Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

Melody's Birthday

Oct 21, 2748

Part 35 of Melody's Stories

Melody's birthday began, appropriately, with a birthday spanking. When her Mommy wiggled her shoulder to awaken her for her seventh birthday, Melody yawned, then shuddered as she remembered the date. Her Mommy pulled down her covers and popped the birthday girl right up and over her lap as she sat on Melody's bed.

"Are you ready for your first birthday spanking, Melody?" asked her Mommy.

"Y-yes mommy, I am!" she replied.

<SMACK!!> "One!" Mommy's hand splatted down onto the soft cotton covering Melody's bottom. <WHACK!> "Two!" Another spank landed on her bright pink nightie, and this time Melody "yowp"ed in response. These spanks were HARD, full strength special-punishment spanks, and they HURT.

<SPLAT! WHAP!> "Three and Four!" Two more sharp spanks impacted Melody's poor seat! <SPANK! SPANK!> "Five and Six!> And still more. Melody was sniffling now as her bottom began to burn.

<SMAAAK!> "Yeeeeow!" cried Melody; "And Seven!" declared her Mommy. "And now a really good one to grow on, Melody..." <SPLACT!!>

"Waaaah! <sob> Mommmy! Pleeeze! just a minute!"

"Now, Melody, you KNOW we have to get this done! You still need to dress before school!" As she spoke, Mary was slipping the hem of Melody's short nightie up her thighs and over her bottom, revealing the thin matching panties now defending her poor rump.

Then Melody's spanking resumed. Over her panty-seat.

Seven good hard spanks, one for each year.

And an extra-hard one to grow on.

By the end of her panty-warming, Melody was crying quietly. But her spanking was only beginning. With a gentle pat to Melody's well-warmed bottom, Mary slipped her fingers into Melody's pink panties. "Lift up a bit, dear." she ordered, and slid the little garment down to Melody's knees as the child obeyed.

<pat-pat> "Now it's time for your bare-bottom birthday spanking, Melody. Remember that you've earned this punishment. You stole from the Historical Society, and you revealed confidential information to Donald that let him steal even more. I know you trusted him, but Melody, rules are there for a reason. I think you understand that now. But let's see if seven good, hard hand- spanks on your bare bottom can help you to remember in the future. Plus a good, hard one to grow on."

And that's what Mommy delivered. Seven good, hard spanks, and one to grow on. Mel's bottom was turning a bright red, and so was Mommy's hand. So it was just as well that Melody's hand spankings were over.

It was time for her Mommy's little 'helper' paddle. It was lying right there on Melody's bedside table, waiting.

And BOY did it sting! Melody yelped seven times as that nasty little paddle WHAPed her bare bottom, HARD, almost hard enough to break the little paddle.

And the one to grow on DID break it! Half the paddle flew across the room as Melody howled and started to cry even harder.

While Mary reached for Melody's red maple hairbrush.

Three good, sound hairbrush-spanks onto each of Melody's little bottom cheeks. Melody howled with the burning pain as the full- force swats impacted her bare bottom.

The seventh swat 'bridged the gap' right across the middle of her slender buttocks.

And the one to grow on was planted really hard right onto the base of her bare bottom, right where Melody sat down.

Melody was crying really hard now, no longer even trying to beg off. Mary let her cry it out for a minute, then picked Melody up set her on the bed, while Mary stood. She quickly set Mel's pillows onto the edge of the bed, then helped Melody bend over them. Mel's nightie was pushed well up her back as her panties fell off her little legs onto the floor.

Mary picked up Melody's Very Own Spanking Paddle and patted her bare bottom with it. It was time for the last installment of her Birthday Spanking. Her first birthday spanking.

Melody howled and bucked as the first hard swat impacted her bare bottom. And kept on bucking like a little pony as spank after hard spank burned into her poor nates. By the eighth hard spank on her well-tenderized bottom, Mary had actually managed to raise two small blisters, one on the crown of each of Melody's cheeks!

After a far-too-brief cuddle in her Mommy's lap, Melody had to stand up so her Mommy could get her dressed. She was still crying and sobbing hard as her Mommy got her ready for school. She was soon dressed in her dark blue frock and white blouse. She squealed nicely as she was seated on the bed while her Mommy put her shoes and socks on.

Then Melody has to go downstairs and sit quietly at the table as she ate her breakfast.

* * *

When Melody arrived at her homeroom class, everybody stood up and applauded the birthday girl. Mrs. Jackson led the applause, then sat down in the chair she'd placed at the front of the class and signaled Melody to come over. In her hand was a medium-sized paddle. Melody recognized it as a Grade 1 #4. The heaviest of the first-grade paddles. She winced as she obediently walked up to her teacher for another birthday spanking. She'd hoped that it might be later in the day, but hadn't really expected it.

A few minutes later Melody was bare-bottomed over her teacher's lap. "Why, Melody! You actually have a couple of little blisters already! Your Mommy did a really outstanding job of spanking you this morning. I bet it really hurt, didn't it?"

<sob> "Yes'm, it really truly did. I'm really SO sorry..."

"Well, that'll make this paddling hurt just that much more, won't it, dear. Just get ready, here it comes, Number ONE!"

"Aiieeeowww!" Melody howled as the first spank landed right on the blister on her left bottomcheek and burst it. "Yeeeeaaa-haaaaaa!" she screamed as the second spank impacted her right blistered bottomcheek. By the third spank, Melody was crying and bawling like a little baby, a well-spanked baby!

Seven good hard paddle swats. And one good hard one to grow on.

But Melody's trials weren't over. As Mrs. Jackson blotted her bottom with a clean tissue, she asked:

"Mari, would you like to come give Melody a birthday spanking?" asked Mrs. Jackson. "Ah, No Ma'am, thank you very much."

"Well, all right dear. But she DOES need them, you know. Johnny, would you like to spank Melody?"

This was one of the things Melody had truly dreaded, knowing that Johnny would certainly decide to exercise his right, as a lofty Medicalos, to spank her sore bottom.

And he did. One spank for each of her seven years. And one to grow on. But he just used his hand, rather than the paddle the teacher offered him. And the spanks weren't anywhere near what even a six-year-old could manage.

"Wow!" thought Melody. "Maybe he really DOES like me..."

* * *

During playtime after lunch, Melody had to show Michelle, Gloria, Judy, Beth and Virginia her blistered bottom. It was traditional, and besides, Virginia insisted, and as a 'soft-timer' she had the right to do so. The girls oohed and aahed, and asked her if it had really really hurt, and Melody had to say of course not, she'd just cried to fake out the teacher. (An outrageous lie. All the kids knew it. But nobody wanted to be called a crybaby!)

When class resumed, Melody thanked GOD it was Wednesday. If she had Mrs. Hashimi today, she'd probably get two MORE good birthday spankings—a sound paddling from Mrs. Hashimi herself, and another spanking from Masao. Melody would NOT look forward to a spanking from the ten year old, especially after one of Mrs. Hashimi's sound spankings!

Finally, school was over. Mrs. Jackson asked Melody to stay behind and help her straighten up the room. Melody knew this was to give the kids in her class time to reach her house and get ready for her surprise party, so she readily obeyed. (Most parts of the Birthday Tradition for Penitatas are VERY well known).

Melody squealed and jumped up and down properly when her friends jumped out and shouted "SURPRISE" as she walked through her door. And what a turn out!! Her classmates were there, of course; she'd expected them. But Masao was there, too! They must've let him out of school early! And Jane from next door was there, and even ten year old Billy Peters she hadn't even SEEN for WEEKS (it turned out he was in Masao's class, and remembered Melody from their sleepover together).

But best of all, right out in front was little three-year-old Ellen Miller, Melody's best friend. Melody had hoped the Miller's would let Ellen come, but with all the Penitatas there, she wasn't at all sure they would! Ellen was smiling and ran up to lead Melody into the crowd.

In the kitchen Mary and some of the other kid's mothers had readied ice cream and cake, and the children all stood around and sang 'Happy Birthday' to Melody. And then she blew out all the candles...

And they re-ignited!! Embarassed, Melody tried again, with an equal lack of success. Red faced, she looked around at the others...only to note that Ellie was giggling helplessly. Then all the kids were laughing!! "They're trick candles, Melody!" said Mary. "It's a very old birthday prank Ellie told us about. Josh had to search forever before he could find someone to make them for you!"

Well! Melody had never even HEARD of such a thing, but had to agree it was a very good joke, even if it WAS on her! But now it was time for presents!!

Some of the kids had brought new games for the Johnson's system, although Melody's play time on that was always limited. Mari had brought Melody a new outfit for Robin, her Spanking Susie doll.

But Johnny had brought the best gift. A complete Star Fleet Ensign's uniform, in Melody's size!! "It's for Haloween, Mel! I'm going as a Commander, and I wondered if, maybe, you'd like to trick or treat with me..." Melody definitely WOULD like!

One of Mommy's presents was less welcome... a replacement 'helper' paddle for the one she'd broken over Melody's bottom that morning. Melody shuddered at the thought of that wicked little paddle smacking her bare bottom, as she knew it would all too soon.

Somewhat to Melody's surprise, Ellen quickly made friends with Johhny Devine. She was even more surprised when she (as hostess) walked over and heard them talking. In English.

[It is real-really strange, Ellen. I mean, you and me. We are both Medicalos, both victims of, ah, ] chronostatic [ radiation. If you had not been, ah, ] exposed, [ then I would be largest dose ever treated.]

[Really? Wow! It IS weird that we both know Melody, then. So, you're in the Fleet? How'd you learn English?]

[I do not really speak English. I learnt-learned? to read it back home. Family histories and records, that sort of thing. This is first time I try talking it.]

Melody shook her head; considering he'd only learned to read English, Johnny was doing a very credible job of speaking the ancient tounge.

* * *

Then it was time for fun and games.

Mary fastened the picture of Melody to the wall. Melody blushed as she looked at it. It had been extracted from one of Josh's films of Melody, taken right after a really good spanking, and the half-size image of Melody, hands on her head, facing the corner red-bottomed and bawling was excellent.

Melody blushed as she saw the bulls-eye right in the center of her right bottom-cheek.

Melody had to go first, of course. She was blindfolded and spun around several times, then had to try to pin the paper paddle onto her bottom. She missed by a mile...

Each of the children tried in turn to pin the paddle on Melody, and there was much laughing and giggling as various rather funny parts of Melody's picture were pinned. Johnny Devine's first attempt landed right on Melody's left cheek, an excellent effort.

But Little Ellie proved to be surprisingly good at it, landing her first paddle right at the top of the crease...

This was a bit more than a game. While all the children would get to give Melody a birthday spanking, only one would get to apply the spanks to her bare bottom. With whatever implement he or she desired. And the winner would get to give Mel extra swats, too.

Each Penitatas got one chance at giving Melody DOUBLE swats.

Mari and Masao each got two chances (since they were Voluntaras). And if they won, they'd get to apply TRIPLE swats to Melody's bare bottom. After all, as Voluntaras, they automatically were allowed double swats...

But Ellen and Johnny were each given three tries at pinning the paddle on Melody's bottom—for QUADRUPLE swats. And with three tries, Johnny nailed the image of Melody's right bottom-cheek dead-center.


The children lined up to give Melody her birthday spankings. Each child in turn sat on the couch as Melody lowered herself across their knees, so each boy or girl could give the back of her dress seven good smacks, plus one to grow on.

Janey had jumped onto the couch to be first, and Melody hated the thought of lying over her arch-enemy's little lap, but with no choice, she did.

Fortunately, Janey was much too little to spank very hard, but a couple of her swats landed right on Melody's blisters, which stung a lot even through her skirt!

Seven spanks, and one to grow on!

Masao, her classmate for Japanese was next. His ten-year-old palm stung a lot more than Ellen's three year old hand had, and by the time he'd applied one to grow on to the back of her frock, Melody was wiggling a bit with discomfort. Then the ten year old grinned as Mary gently turned up Melody's blue frock so that the ten-year-old could spank the seat of Melody's white cotton panties. Masao was voluntaras; he got to give Melody TWO birthday spankings—one over her panties! Melody yelped as the boy's palm smacked soundly onto the thin cotton protecting her poor bottom. Seven good, hard swats. And one to grow on.

John Evans went next, spanking the seat of Melody's dress the required eight times. His spanks were not very hard.

Nor was his buddy Peter Burt, who spanked Melody rather playfully.

Virginia, however, spanked Melody's skirt-seat just as hard as she could, and Melody was sniffling a bit by the time "one to grow on" had been called.

Tommy Murphy kept up the tradition, with seven real stingers, then a bonus spank that made Melody yowl. By now the spankings were really beginning to burn and smart!

Now it was little Ellie's turn. Melody blushed as she lay down over her best friend's lap. Melody wasn't quite sure what to expect. While she knew Ellie was her friend, she also knew she was a spanko when she lived back in the twentieth century.

Ellie's first spanking answered Melody's question. While the spanks were more than love-pats, they were really quite gentle. Seven spanks and one to grow on. Then it was time for her dress to go up for her next dose. These swats stung a bit more, but were still fairly benign.

But the final eight spanks to her panty-seat were as stingy as the little three year old could make them!!

Michelle obviously enjoyed her chance to spank Melody. Seven spanks and one to grow on.

Melody lay over Beth Reese's ebony knees, and got eight of the hardest spanks yet from her classmate. Beth had a hard hand!!

As Melody was helped over Walker's knees, she was sobbing. The spanks had had their inevitable cumulative effect, and she was now in considerable discomfort. She again wondered how Walker, after a long Penitatas sentence, had POSSIBLY tried to commit another crime. It was unbelieveable.

And so was the impact of his palm. Melody bawled. Seven and one.

Gloria took pity on Melody and applied seven love pats to the seat of her skirt. And a real stinger to grow on...

Young Judy Harvey was clearly almost as embarassed at giving a spanking as she still was at getting them. But she managed to give Melody a couple of good swats...

Billy Peters was as Penitatas as Melody; but the ten-year-old could spank a LOT harder than the others. Even through her skirt, his swats made Melody yelp and cry even harder.

And lastly, Mari Styles, Melody's Voluntaras classmate. Mari applied eight brisk spanks to Melody's skirt, then her Mommy raised Melody's skirt, and Mari made Melody start to really cry as seven hard spanks smacked down onto her poor pantyseat.

And one to grow on.

Melody was quietly sobbing as the last child took his seat on the overstuffed couch. Six-year-old Johnny Devine took his place with quiet confidence. In his right hand, he held Melody's own red maple hairbrush, his chosen implement for the evening.

Melody sobbed as she took her position over his lap. She obediently lifted herself as the boy raised her dress and tucked it neatly up onto her back. And she held herself in position as Johnny gently lowered her panties to her kneehollows, revealing at last Melody's hot, sore, red bottom, with its twin blisters at the crown of each sore hemisphere. Mary gently took Melody's hands to hold them out of the way, while Susan Evans (John's mother) held her feet still. Johnny patted Melody's bare bottom with the back of her brush, then went to work...

<SMACK!!> "Yeeeeeowwww!!!" HOW could a kid Johnny's age...

<SPLATT!> "Yaaa-haaaaaaaa! Waaaaaah!" possibly spank so

<WHACK!!!> "Waaah-waaah-WAAAAH!" BLOODY HARD???

Melody was crying by the fourth spank. Nevertheless she received seven good, hard hairbrush spanks all over her tender bare bottom. And one to grow on.

And after a brief pause, her six-year-old idol lifted his arm, her own hairbrush in his hand, and applied another round of hard birthday spanks to Melody's poor bottom.

And another.

And then one more.

Melody bawled and cried as her birthday party ended. But she had to hobble to the door, the back of her dress pinned up, her panties around her knees. There she had to take each guest's hand and thank them for their presents and for coming to her party.

And she had to thank them for her birthday spankings, too.

* * *

Melody had to wiggle and squirm on her seat through supper. Her bottom hurt!!

But of course, it wasn't over yet.

Daddy still had to give Melody her birthday swats...

After supper it was time for Melody's bath. Her Daddy Josh gently led his wayward daughter up the stairs by the hand. As the tub filled with warm water Josh undressed his little imp. As usual, Melody had mysteriously attracted a remarkable amount of dirt onto her slim little body.

A thorough scrubbing and hair-washing ensued as Josh carefully washed Melody's body. Then he helped her out of the tub—and over his lap as he sat on the toilet.

<SPLACKT!!> went Josh's palm as he spanked Melody's WET right bottom- cheek! "Yeeow!" howled Mel at the fierce sting of that spank. Not only was it on her wet bottom—she ALWAYS forgot how much a spank on a wet bottom stung—it landed right on her little blister.

<WHAPT!!> And droplets of water flew as Josh's palm impacted the blister on her left globe with equal force!! Melody howled as her bottom rapidly caught fire!! "Pleeeze! Dad-dee! Not so hard!!"


Melody cried and cried as her daddy soundly spanked her bare bottom. No birthday spanking, this! Just an old-fashioned bottomwarming over her Daddy's knees, bare-bottomed and bawling!!

But eventually the sound handspanking ended, and Melody was allowed off Josh's lap. He finished drying off his sobbing and crying little girl. (Her bottom was already dry!!) and got her ready for bed by slipping her green 'jungle print' nighty over her head and letting it fall to her ankles. Then it was time to escort Melody to her room for her final fate of the night.

Melody had already endured a sound handspanking over her bruised and blistered bare bottom, but after letting her cry in the corner for a while, Melody had to face her father as he held her red maple hairbrush. Melody approached the bed where he sat, then sighed with relief as he turned her around.

Then she squealed as the hairbrush tugged at her tangled tresses. But eventually the last tangle was freed—and it was time.

Melody was gently turned up over her Daddy's lap yet again; this time for the hairbrush. <SMACK!!> "Yaaaaaaaa-owwwww!" The brush's heavy back exploded against the green leaves covering Melody's tender bottom. <WHACK!> again the brush exploded against tender, blistered girl-flesh!! Melody was already howling as the eight good, hard spanks were carefully applied to the tight seat of her thin cotton nightie.

Then Josh began to carefully pull the long nightie up, in order to bare poor Melody's bottom. Now, in addition to the original blisters from her Mommy's morning paddling, a few new blisters seemed to be forming nearby. But this was a 'special' punishment day; the usual limits didn't apply, and Josh took careful aim and began to soundly spank the tender bottom before him.

Melody was already crying hard from her nightie-spanks. Her screams went up even louder as the hairbrush back exploded onto her bare bottom seven hard times. And then one more to grow on.

Melody knew what came next. She dreaded it. Josh reversed his grip, and the hairbrush again descended onto Melody's bare bottom.

Bristled side down.

Those spanks were the worst yet, as the bristles dug into Melody's thoroughly tenderized flesh. The actual impact was slightly softened, but that was more than made up for by the stinging, burning needling of the stiff bristles. Seven good sound spanks. And one to grow on.

Melody was crying like the severly punished child she truly was. And she knew, KNEW, that next year it would be even WORSE. Melody wanted to die, anything to end her suffering. But she knew she couldn't. She didn't really want to, even when she was being so thoroughly spanked. But it HURT, and she cried, and was miserable.

Which was the point, of course.

Daddy set aside the hairbrush and reached for Melody's Very Own Spanking Paddle. It was time for Melody's penultimate punishment of the day. Seven good, hard spanks. And one to grow on.

All on her right bottomcheek.

Melody howled as two or three more sting-blisters popped into existence on her right bottomglobe. She cried and bawled as her daddy shifted her a little away from him, perching her on the edge of his lap.

So he could properly attend to her left cheek. Seven times. Plus one to grow on.

More blisters appeared on the tormented globe of Melody's bared buttocks. But it was far from over. Again, Josh adjusted Melody's position over his lap, easily maneuvering the slender child into position, this time for her last set of paddle swats. Seven good hard licks right across both globes, the big paddle easily smacking both halves of Melody's rump equally. And Melody howled with the pain of the paddle swats.

Finally Josh set down the paddle. He looked down sympathetically at Melody's bruised and blistered flesh. But there was one last spanking yet to go. He reached for the little Nursery Cane the Department of Corrections had sent over for Melody at Easter (the one that SHOULD have been sent Christmas).

Josh lifted his right leg, arching Melody up high over his knee, her bare bottom up high in the air. At the same time he let his left knee slip down a bit. Melody screamed as she felt her little body being positioned for punishment.

<sssssss-WHAP!> The little cane swept into Melody's bare bottom, right across its slender middle. "WAAAAAAAIIIEEEEE!!!" went the little girl as the whippy rattan burned into her bottom. "ONE!" said Josh...

<ssssss-SPANK!> went the cane. "WAAAAAAAAAH!! WAAAAAAAAH! YAAAIEEE!" wne the little girl. And "TWO" went daddy.

And so it went on. Seven good, hard strokes of the little cane as Melody lay bent well over her Daddy's knees. Seven parallel lines burned into her bottom, some of them right across her sting-blisters. One of them across the tops of her little thighs. One tight into the crease at the base.

And one to grow on. The hardest yet. Josh laid that one at an angle, from the base of Melody's left bottom-cheek to the top of her right cheek.

Crossing the other welts.

Melody couldn't possibly cry any harder.

She tried, though.

Ten minutes later, Melody was still lying over her Daddy's knees, bawling like a baby. Finally the big man gently turned his well- spanked little girl over so he could hold and gently rock the poor punished child. It took almost an hour before he could settle the sobbing baby down enough to nano-treat her abused bottom, and then put her to bed.

Where Melody finally cried herself to sleep.