Spank-Smack-SPLAT!!> play with your Daddy's computer AGAIN!! <SPANK-SPANK>

Some of those spanks were real, and Ellie was sobbing a bit by the time Santa was through. So he turned her over and began to cuddle and comfort the little girl, until she was through crying and had gotten herself together. Medicalos get as much time with Santa as they want. The Voluntaras boys and girls groaned and shifted their feet as they waited.

Finally Santa said "There!! Now you've paid for all your naughtiness, and Santa can put you right on top of his list of good little boys and girls. What do you want for Christmas, Ellie??"

"I wanna Spankin' Susie doll, Santa!!"

(under breath: Why am I not surprised...)

"Yes, Ellie I think you should definitely get a Spanking Susie..."

"Not thru!! With th' kickin' an wigglin' opshun, an' even the new hoppin opshun, an' a red dress for her, an' a nightie, and..."

Santa knew a setup when he saw it. But this little girl was Medicalos, not Voluntaras or Penitatas. He looked right at Dr. Miller, and he raised his hands, palm upwards... what could he do now?? Then suddenly both men started to grin... Ellie had them over a barrel, and they knew it. Mrs. Miller still looked a little upset, but finally realized just how ridiculous the whole setup was, and, with a glance at her husband, acquiesed. They nodded approval to Santa, and he finally interrupted Ellen...

"Yes, Ellie. I understand. You want a Spankin Susie doll with ALL the extras. And that's what you'll get, dear. And I think I'll give you a nice, lightweight hairbrush, too, for your pretty brown hair. And so you're parents can help you remember to be a good girl, too...."

Finally, Ellie's turn was over, and she got down off of Santa's lap. She ran over to Melody, in line, giggling and bubbling over with fun — much to Melody's horror, but it was far to late to wave her off.

Mary and Josh gave Melody a look that clearly said "Oh, so that's who was behind all this..."

* * *

Ellie thoroughly enjoyed herself, watching a little boys and little girls had to go sit on Santa's lap, only to be turned up over his knee for a good, sound, bare-bottom spanking before being allowed to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

Some kids, though, just got good spankings over their panties or underwear. These kids, Ellie realized, were the 'soft-time' Penitatas.

Finally it was Melody's turn to get on Santa's lap, long after the last of the Volunaras were finished, and after the Penitatas who'd been in line ahead of her. After climbing up onto Santa's lap, he asked her "And what's your name, little miss? Melody! Well, Melody, have you been a good girl??"

As required, Melody answered: "No, Santa, I've been a very naughty little girl."

"And have you been getting into a little mischief with Santa?"

Uhoh!! Well, Melody figured Santa was on to her; Ellie had blown her cover sky high by running right over to her afterwards. So..."

"Uh, just a lil' prank Ellie an' I made up. But it was all true!! An' Ellie did feel bad about bein' naughty. Uh, I did tell her she should ask for the Spankin' Susie. But just 'cause she had so much fun with Robin, I mean, my doll..."

"HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! HAHAHA!!" Santa's formal 'Ho-ho'ing broke down into real laughter!! "That's all right, Melody! I'm sure it was all true. And it was a GOOD joke on everybody. (suddenly serious) I MEAN that, Melody. It was a good joke in both senses of the word. It was funny, yes, but nobody got hurt, and Ellie will get the doll she need, I mean, wants...a very good joke. And Santa's not going to punish you for it, Melody. There actually is a good kind of mischief, and your joke is an example of it!"

"However." Suddenly stern, Santa starts to turn Melody face down over his knees. "You are a hard-time Penitatas, Melody. And that means you haven't been a very good girl, doesn't it??"

"(Sob). No, Santa. I've been a very bad girl." replied Melody, her voice somewhat muffled as she was turned face down over Santa's knee.

"That's right, Melody. So let's get your little skirt up." Santa briskly rucked up the skirt of Melody's new red polka-dot romper, revealing her plain white cotton panties. With a few gentle pats to the thin fabric covering Mel's behind, Santa said "Now, Melody, you know Santa has to take down your little panties now." Which he began to do..."Sometimes Santa has to spank a naughty little girl's bare bottom good and hard...<SPANK!>"

"Yeeow!" That spank stung!!

"Before he can <WHACK!> take her name <SPANK!> off his 'NAUGHTY' <SPLAT!!> list and move it <WHAP!!> to his 'GOOD' list. <SPANK!>

"Yeeeaow!! Nooo! Waah-haaa! Nooo! Sann-taaa! Pleeeze! I'll be good!"

"I know <SPANK!> you'll try to be <SMACK!!> good, Melody. But some <THWHAP!> naughtiness Santa just has to spank <SPANK-WHAP-SMACK!!> out of little girls like you. Now, just lie there and cry while Santa spanks all the naughtiness out of you..."


By the time her spanking was over, Melody was crying like any well spanked seven-year-old. But she quickly managed to tell Santa her wishes through her sniffles.

Melody asked for a kicking and wiggling upgrade for Robin, her own Spanking Susie doll. (What the heck, it couldn't hurt!). And she asked for several computer games. And she asked for an interactive Japanese language training program... (That one surprised Santa!!)

"Well, Melody, I think I can guarantee the Japanese program. That's educational!! As to the upgrade for Robin, well, we'll just have to wait and see. An I think you need some other things you haven't asked for. Don't you need a new paddle, Melody?? And, considering how mischievous you are, I think maybe you could use a certain new item of furniture..."

NOO! Oh, hell, DON'T give Mom and Dad any ideas!! thought Melody.

"Oh, yes, Santa, I do need a new paddle. All the paint is coming off of mine." Mel quickly tried to recover. "Thank you for reminding me about it." Laying it on thick...

And finally Melody's session with Santa was over. And both families decided it was definitely time to leave the mall.

And while they made it clear that Melody was not in trouble for her and Ellie's harmless little prank, she still got a good, sound spanking before bed. With her Mommy's little helper paddle...