Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon


Oct 5, 2748

Part 32 of Melody's Stories

Sunday night, after taking her medicine, Melody found herself on her Mommy's lap in an unusual position—face up. Mommy felt that Melody needed some cuddling after her ordeal, and Mel had spent more time being held quietly and hugged than being spanked. In fact, after her spanking in the car on the way home, she hadn't gotten a real spanking at all, just a couple of 'reminder' swats when she'd made too much fuss about taking her medicine. Melody couldn't argue about that—she knew the medicine was important, and she HAD to take it, but it tasted HORRIBLE and she felt really yucky for a couple of hours afterwards. After a long cuddle, Mommy had quietly suggested that they go over to her bedroom window and look in on Janie...

And so Melody had watched through the window as Janie got her evening dose of the 'helper' paddle from her Daddy. He had seated himself on the straight-backed chair in her room, turned her over his left knee, and pinned her legs before tucking up her pink nightgown well past her waist. Melody had a clear view of her tiny bare bottom as Jane's Mom knelt by her head and held her little hands. Janie was so small, her little bottom barely covered half of Mr. Smythe's thigh, which provided plenty of support for her slim form.

Melody could see the complex pattern of dark bruises all over Janie's bare bottom. And, thoroughly covering her entire prime spank-spot, two or three dozen bright white blisters. Even touching those blisters must hurt, be intolerable under the influence of Firebottom Three.

But Mr. Smythe began to spank Janie's blistered bottom with the light little paddle. Melody could hear her holler clearly. Through two CLOSED windows. And that was just the first swat.

Mr. Smythe applied twenty. Not very hard. They didn't need to be.

By the time it was over, all of Janie's blisters had been broken and were weeping clear fluid. She was clearly howling her head off in pain. Afterwards, as Melody watched and her Daddy held her still (keeping her hands away from her bottom), Janie's Mommy rubbed some antiseptic cream into the poor child's tiny rump, which made her howl even harder. Then Janie was put into a big, soft diaper right before Melody's eyes. She knew that the diaper was to protect the opened blisters, to allow them some relief during the night.

Then both Melody and Janie had been put to bed. But Melody had to get up and go to school...

The day went fairly normally until noon. Right after lunch Melody had to visit the Nurse for her medicine. It tasted terrible, as usual. Melody had to lie down in the infirmary for an hour, missing both her brief recess and her class's nap. Recess she missed; one nap was much like another. Since she had a real bed, she was probably more comfortable...

When she returned to class Melody again wasn't really feeling too good. She didn't realize it, but the effect had been growing after each dose.

Melody had a lot of trouble concentrating on her Japanese. She had a brief respite when, of all people, MARI was called up to the teacher's desk.

"Mari, you've been working on that problem for fifteen minutes. And according to your system, you haven't even made an entry for five."

"I-I know. I should've hit the help key, but I just KNEW I could get it. But it was so hard to concentrate, my mind kept daydreaming..."

(sigh) "I know, dear. But, do you remember what you asked me the very first day??"

"Y-yes'm, I do. A-And I meant it. (sob)"

"Then I'm afraid I have to give you a spanking, Mari. By your own request. Remember, you THOUGHT you'd need 'encouragement' to learn Chandlerian physics. I guess you were right."

"No! Please, don't spank me! I- I didn't mean it! I- I thought..."

But Mrs. Jackson had her by the wrist, and was guiding the lazy little first grader up and over her lap. As they were behind the teacher's desk, the rest of the children's view was strictly limited, but they all got occasional flashes of Mari, and of course Mrs. Jackson was clearly visible.

And was clearly pulling up Mari's pleated skirt and petticoat. Her next actions were clearly identifiable, as Mari howled "Noooo! Please Teacher, not my panties! Pleease, not bare, Don't spank me like that! Not BARE BOTTOM!!"

"You asked me to treat you like a lazy Penitatas, dear, and what lazy little Penitatas gets spanked over her skirt, or panties for that matter. No, I'm giving you a nice little spanking on your bare bottom to encourage you to work harder, and that's that!"

And that's what Mari got. Mrs. Jackson's hand rose and fell onto the poor Voluntaras's bare bottom a dozen times, but the sound of the spanks told the experienced Penitatas in the room that Mari was getting spanked with a lot more sound than fury. Despite her request, Mrs. Jackson wasn't giving her anything like what THEY would've gotten.

But the way Mari was crying and carrying on, you'd never know it.

Of course, this could well be the first spanking she'd ever had. It was unlikely; most Kindern got at least a COUPLE of spankings growing up, and for all they knew this wasn't Mari's first rejuve. And a Voluntaras was expected to know how to behave, and was punished when they didn't.

Still, it was possible.

But after that distraction, Melody was having a hard time with her own lessons. To the point where she actually fell asleep right in the middle of comprehension.

"dy...Melody!!...MELODY, WAKE UP YOUNG LADY!!!" Melody almost jumped out of her seat! An angry Mrs. Jackson was shaking her shoulder.

"I-I'm sorry! I dunnow..."

"Well, lets see if we can WAKE YOU UP!! Maybe sitting on a sore bottom will help keep you awake, little girl!!" The teacher pulled Melody out of her chair by her shoulder, took her hand, and began to pull her up to the spanking chair. For about three steps.

Then she paused and turned back to Melody, an odd look on her face. To Mel's surprise, she reached back with her left hand and firmly placed it against Melody's forehead.

"Lord, Melody, you're burning up! You have a fever!"

Suddenly the world seemed to make a 1/4 right twist, and Melody stumbled a bit, looking a bit vague.

"All, right that's enough. Johnny Devine!!"

"Yes, Ma'am!!" Snapped the youngster, jumping to his feet from where he'd started helping Mari with her math.

"You take Melody right to the Infirmary and hand her over to the Nurse. Melody, I want you to know that, Penitatas or not, I DO trust you and would normally let you go by yourself, but you are looking sicker by the minute. I'm not sure you'd make it. Mari, I think you'd better go with Johnny. Yes, I know, Johnny, but you aren't as strong as you were. You could PROBABLY get her there if she collapses, but why take chances?"

Melody was feeling vaguer and vaguer as her fellow students led her into the hall. Johnny and Mari were the obvious choices; as neither was a Penitatas, they were naturally assumed to be more reliable than any of the other kids. And Johnny Devine was, well, Johnny Devine.

As they rounded the first turn, they were intercepted by the vice- principal, Mrs. Garrett. "What are you children doing here? Where is your hall pass, young man..."

Johnny simply held up the back of his hand, showing the 'M' of a Medicalos rejuve. Far better than any hall pass!! "Melody's gotten sick, Ma'am, and we're taking her to the Nurse."

Mrs. Garrett's entire demeanor changed. She almost snapped to attention and saluted. "Of course, Comm...I mean, Master Devine. You ARE, of course, Johnny Devine. I am... honored to meet you, S, I mean, young man. Very honored. I'm Mrs. Garrett, the vice principal. Let me have her... here, I'll just...OK. Now to the infirmary."

"I see. You were... in the service?"

"Confederation Marines. Forty years. Master Sergeant."

"Ah. But I'm not a Commander any more, and won't be again for a long time. YOU are my superior, well, not officer, but my superior. And I am very much at your orders. Ma'am."

Suddenly the vice-principal relaxed, and said "So you are, young man. I guess I'm just not used to taking care of a little hero." She waved away Johnny's objections to that. "I know what you did. No more false modesty, laddie, or I'll paddle it out of you. That's part of my job, Johnny, so if you misbehave, hero or no hero, I'll turn you over my knee and give you enough to make YOU howl. You're right; I AM in charge here. And its past time I started behaving like it. We're there, now, and you've fulfilled your teacher's instructions. I'll take Melody in to the nurse, The two of you get back to class."

The nurse was quite concerned, and ran a quick scan to see what was wrong. But the readings reassured her, and she turned Melody over onto her tummy as she told Mrs. Garrett "Her doctors warned me about this possibility. The medicine Melody is taking to strengthen her blood vessels and repair the microdamage to them isn't really designed for children; not too many kid's get this kind of problem. She's having a reaction to her medicine. Since her temperature is only 39.1, I'm not really worried. I think we can afford to go through the Penitatas formalities."

As she spoke, she'd slipped Melody's panties down to her kneehollows and rubbed a bit of lubricant into her anus. The rectal thermometer slipped into her bottom, past her minor objections. The infirmary door had been left open; anybody looking in could have seen the pale hills of Melody's bottom with the little tube sticking up out of her ass.

Once her temperature had been 'officially' taken, the school Nurse could follow the orders left for her for this possibility. She discussed this with the vice principal as she acted.

"First, we'll just get Melody undressed and into a gown. She'd best be put to bed until her Mommy or Daddy can come for her." And as she spoke, the Nurse quickly and efficiently stripped Melody as bare naked as the day she was born. Even her panties were removed, and she was planted on her (shaky) feet for a moment as the hospital gown was slid onto her body. The special Penitatas gown. The one that was cut so that the back edges were well to each side of the bottom.

No hospital gown covered the patient's bottom very well. A Penitatas gown didn't cover it at ALL.

Now in her gown, Melody found herself back on the bed, face down. "The next step is to neutralize her medicine. I was given something for that." The nurse had stepped to the stasis cabinet and removed a hypodermic needle, already filled. "Please hold Melody for her shot." Mrs. Garrett obeyed, not that Melody tried to resist. Even though it was a proper Penitatas injection; it hurt like hell. No swats were needed, however. There had been no point in actually modifying the medication to Penitatas specs for one shot.

Nurse then pulled Melody into a seated position, and left her there as she fetched a large bottle and spoon. "Next we need to get that fever down. This is just an over-the-counter febrifuge. Penitatas formula, of course." Of course. Melody recognized the stuff; the same hateful thick, vile liquid her Mommy gave her sometimes. She soon discovered that the large economy size tasted no better.

"And then we can put her down for a nap until her Mommy comes," finished the Nurse. And that is just what they did.

Melody was fine the next morning, taking a new, somewhat weaker medication. She was actually quite happy; as it would take a couple of days to have a Penitatas variant prepared of the new stuff, and as she only needed a few more days on it, it had been decided not to bother. And Melody's days became far more pleasant for a while, at least insofar as taking her ORAL medicine was concerned.