Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of several (physically) children. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon


Thurs. Nov. 26, 2748

Part 38 of Melody's Stories

Not every Penitatas is assigned to the same Special Spanking Days. The ones Melody was given, Christmas, Easter, the Fourth of July, Diaspora and her birthday, was a typical set. But there is some variation, depending on the personal beliefs and culture of the rejuve, his/her new parents, and the judge. Diaspora is about the only holiday universally chosen, since it is celebrated throughout the Commonwealth of Humanity, and since the schools are so involved in the event.

And while five Special Spanking Days is standard, occasionally the number is altered due to special circumstances. Melody had been surprised to learn from Judy Harvey that she had ONLY Diaspora, Easter and her birthday (in late August). She would certainly be enjoying her Christmas more than Melody!!

But sometimes a Penitatas is assigned additional Special Spanking Days, due to the severity of their crime, or due to being a repeat offender.

Which was why Beth Reese, Gloria Hart, Michelle Brown and Walker Zucker would be downtown in Assville Square this afternoon for the Thanksgiving Event. And Janey Smythe would be down there with them.

And so would Melody. Not as a participant, of course, but to watch, ("a useful lesson" according to her Mommy). She planned to thoroughly enjoy herself. Especially watching Janey's punishments. They hadn't gone last year, since it wasn't one of Melody's 'days'. And she had been so recently rejuvenated, her parents weren't sure they wanted her to see a special 'day' before she experienced Christmas.

But this year they were going to go enjoy themselves. So Mary, Josh and Melody were all dressing up as Pilgrims. Josh sure looked funny in his knee britches and big black hat. Melody and Mary wore long, full dresses with lots of petticoats, and funny little white hats.

Melody had a golden 'P' embroidered on the front of her dress. This was to show everyone (especially the officials) that, while she was Penitatas, and Hard Time, to boot, she was NOT a participant in the Thanksgiving Spankings.

They got downtown just before two P.M., when the public 'festivities' were scheduled to begin. All the naughty little Penitatas involved had already had two good, sound spankings so far; one from their Mommie's first thing that morning, and another good spanking from their Daddies just before sitting down for lunch. Then they had all been herded downtown for their public punishments.

As Melody and her family entered the square, they saw a large number of Mommys leading their charges over to a long wooden bench that had been set up in the center of the square. There were not a lot of Mommies, and it looked like there would be plenty enough room for all the little Penitatas to get spanked. Even though the Mommy's long, full skirts took up more room than modern clothing.

The Mommys alternated facing in and out along the benches, to give them more spanking room. Each Mommy took her chosen hairbrush and set it down next to her, and began getting her charge's pants and dresses down or up. As soon as the child was approproately unclothed, he or she would be deposited over per parent's lap for punishment.

The weeping children varied from little three-and four-year-olds, like Jane (whom Melody spotted over Mrs. Smythe's lap near the end of one bench. She tugged on her Mommy's hand, urging her over closer) to twelve-year-olds. All sentences ended at twelve or younger.

Now that all the little Penitatas were in position, the men from the Corrections Board were handing each Mommy a nice whippy little birch switch, selecting one appropriate for the bare little bottom over the Mommy's knees. Melody watched as a a man handed Mrs. Smythe one of the smaller switches (Jane is only four).

"This naughty little miss had a session at Penitatas Court just a couple of months ago." said Mrs. Smythe, whipping the little switch about. "I really think she should have something a bit...stingier than this little switch, sir."

"Oh, yes, this must be Janey. They picked out a special switch for her naughty bottom, wait a moment while I have it brought." And the official spoke quickly into his comm.

And a moment later, another Board official strolled over with a whippy, peeled birch switch a full 70 cm long, and almost a centimeter thick at the base. Looking over her shoulder, Janey screamed at the thought of that horrible switch striping her poor, vulnerable little bottom, still a bit pink and sore from her earlier spankings. Melody grinned and almost bounced in anticipation!

Then all the mommies were suitably armed, and the switchings began. Each child would her age divided by two in hard, stinging stripes.

Her age in months, that is. For Janey, that would be twenty-eight good licks of the switch. Remember, Thanksgiving is reserved for the naughtiest little Penitatas.

Some of the older children would be getting fifty or sixty licks!

Jane was soon howling as bright red little lines began to cover her little bare bottom. Melody grinned as she watched her Nemisis cry and kick as her Mommy switched her little hindend. This was fun, especially since her bottom wasn't at risk!!. Melody looked around.

There was Michelle, the rapist. Melody remembered that Michelle had a big brother—and there he stood, knee britches and long drawers around his ankles, waiting next to his Mommy for his own punishment. But Mrs. Brown wasn't hurrying. She took her time and applied each of Michelle's good licks carefully. After all, they had all afternoon.

Down the aisle, Melody could just see Gloria howling under her switching. And there, at the far end, she could just make out Walker's Mommy. She assumed it was Walker howling over her knee; she couldn't see his face.

But it was Jane whose harsh switching Melody was really enjoying. Her classmates were her friends, and she really felt sorry for them, but, well, she certainly had to 'grin and bear it' on *her* 'special days'. They'd done the crimes, they'd have to do the time, and take the pain of their lessons. Just like she did.

But by now Jane's switching was coming to a close, and Mrs. Smythe was patting and rubbing the baby's bare bottom, letting the burn sink in before proceeding to the next step. And down the bench, Mrs. Brown had dropped her switch and was leisurely applying the back of her hard hairbrush to her naughty rapist-daughter's red-striped, six-year-old bare bottom. Michelle certainly didn't seem to appreciate her Mommy's ability. She howled and cried.

Finally Mrs. Smythe picked up her wooden hairbrush, patted Jane on her bare bottom with it; (Jane's crying resumed its earlier heights) and began to soundly spank her naughty daughter's little fanny, slow and hard. This was a 'Special Spanking Day', and normal limits didn't apply; Jane screamed as the brush tormented her well-welted buttocks.

The good spanking continued until Jane's bare bottom was a solid cherry red from just below her back right down to below the crease to just above her knees. As Rebecca put the finishing touches on Jane's spanking, Michelle was standing before her Mommy howling as her brother was put over the knee for an even longer and harder switching than her own.

There were a couple of other pairs of siblings being punished, and everyone waited patiently for them to finish. Just applying their hard hairbrushes to their charge's naughty bottoms occasionally to keep the firey burn nice and hot.

At last every child had been suitably switched and spanked, and it was time for the next stage. Every parent set their little charges on their feet, stood up, and then planted their naughty little kids onto the hard wooden bench. On their bare, welted, thoroughly red and sore little bottoms. Where each child then placed their hands on their heads, lifted their feet well clear of the ground (extra spanks if your feet touched the ground!!) and proceeded to cry out their time out. Thirty solid minutes with all their weight pressing their sore fannies down onto the rough wooden bench.

Then it was time for the children's next punishment.

The Corrections Board had set up ten pillorys along one side of the square, in four different child-sizes. They were very authentic, although the representative of the Historical Society said that the leather-covered bar set to lift the naughty little Penitatas bottom up for a whipping was not historically correct.

Melody watched as little Jane was fastened into the smallest of the little pillorys. Her head and hands were firmly clamped into the padded wood. (Mel knew that the padding was also historically wrong). Her little hips were lifted well up by the bar, her feet dangling well above the ground. Her dress and petticoats had been fastened well up her back, leaving her little red bare bottom forlornly pointed up at the sky. Gloria Hart was being fastened into another of the pillorys. The six year old was crying as her bright red bottom was pushed well up for her next punishment.

Then each child had a professional punisher from the Board of Corrections step up alongside him or her. A man or woman weilding a leather harness strap. A large, heavy strap, a full 10 cm wide and a half meter long.

Jane screamed as the heavy strap SMACKED into her little bare bottom. The wide leather covered her entire rump from below her back to the tops of her thighs!! All the children screamed as their behinds were engulfed in awful pain. The spankers shifted right, the woman on the end walking back over to Jane.

Then the next horrible stroke bit into ten little bare bottoms. And ten children howled out their pain and sorrow. And their harsh disciplinarians shifted place again, and again ten little children howled. And again. And again.

Ten good, hard lashes impacted each little Penitatas' bare bottom. No matter the child's age or size; ten good, hard licks of the strap were applied before the children were finally released to the custody of their fathers.

And their daddy's paddles.

The children were escorted back over to the spanking bench, this time to be bent over the hard wood, their legs dangling off the edge (the older children's feet just reached the ground). And their Daddies began to spank their naughty children with good, hard paddle swats to the little boys' and girls' bare bottoms. Bare, red, striped and now badly welted and bruised bare bottoms.

Melody was torn; she wanted to watch Jane getting paddled, but another batch of ten kids were in the pillories being slowly strapped. One of them looked younger than Jane!! But the strap was being applied to her tiny red fanny just as hard as the older kids!

But then the children's paddlings were ending; they'd gotten the same number of swats as their initial switchings. Now their Daddies were simply handspanking their poor, bare bottoms as they lay quietly over paternal laps and cried.

Melody watched, fascinated, as the harsh strappings continued to blister the naughty bare bottoms of the poor Penitatas sentenced to Pilgrim Punishment.

As each Daddy ended his childs good, sound paddling—after their session with the punishment strap—he set the child on their feet, stood up—and put the child right back on his or her welted and sore bare bottom, on the bench, to sit out an even longer time out. Slowly the bench filled with crying, sobbing little babies. It was getting on towards five PM before all the children had been strapped and paddled, and were quietly crying on the hard bench.

Melody giggled and quietly teased Jane about how red and sore her bare bottom must be, and how much sitting on the hard wood had to hurt. 'False sympathy' in revenge for Jane's terrorism...

But she had to stop teasing Jane to go eat supper with her folks. There were long tables set up with turkey, and corn on the cob, and pumpkin pie, and squash ('yuck') and all sorts of stuff, all as authentic as the Assville Historical Society could make it.

And Mel ate heartily, knowing that all the little 'participants' would be going to bed without supper tonight...

The children had to sit still, weight on their well-punished posteriors, until everyone had finished eating. Then it was time for the next step.

For the next step, each child would be put back into the pillory.

Poor little Jane and her nine fellow strappees were being escorted, forcibly, back to the wooden pillories.

They were about to get another good dose of the strap.

This time the children were stripped naked before being fastened into the wooden pillories. Jane just lay over the bar, crying hard, in anticipation of her horrible pain, as the punishers took up their straps and approached the children.

The heavy straps exploded across tender bare bottoms. The strappers shifted, and another dose of pain was doled out. And another; this time the straps impacted tender young thighs, not blistering little bottoms. Melody sobbed in sympathy as three good, hard lashes were applied to each child's upper thighs. Then four good licks to their poor bare bottoms, then three more hard whacks to the kid's thighs, then a final dose on their poor, blistering bottoms. Twenty good, hard strokes of harness leather this time, enough to blister the younger kid's bare rumps.

Special spanking day: the usual limits don't apply.

The kids were hardly moving under the last licks of their punishment. They just lay there and bawled.

Then they were released to their Mommy's care, as the next set were escorted to the pillories. Their Mommies escorted the children over to where twenty sets of stocks (in four kid-sizes) had been set up. The children screeched as their blistered seats made contact with the hard wood, sobbing as their hands and feet were fastened into the stocks, their sharply bent-over position insuring that there was no way they could get any of their weight off of their poor, blazing, welted and blistered bare bottoms.

They had to stay in the stocks until the next two sets of kids finished their strappings. Then they were finally released to be taken home by their parents. It had been a long, painful evening for the poor children.

As the last of the children were being released following their final strappings, Josh and Mary escorted Melody over for a closer look at the Colonial punishment frames. Mary stepped aside to ask one of the Board members something. When she nodded to Josh, Mel suddenly found her arm being much more firmly held.

The Board member was opening up one of the next-to-smallest pillories! Josh and Mary picked Melody up and bent her over the bar, gently forcing her head and arms into the padded openings as the official lowered the bar, pinning Melody's wrists and trapping her head.

"There's usually one or two parents who want to try one of these out, even if their kids aren't, ah, on the program, so to speak. Oh, there's another one; I'd better go help them..."

Melody was beginning to cry as her Mommy began to lift and tug up her long, Colonial dress and petticoats, lifting her up off of the bar long enough to get all her protective clothing well up and away from her little seven-year-old bottom.

"We were planning on a bedtime spanking tonight, anyway, Melody. But we thought it would be so appropriate for you to get it in the pillory, it being Thanksgiving and all..."

"Noo! Mommy! Pleease! Y-you're barin' me right out in front of everbody!" And she was—Melody's drawers were in the process of being lowered to her knees as she spoke.

"Oh, don't fuss, Melody. It's just a good, sound spanking! I've spanked you in public before!"

So she had. But the position Melody was in, her head and hands pinned, her bared bottom upthrust towards the sky—it made her feel horribly exposed and helpless and naughty!!

Surely they wouldn't use one of those horrible...No, they wouldn't! Melody almost sighed in relief as she felt the hard back of her Mommy's walnut hairbrush patting the base of her bare bottom. But she didn't feel any relief as that brush started SPANKing down onto her little tush!!

And then she felt the hot sting of her Mommy's 'helper paddle', and that her Mommy and Daddy were clearly alternating swats onto her poor bare bottom. Under the rapid spanking, Melody's nates began to burn and sting intolerably. She began to cry as her bottom rapidly blushed under the sound spanking.

Soon the spanking wound down. "Melody, dear, I want you to guess which of us was using the paddle and which the hairbrush. If you guess right, you may have ten minutes over in the stocks. If you guess wrong, you'll get twenty more spanks from each of us...and twenty minutes in the stocks."

What a descision!! Melody started to say that her Daddy had used the brush. After all, it was a 'Mommy's helper'. But then she realized that the little paddle hadn't felt quite the same. It had stung a lot more than usual. And it seemed to have concentrated more on her under-curves than Mommy usually did.

"Mommy hairbrush, Daddy th' paddle." she said confidently. A lot more confidently than she felt.

"Right you are, Melody!! Josh, let her out so that we can go get her fastened into the stocks."

Which they did. Melody hated the horrible bent-over position, that put all her weight on her well-spanked bottom. Her bare bottom, even though her long skirts covered up her entire body, underneath her bare bottom pressed firmly into the hard wooden bench.

Ten minutes later, the Johnsons left Assville Town Square and returned home, where Melody was bathed and put right to bed.