Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of (physically) three and seven year old girls. (Also a flashback of the seven year old at six). If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon

Visiting IV

Sat, Nov. 28, 2748

Part 39 of Melody's Stories

Not only was Ellen finally being allowed to come over to visit, she was coming over for a sleepover. Apparantly, having decided that Ellie was untraumatized by her birthday-visit to see Melody, her parents had finally relented and agreed to let her sleep at Melody's house.

Ellen showed up around four PM on Saturday, and she and Melody repaired directly to Melody's room to play together. Ellie was fascinated by Melody's 'Spanking Susie' doll, Robin...

"Now, Robin, you been a bad little girl, and you Aunt Ellie is going to have to spank you now." Claimed little Ellie, as she seated herself on Melody's little 'corner chair' and settled the doll down onto her lap. She unfastened the shoulder straps of Robin's red striped romper and slipped the coveralls off the doll's shoulders. As Robin sobbed "No spank me. Please no spank Robin Aunt Ellie. Please." (Melody had spent a few quick minutes at the computer when Ellie showed interest in Robin, but a translate program would have to be integrated at the factory. Fortunately, Ellen's Panglish had been improving steadily.) Ellen turned the doll over her lap and worked the romper down to Robin's plastiflesh knees. The doll's yellow panties quickly followed, as Robin's protestations continued in her sythetic child's voice, "Nooo! Not Bare Bottom!! Robin Hate Bare Bottom Spankin's Waaaah!" But this spanking was indeed to be bare bottom! Ellen's little three year old (almost four, Melody thought, by now—she'd started out a bit older than three. And she looked quite a few months older than that.) hand began spanking Robin's plastaflesh bare bottom briskly.

Robin's little rump reddened nicely, as it was designed to do, and the doll cried enthusiastically as her Auntie spanked. Melody looked on in amusement; she knew that Ellen had been quite frustrated at the Miller's. A spanko 'bottom', her physician parents had punished her just about any way but the one she most craved and feared. It was strange — Melody could never quite figure out why Ellie had been given parents so clearly unsuitable. She'd been rejuved — why were the darn medical qualifications so all-powerfully important?

And clearly Ellen had missed spanking — the job she was doing on Robin's rump clearly showed that. And yet, she'd clearly hated the few quick spankings she had gotten. Yet she remembered them vividly, and seemed strangely both attracted and afraid of them.

Melody couldn't figure Ellen out, as much as she liked and cared about her.

Besides, if Ellie was a 'bottom', why was she getting such a kick out of blistering poor Robin's synthetic butt?

Ellie shook her hand, which was beginning to sting. While Robin's padded bottom had been designed for spanking, Ellen had really been going..."Hmph. Melody, would you pleas gimme me your hai'brush so I can prop'ly deal wit'dis notty young lady?"

"WAAAH!! WAAAAH!! No Hairbrush!! No Hairbrush! Pleeze! It hurt Robinz Bare Bottom Too MUCH! Waaaah! Noo Hair Brush!!" inserted Robin's programming, loudly.

But Melody was all to happy to give in to Ellen's demand. And when the back of her red maple hairbrush impacted the doll's bare bottom, its sensors detected the little transmitter Mommy had inserted into the brush (as per the doll's directions), and Robin's crying and bawling went up several notches, as the doll-child protested her bare-bottom punishment even more enthusiastically...

"OWWW! Waaaah. Aunt Ellen! OWWW! Pleease! Th' Hairbrush hurts my little bare bottom too much!! Pleeze! It hurrts! I be a good littl' girl! ! I promissse! No Spank Me Any More!!! Waaaaah! the Brush!! The BRUSH!! Waaaah! Noooo!"

Finally Ellen tired of the game, and carried her naughty little 'niece' to the corner to sit out her punishment time. At first, the doll loudly sobbed and cried as it sat on the floor in the corner. But when Melody told her to 'be quiet, young lady, or else we'll just have us another spanking', Robin quieted down to little sobs.

[Wow! That was FUN Melody!! Those spanking dolls are the best! (grinning) Now I know what I'm asking for for Christmas!! Think I'll get it from 'Santa'??]

[(also grinning) Maybe so — but the best way would be to get your Mom and Dad to take you to the mall. As a Medicalos, and so young, you'll get to go straight to the front of the line to sit on Santa's lap. Once there, ask him for it yourself — lound and clear. After that, believe me, the Miller's won't have much choice in the matter...]

[Really!! (Ellie was amazed!!) Santa? In the malls? just like back home??]

[Yeah, we've kept that whole thing. Or I should say the department stores and toy stores have. Hey, ah, you'll probably end up at a Kindern mall, if I know your folks, but Medicalos even has priority over Kindern...]

[HUH?? But they're the real kids...]

[Yes, but like I said, everybody is supposed to try to make you guys as happy as possible. Remember, Johnny's Mommy moved to Assville and he's in my school 'cause he likes to watch girl's gettin' spanked. Which he sees plenty of, you betcha. Ah, Ellie, if you're a 'bottom', why'd you enjoy paddling Robin so much? I don't understand. I think Mommy's one, too; at least I think I've heard her over Daddy's knees sometimes, but she sure enjoys turning me up and over her lap!! What's goin on?]

[Oh! Well, Melody, even though I'm a 'bottom', I still enjoy the 'topping' occasionally; most spankos swing at least a little both ways. Besides, even while I was playing at spanking Robin, I was also imagining myself as Robin getting spanked. I dunno. I just loved it! that's all...]

Melody realized that all this was far more complex than she'd thought it was. [Well, maybe. I wish you could go visit our mall; I think you'd enjoy it. More'n I would!!]

[Huh? Why?]

[Well, When you got up on Santa's knees, and he asked if you'd been a good little girl, you could say yes. Even if you said no, which'd sorta surprise everybody...HEY! you know...]

[Maybe (with a mischievous glint in her eye), but go on, Mel...]

[Yeah, ah, you can say you've been good, and a 'soft-timer' might get away with a 'mostly', but a hard-timer HAS to say "No, Santa, I've been a very naughty little girl" loud and clear. And of course, that means Santa has to give our bare bottoms a good, hard spanking FIRST...THEN we're allowed to ask for what we want for Christmas. I remember last year — I was just rejuved, but sitting on that lap and 'asking for it' was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do...]

* * *

Melody's mind flashed back almost a year, to the week before Christmas. Her Mommy and Daddy had taken her to the mall to see Santa, over her protests, and carefully coached her on what to say.

Melody got in line with the other children. It moved rather slowly, as the occasional Voluntaras stepped to the head of the line. Once there was even a short line of Voluntaras at the front!! But slowly Melody and her parents moved to the front of the line, until finally Melody was next.

Santa was being played by a man who looked really fat!! Mel guessed he'd probably used a metabolic modifier for months to put on the weight!! What devotion to his job; he must really love it. Trust Assville Mall to have a Santa who played his part to the hilt!! To actually risk his health just for a once-a-year tour!!

Melody knew his doctor had to make him slim down in the 'off season', so his weight must go up and down like a yo-yo!!

All of which was just a distraction; Melody had a fate to meet... She walked forward, as Daddy started his holo-camera (as did the 'official' cameraman; you had to pay to play...)

Melody pulled herself up onto the large man's lap. Suddenly, desperate, she whispered "Is all that fat real? Don't your doctor make you get it off?"

"Ho Ho Ho!! (whispered)No, little lady, I've had plastafat implants to make me look fat, that's all. I like looking like Santa — I play him all year round!! And... that question will cost you a little bit 'extra' in a minute... (loud) Now, then, Have You Been a GOOD little girl, Melody?"

Oh Noooo! Melody quickly moved to regain as much favor as possible: "No, Santa, I've been a very naughty little girl." Melody waited for her spanking...

"Oh? And what did you do that was so naughty, Hmmm?"

Aggg! This was Santa's revenge! "I- I stole some money from some people who trusted me, Santa."

"Ohh, a little thief. Well, Santa knows how to deal with naughty little-girl thieves...He just turns them up onto their little tummies", (he turned Melody's small six-year-old body over onto her tummy). "Then he turns up her little dress..."(Turning up the short skirt of Melody's little red sailor dress) "then he pulls down her naughty little panties..." (her sheer, white nylon panties slipped down Melody's legs easily as Santa lifted her up just a bit. Melody started to cry as her bottom was bared in front of the entire mall).

"And then Santa gives the naughty little-girl thief a good, sound spanking, right on her little baby bottom. <SPANK!!> Santa spanks <SMACK!!> her bottom good <WHACK> and hard <CRACK!> so she can learn <SPLAT!> to be a GOOD <SPANK!> little girl, <WHAP!!> and move <WHAP!> from Santa's <WHACK!> 'naughty' list <SPANK-SPANK-SPANK!!> to his 'good' list <SPLAT! WHAP! THWHAP!> And sometimes, Melody <SMACK!> when Santa meets an ESPECIALLY <SPANK!SMACK!WHACK!> NAUGHTY <SMACK!> <SPANK! THWHAP!> LITTLE <WHACK! CRACK! SPANK!> GIRL <SPANK! SMACK!> like YOU"...<SPANK-WHACK-THWAP-SMACK-WHACK-SPANK!>

"Why, then he just has to reach for his little PADDLE..."

Which Santa did, a 'mother's helper' decorated in tiny little reindeer, with tiny little red glowing bottoms...

And then Santa showed little Melody just what how adept he was at dealing with little girls who were NOT 'nice'.

Melody's session with Santa was overly long, but everybody thoroughly enjoyed it. Except Melody.

And when she sobbingly asked for a 'Spanking Susie' doll, (as she'd been told to), Santa just shook his head and looked sad, and said, "Nooo, I think that this year you can just look forward to switches and coal, little miss. Unless you can be a really good little girl until Christmas..."

* * *

Melody shudder passed as the memory left her. She'd certainly go strictly by the script this year!! [Anyway, you'd probably enjoy all the kids getting spanked by Santa. And I'd enjoy you waltzing by all those old Voluntaras kids, and watching THEM have to let somebody cut in line for once...Hey!! If we can get Johnny to go along, we can make'em wait through TWO! And Medicalos get to spend as much time with Santa as they want!!]

(grinning)[And if I pull my "No" trick, we can mess up everything! but — you think Santa will spank me??]

[If it's the same guy as last year, yeah, probably. But he'd almost certainly warm the seat of your pants; just don't wear a skirt — that might be too tempting!! And, when you ask for a Spanking Susie, ask for all the extras — like the kicking and wiggling option! Maybe even the new after-spanking hopper model!! Your folks are physicians; they can afford it. Heck, it probably all comes out of some research budget, anyway; the government can sure afford it...]

While our two heroines are plotting their devious plots, time has marched on, and it is suppertime. One advantage to Ellen's visit: all the food is stuff Ellie likes — and Melody, too! No having to choke down Brussells Sprouts tonight!!

After supper, Mary took Melody and Ellen upstairs for their baths. Even though Ellen was a lot younger, she and Melody had the same bedtime — Medicalos vs. Penitatas. So they got ready for bed together.

The bath was a lot of fun, and Mary let Melody 'get away' with a lot more fun and mischief than she ever would've usually. But Melody didn't try half the stuff Ellie did. Finally, Ellie actually got stood up for a swat, which finally quieted her down.

Mommy got them ready for bed, dressing both little girls in their long nightgowns. Ellie's was a long version of one of Melody's favorites — it had a cartoon of Boswell Bunny on the front.

(Boswell Bunny had another name in the 20th century, according to Ellie. While his appearance had changed, and he'd been re-done as a holo-character, his cartoons were essentially re-makes of Bugs Bunny's. He was even more popular in the 28th century, since rejuves could appreciate the humor on BOTH levels...)

Melody's nightie was bright red. This worried her a bit; Mommy had bought the nightie a week or so ago, and Mel had already gotten two bedtime spankings in it. Mommy said she liked to use the color of the nightie to tell when Melody's bare bottom was 'done'.

But in a few moments, the two girls were led giggling into Melody's room.

"Now, girls." said Mary "It's time for the floor show."

Floor show?? Mary called them over to the window. It was closed against the chilly November weather, as was little Janey Smythe's window across the way.

But they could still see Janey standing quietly in the corner, waiting, her Mommy looking out the window.

Mary waved at Rebecca Smythe. She'd been waiting for THEM. With her hairbrush in her hand.

Mrs. Smythe sat down on the straight-backed chair she'd set up right in front of the window. Then she called her very, very naughty little daughter out of the corner.

Jane could clearly see Melody and Ellie through the windows. The pure outrage on her tiny face, in her little body, only a year older than Ellie's, delighted the three onlookers. Jane was wearing a little, frilly pink nightie that barely reached the tops of her thighs.

She clearly had no panties on underneath, since the girls got a good, clear look at her bare bottom as she climbed up onto her Mommy's lap for her spanking. Somewhat to Melody's surprise, Mrs. Smythe smoothed down the nightie before beginning to spank Jane. The hairbrush was lying on the floor next to her, and her broad palm was dusting off the seat of Jane's nightie with good, hard smacks. It was surreal — the double set of storm windows completely blocked out the sound. It was like they were watching a silent movie as Jane cried and wiggled and squirmed over her Mommy's lap as she was soundly spanked. Ellie silently counted thirty good spanks. And Jane's bottom wasn't even bare yet.

It was a few seconds after the thirtieth spank, though. Jane's Mommy slowly pulled up the hem of the short-short nightie, sliding the pink fabric up onto Jane's back. Then her hard hand resumed spanking Jane's now-bare bottom.

Jane's wiggling and clear crying increased rapidly as her fanny was stung on the bare. Melody and Ellen could clearly see the tears streaming down Jane's face. Again Ellen counted the spanks. Forty this time. Forty good, sound handspanks before Mrs. Smythe's hand reached down for the hairbrush.

Not Jane's hairbrush. HER hairbrush.

Jane clearly howled as the hard hairbrush back burned into her bare nates. Ellen watched in fascinated horror as her tiny bottom was flattened by the hard brush, springing back pure white, then suddenly turning a darker red. Hotter and darker with each good, sound, bare-bottomed spank.

Then Jane's wiggling and struggling ceased, and she clearly was lying over her Mommy's knees crying hard as her spanking continued to its conclusion — after fifty good, stinging spanks had been applied to Jane's four-year-old bare bottom.

Finally her Mommy let her up, and Jane bounced around the room for a few moments, trying to rub the fire out of her bottom — then just patting at it as she realized it was far to well spanked to rub.

Finally, Mrs. Smythe caught Janey on a bounce and put her into her bed, where she tucked her right in, then turned out the light.

Show over.

Or was it? Mary was drawing closed the curtains... and seating herself on Melody's bed. "Now, Melody, I think its your turn to entertain our guest. Come on over and ask me to give you a good bedtime spanking."

Melody froze for a moment. But while the Millers might not understand Ellie, Mommy certainly did! So with a sniffle, Melody minced over to her Mommy's side and recited:

"M-Mommy, I- I'm a naughty little Penitatas, and I need for you to give me a g-good spankin' to h-help me grow up t'be a Good Girl."

To Ellen's mixed delight and consternation, Mary then began to pull up Mel's red nightgown, up well past her little bottom. Only then was Melody turned up over her Mommy's lap, her red nightie pushed well up above her bare, pale bottom.

Then Mary began to spank. Whenever Mel tried to beg off, or apologize, or promise to be good, Mary just quietly 'shushed' her, and continued to spank. She spanked Melody until the seven-year-old was crying and sobbing, kicking her little legs just a bit and wiggling around trying to avoid each spank. Then...

"Ellen, would you please bring me Melody's hairbrush from her dresser, dear?" Mary paused in her spanking, just holding the sobbing Melody over her knees. Ellen went over to the dresser and picked up her friend's hairbrush. It was about 9 1/2 inches long, three or so wide. It was really thick and heavy, made of some sort of reddish wood. Ellen shuddered as she handed the brush to Mary.

"D-do you HAVE to spank Melody with that brush? I mean, right now?"

"Nooo, I don't suppose I have to. I suppose, if you really wanted to...

"You could take her place..."

Ellen flinched. Not that she wasn't intrigued, but that hairbrush...

"W-would you have to use th-THAT???"

"Oh, no!! If you don't want me too, I could just give you a little spanking with my hand. If you want me to....

"If you need me to. You know you haven't been as good as you want to be, don't you??"

Ellen was suddenly crying. "Y-yes!! I-I need you to! I need a good spankin'!! I need to know somebody CARES!!" Ellen suddenly rushed across the floor, almost throwing herself onto Melody's bed.

"PLEEZE spank me!! Spank me good an' hard!! But—"

Mary quickly put Mel on her feet and motioned the puzzled child to her corner..."Yes, Ellen?? But?"

Ellen whispered into Mary's ear. "Why, of COURSE you may!! How about 'Robin'? Like Melody's doll. Will that do??"

Ellen (quietly) "Th-that'll be fine, Ma'am. W-will you spank me now?"

Mary quietly smoothed the three-year-old's hair back, then gently helped he child up and over her lap, making sure Ellen was thoroughly supported and comfortable. She then smoothed down Ellen's Boswell Bunny nightgown and began to gently spank the little girl.

"I knew you needed this, Ellie. You're just like me, sometimes you need a good spanking to help you feel loved and wanted and needed. It helps you let go of all those nasty feelings you just keep bottled up inside. You're afraid, and you feel alone, and while the Miller's are really good people, and they've taken very good care of you, they just don't understand this part of you."

As she spoke, Mary was spanking the seat of Ellen's little nightie. Not hard, not soft, just... briskly. Ellie lay quietly as the hand slapped her little bottom. Finally, Ellie begins to wiggle and squirm a bit, as her baby bottom began to sting.

This is what Ellie is waiting for, and she stops spanking long enough to gently pull up Ellie's white nightgown. Once the nightie is up against her leg, she simply lifts up Ellie's legs with her right hand while quickly sweeping the nightie up past Ellie's waist with her left. Now Ellie finds herself over Mary's lap with her bare bottom ready for spanks. Mary resumes spanking, this time a little faster and just a bit harder.

Ellie is wiggling and 'Ow' ing quite a bit more now, as her tiny bare bottom is stung by Mary's hand. But 'Robin' never passes her lips, so Mary continues to spank her little bare bottom. She begins to kick a bit, and Mary stops again.

"You're taking your spanking very well, Ellen. Even better than last summer. But this is different. That was a punishment spanking you richly deserved. This spanking... is one you truly need".

"I know!! I know!! I-I wanna be a good girl. I-I need you to spank me more!! spank me 'til I-I..."

"Shhh! I know, I know. Save your breath for crying, dear; you'll need it soon!!" And Mary resumes spanking Ellen's bare bottom, and swats impact her pinkening bottom more often, and her little fanny flattens out under them now, and Ellie is kicking and wiggling now, and more 'OWieee! Yowsie! Oww! It STIINGS!" were erupting from the spanked little girl.

"I know, dear. Let it in... let the good spanks in and let them wash all your naughtiness away, like a good girl..."

The spanking continues until Ellen is sobbing and crying now, her tiny bottom is quite a bit red. Mary stops again and says "Ellen, are you certain you want to go on?? Do you need to??"

"(sniffle) (sob) Wahah!! Y-yes!! Yes! I-I need more!! Pleease! Spank me! Spank me some more!! A-An' Aun' Mary??"

"Yes dear?"

"(SOB!!) (whisper)Use th' brush."

Startled, Mary rubs Ellen's back above her hot pink bottom and asks "Are you sure Ellie? You are awfully young for that..."

"I'm sure!! Do it!! N-now!! before I change my mind! I-I need it!"

So Mary picked up the big hairbrush from the bed beside her and began to spank. Carefully, but briskly and with a LOT of sting. Ellie howls as the quick spanks sting and burn her little baby bottom. She cries and sobs and bawls. She yells "IT HURRTS! It BURRNS!" she wails, and she WAAAAAH-WAAAAAAHs harder and harder.

But she never says 'Robin'.

When Ellie is finally really crying, bawling out all her bad feelings like the little girl she is, only then does Mary begin to slow the speed of the baby's sound spanking.

One final spank impacts Ellen's bare bottom. Ellen is crying hard, too hard to talk coherently. Mary just turns the little girl on her lap and begins to comfort and cuddle her with good, hard hugs and back rubs and petting. Mary comforts Ellen as...well, as a mother would comfort a much-beloved, but occasionally very naughty, and quite well-spanked little daughter.

Finally Mary puts Ellen face down on Melody's bed. "Melody, would you please fetch the nano-lotion from the medicine cabinet?? Computer!! Allow Melody into the medicine cabinet and check that she ONLY removes the nano-lotion bottle; authorization Johnson- zeta-alpha-three-four-seven."

Melody dashes off for the bottle, and watches as her Mommy gently rubs it into the crying little girl's bare bottom. Ellen is almost asleep when Mary hits the activator.

"(sob) Hmmmn. (sniffle) Ohhh. I-I am a good girl. I-I feel. HEY!"

Ellen head snaps up as the fierce itch hits her bottom. "Wh-what's THAT? it ITCHES!!"

Mary intercepts Ellen's hands as they sweep back to scratch. "Whoa! that's the nano-lotion, Ellie!! or don't you WANT the burning in your bottom to go away. You had this last summer, remember??"

"Yeah, an' I hated it THEN. It ITCHES, an' I-I'm TIRED. How'll I sleep??"

Mary, (grinning): "Like a log. Melody, into bed with Ellie, now!"

Melody obeyed quickly, her slight hopes for a dose of nano-lotion for her OWN spanked bottom forgotten.

And both girls fell right asleep as Mary triggered the delta-inducer built into Melody's headboard.

Which took care of the itching problem....

* * *

The next morning, Mary awakened both little girls from their sound sleep. She quickly ushered them downstairs for a good, big breakfast of waffles and syrup, bacon, buttered toast and jam, baktash fruit, orange juice, and fresh milk. There was much giggling and whispering around the table as the girls ate, still dressed in their nightgowns.

Then Mommy guided the girls upstairs to the bathroom, to wash their faces and hands before getting dressed for Sunday School and Church.

Ellen was rather excited about Sunday School. While her parents had their neighbor take her to the local church most Sundays, they weren't believers, so this portion of her life was also being neglected. And the Sunday School at that church was strictly for Kindern; in that prim-and-proper neighborhood, nobody realized that a rejuvenated 'adult' might want to attend.

But in a Penitatas neighborhood, many of the kids went whether they wanted to or not. After all, it was 'good for them'; and, more practically, they needed all the moral guidance they could get.

And the discipline in the classes was quite strict.

Melody was dressed in a long pink print dress, with a slip under it. Ellen wore a light green frock over a starched white shirt, again with a proper slip. Both children had on their best shoes and neat little straw hats pinned to their heads.

They were as cute as buttons.

They met little Jane and her Mommy as they left the house. Since the small church was only 3 blocks away, and the weather (while cool) was clear, they were going to walk. From the way Jane's free hand crept back to rub the seat of her little sailor dress, SHE had spent the night without benefit of nano-lotion; clearly her little bottom was still quite sore.

Ellen enjoyed the brisk little walk, her hand firmly held my Mary, even as Josh held Melody's hand. She watched all the neighborhood Penitatas, all dressed in their Sunday best, all trooping off to Sunday School.

At the church, the children gathered in the schoolroom while the adults met upstairs to discuss Business. Their teacher today was old Mrs. Barnes. She was currently Mommy to two little Penitatas girls aged five and eight.

She introduced Ellen, with special emphasis on her Medicalos state. Johnny wasn't a member of their church (being C of E, of course, he went to the Episcopal church down the street). So many of the kids hadn't ever met a Medicalos. And Nobody had met someone from the twentieth century!! (Except those who'd attended Melody's birthday party, of course).

Ellen was very good, and listened carefully to the lesson. Mostly because she was very interested — a lot had changed. Especially how the church had dealt with the problem of alien life forms, many of whom were totally inhuman.

Finally she was getting some serious answers to questions she'd been asking herself.

So she was definitely not amused when Tommy dropped his book. For the second time.

Mrs. Barnes frowned at the boy, and suddenly asked Ellen "Dear, would you mind terribly if I dealt with that boy?? I think I need to take him to the cloakroom..."

"Oh, don't both'r with that on my accoun, Ma'am. Go head and paddl' him in fron of the class. I won't mind. 'Spare the rod' and all that."

Which was how the naughty little five-year-old suddenly found himself bare-bottomed in front of the entire Sunday school class getting a sound spanking.

Mrs. Barnes took Ellie at her word. She used a paddle.

The lesson continued over the soft sobbing as Tommy cried quietly in the corner, pants around his knees, along with his undershorts.

The next interruption came from Jane Smythe, whose constant wiggling finally got on to Mrs. Barnes' nerves. "WHY can't you sit STILL and listen young lady?? Do I have to spank you to get your attention??"

"Nooo! Mama spanked me hard last night! Tha's why I-I'm havin' trouble sittin', Ma'am!! Please don't spank me again!!"

Melody gasped at Jane's bad mistake!

"Janey Smythe!! You know that a well-spanked bottom is no excuse for wiggling in class!! Not for a little Penitatas, at least!! Now, Peter or Sophie (the classe's two ten-year-old Voluntaras) would be another case, and if little Ellie were sitting on a well-spanked bottom I'd let her use a pillow. But YOU, young lady, can just come up to the desk for another good spanking!! If you can't sit still, I'll just see to it you can't sit at all!!"

Crying, Jane left her hard seat and stepped over to Mrs. Barnes' left side. At her age, she of course sat up front, where she could see. Right next to Ellie, in fact.

So Ellie had a marvellous view as Mrs. Barnes turned Jane up and over her knee and lifted the skirt of her sailor dress up and onto her back, along with her slip.

Then she watched Jane's white panties being slowly tugged down to her knees. Her bottom still showed the marks of the previous evening's sound spanking. It was clearly still very tender. And it turned a bright red very quickly as Mrs. Barnes spanked the little four-year- old soundly with one of the classroom paddles. The paddle was quite large, almost 40 cm. of 5 cm wide spanking surface attatched to a handle. It was very thin, though. On the flat spanking surface were 2 pictures of a little girl. One being cuddled by her Mommy. The other of her being soundly spanked over her Daddy's knees, her bare bottom painted a bright hot red. The legend read:

"He who loves his child shall not spare the rod."

This broad board was still being applied briskly to Jane's bare bottom when the rector entered to tell the class it was time to go up to services.

It looked like Jane would be late; as the other kids lined up and were led out (Ellie was placed in the charge of Peter and Sophie), Jane was still lying over the teacher's lap having her bare bottom soundly spanked...

Ellie and Melody were duly delivered to Josh and Mary in their pew. There they sat through the regular service, Melody sitting up straight and alert.

Ellen, however, was having trouble staying awake. Perhaps she'd had a bit too much excitement in Sunday School Class. She finally nodded off and ended up being held on Mary's lap. One of the ushers slid up to the pew, frowning (little Penitatas are not allowed to sleep in church). Mary just silently held up one of Ellen's 'M' emblazoned hands, and he immediately smiled, nodded and left.

Finally services were over. The Johnson family thanked the pastor for his sermon, (after awakening an embarassed Ellen, who apologized to him for falling asleep). Then they left the church to walk home.

In front of them, Mrs. Smythe was escorting a crying Jane home in disgrace. By her left earlobe. All four blocks home.

"Rebecca!!" called Mary. Mrs. Smythe paused in her rapid stride. "Would you mind looking after my two for a few minutes, while I get dinner ready??" Mrs. Smythe grinned — and so did Ellen and Melody. Everybody knew what would be happening in the Smythe household before Sunday dinner.

"Of course, Mary, I'd be delighted. Perhaps Melody could help me deal with this naughty little penny of mine. And how about you, little Ellie?? Would you like to help me spank little Janey-Waney??"

Oh, Ellie would love to!!

Shortly, at the Smythe's, little Jane was sobbing with her face in the corner, her little white sailor dress pinned high up on her back, along with her slip. Her panties had beed removed, and the naughty little four-year-old knelt, her hands on her head, her knees lying on the little apple switch that would soon be striping her naughty little bottom.

Ellie stood behind Jane, watching her like a hawk. Every time Janey moved, even a wiggle, Ellie counted out another number.

Ellie had been promised she and Melody could give Jane a good, hard spank for each time Jane moved. Jane tried not to breathe. The pain in her knees was indescribable.

Ellie had counted up to thirty-two before Mrs. Smythe came back in. She motioned Melody to the couch, while she picked up her little miscreant in her arms—and deposited the child over Melody's lap.

Melody had played this game with Jane before, and had Mrs. Smythe's 'Mother's Helper' paddle all ready. The seven-year-old began to spank little Jane's four-year-old bare bottom hard as soon as her Mommy had her settled.

Jane cried and bawled as Melody spanked her as hard as she could. Thirty-two good spanks later, Mrs. Smythe picked up a bawling Jane and deposited the child on her own broad lap.

The little switch was in her hand.

<Whhh-AP!> "Aiiiieeeeeowwwwiee" howled Janey as a bright red stripe leapt across her tiny little bottom. Melody's good paddling had left it a bright hot pink, sore and tender—perfectly warmed up for a good, sound switching from her Mommy.

Mrs. Smythe was using a very little switch for Jane's very little bottom. The length of peeled apple branch was barely 40 cm. long, and even the base was only a few millimeters thick. It was incredibly whippy, though, and bright little red lines sprung up all over Jane's bare bottom as her Mommy snapped it down across her little hams over and over again.

<Sssswap!> <Sssmack!> <Thhhap!> <Whhhack!> went the little switch as Jane howled and bawled like she was being killed. The sound spanking the night before, her Sunday School Spanking, Melody's good paddling—all of these had left her poor little bottom very sore and tender. Which made the little switch sting and burn worse that Janey could've imagined. Ellen and Melody giggled and nudged each other at Janey's antics over her Mommy's lap. She was really wiggling and squirming around on the broad lap, crying and bawling and trying to beg off, to promise to be good. But that stinging switch had her bawling too hard to make sense!!

It was a good, long switching, and Jane's poor bare bottom was a solid red, her little rump a solid mass of stingy little red lines.

Her Mommy let her up, and Jane began bouncing around the room, fanning her fanny to try to cool it off.

As Melody corralled Jane, making her keep her hands away from her burning bottom, Rebecca Smythe got Ellen settled onto the couch.

Then she and Melody got Jane stripped bare naked and settled over Ellen's lap.

Jane howled even harder as she realized it wasn't over yet. And she howled worse as she realized she was being put over the knees of a little girl EVEN LITTLER THAN SHE WAS.

It really looked ridiculous, the 110cm-tall, 18 kilo Janey lying over Ellen's lap, the tiny child barely a meter tall, and weighing only 14 kilos. Melody held Jane's legs while Mrs. Smythe gently restrained her daughter's wrists. Ellen raised Mrs. Smythe's little 'Helper' paddle and brought it down onto the older baby's bare bottom.

Right onto the mass of bright red, burning, stinging little welts.

Janey howled and tried to buck off of Ellie's lap, but her Mommy and Melody held her down, grinning at the sight of the naughty little girl howling and carrying on over the knees of an even littler girl.

And Ellen did a proper job, bringing down the little paddle just as hard as she could a full thirty-two times. Then a few more, as Mrs. Smythe pointed out 's few spots she'd missed', though she declared that 'Ellen had done a very good job for such a little girl'.

Then Jane was deposited back in the living room corner, SITTING DOWN on a high, hardwood stool, bare ass naked and bawling hard.

And it was time for Ellen and Melody to go home for their big Sunday dinner.

* * *

After dinner, Ellen had to go take a nap. (She IS a very little girl!!) So, of course, Melody had to go with her. (She wasn't THAT much older. Besides, you couldn't have a Penitatas up having fun while a Meldicalos is down for a nap, now could you??)

But after an hour's liedown, they were back up and playing. After an hour or so, Mary came into the room and interrupted their fun.

"I'm sorry, girls, but I'm afraid it's time for Melody's next spanking." Melody's face fell. But she was Penitatas, and should've expected it.

Whining a little, Melody left off playing with Robin and let her Mommy lead her over to the straight-backed chair for her spanking.

Mommy quickly pulled her elastic-waisted pink polka-dot pants down to her knees, leaving Melody dressed in just her light blue t-shirt and her pink cotton panties.

Then Melody was over her Mommy's lap 'Yeow-'ing as Mary's hand spanked her little panty-seat soundly. Once Melody was nicely sobbing, Mary pulled down her little panties and resumed her spanking on her bare bottom, all while her friend Ellen stared at her friend's sound punishment with mixed delight and sympathy.

She knew how much Melody hated getting spanked, but she also knew how much she loved watching.

Josh came in just as Melody's sound handspanking was coming to a close. He had the floating holocam with him, and as Melody was released from her Mommy's grasp, he took her gently by the hand and led her over to the bed. Picking up her hairbrush on the way.

Ellen looked on in fascinated horror as Melody began to wail and bawl even harder, as her Daddy turned her over his knee, took down her little panties, and began to soundly spank her bare, hot pink bottom with short, sharp spanks with the back of her hairbrush.

"Waaaaah! Nooo! Dad-dee! Na' the brush!!" <SMACK!!> "Yaaah-haaa! Nooo! It stings!" <SPANK!!> "Waaaaah-HAAAAH! It burrrns! <WHAP!> "Yeeeaaaoww! Waaaah! My BOTTOM!" <SPLAT!!> "Yeeeaaa-ooww-AAAAAAH! No! DADDY! NOOO!" <SWATT!> "WAAAAH! NO MORE SPANKS!!" <CRACK!!> "AAAA! NO!! DA-DA! NOOO!" <SPLAT!>

Melody's spanking was well under way, the stinging smacks turning her bare bottom rosy red, then crimson as she cried and wiggled cutely under the good spanks.

But the holo-cam wasn't looking at Melody. It was looking at Ellen.

"Ellen, come here, dear." asked Mommy.

Slowly Ellen got up, the back of her right hand pressed firmly to the seat of her dark green romper. She slowly approached Mary, knowing in her heart she wanted, needed another spanking, but also very afraid of a hot, stinging bottom.

Mary lifted Ellen onto her lap, cuddled her, and said "Ellen, I think you need another spanking to help you to be a good girl back home, don't you."

Sniffling a bit, Ellen nodded sadly. She did need a spanking!

Mary cuddled Ellen again, then turned her over her lap. She began to spank Ellie's skirt-covered fanny. Not hard at all, just little pats. Ellie began to relax and almost purr as the little slaps fell onto her well-padded bottom.

Melody's loud howls formed a bizarre counterpoint to Ellen's gentle swats. Then Mary paused for a moment, to turn back the hem of Ellen's romper, exposing the seat of her plain white cotton panties. Which Mary began to spank, the slaps falling more quickly and with a bit more force, so that Ellen began to 'yip' and sniffle occasionally, but still not really stinging any.

Meanwhile, Melody's sound hairbrush-spanking was coming to an end, and the crying, bawling little seven-year-old was being escorted to her corner, her pants and panties forcing her to walk over with tiny, mincing steps, her hands firmly clasped in front of her to help her endure the horrible temptation to rub her burning bottom.

Mary set Ellen onto her feet. The child was now just sniffling a bit. "Ellen, dear, do you think that that spanking will hold you for a while, and help you to be a good girl?? Or do you think that Melody's Daddy, Uncle Josh, needs to spank your little bare bottom to help you to behave??"

Ellen's eyes grew wide. Her bottom was pleasently warm. It sort of tingled. She didn't really want any more spanking.

Except that she really did want more spanking.

Sniffling a bit, Ellen toddled over to Josh, where he was sitting on Melody's bed.

"Unca Josh, w-would you please give me a lil' more spankin', so I'll behave myself for Mommy and Daddy. But — pleeze — just a little more spankin'!!"

Josh hugged Ellen warmly, and agreed to give her little bare bottom 'just a little more spanking'.

And then Ellen was over Josh's lap, her romper up and her panties down, and he was spanking her.

Not very hard at all, each spank just barely made Ellen kick a bit, or yelp quietly. But spanks add up, and soon Ellen was crying a little, sobbing and kicking her little feet.

That's when Josh stopped spanking the child, her bare bottom just nicely pink. He turned her over onto his lap and cuddled Ellen until she stopped crying.

Then he called Melody over from her corner. Ellen giggled at the sight Melody made trying to walk with her ankles thoroughly fettered by her pants and underwear. Melody joined Ellen on her Daddy's lap, sitting gingerly on is opposite knee.

And there the two girls were cuddled, sitting on their bare, spanked bottoms, until it was time to get Ellie packed and back home.