Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon


Fri. Oct 30-Sat Oct 31, 2748

Part 36 of Melody's Stories

Melody watched, fascinated, as Mrs. Jackson expertly spanked little Gloria's pale bare bottom to a hot red glow with a nasty paddle, a grade 1 #4, the heaviest spanking paddle used on first graders, a 20cm oval 'spanker' fitted to a large handle covered in duroleather for a firm grip. It was almost identical to a grade 2 #2, except that the latter was rectangular. A full eight millimeters thick, a grade 1 #4 could flame a little first grader's bare bottom into a real bonfire in only a dozen swats.

After Mrs. Jackson had finished applying a full twenty swats to Gloria's bare bottom for failing to do her homework assignment the night before, she pulled up the child's white cotton panties, then stood her on her feet. Gloria's little palms fled back to rub her burning botty as Mrs. Jackson shook her finger at the naughty child and gave her a few last words of lecture. The she quickly tugged down Gloria's white petticoat and straightened her tartan skirt.

"We are having an assembly today, children, so form up into your lines while we go to the Auditorium." she announced.

"So THAT was why she'd hurried Gloria's paddling!!" thought Melody. She hadn't even 'warmed up' Gloria's bare bottom, much less applied the lengthy petticoat-and-panty preliminaries Melody had become so intimately familiar with during the term. An assembly! They didn't hold them every week; about once a month was average.

Melody wondered why as she formed into lines with the other children. She hadn't heard about anybody getting into real trouble, so it probably wasn't a public paddling; those were pretty rare, and the 'grapevine' was pretty reliable when somebody was 'for it'.

That left a film, or a safety lecture, or some talk by some local bigwig. *BORE-ING*.

Melody sighed. She'd have to sit up straight and pay attention anyway. Mrs. Jackson had an annoying habit of asking her kids pointed questions about assemblies, and woe unto the bottom of any little Penitatas who couldn't answer!! Melody giggled a bit to herself; Gloria would have no trouble keeping awake this assembly...though she might have a problem sitting still!!

(Melody's Voluntaras and Medicalos classmates were also subject to this inquisition, and she'd happily watched Mari Styles squirm under some pointedly stern verbal rebukes after she'd nodded off at Assembly. To her annoyance, Johnny Devine proved infinitely better at remembering details of Assembly than ANY of the other kids. And his fanny wasn't even on the line!!)

Soon they arrived at the auditorium. As they were marched down to the front row, along with the other first graders, Melody was a little surprised to see holocamera crews setting up in the back of the auditorium. "Bigwig speech," she decided with a bit of a sigh. Those tended to be the most boring of all.

After all the students had been seated, several adults walked onto the stage. Suddenly Melody felt Johnny Devine, who had seated himself next to her, (Medicalos privilege!!) suddenly stiffen. She looked at the stage and saw...

"Huh!! That's Madame M'Butu! What's the Confederation PRESIDENT doing here!! And that the uniform of a Star Fleet Vice Admiral!! That must be Johnny's MOTHER!! Oh! Wow, could..."

(NB After John Devine's emergency rejuvenation, his birth mother, Admiral Rebecca Devine-Carlos had requested reassignment from 2nd in command of the 4th fleet to a ground assignment where she could take care of her 'boy'. Considering the great emphasis placed on family in the Confederation, her request was granted, and she currently had a teaching assignment at the Academy branch in Annapolis. Johnny had not been consulted—as a child, he had to take the arrangements adults — and the Fleet — felt were best for him...)

Mr. Barnes, the principal, had stepped to the lectern and had called the murmuring children to order. "Children!! Boys and girls! quiet down, now! — Good! It is my deepest pleasure to introduce Madame !Akta M'Butu, President of the Confederation of Humanity, and to welcome her to Assville Elementary"

"Thank you Mr. Barnes. Johnny Devine, would you please come up to the stage??"

With a sigh, Johnny stood up. All the holocameras focused on him, as he stepped forward and walked confidently around to the side of the stage and up the steps.

He was, of course, immaculate. Every hair in place, his crisp school uniform blazer 'right', tie just so. He looked wonderful.

He looked like a six-year-old Star Fleet Officer.

When he reached President M'Butu, she took his small palm in her large ebony hand and gently shook it. "It's a pleasure to meet you again, Commander. No, I know, it's just Master Devine, for now."

She stood Johnny to the side of the podium, then stood behind him with her hands on his shoulders. Her voice filled the auditorium clearly as she spoke.

"As all of you know, John Devine was a Star Fleet Commander, the Chief Engineering Officer of the Resolute. The Resolute was attacked in the Argellian sector by twelve Delasian raiders, who had been attacking, robbing and destroying several of our unmanned freighters in that area. They had even raided two passenger ships, forcing the passengers to take to the life pods!! The Delasians had developed a new weapon, a triplex-phased deuteron beam that pierced our vessels shields without impacting them. Our ships OLD shields—I am pleased to announce that the Reliant and the Endeavor have just proven how effective our new shields are, by crippling the latest incursion of Delasian raiders—over forty of them—and capturing their crews, who will be tried—and rejuved—as pirates under Confederation law."

"But the Resolute had only her ablative armor to protect her, and while she managed to cripple seven of the raider craft, she was badly damaged. She sustained several casualties. Three crewmen were actually killed, and fourteen were injured enough to require rejuvenation. Her main warp core sustained serious damage to its containment vessel, and the automatic repair systems were also damaged. A breach was imminent. While the crew would have almost certainly escaped in the life pods, they would have been captured by the Delasians. As we are not at war, I would hope that the Delasian government would have returned them intact. But the Resolute would have been lost. And, as these were pirates, possibly renegades against their government, anything might have happened to the crew."

"But it did not. Commander Devine entered the main containment vessel, despite the fact that it was flooded with level 14 Chronostatic radiation, and our best antiradiation suits can block, at most, level 8 radiation. He manually sealed the damage to the inner containment vessel and warp core with a plasma torch, then began to return to the access hatch before he collapsed from the radiation."

"My experts tell me they cannot understand how he could possibly have finished the job and gotten so far back before collapsing. They claim he must have had the constitution of a rhinoceros to do so."

"Commander Devine had left strict orders that no one was to enter the containment vessel after him. Fortunately for him, two of his people disobeyed his orders and went in after him. As Assistant Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Tonga Merriwether pointed out to me, once he'd collapsed, she was in command, and she countermanded his earlier order."


"Lt. Merriwether, by the way, is fine. She is living with her new parents back in her home town of Perth, Australia. She makes a terribly cute nine year old; I met her last week, along with her compatriot, former Second Petty Officer Dong Nguyen. He was fortunate in that his greater mass allowed him a slightly higher radiation tolerance; he's in sixth grade back home in Saigon."

"I met them when I awarded them the Fleet Cross for their valor in rescuing Commander Devine."

Her hands tightened on Johnny shoulders as she stepped to his side "Admiral, if you please??"

Admiral Devine walked over towards her six-year-old son. Johnny stood at attention as President M'Butu accepted a wooden box from an aide. The two adults stood facing each other on either side of the small boy, but somehow he seemed to stand taller than either of them. The president opened the box, and held it out to Admiral Devine-Carlos. She reverently lifted the small medallion and ribbon from the box, and held it up before the crowd of rapt schoolchildren by its ribbon.

"John Devine, by order of the Assembly, I am pleased to post- rejuvenally award you the Confederation Medal of Honor."

Tears were streaming from Rebecca Devine's eyes as she carefully draped the space-black and silver ribbon around her son's neck, carefully centering the platinum and gold starburst over his Assville Elementary school tie. Then she leaned over and kissed her son's forehead, whispering something into his ear.

The entire school exploded into applause as the two adults stepped back to allow the little first grader to stand forth and accept the adulation that was his due. Not that Johnny would enjoy it. Melody knew that he felt he'd just done his duty. But now his duty was to accept his accolade with proper dignity. And Johnny ALWAYS did his duty.

He waited as little a time as could be proper, then went over to accept the congratulations of the adults. Finally he walked over to the steps and descended from the stage. Still the applause rang throughout the Auditorium. Melody sprang to her feet, making it a standing ovation. The rest of the kids stood up, too, but Melody thought that maybe she'd beaten them by a hair.

As Johnny made his way back to the seat, Mrs. Jackson stopped applauding him long enough to firmly grip his hand and congratulate him. Then he was standing next to Melody.

Melody stuck out her hand, and Johnny reflexively took it. She squeezed as hard as she could, saying "Congratulations, Johnny! You deserve it! You really, really do!" Suddenly Melody pulled Johnny close, whipping her arms around him in a perfect child's wild hug. Startled, the boy quickly returned the hug, and then all the kids in the class were trying to join in...which would have been impossible, if they hadn't been seated in the front row!! There still wasn't that much room, though, so Mrs. Jackson soon broke them up.

Then all the children were forming up in rows to return to their classes. Except for turned out he had several more adults to be congratulated by, and Interstellar News Network and Galactic Broadcasting both wanted to interview him, and...

Well, she'd see Johnny tomorrow...

* * *

When Melody got home after school, she was bursting with the news about Johnny. To her surprise, her Mommy and Daddy (Josh worked all day Tuesday through Thursday, and a half day Monday and Friday, which is why all his co-workers considered him a hopeless workaholic) knew all about it. In fact, they had INN up on the holovision, and Melody saw that it was one of the top stories. Suddenly, to her joy and horror, she watched herself throw her arms around Johnny in the congratulatory hug. She'd almost kissed him!! Mel turned a beet red at the thought that, literally everybody had watched her hugging Johnny, making a spectacle of herself...

For some reason, Melody didn't get a spanking that night. Even though she was sort of expecting one as being about due.

* * *

The next day, Saturday, was Halloween. Melody got dressed up in the Ensign's uniform Johnny had given her for her birthday before 4pm, and sat in the living room waiting. Hoping.

"Now, Melody, don't you be surprised if Johnny can't make it!!" Mel was told by her mother. "After last night, he just might have more important things to do than go trick-or-treating with a little Penitatas!!"

But Melody still had hopes — surely Johnny would've called...

Then the bell rang, and Johnny was there, dressed in his little Star Fleet Commander's uniform.

Wearing his Medal of Honor.

At Melody's look of surprise, Johnny blushed and said "Momma insisted I wear it tonight. After all, I am in uniform, sort of. She said it was the one night of the year she could show off her son until I grow up again, and by God she was gonna take advantage of it."

"Ma'am, I know it's an imposition, but would you accompany Melody and me trick-or-treating?? Momma was going to, but she got called away to Geneva for something."

"I'd be honored to walk with you children, Johnny, but, well, since its you, I'd even let you children go alone, at least on this block."

"That's what I'd planned on asking you to do, Ma'am, but, well, I think we may need your help..."

They did. Outside the door lay camera crews from all seven major networks, and a couple of the 'paperazzer'* programs, too (Melody wondered at the origin of that name...). They'd harassed Johnny all the way over to Melody's house.

But Josh quickly put a stop to that—by having the family float-cam follow Melody and Johnny around the neighborhood as they stopped at each house and cried 'trickortreat**'. (Woe betide any Penitatas who tried a 'trick', thought Melody!)

There's nothing like having their own harassing behavior put on tape to make the media back off. Especially where children are concerned. With Johnny they might have an excuse—but they couldn't try to press HIM without harassing Melody—and the laws covering news harassment would guarantee Melody a big settlement for Invasion Of Privacy if they tried THAT. Maybe enough to pay off her debt to the Historical Society...(or it's insurance company).

Which would not automatically end her Penitatas sentence—but it would be a big plus. Unfortunately, after helping Melody steal some Cr50,000 from the local Historical Society she worked for, her boyfriend Donald had used the codes and passwords he learned from her to 'slice' his way into the Confederation Historical Society accounts—where he quietly transferred out Cr247,000,000. And then vanished offworld, leaving Melody to take the blame, both for her own embezzlements (Which she WAS guilty of) and as an accessory to HIS far greater crimes.

Actually, the court had treated Melody pretty leniently.

And no POSSIBLE IOP settlement would pay off what DONALD had stolen. But the media promptly backed off, anyway, deciding that the story wasn't worth the hassles.

* * *

They made a HAUL. Every parent who saw Johnny coming up their walk, in uniform, with that real medal around his neck reached into their goodie baskets with both hands.

Some parents kept special 'Penitatas' candy for little hard-timers like Melody. It looked like regular candy, but tasted like Penitatas medicine. Not for every trick-or-treater, of course; word would get out. But enough to make eating your candy a bit of a gamble.

But not for Melody, not while she was with Johnny!! Every single handful was the 'good stuff', guaranteed!!

Piled into their sacks with both hands!!

By the time the two children got back to Melody's house, it was full dark, and both of their little sacks were full to the brim with candies, treats, tokens to the local arcade, and so forth; even a few credits here and there. It sure beat the pitiful little haul Melody had brought back last year, walking lackadasically around the block, the little six year old still in shock over her recent conviction and rejuvenation.

At Melody's house they sorted through their treasures together, each being allowed to consume a very limited selection; the treats would be parceled out over the next couple of weeks by their parents, of course. But by tradition, they'd be allowed to eat, spend, or play with all of it, eventually!!

Finally Johnny was driven home by Josh, since it was well after dark. And while Johnny might be an exceptionally capable six-year-old boy, he WAS still only six, and with the paperazzers around... it was better to play it safe.

Both children had a marvellous time. And while Melody wanted some more candy after Johnny left, she resisted the impulse to eat it, even when Mary told her it was up to her. And spared herself a tummyache — and the resulting tummyache medicine — she'd gotten last year.

And the next morning, on 'Good Morning Galaxy,' Melody grinned as she saw tape of herself and Johnny trick-or-treating...from a distance. Oh, she knew it'd all blow over in a week or so, and Johnny wouldn't be news any more. But she kinda liked the reflected glory she was getting as a celebrity's 'date'. Even if her name was carefully left unmentioned...


* The word is derived from 'paparazzi', of course, but with an additional pun based on their habit of harassing or 'razzing' their victims.

** They actually called 'trickortreat', in English, but they said it as one word. The actual MEANING has been generally forgotten, but the saying/word remains. Melody would be one of the few people who would know the original meaning of the word.