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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

Pop Quiz

Tues. Sept. 15, 2748

Part 28 of Melody's Stories

After lunch and playtime Melody had been put down for a nap along with the rest of her class. But now that was over, and Ms. Hashima arrived to escort Melody to her Japanese class. As a Penitatas first grader, Melody was always under escort or marched along in line. Only after lunch and at Friday recess was she allowed to run and play freely, and all the children were well supervised inside the fenced in school grounds during recess.

They soon arrived at the small language lab (only 4 desks, and only one other occupied, by ten-year-old Masao). When Melody had seated herself Ms. Hashima announced the first pop-quiz of the year. "This quiz WILL count towards your grade, but not too much; I know you are both trying hard. But it will give me a better feel for how you are doing."

The quiz booted up on Melody's compu-desk. It was HARD. There was a review of the Japanese 'alphabet'. Then she had to don headphones for a comprehension review. Even a pronunciation test, using the little microphone. Melody knew she hadn't done very well on the test, she just KNEW it.

So she was a little surprised when Ms. Hashima announced that she'd made a C, while young Masao had only managed a D+. Both children were scolded for their performance, but it was only Melody who was asked to come up to the teacher's desk.

Masao was Voluntaras. Melody was Penitatas. Straight 'A's or else.

With a sigh, Melody walked up to Ms. Hashima's desk. She pushed her chair back from the desk, making room for Melody over her knees. "Since this is the first quiz, Melody, we'll just make it a hand spanking. But I certainly hope you'll work harder and try to do better next time. And I'm afraid you will have to take the quiz home and have it signed; those are the rules."

Melody winced as Ms. Hashima tugged her forward over her knees. A handspanking wasn't too bad, but tonight she'd have to face her parents. And she'd been warned, there would be no 'slack' cut for her despite the very tough course she was taking.

Soon Melody was settled over her teacher's lap for her spanking. Her pleated tartan skirt was turned up over her back; her white petticoat was also lifted away from her bottom. Ms. Hashima patted Melody's white pantyseat and said "Since I'm only going to use my hand, I think I'll make this spanking bare bottom, Melody. And yes, Masao MAY watch it if he wants to. Would you care to come up and watch, Masao?"

He would. The boy bounced out of his chair and hurried up to the desk even as Melody protested this assault on her dignity.

"Noo! Pleease Ma'am! Not on the Bare! Not in front of..." But it was too late. Panty elastic was already over slim, feminine fingers and being slipped down to Melody's knee-hollows.

And then Ms. Hashima's small hand was spanking Melody's bare bottom with sharp, stinging slaps. As her bottom began to sting and burn Melody began to kick and wiggle cutely over the Asian woman's knees.

Always, the sting and burn of a spanking caught her by surprise. She felt small, and helpless, and PUNISHED like the naughty little girl she appeared. Soon the spanking was over, and Melody was sent back to her desk, where she would spend the rest of the lesson wiggling on her stinging, bare bottom on her hard wooden seat. Ms. Hashima quietly began to go over the quiz, discussing where each of the students had made their errors.

At the end of the class, Ms. Hashima allowed Melody to pull up her panties, then handed her a hardcopy of the pop quiz to take home to her parents.

When Melody got off of the bus, she thought frantically as she walked down to her house. She knew what would happen as soon as Mommy saw the quiz. But she also knew it would be infinitely worse if she 'forgot' to show it to her. (sigh), No hope at all, Melody was in for a very painful evening.

As she walked into the kitchen her Mommy turned around from where she was drinking a cup of tea at the table, and asked Melody "Hello, dear. How was school today?"

"N-Not too good Mommy. We had a pop-quiz in Japanese. H-Here it is."

"Oh, Melody! A 'C'! I am very disappointed in you, young lady. You told me you were keeping up with that class!"

"I THOUGHT I was, Mommy (snif), but I guess I'm gonna have to study harder after school. I did all of my homework, I promise! But it's so hard to remember it all. Ya'see, most of the stuff I forgot was from LAST week's lessons. I-I guess I'll have to review everything once in a while, huh?"

"Hmph. Well, at least you admit you WERE at fault. And that is a good plan of action, Melody. I suppose I'll have to start drilling you after school, too. I can use the computer to check your answers. But you know what this means for right now, don't you young lady? What happens to little girls in this house who bring home 'C's?"

"Their Mommies give them a g-good s-sound s-spanking with the b-back of t-the h-hairbrush. (sob) O-On the b-bare b-bottom."

"And, Mel?"

"Ohhh! A-An' then th-they get p-paddled by Daddy, too!"

"You can do better than that!!"

"(sob) Th-they get a b-bare b-bottom p-paddling from D-Daddy 'til they cry an' learn to study harder."

"Very well, Melody. Come here." Mary reached into her purse for her walnut hairbrush, to Melody's relief. Bad as that brush was, it was smaller and thinner than the hard red maple brush sitting on Melody's dresser. Melody trotted right over to her Mommy before she could change her mind, and stood carefully right in front of her.

Melody winced as her Mommy unfastened the waist of her pleated skirt and let it fall to the floor. Her petticoat and panties followed. Now stripped from waist to socks Melody is ready to be put over her Mommy's lap for her lesson. Mary pulls Melody between her legs, and bends her over just her left knee, which arches her little bottom up even higher than usual. Melody wails as she realizes she isn't even to be allowed the slight comfort of kicking. Her legs are rapidly pinned under Mary's right calf. Her wrists are ordered behind her, where they are easily pinned up out of the way. Melody is totally helpless, completely exposed and pinned for her Mommy's hairbrush.

<SMACK!> The first hard hairbrush spank explodes against Mel's tender left bottomcheek. "Owwww! Mameee! Not so hard!" <WHACK!> "Yeeeow-owww!" the second spank strikes her bottom in the matching spot on the right. "Of COURSE its hard, Melody." <SPANK!> "Yeaaaaah- haaaa!" "This is an EARNED spanking!" <SPLAT!!> "Waaaaaaah-haaaaah! Noooo! (sob)" "Not as hard as a Special, <SPLACK!> of course, but hard enough to STING!" <SPANK! SMACK! WHAP! WHACK!> "Waaah-haaah! Momm-meee! Noooo! Huurts! Pleeeze! Waaaaaah! I be goood!"

The spanking was now under way. As she spanked, Mary scolded Melody like a small child, castigating her about her work habits, and the need to do better in school, scolding her like, well, a six-year-old. Mel hardly heard her, far more concerned with the bonfire being ignited in her bare bottom. The spanking HURT more than she could BELIEVE!! Oh, she knew her Mommy wasn't spanking at anything near full force. She'd learned what THAT felt like at Easter, and on the Fourth of July. She could get spanked MUCH harder than this.

But each swat stung and burned like fire. The temperature of her bare bottom seemed to elevate infinitely into a mass of oven-hot burning pain that left her bawling like a baby. Melody twisted and jerked against her Mommy's pinning limbs, but couldn't even move her poor bottom a centimeter out of the way of the punishing hairbrush. Soon she broke down and just lay over her Mommy's lap and cried her heart out with heavy sobs and tears. Snot ran out of her nose, her eyes were streaming, as heavy sobs racked her bottom. But her sound hairbrush-spanking continued until her little bottom was cherry red and glowing.

Only then was Melody allowed to stand up and go face the kitchen corner in disgrace. She would stand there with her bare red bottom on display until her Daddy got home. Her disgrace would be apparent to him immediately. Melody only prayed he'd leave off her spanking until after supper. The thought of another spanking before then was terrifying.

Fortunately for Melody, her daddy was late getting home from work. There wasn't enough time for a proper paddling. So instead he took her upstairs to give her a bath while Mommy finished getting supper ready.

Melody was finally getting used to both her parents bathing her. She no longer turned red when her Daddy undressed her, not that he had much undressing to do this time! As the tub filled he sat down on the toilet and popped Melody's naked body over his lap for a little extra handspanking. "This is a deposit on what you'll be getting tonight, Melody. Remember, we're very serious about your schooling, and we will NOT tolerate anything below an 'A', much less a 'C'. You'd better get those grades up in a hurry, young lady!!"

The handspanking hurt terribly over Melody's well-paddled bottom, but it was fortunately fairly short (the tub filled quickly). After her bath Melody was quickly dressed in her yellow pajamas and carried down to supper. She yelped as her Daddy deposited her in her chair at the table. Then it was time for supper.

Mommy was so thoughtful. She'd carefully prepared ALL of the foods that Melody LOATHED. Liver and onions. Brussels sprouts. Sauerkraut. Some of these she'd actually LIKED as an adult, but 'acquired tastes' were also lost in the process of rejuvenation. With a sigh Melody set about the chore of cleaning her plate.

Supper over, the time of Melody's final fate of the day approached. As Mommy cleaned up, Melody's Daddy took her firmly by the ear and began to march her upstairs to her bedroom. Melody was dragged quickly and painfully, skipping along behind the large man as he made his way to the stairs. He took the stairs slowly, to make sure Melody didn't trip, but once to the top, it was back to a quick-march to her room.

"Drop your pants and get into the corner, young lady." he ordered as he set up his floating holo-cam to record the punishment. Melody ran to obey, and was promptly standing in her corner, her long pajama pants puddled around her feet, her jacket revealing all of her still-pink bare bottom to the rest of the room, and the camera, once it began to record.

Daddy left her to anticipate her paddling for a full five minutes, then summoned her to her bed, where he sat grasping Melody's Very Own Spanking Paddle, 30 cm of 1cm thick wooden pain-applier that would soon be paddling her bottom to even greater levels of fire.

Then Melody was bare-bottomed over her Daddy's big lap, kicking and squirming as the paddle SMACKed into her bottom over and over and over. She howled and bawled from the first swat as the hard wood imprinted its painful lesson onto her sore nates.

A dozen spanks restored Melody's bottom to the cherry-red level of a truly well-spanked bottom. But her Daddy applied another two dozen after that, just to make sure she'd learned her lesson.

As a howling little girl was led back to the corner, her Daddy thought that he'd done a proper job. Melody wouldn't be slacking off of her studies again. She'd chosen that hard class because her future needed it. And as her Daddy, it was his job to see to it that she successfully completed the class, and learned what she'd committed to. And he'd do just that, even if he had to paddle her bottom to a strawberry red three times a week.

After all, he really cared for her.