Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement in October of last year. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon

A Bad Day

Sunday Nov. 8, 2748

Part 37 of Melody's Stories

Melody knew better than to misbehave in Church. And, to be honest, she hadn't been very bad. Just a little wigglier and less attentive than she should be. The pastor was at a convention, and Mr. Billows, the deacon, was admittedly a less than entertaining preacher.

Which was no excuse, of course.

So as Mary fixed Sunday dinner in the kitchen, Josh had Melody fetch down her Very Own Spanking Paddle from her room. Josh fetched his old hover-cam and tripod from the closet, where they were kept. The floating cam was upstairs in his study, and he didn't feel like running up himself, or he wouldn't have sent Melody for the paddle. He seated himself on the couch and awaited the seven-year-old's return. The morning sun could be seen gleaming on the grass through the large living room windows. The drapes were pulled back as usual, and Josh had depolarized the windows to let more light into the living room. Of course, this meant that any of the kids running around and playing in the yard or street outside would soon be treated to a clear view of a naughty little girl's upcoming punishment, but so far as Josh was concerned, well, if Melody didn't want people to see her get punished she'd just have to learn to behave like a proper young lady.

Of course, as a Penitatas, that would only reduce her 'embarassing moments'. Not eliminate them.

A sniffling Melody stepped carefully down the stairs, one hand holding the bannister (as she'd been taught), the other her bright pink hardwood paddle. She came before Josh on the couch, sniffling a bit as she handed the long piece of painted pine to her stern Daddy. He briefly inspected the implement. Quite a bit of pink paint had rubbed off the plain, blank surface he usually spanked with. Worse, the edge had begun to splinter a bit, from the paddle being dropped (and once thrown by Melody in a fit of well-repaid temper). Basic wear and tear—the paddle had seen quite a bit of use over the past year. Because of the wear on the plain side, Josh had been using the decorated side for the past couple of months, and now the little verse in the center seemed to read:

Show Her at You ARE... Spank y... Bot ARE!!

(The paddles sold for Penitatas are designed to last about a year— deliberately. This gave the parents a good excuse to replace them at Christmas time (or other appropriate holiday) with one more suited to their growing charge).

"Hm, I guess you're about to need a new paddle, Melody. Well, I guess it's a good thing Christmas is only a couple of months away, isn't it?"

(Sniffle) "Yes, Daddy. I guess I'll be gettin' a new one. P-prob'ly a bigger'n thicker one, huh?"

"Oh, probably, probably. Now, let's just get you over my lap so we can discuss paying proper attention in Church, OK dear?"

And Josh took Mel gently by the arms and pulled her down over his broad lap. Her upper body rested comfortably on the couch, but her daddy twisted himself just enough to leave her little legs wiggling out in space, where they could kick. Then he began to apply his palm to the seat of her white skirt. Melody yowped a bit as his hard hand impacted the smooth fabric, but her fanny was well-enough padded that the spanks only stung a little bit.

But her Daddy finished the preliminaries quickly. Pausing in his discipline, Josh thought briefly, then his fingers began to unfasten the waist of Melody's skirt. Mel sobbed a bit as she realized that he was NOT about to pull up her skirt. Josh slid down the zipper, opening the skirt's waist, then inserted his fingers and slid the garment down to Melody's knees. This left him looking at the back of Melody's frilly little petticoat. With a grin, Josh began to spank the tight seat of the undergarment.

Now Melody was beginning to feel the spanking as the smacks stung her little bottom through two layers of cotton. She wiggled and kicked just a bit. She'd really hated the spankings her teacher had given her like this, multiple sessions as her bottom was slowly bared to the finish. She'd had to describe the spanking thoroughly to her parents at the supper table after those spankings; she guessed that her distress had led Josh to try the technique, since she was properly dressed for it this morning!

Melody was sniffling a bit now, as Josh paused again to continue disrobing Melody, this time making her lift up a bit so that her petticoat could be turned up nicely over her back. He then pushed her petticoat, shirttails, and undershirt well up her back, until there was a smooth strip of pale skin showing above her little white cotton panties, this pair covered with little yellow polka- dots.

Josh grinned as he gently patted the seat of Melody's panties. She sniffled, knowing that her fanny would soon be really burning. "Look out the window, Mel. Isn't that Tommy Denton from up the street?"

WHAT! Melody twisted her head around. Sure enough, there was eight- year-old Tommy. And he was just being joined by Judy, a five-year-old who lived the next street over, and her ten year old 'brother', Johnny. And next to them was...

"Noo! Daddy, please close the drapes! Pleeze!"

Little Jane was standing outside. Watching with a nasty little grin on her face as Melody 'got it'.

"Oh, no, Melody. Since you misbehaved publicly, I guess I'll just let you perform your penance for an audience." And Josh began to spank the thin seat of Melody's little panties with firm, stinging swats.

Melody YOWPed and bawled as her daddy spanked her little panty-clad bottom. Soon she was kicking and wiggling as fire ignited in her poor rump.

Then her daddy swiftly tugged her little panties down to her knees, almost without losing his spanking rhythm. All the kids let out a howl of glee at seeing Melody's little bare bottom exposed for its spanking. And Josh's hard hand began to impact on the exposed flesh.

Melody's howls and wiggles took on a new level, mostly from the increasing fire in her rump, but also in embarassment at being exposed before all her friends and neighbors.

Then there was a two-second pause in the spanking—before Melody felt the first burning, firey swat from her Very Own Spanking Paddle on her naughty little bare bottom. With her poor little fanny so well tenderized by Josh's sound warm-up spanking, the firey pain of that sound swat impacting her seven-year-old rump made Melody howl and kick like a little mule.

Josh smiled and applied another good, stinging swat to Melody's nates. And another.

The slow, rhythmic spanks began to make Melody really howl and bawl as she wiggled and kicked over her Daddy's lap, feeling sorrier and sorrier, more and more ashamed and punished with each crsip, burning swat applied to her bare bottom. Left cheek, right cheek, across both, then left again her Daddy applied firey pain to her poor buns with a slow, regular pattern, a swat every four seconds, that was rapidly turning Melody into a picture of the well-paddled little girl she so truly was.

Then it ended, with a particularly hard swat to Mel's buttocks. And she lay quietly and cried for a minute or so as her Daddy rubbed and massaged her burning cheeks, scolding her quietly about her mischief.

And the kids looking on smiled and giggled and pointed out how red her little bare bum-bums were.

Which was only fair. Melody had seen several of them "gettin' it" over the past few months, and had not lagged in her own teasing.

Then Josh stood Melody up, stood up himself, and carried her over to the living room corner that was left nice and empty just for her to stand in. And that's what she had to do—stand in the corner. Her skirt and panties were on the floor near the couch. Her petticoat was pulled up and around her armpits—held there by her hands, which were definitely NOT rubbing her little red bottom. Or even trying to cover it up.

But soon the neighborhood kids drifted away, as the rumor of another kid 'getting it' drifted in. And Melody stood in the corner until dinner was ready, then had to sit bare-bottomed at the table to eat.

Only after dinner was she allowed to get dressed, this time in a pair of jeans and a white longsleeved shirt. After all, she'd been punished for her minor naughtiness; there was no reason not to let her go out and play in the clear fall weather that afternoon.

Then the comm unit signaled. It was Cora Peterson.

Rodger had had a serious heart attack, and was in the hospital.

Mary, Josh and Melody spent the afternoon around the com unit, waiting for news. Finally Cora called back.

Rodger was all right, and he was conscious, and the doctors felt that the damage could be repaired. But at his advanced age, they questioned whether or not rejuvenation was the better answer. He and Cora were discussing it together, trying to decide if the few additional years would be worth the difficulties his declining health would make.

Over the next few days, the Peterson's would eventually decide that rejuvenation was the only answer. Cora would be rejuvenating as well. They had made arrangements with Cora's sister and her husband to raise them; they would be moving to Caracas to stay with them. They would also be getting a new brother, since Alice and Paul were currently caring for a Penitatas, an eight year old boy.

Cora would rejuvenate back to eleven, currently the oldest recommended age for rejuvenation, since it allowed the child to get used to being a child before the earliest upsets of adolescence hit. She would have preferred twelve, but the councelors and advisors made it such a hassle it just wasn't worth it.

Her husband, however, chose to rejuvenate back to nine. While Rodger was definitely fond of applying a hairbrush to the naughty behind of little Penitatas, he was also a definite 'bottom', a fact that Cora's sister knew very well, as she shared her sisters dominance. Rodger wouldn't catch it like little Wang, but Alice would see to it that he wasn't treated quite like a regular Voluntaras, either. As for Cora, well, she'd enjoy her brother's sessions over her new Mommy's lap whenever she could, but she didn't enjoy being on the receiving side herself.

Not that there wasn't some risk. If she misbehaved badly enough, Alice would certainly delight in paddling her bare bottom for it. But she'd definitely have to do something really naughty to earn a spanking.

* * *

But back to Sunday evening. Once they knew their friends were out of danger, Mary and Josh let Melody out to play briefly, and went back to supervising the cleanbots and tidying up the house. They were worried, and were afraid their friends would soon rejuve and leave their lives, but life does go on. It wasn't as if they were going to die or something.

Supper was a quiet time for the family, then Mary took Melody up to the bathroom while Josh cleared the dishes. As she scrubbed her baby girl, who had again magically aquired an amazing amount of dirt all over her slender frame, Mary reminded Mel about her slight mischief that morning, even slapping her wet, bare fanny a few times as she washed it with her washcloth.

And Melody wasn't perfectly behaved during her bath, either. She objected when her Mommy decided to wash her hair, then squealed and squirmed when she got shampoo in her eyes (as usual). Not that it hurt or anything, but it was annoying, having to have her eyes washed out with the sprayer and all.

So when her Mommy wrapped Melody in a big towel and carried her off to her room, Melody figured she was in for a good bedtime spanking. And she was right, of course.

After her Mommy had put her into a knee-length plain white nightie, she opened the window to 'get some fresh air in here'. Then she sat on the bed and began to brush out Melody's long blonde hair. A rather difficult task, as washing it always left it a bit tangled and hard to brush out. (The other reason Melody hated washing her hair).

As she finished up, they heard Janey from next door:

"Noo! Pleeze! I'm Sorry! Momma! I won' spash! Pleeze!"

Glancing at each other, Mary and Mel quickly went over to the window, the one that looked right into Janey's bedroom.

And were treated to the sight of a bare-naked and still-sopping Jane being led into her bedroom by her Mommy, who had a firm grip on the naughty child's left earlobe. Mrs. Smythe waved at them through the open window, but most of her attention was on her naughty little charge. The large, wet stain on her dress easily confirmed her scolding words. She had been giving her daughter a bath, just like Melody, but Janie had not been cooperating as well. Somehow, a large splash had occurred, and while Jane was trying frantically to say that it had not been deliberate, it had obviously happened. And Jane was about to pay the piper for her naughtiness.

Rebecca Smythe pulled a straight backed chair out from under Jane's vanity table and spun it around, setting it down out in the center of the room, where Melody and Mary could easily see it. Seating herself, she quickly turned her naughty little four-year-old up and over her lap, firmly grasping the still-wet and slippery little culprit firmly to keep her securely over her knees. Janey yelled and wiggled as her Mommy secured her firmly for her spanking. Then Rebecca reached beihind her and picked up Jane's little hairbrush off of her vanity.

Jane's hairbrush was quite a bit smaller than Melody's, resembling more closely the walnut brush Mary kept in her purse. It was a plain little-girl brush made of simple pine and painted with scenes from a current cartoon holoshow.

But it was still a flat-backed hairbrush, and it still made Jane howl 'Noooo!! Not the BRUSH! Noo Mom-mee! Nooo!" as it's little back spanked down onto her poor, tiny WET bottom!!. Jane cried harder as the little brush spanked her poor, babyish bottom to a bright red. The spanks weren't very hard, and her hairbrush wasn't very big. (She'd be getting a bigger one sometime soon, especially if her behavior didn't improve. Even now, for serious punishments, her Mommy preferred to use her hairbrush, but she'd left it in her purse for Jane's bath). But it still stung and burned her poor bottom!! Especially as her Mommy was spanking Jane with quick, brisk spanks about as fast as her hand could move, 2 or 3 spanks every second! The fire in her bottom was igniting at a furious rate! It hurt and Jane was crying and crying. By now her four-year-old bare bottom was dry, but that hardly made a difference as she howled and kicked under her Mommy's sound spanking. Then, suddenly, Mrs. Smythe tossed the brush onto the vanity and began spanking her naughty daughter with her broad maternal palm.

As Jane continued to cry her Mommy spanked her right down both of her tiny thighs, then resumed spanking her cherry red bare bottom. Finally the sound lesson ended, and Melody and Mary watched as Jane was finally dried off, dressed in pair of yellow 'bunny suit' pajamas and tucked right into bed. Then Mrs. Smythe closed the window, and signalled to Mary to close hers.

As Mary complied, she said "I Guess Becky doesn't want Jane to be disturbed by your spanking, Mel."

Gulp. "Th-that's considerate of her. Babys like Jane need their rest, huh? An' after that spankin' Jane'll have trouble sleepin' anyway!"

"Hmph. You're not much more than a baby yourself, young lady. Just barely seven years old!! Well, come over to your bed, little miss! It's time for me to spank some of the naughtiness out of your little bare bottom!!"

And that's just what Mary did. Take Melody over her knees, turn up the back of her little nightie, and spank her naughty little bare bottom back to a bright, hot pink. Then it was Mary's turn to tuck a crying little girl into her bed to cry herself to sleep.