Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon

Melody's Turn

Oct 7, 2748

Part 33 of Melody's Stories

It was quite a day for Melody. Most of her afternoon classes were replaced by a long interview with a counselor.

Melody knew that Rigellians were one of the most civilized races in the galaxy. Their services as telepathic counselors were in demand all over. Several had even become citizens of the Confederation of Humanity, as odd as that sounded.

But she still found it hard to discuss her problems with a one and a half meter tall wasp. Maybe it was the eight cm long stinger in his tail that bothered her. Not that he'd ever even DREAM of using it on a fellow sentient.

Actually, Melody had discovered that she had more to fear from his chitinous hands than any stinger. When she tried to 'fake' her responses, telling him what she thought he wanted to hear, failing to be honest with him (and herself), she learned that you can't fool a telepath about things like that. He'd rolled her over on the couch with two of his hands, flipped up her skirt with a third and applied his fourth to her pantyseat a dozen times. Melody learned then that an exoskeleton makes for a very effective spanking implement. Even though the kindly alien hadn't really spanked very hard. Just enough to get her attention.

At least this time there would be no spanking waiting for her at home. Rigellian counselors are among the most ethical beings in the universe; as telepaths, they had to be. Unless there was an intelligent life directly at risk, Melody's sessions would be totally private.

* * *

When Melody got home from school her mother was waiting for her in the kitchen. "Melody, I'd like for you to go over to the Smythe's this afternoon. You will be staying there until after supper. As usual, Mr. and Mrs. Smythe are in charge and have my permission to discipline you if you need it. Run along, now!!"

With little choice in the matter, Melody ran next door, her schoolbooks in hand; she'd need to do her homework wherever she was. She didn't really mind visiting the Smythe's, usually, but ever since Janie's blistering she'd been wavering. Much as she KNEW Janie needed and deserved everything she was enduring, it was still a little hard to watch her getting a spanking on her poor blistered bottom, the way she had Sunday night. Still, Janie would be getting spanked whether Mel watched or not.

When Melody arrived next door, Mrs. Smythe invited her into the kitchen, where she had cookies and milk all ready to fuel Melody's homework. (And little Janie's thin paddle on the counter, to make sure she kept at it until it was done).

Melody immediately plopped onto a chair and started working. The Japanese was the hardest, of course, but writing practice was the most tedious. She'd never realized how much of printing and writing is muscle memory. You really just told your hand 'now a 'b'', and it drew the 'b'. But all that muscle memory was gone after being rejuved back to six, so it was printing drills for Melody; one hundred capital and one hundred small 'j's....

Melody finished up her homework about four, and asked if she could go out and play.

"No, Melody, I'll go wake up Janie from her nap, and we'll all go into the living room for a while." That did it. Melody would be watching Janie 'get it' for sure. Unless SHE was in for it?? Well, maybe; she WAS Penitatas, but probably not.

Soon they were all gathered in the living room. Melody sat on the big overstuffed armchair. Mr. and Mrs. Smythe sat on the couch. Janie sat in the corner on her blistered bottom, crying softly just from sitting down. And they told Melody she hadn't been spanked all day!

When Mr. Smythe went to the corner and picked Janie up, Melody knew that the four-year-old's lesson was about to begin. Sure enough, the child was quickly deposited onto her Mommy's lap as she moved to the couch's center. The redheaded woman then quickly turned up her little girl's short pleated skirt, tucking the blue striped fabric well up onto her back.

No wonder Janie had been crying in the corner! Her poor bottom was now covered by a pair of pink Pain-ties! Wow, those must have REALLY hurt sitting in the corner, especially with her blistered bottom. And under Firebottom three...


But now the little panties were going south, and once again Melody had a clear look at poor Janie's well-blistered bottom. The tiny child's poor fanny was still bruised, but it was the white sting blisters that covered every inch of her poor 'spank spot' that told the real story of her suffering. Those blisters must really, really hurt. Heck, even taking down her panties, without a single swat had made the little baby girl start bawling hard.

But now her Mommy was patting her poor posterior lightly, then


Ow! That was a HARD spank!

And Janie sure felt it. She yowled like a scalded cat! Her tiny body bucked on her Mommy's lap, but of course poor little Janie wasn't going anywhere. A couple of her blisters had popped as her Mommy's hand had spanked her bottom. More would follow.

The second spank was just as hard as the first one. And then Janie's Mommy was firmly spanking her daughter's bare bottom with crisp, stinging spanks. Well, they would have been just stinging if they'd landed on a normal bottom. The Firebottom three made the spanks hurt as much as a good hairbrush swat, even when they landed on unblistered flesh, like Janie's little thighs. But at least half of the spanks were right onto Janie's little blistered bottom.

(Funny. Usually thigh-spanks hurt MORE than bottom-spanks. But Janie's Mommy was using them to give her a bit of RELIEF from spanks on her blistered bottom!)

Janie was, of course, bawling and crying as hard as she could. But expressing her apologies in that unmistakable language of the well-spanked little girl was doing her no good at all. These spankings were ordered by the court, and Janie would get her full measure. Thirty good handspanks left her blisters broken open and weeping. Janie was howling and crying as hard as she could. And then, finally, Janie was sent to her corner to stand (Thank God!) bare bottomed with her face to the walls.

Melody was crying herself by the end of the spanking. Despite Janie's attempt to rape her (back when he was James Platsburk), despite the severe caning he'd arranged for her Christmas, despite even little Janie letting her go through that torture last week, she was still just a little bitty child, and Melody could hardly bear to see her suffering so badly.

But, oh no! Now Mrs. Smythe was motioning Melody over to the couch. Oh, no, surely not!

Melody was Penitatas. Mrs. Smythe was going to give her a spanking!

A few minutes later Melody was lying over the lap Janie had vacated just a few minutes earlier. Her pleated tartan skirt had been rucked up, and Mrs. Smythe was spanking the back of her white petticoat with brisk, stinging swats. Suddenly Melody realized that she was being spanked EXACTLY as hard as Janie had been! But over her unblistered, padded bottom the swats weren't even enough to make her cry. Oh, they stung, but Melody managed to restrict herself to occasional 'Ow!'s.

After fifteen swats, her petticoat was raised and the spanking continued over her white cotton panty-seat. Now the brisk spanks began to take more of a toll on Melody's bottom, and by the time the thirtieth, and last, spank had smacked into her panties Melody was sniffling and sobbing just a bit. Then it was over. It had been a very rare event for a Penitatas.

A spanking that was NOT bare bottom.

For a long while Mrs. Smythe gently rubbed Melody's back and bottom through her folded skirt and panties. Then she gently turned Melody upright on her lap and cuddled her until she stopped sniffling.

Mrs. Smythe pulled Melody up off her knees and set her on the couch next to her. Mr. Smythe, in the meantime, had gone off. He returned with two paddles.

One was Mrs. Smythe's little helper paddle. The other was Janie's Very Own Spanking Paddle. Melody gulped.

She knew that, at least as long as Janie's bottom was blistered, that long 28cm paddle would NOT be used on the child.

Which meant it was for Melody's bottom.

"Melody, in a few minutes Rachel will bring Janie over and put her over your lap there on the couch. She and I will kneel down and hold her arms and legs for you, and we would like you to give her poor little blistered bottom a good, sound spanking with the little 'helper paddle' here. Twenty-five swats worth, dear, and WE decide if a swat is hard enough to count."

"I-I really appreciate it, sir, and I know I must seem ungrateful, but I'd really rather not..."

"(sigh) It's not an opportunity, Melody, it's an order. I know from looking at you as Rachel spanked Janie that you won't enjoy it. But your parents and we agreed that you need to do this. For closure. If you don't, well, you might never be able to get over hating Janie. I know you think you have already, but trust us on this. We even discussed it with your counselor while you were doing your homework. He wouldn't tell us anything about your session, of course, but he agreed that this would be a good idea."

(sniffle)"I-I'm sorry, sir, but I just don't think I CAN!!"

"Well, Melody, that's your choice. But I'm afraid I would have to punish you for your disobedience. With fifty good, hard, bare-bottom spanks with Janie's paddle. What do you say to that, young lady??"

(SOB) "Sh- should I bend over the couch's arm, sir??"

"Hmmmn. Well, Melody, lets try this. If you DON'T give little Janie her paddling, I'll have to; it's been ordered by the court, remember? And I think about fifty good spanks with that stingy little paddle should do. Well, Melody? Twenty-five from you or fifty real zingers from ME. PLUS a good paddling for yourself. Now what do you have to say about it, young lady??"

Melody had no choice. She realized that Janie WAS going to get spanked. NOTHING she did could stop it. And if Rash-zin-zuzz thought she really needed to do this...

"I am waiting, young lady. As of now you ARE getting ten spanks no matter what. Would you like twenty???"

"NO! No sir! I- I'll spank Janie if everybody thinks its so important."

"Good! Roll over for a second..."

Melody obeyed, and the paddle SMACKED into her skirt-seat ten times, as promised. But not very hard — just enough to sting. Then she rolled back over onto her stinging bottom, sniffled a bit, and accepted the nasty little 'helper paddle' from Mrs. Smythe.

Soon the two adults had little Janie bare-bottomed over Melody's lap. Melody noted that her blisters had already sealed over and were again filling with fluid. That meant that her swats would burn Janie's bare bottom even more than she'd feared. And under Firebottom three...

But neither child had any option but to obey. Suddenly Janie managed to stop crying long enough to say:

"PLEASE Melody! spank me! spank me NOW before they change their minds! God, Melody, PLEASE! You won't, you CAN'T spank as hard as they will! Just get it over with!"

"OK, Janie, here it comes!!"

And Melody brought the paddle down right across Janie's poor blistered seat. And Janie bucked and heaved against her Mommy and Daddy's grip as the renewed burning pain blazed through her bottom. Melody started to cry in sympathy, even as she spanked the paddle down again half-heartedly.

"That wasn't hard enough, Melody. We won't count it. Good, crisp spanks, now. Come on, even a six year old ought to know how to give a good spanking."

Realizing that her attempt to save Janie's poor fanny had only cost her an extra (albeit light) swat, Melody finally got down to business and began spanking the poor little baby with the kind of crisp, burning spanks usually applied to her OWN tail.

By the time the twenty-fifth spank had splatted onto Janie's little crimson bottom both children were crying hard. Tears streaked Melody's face. She'd never admit it, but they were tears of shame. Shame at the very real enjoyment, real satisfaction she'd felt at giving Janie her spanking. A part of her HADN'T forgiven Janie for the torture she'd put Melody through. A nasty little part of her GLORIED in the terrible suffering she'd just put Janie through. A part of herself Melody did NOT like.

A part of her that, had the pain and frustration NOT been lanced, could have eventually REALLY messed up her mind and personality. As Rash-zin-zuzz had known.

Finally Janie's punishment was over, and her Mommy picked her up off of Melody's lap and started to carry the poor re-blistered child up the stairs. "Come along, Melody, there's one last thing I want you to learn."

Curious, Melody followed Mrs. Smythe up to Janie's room. There she watched as Janie was stripped bare naked. "Hold Janie still, dear."

Melody obeyed, making sure Janie stood quietly and didn't try to rub her poor bottom. The open, weeping sores made that much too dangerous. Melody dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around the child, gently restraining her.

Meanwhile, Rachel Smythe had gotten out one of Janie's large cotton diapers from her drawer. "OK, Melody, here is Janie's diaper. If you ever have children of your own, you'll need to know how to diaper a little girl, and I see no reason you shouldn't learn how right now."

And Melody did. She opened the diaper and picked up little Janie and set her on it, (WAAAAAAAH!!!) pulled it into place and fastened the tabs.

Then she did it again, following Rachel's suggestions for improving her technique. And again. Janie was, of course, incredibly embarrassed to be bared and diapered by a child only two years older than herself, but wisely said nothing, expressing her discontent with her sobs and tears. Finally Melody's technique met with Mrs. Smythe's approval.

Janie's diaper was removed one last time, and she was turned onto her face on her bed so that Melody could rub some baby lotion into her blistered bottom, then an antiseptic cream. Finally Melody was taught how to powder a baby's bottom, and Janie could be re-diapered one last time before having a little nightie popped over her head and being tucked into bed. Melody helped to fasten Janie's wrists into the bed's built in restraints (just like her own). They'd make sure she didn't try to rub or even touch her poor blistered behind.

Finally, Mrs. Smythe started Janie's delta inducer.

"Ah, doesn't that make the restraints redundant, Ma'am? I mean, now she'll sleep..."

"No, dear, not when she's in this much pain. The inducer will help, but I'm afraid her poor bottom will still make it hard for Janie to sleep well. If we didn't restrain her she might reach back and rub even under the inducer. Well, we're almost halfway through her sentence. I must say, I'll be glad when it's over. Now, lets go back downstairs and I'll fix us something to eat." (Janie had been put to bed without supper. Actually a kindness; she was in no condition to eat right then. She'd have a big breakfast the next morning.)

After supper Melody was sent home, where she was actually allowed to stay up until her 'official' bedtime at eight thirty, watching holo.