Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon


Oct 13, 2748

Part 34 of Melody's Stories

Three first graders stood at attention in the Vice Principal's office as they waited for her to get off the com and discuss their behavior during the free play time after lunch. Two of them had been caught fighting in the schoolyard with some other children.

Melody knew she was in a lot of trouble, but it was worth it! But she certainly didn't make a very imposing example of a well-behaved child right now. Her tartan school dress was torn, her blouse showing through a large rip. Her hair was a mess, and she was filthy all over.

Standing at easy attention next to her, Johnny Devine looked like he'd just been bathed and dressed by his mother. From his well-shined black shoes to his neat crew-cut, the boy was as clean and sharp as a razor. You'd never guess he'd been in a fight. But then, Johnny ALWAYS looked like that.

On the other side of Melody stood the cause of the ruckus, a poor, shaking Judy Harvey. She alone might get out of this mess un-spanked. Melody hoped so, since it certainly wasn't HER fault.

The other three participants were not present. The two second graders and their third-grade leader were in the infirmary having various contusions, black eyes and bloody noses worked on.

And at least one broken arm.

Never mess with a Star Fleet officer.

Even if he IS only six years old.

But now Mrs. Garrett was turning towards them with a frown. It was time to face up to ol' Iron Hand. Although Melody figured she wouldn't be facing her for long.

The vice principal immediately turned to Johnny and asked him what had happened. "Fortunately, the damage was more superficial and painful than serious. Professionally speaking, Johnny, not a bad job...but one you had no business doing. You certainly know better, Johnny. How in the world did YOU come to get in a schoolyard brawl. You know what will happen to you...and that there is NO acceptable excuse for this sort of behavior."

"And it will be worth it. That... young Penitatas, Tommy, (the third grader in the infirmary), pinned little Judy up against the wall, lifted her skirt, and tried to stick his hand down her knickers while his two henchmen stood around to block the view of the supervising teacher. He's well known on the grounds for such antics. I was on my way to intervene, but Melody got there first. I must say, for a young lady she throws a rather nice body block. But Tommy was a bit too much for her, not to mention his two friends, so I felt compelled to intervene. Especially when I saw Tommy slam Melody into the wall rather harder than called for in a schoolyard fracas, and with Melody barely recovered from Diaspora. At any rate, after I'd bloodied a few noses the two second graders backed off, but Tommy grabbed up a loose brick and came at me with it. I'm rather afraid old habits took over. Actually, that throw should've disarmed him and deposited him rather painfully on his behind, but I missed the throw and broke his arm instead. Rather a poor show, that; not quite sure what happened."

(sigh) "John, you know about muscle memory loss. It'll take years before you get all your old skills back; for now, you just have 'head knowledge,' and as you just discovered, a little knowledge can be quite dangerous. Very well, Judy, since Johnny has testified that you were not at fault, you may go." Which she did. Quickly and without saying a word, but flashing a grateful look at Johnny and Melody.

"Melody, what do you have to say about this?"

"Oh! O-Only that what Johnny said is what happened. Only I didn't really see him fight. I was a little dazed by hitting the wall so hard. And it all happened so FAST!!"

"Of course it did. (smile) Well, the nurse will be done with those three in a half hour or so, after which I'll need to handle them. And I expect to be done with both of you by then. As you both know, fighting at school simply will not be tolerated, no matter the provocation, which I admit was extreme. Especially given Judy's ACTUAL age! I would ordinarily punish both you and the other children exactly the same. But as Johnny is NOT a Penitatas, and the rest of you are, I will take his word for what happened and deal accordingly. Be thankful for small favors. Now, which of you goes first. No, Johnny, its up to you; Medicalos privilege, of course. But if you have Melody go first, I'll send her back to class and spare you some embarrassment."

"Then I must go first. Fair is fair, what? Besides, I've always led from the front, not the rear ya'know." Johnny walked calmly over to where ol' Iron Hand had rolled her desk chair, out beside her desk where she'd have more freedom of movement. He removed his blazer and hung it neatly on the coat rack, then stepped to her left side.

Then Mrs. Garrett unbuckled Johnny's belt and slacks, unzipped them, and took them right down to his ankles. Then the lad was turned face down over her hard lap. And she was spanking the seat of his white undershorts with her legendary palm. By the fourth swat, even the stoic Johnny was beginning to sniffle, and by the time the tenth hard swat had landed, he was crying freely.

"Unfortunately, Johnny, for fighting like that, even for a Medicalos, I'm afraid it's bare bottom. Be thankful it's not a paddle!!" Iron Hand was slipping Johnny's undershorts down now, and began paddling his bare bottom with her hard hand. Johnny began to cry hard as ten good, sound spanks were dealt out onto his now bare bottom. Then the boy's punishment was over. The vice-principal pulled up his underwear and let him off her lap. He quickly pulled up his pants and began to get himself together, pulling a (clean) handkerchief out of his pocket and wiping his streaming eyes, then blowing his nose. He was recovering from his ordeal with remarkable dispatch.

Unfortunately, now it was Melody's turn.

She walked straight to the large (1.9M) woman's right side. She was terribly embarrassed to be punished in front of the young man she almost worshipped. But she was glad it was Mrs. Garrett who would be spanking her. She remembered that she owed the women a great deal.

Like her life.

But now Mrs. Garrett was turning the little six-year-old girl up and over her lap. Melody felt the skirt of her tartan dress being lifted up and tucked into her belt. Her slip followed. Then Mrs. Garrett's hard hand was patting the seat of her white cotton panties, and <WHACK!> "Yeeowww!" Melody could hardly believe a single spank could hurt that much! Not a HAND spank, and 'specially not over PANTIES! It actually stung MORE than 'Aunt Abigail' back on the island—the hardest hand Melody had felt to date. But then the second spank impacted her bottom, and Melody knew for certain that it was no fluke. That spank hurt more. Melody gave up on yelling and began to just cry as hard as she could.

The burning spanks continued to fall onto her panty-clad behind with a horrible, regular cadence. Melody cried and counted the swats, just trying to get past the tenth spank. Even if the second half was bare bottom, at least it would be half over. She bawled, and cried, and counted, right up until the eleventh spank struck her panty-seat.

Then she remembered. Johnny might be a naughty little boy who needed a spanking, but he was Medicalos.

She was Penitatas. Her head went down as she wailed "(sob) NOOOO...."

Her spanking continued without pause or moderation as she cried and cried. Like any handspanking, the burn in her bottom increased steadily as each spank stoked her fanny-fire. Melody was howling and crying like a well-spanked baby by the time the twenty-fourth and final spank struck her bare bottom.

"Well, Melody, you took your warm-up rather well, but now it's time to get these panties down and let Johnny have a good look at your well spanked bare bottom. Before I spank it even redder and hotter than it is now. Quiet, Johnny! No protests! I know you feel you were equally at fault, but she is Penitatas and you are not, and like it or not THAT is what is the controlling factor." As she spoke, Iron Hand (Melody now COMPLETELY understood the nickname) pulled Melody's panties right down to her knees.

Johnny gasped at the hot, red fire in Melody's bottom. It was a solid watermelon red all over, from her hips to her thighs, and her peak 'spank-spots' were an even darker red. Her bottom looked more like she'd been given a good dose of the hairbrush than a hand-spanking. And THAT had been over her panties!! Now Melody was about to experience Mrs. Garrett's hard hand on her BARE bottom.

And from Johnny's recent experience, he knew THAT was MUCH worse.

Melody would have enthusiastically agreed with this as Mrs. Garrett began to spank her naked fanny. Again she just put her head down and endured and bawled as ex-Marine flesh toasted her buns intolerably. Oh, she kicked and wiggled a bit as she suffered under the spanking, but never very much. She certainly didn't want Mrs. Garrett getting UPSET, now did she.

Then, finally, it was over. Two dozen hard handspanks on her bare bottom, and Melody was crying her eyes out. her fanny was red as a cherry and burned intolerably. It was incredible; she'd had hairbrush spankings that hadn't stung and burned so bad.

And unlike Johnny, SHE had to go stand in the corner and hold up her skirts, her panties at half mast, as he was sent back to class.

What Melody did next was one of the hardest things she'd ever done. Still facing the corner, she said:

"Mizz Garrett? (snif) Ma'am? May-may I ask you somethin'??"

"Eh? Of course, dear! What is it?"

"W-Would you l-like to give me s-som'more spankin'?"

"WHA? Good lord, child, do you WANT another lickin'? I thought I did a proper job on you bottom already. For heaven's sake, WHY? Did you do something wrong, child? Feeling guilty about something? Tell me!!"

"Oh, no! I-I haven't done anythin' wrong. But, I mean, if you WANTED to, you know. I-I know a lot of the t-teachers LIKE to, you know, spank..."

"Are you trying to BRIBE me, young lady?!??!"

"NOO! I mean, no, I-I just wanna, you know, I-I mean you DID save my life an' all, and if you liked sp-spankin' me, then..."

"Oh, MELODY! Come here child!"

Relieved that she'd be able to repay Mrs. Garrett so easily, (if painfully) Melody ran over to her right...only to find herself pulled up ONTO the vice-principal's lap rather than OVER it.

"Melody, I'm sorry, but I DON'T 'get off' on spanking you kids. For me, its the satisfaction of keeping discipline, of giving a naughty little boy or girl the punishment they richly DESERVE, so I'm afraid giving you another spanking wouldn't do anything for me."

Melody's face fell. "But, child, you don't owe me anything anyway. No, you don't! I did what had to be done. That's all. Do you remember what Judge Jackson told me??"

"S-She said you just did what she'd expect. I didn't understand, but you looked so proud..."

"Did I? Need to work on that. Melody, I was a Marine. Forty years. Master Sergeant. Melody, Marines handle emergencies. They get it done right and they get it done FAST. That's what they, we, DO. I would have expected ANY Marine to handle what happened just as I did. And that's what the judge said. That handling the situation the RIGHT way, FAST was what she'd EXPECT of me, BECAUSE I was a Marine. That's why what she said made me so proud. Because it meant she UNDERSTOOD. Can YOU understand, Melody?"

Melody thought for a while. "No, I can't. Not really and truly."

(sigh) "At least you're honest. No, I'm not sure many people could, Melody, unless they'd known it themselves. Like Johnny; HE understands. I really respect and admire him. Even though I had to spank him, we BOTH know he only did what he had to. Even though he got spanked for it. Just like you did. Melody, you knew you'd get spanked for fighting, but you did it anyway. Why? No, I know, because you HAD to. You knew that Judy is really very young, and can't handle stuff like that very well, and you jumped in to help. I'm actually rather proud of you for that; it show's your heart's in the right place. Yes, even though I spanked you so hard for it, and will spank you even harder if it happens again. That's to help you find alternatives, to fight only as an ultimate last resort. Melody, its hard, but someday you'll learn that there are times when you just do what HAS to be done, even if you KNOW you'll be punished for it. And then you take your punishment with your head high and proud. That's part of it, too, of doing what needs doing no matter the consequences. Well, maybe you'll understand someday. And maybe not; most people never do."

And with that, Mrs. Garrett set Melody on her feet, pulled up her panties over her still-sore bottom, and sent her off to class with a good swat. As she walked out, she saw the three older boys shuffling towards the vice-principal's office. Melody actually giggled as she walked back to class; she sure wouldn't want to be in THEIR shoes...or pants!

* * *

Unfortunately, Melody was Penitatas. Which meant her Mommy was waiting for her when she got home from school. When Melody came in the front door, her Mommy was waiting for her on the couch, seated in the middle.

Holding Melody's red maple hairbrush in her right hand.

Melody sighed, dropped her book bag, and turned to close the door.

"No, Melody, leave it open. Let's let anybody who wanders by look in and see what happens to naughty little girls who get into fights AT SCHOOL. And just look at your dress! What a mess! Come get over my knees right NOW!" Melody did. And as soon as she'd stretched out on the couch, her torn dress and her slip were raised above her waist, her panties were taken right down to her knees, and within seconds her Mommy was spanking her bare bottom soundly with the back of the hairbrush.

After five swats over the remains of Mrs. Garrett's hard handspanking Melody was bawling again. Her crying increased as each swat stung and burned her bare fanny, when...

"Ahem. Mrs. Johnson, I believe??"

Someone was at the door! Melody turned her was JOHNNY!!

"Yes, young man? May I help you? Would YOU like a dose of my hairbrush, too...OH! I'm sorry, boy, I didn't see your hands. Please, come on in and watch while I blister little Melody's bare bottom. You must be Johnny Devine. I'm pleased, no, honored to meet you." Even as she spoke, Mary had resumed spanking Melody's bare bottom with good, hot burning spanks.

"Ah, thank you, Ma'am, but I just wanted to say that I was involved in the same scrap as Melody, and got spanked along with her, and I must say that, at least in MY view, we were quite justified."

"Oh, well, I'm afraid it doesn't matter. Melody got spanked for misbehaving in school, and that means a good spanking from me right now and another at bedtime from her Daddy. Those are the rules."

Melody's crying reached yet another peak as she learned even THIS spanking wasn't the end of the matter.

"Oh, I quite understand she must be spanked. I'll probably be getting a smack-bottom in a few minutes myself. I just thought, perhaps, it might, ah, moderate your justifiable anger with her, you know. Perhaps???"

"Oh. Well, yes, I suppose if YOU thought it was justifiable." Mary finally paused in spanking Melody's bare bottom. "I suppose that's red and sore enough, then. Very well, I'll let Melody cry it out on the corner stool, instead. But she'll still have to deal with her father tonight."

(sigh) "I'm afraid the Admiral is NOT very understanding about such things, either. Thank you, though. Good-bye" And the impeccable young lad turned about and left the room, closing the door behind him before Mary could call to stop it.

"Hmph. You seem to have made a conquest, Melody. Well, I could never decline a request from a hero. (patting her bare bottom) Get over to the living room corner and stand there while I fetch the stool from the kitchen. Yes, the tall one with the wooden seat you just HATE to sit on, at least when you've a hot, sore bottom."

And Melody was soon encornered, waiting for her Daddy to come home. And after he did, and talked to Mommy, he took her straight upstairs and started giving her her bath. Then he got her ready for bed, and it wasn't even SIX yet. He dressed her in her green baby-doll nightie and matching panties, carried her into her room...

And tucked her into bed. "We've decided to put you to bed without your supper tonight, since you were so naughty today in school. And I want you to go right to sleep, even though it's two hours before your usual bedtime. This is part of your punishment, Melody. And first thing in the morning, you and I will 'discuss' your behavior in MUCH more detail, do you understand?"

Melody did, and said so. Then as she settled down under the covers, she saw her Daddy reach a decision and walk back over to her bed... where he reached for the control panel and entered a sequence of numbers. "Oh, Daddy, no, plea, pl, plzzzz." Melody slipped right to sleep as the delta inducer built into her headboard took hold and slid her off into dreamland.

* * *

The next morning Melody was awakened by her Daddy an hour earlier than usual. This was to allow enough time for her spanking. He pulled her out from under her covers and carried her into his study.

Melody looked around with interest. She was never allowed in Daddy's study alone, and the door was always closed. She'd only been in there a few times, always for serious punishment. The walls were lined with chipholders filled with neatly labeled data chips. A glass fronted case behind the large desk held several REAL books, much to Melody's interest. Behind the desk, where they were headed, was a large desk chair. And on the desk, handy, lay Daddy's half-meter ruler. Melody had only felt the sting of that ruler a few times before, and she was NOT looking forward to another dose.

It was 50cm long, of course, and a full 3cm wide. And it was 4mm thick. It left wide, sore stripes that hurt for a long time. Melody was quickly deposited over her Daddy's knees as he sat at his desk. Her little green baby-doll nightie was flipped out of the way, and her Daddy was spanking her little panty-clad bottom with good, hard swats from his right hand.

A night's sleep had been hardly enough to eliminate Mrs. Garrett's handspanking, much less Mommy's follow-up with the hairbrush. Melody's tender bottom stung like hell as the hard handspanks re-heated it. Mel howled and tried to beg off as her daddy spanked his wayward daughter good and hard. A full thirty spanks fell onto Melody's bottom even before her panties came down!

But after those thirty handspanks had left Melody crying and bawling and begging her Daddy to forgive her, her panties were indeed slowly lowered to her knees. And her Daddy reached for that awful ruler on his desk.

"Nooo! (sob) Waaaah! Dad-dee! Nooo! No ruler! Noo! No bare bottom! Pleeze! (sob) My bott'm hurtz a'ready!! (sob) Waaaaah! Nooo! Pleez don' use (sob) tha' awful rul'r on m-my b-bare b-butt! It'll hurrt!! (sob) Pleease, just use your han' It'll hurt PLENNY! Purty pleeze?? (sob) WAAAAAH!! NO SPANK ME WITH RULER!! WAAAAAH!"

During this impassioned plea, Melody's Daddy had taken the awful stick in hand and was patting it silently on Melody's bare bottom. "Very nice plea, Melody. I really enjoyed hearing it. But you were caught fighting at school, and were spanked for it, and I intend to send you back to school with a red-hot bottom to sit on for the rest of the day. I've half a mind to send a note to your teacher asking her to 'refresh' the sting at lunchtime! How would you like THAT! (pat-pat)."


Melody's sound spanking had begun. Over and over the ruler painted broad red stripes right across Melody's bare bottom. Each red stripe was greeted by renewed howls and yells as Melody paid the price for her naughtiness over her Daddy's knee. Over and over it descended, starting at the top of Melody's bare bottom and painting red stripes edge to edge until the base was reached. Then a hard whack into the crease, another couple on her tender thighs (where they'd show under her skirt), and then back to the top for another coat. Daddy painted ten solid coats of deepening red before he stopped spanking Melody with the ruler.

Then he kept Melody face down over his knee, her hot red bottom turned up towards the ceiling, until her crying and bawling subsided a bit into heavy sobs as the pain in her bottom declined into something barely tolerable.

And he resumed her spanking with his hand. Melody tried to levitate off of his lap, but was far too firmly held down.

Fortunately, this final flurry was relatively short. Just enough to reduce Melody to helpless bawling tears. Again.

Then it was time for her to get dressed for school. Daddy dressed her in a funny way. First, he put one of her white school blouses onto her and buttoned it. Then he helped his sobbing daughter into a white petticoat. Then he slipped one of the dark blue straight school skirts up her legs and fastened it into place. "I thought the blue would go better with your panties, Melody."

Huh? Her panties were supposed to be plain white cotton, that was the uniform. But the panties Daddy took out of her drawer weren't plain white. They were pink. And covered with tiny paddles and hairbrushes.

Pain-ties were an allowable option for the uniform, for Penitatas.

"If you want to insist on white, we could always go with the number three set..." asked Daddy with a smile. Melody couldn't speak; she just shook her head wildly. As her Daddy slid the terrible garment up her legs and over her burning bottom.

(These were not actually the pain-ties Melody had gotten for Christmas. She'd outgrown them months ago, and a new set had duly been bought in August.)

A biter stung Melody's bottom. She was in trouble now!! Her daddy soon had her feet socked and shoed, and Melody had to go downstairs to sit politely at the table for breakfast. At the table, she received her orders; she would be delivered to school early by her parents, so that she'd have fifteen minutes to go show Mrs. Garrett her bottom. And get another paddling if Mrs. Garrett felt she needed it.

Fortunately, Mrs. Garrett felt Melody had had plenty of spanking to teach her her lesson, and let her off.

But paying attention in class was a REAL challenge that day. Also, she had to be really careful that nobody saw her panties; since they were NOT plain white cotton, her only defense against a charge of 'out of uniform' was to loudly declare that they were pain-ties and that she was wearing them as a punishment.

Melody wasn't sure which would be worse; that, or getting spanked for being out of uniform.

Fortunately, she never found out, managing to keep her panties firmly out of view all day. With an enormous effort of will, she even managed not to squirm and wiggle excessively in her chair. (SOME wiggling would be understood; she HAD been rather soundly spanked yesterday, and everyone knew a Penitatas would get another spanking or two after she got home).