Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

WARNING: There are no spankings in this story. Well, almost. Past and future spankings are discussed, there's a lot of background and review gone over, and Mel brings Ellie up to date, but no actual spankings occur within the story.

Third of Melody's visits with her friend Ellen. These stories will be taking place approximately once a month...
   —Lurking Dragon

Visiting III

Sat. Sept. 19, 2748

Part 29 of Melody's Stories

Once again Melody was going to visit her friend Ellen Miller at her home. As Dr. Miller and Josh again settled down after lunch for the afternoon Spaceball game, the two Mommies escorted their charges out to the Miller family pool for a good swim.

"Whoa! Melody, are you certain you want to go swimming? Those rains last week have left the pool a littly chilly for me!!" said Mary, dipping one toe delicately into the pool.

"Its OK Mom! Really!" Actually, the pool WAS a little cool, but like most children Melody and Ellen just didn't seem to find it uncomfortable. Soon Melody was swimming around in her little one-piece yellow swimsuit, while Ellen splashed around in the shallow end in her little blue striped swimsuit. They were having a marvelous time, but their Mommies were still concerned about the temperature, and soon they found themselves sunning in side-by-side lawn chairs, talking.

[So, Melody, how's school goin' so far??]

[Not so good, Ellie. Last week I actually forgot about a homework assignment....]

[Huh? How'd you manage to do that?]

Sighing, Melody knew she'd have to explain more fully. [I had a LOT of Japanese homework assigned on Tuesday. Remember, I decided to take it?? Yeah, well, I only have Mrs. Hashima on Tuesday and Thursday, so I had two days to do it in....]

[Don't tell me you put it off! Mel, you know better than that!]

[Yeah, but it gave me all Tuesday afternoon free!! And I did get it all done Wednesday night, Ellie! Though Mama caught on and spanked me good for putting it off.]

[And you deserved it! Mel, the only way you're fanny'll survive that course is if you KEEP UP!]

[OK!! Geesh, Ellie, don't you scold me!!]

[Sorry, sorry, go on, Mel!]

[Anyhoo, I finished the Japanese, but I had a writing assignment to do, too. Printing, actually-50 capital 'N's...]

[Wait a minit... why do you have to practice printing — oh, part of being Penitatas, I bet, like doing lines...]

[Nope — come first grade, you'll be practicing printing yourself....]

[Huh? Why?]

[Muscle memory, remember? When we wrote somethin' down, 99% of the writing was reflex. Those reflxes are gone. Remember all that printing and handwriting practice back in elementary school??]

[Yeah, I hated it!]

[Well, get ready to really hate it all over again. Worst of all, part of the practice is to condition our hand muscles—so printing practice actually hurts, and HAS to hurt in order to work. What was that expression from your century?? 'No pain no gain?']

[(groan) Another of my least favorite expressions!! But at least you know *how* to print...]

[If I think about it, sure! But when I let my hand go on 'automatic', sometimes the letters come out backwards, 'specially the 'N's...]

[Hey, my sister had that problem in first grade, I remember. They thought it might be, whatchacallit, dyslexia...]

[Yeah, it can be, or just not having the right reflexes built, too. But Mrs. Jackson assigned me an extra 50 at home, since I was having trouble...]

[And that'* what you forgot??]

[Yeah, I didn't note it in my PA, UH, 'notebook?'. Usually Mommy checks my homework — my assignments are downloaded into the house computer — but this was a verbal assignment, and I forgot it.]

[Ouch! I bet you got really spanked for that one, huh?]

[(wince) Yeah, right in front of the whole class. Had to take my skirt off and go over her lap and everythin' And she did it SLOW, too, one layer at a time, petticoat and panties, until I was bare- bottomed, crying, and ready for the paddle. It really hurt, Ellie!]

[(giggle) And I bet your Mommy spanked you after school, too, huh?]

[Yeah, yeah. a good dose of the hairbrush butt-naked in my room, and Daddy switched me before bed!! (shudder)]

[Wow! Anythin' else??]

[Yeah, Ellie, I messed up AGAIN just this week! We had a pop quiz Tuesday, and I got a 'C' on it! Ms. Hashima spanked me good, an' then after school Mommy gave me a good, sound lickin' with the hairbrush, and Daddy paddled me before bed too! It HURT! That's two sound, EARNED lickings in two weeks!! I'm gonna have to start studying a LOT harder!]

[Oh, Mel! I'm so sorry! An' I advised you to take the class...]

[Not your fault, Ellie! I knew what I was in for! anyhow, that's it, except for the spankin' we all got the first day—all the little 'hard time' pennys, anyway.]

[Huh? They spanked ALL of you? By the way, who's in this class of yours, are they all Penitatas?]

[I thought they would be, but to my surprise they aren't. Let's see, there's Tommy, he's an armed robber in his second go round. I don't know him very well. There's Michelle, in her third cycle for rape...]

[HUH? How'd a GIRL get convicted of RAPE??]

[Oh, she wasn't a girl when she did it; she used to be Mike Brown. You know, like Janie used to be James Platsburk. He, she got a Y repression on her sentence, and has to do her time as a girl!]

[Oh yeah! you told me about that. Weird. Still, at least he, she's learning what bein' a girl is like, huh!]

[Yeah. Theres a bunch of kids. Petey's a burglar, but he's in like his third cycle, and is 'soft time' now. That means he isn't spanked like us hard timers, but spends a lot more time getting counseled and stuff. John Evans is in for spamming...]

[SPAMMING? Ah, does that mean what I think...]

[Wha? Oh, yeah, you probably didn't have that crime. It means to tie up the Worldnet with bunches of unsolicited, unliscensed advertising. It got so bad a few centuries ago it started to bring the whole 'net to its knees, so they made unsolicited mass ads a crime. But somebody always thinks they have a new way around the law...anyway, John's a real, what's the word? Geek! This is probably his last cycle, an' I think he's learned his lesson. Nice kid, really. Gloria...I can hardly believe it, but she's a murderer!!]

[A MURDERER? in with the rest of you!!]

[Sure. I mean, she's six years old, just like the rest of us. We crack down on killers, though; Her sentence is three to seven, so she'll never get past first grade until she makes parole. And she was sentenced to FIFTEEN cycles!! That means AT LEAST two more cycles as a 'hard timer' getting spanked all the time!! Then another TWENTY YEARS as a little kid doing 'soft time'. No, Gloria won't be a threat to society for a while.]

[And she has to start at three years old! Same as me! Only she gets spanked every day...Wow! Mel, I really HATED the few spankin's I got! They were NO FUN at ALL, Especially that 'round robin' on vacation! And she'll get spanked like that ALL THE TIME, her little bottom on fire...WOW!]

[She earned it! Remember, Ellen, people are all but immortal now. Ending a life that could go on for CENTURIES...well, the only surprising thing is that she got off so EASY. There must've been extenuating circumstances. Like Virginia. She's now soft time, seventh cycle doin' five-to-eleven, for manslaughter, negligence. This may be her last cycle, too. Lets see, who else?? There's Walker, he's actually a repeat offender!! Can you imagine?? A slicer...]

[Huh? What's a slicer?]

[Sorry! 21st century term. You called 'em, what, Hackers?]

[OH! And a repeat offender...You mean even after going through multiple childhoods and stuff, an' all those spankings, he did it AGAIN?!?]

[Some smart people can be REAL stupid. Beth lost her temper with her boyfriend and beat him up with a chair. She used to be a weightlifter. She got 4 times five to ten for assault. First cycle; she's learning the joy of constant spanking just like me. Then there's poor Judy. We all try to cut her some slack, even if she is a slicer. She's in her very first cycle of two, and she'll probably be made a 'soft timer' in a year or two.]

[Huh? in the MIDDLE of a cycle? Why?]

[Special circumstances. She was only nineteen, just fooling around. Didn't hurt anything. I feel she probably shouldn't have gotten a Penitatas sentence at all, but she drew a hard judge.]

[I hate to say it, but if she was nineteen, she was an adult and...]

[HUH? Oh Ellie, didn't you know? Adult is back to twenty-one now. Judy was still legally a CHILD, and should've been treated as one. Even Mrs. Jackson, our home room teacher, tries to go easy on her.]

[Twenty-one??? Oh, Damn! But why? A kid is full grown way before then!]

[Actually, no we aren't. Remember, I told you there were some big changes. In your time, because of nutrition and so forth, kids were becoming sexually mature earlier and earlier. They finally realized that this was a VERY bad idea; a kid of nine or ten is NOT able to deal with those kind of emotions and feelings. And then they developed the Kensington treatment, that blocks fertility until the counteragent is applied. We ALL get that at eight years old, or as soon as we're rejuved, if it's older than that, so that NOBODY can have an unliscensed kid. If you leave the planet for an 'unrestricted' colony they reverse it. But at the same time, they now give everybody the Fujikawa treatment, too. That slows down the physical and sexual maturation process...]

[HUH! You mean they'll DELIBERATELY...]

[It's for the best. Even for a rejuve, handling sexual feelings can be a real problem. In your time, girls got their first periods around ten or eleven, right?]


[Well, for us it'll be more like fifteen or sixteen. Boy's voices won't change until high school. And, well, don't count on much in the way of teats until your senior year...]

[AAGH! No wonder you don't count a kid as an adult until twenty-one! But it isn't FAIR! All kids want to grow up as soon as they can!]

[But what they want isn't what they NEED! This way, everybody's a LOT more mature before they have to deal with dating and stuff. It works. But let me tell you about my last two classmates. Ellie, Mari is a VOLUNTARAS!]


[She's studying Chandlerian physics, and just couldn't handle the math any other way. And she's actually asked Mrs. Jackson to SPANK her if she slacks off! She's REALLY serious about it! But I've saved the BEST for LAST. Ellie, JOHNNY DEVINE IS IN MY CLASS!!]

[Huh? Who? Wait a minute...I saw somethin' about him on the holo. And...] "Mama, You say som'tin about Johnny Devine las munt?"

Mrs. Miller jumped a bit at her daughter's sudden Panglish shout. "Ellen! Do not yell! Yes, I treated John Devine for Chronostatic Radiation Poisoning when he got back. Why?"

"He in Mel's class!!"

"Really!! Melody, you should be honored! What a great opportunity! I hope you really model yourself on that young man! And treat him with the respect he deserves!"

"Oh, I will, Ma'am! I promise!"

[Melody, WHO IS this person? How'd he get poisoned like me? Hey! he must be Medicalos!]

[Yes he is. It's incredible, Ellie! Medicalos rejuves to very young ages are RARE, but I've met TWO of you! Anyway, COMMANDER John Devine was Chief Engineer of a starship, one of our warships, actually. There was an attack, and he went into a C-S radiation filled compartment and saved the ship, but it took THREE rejuves to purge the radiation. He's a hero! Ellie, if two of his people hadn't disobeyed his orders and gone in after him after he fell unconscious, he would've DIED, and he KNEW that's what would probably happen. Not to mention the fact that the ship was still under attack at the time!]

[wow. Daddy was in the Navy. He even won the Navy Cross during Vietnam. I- I agree with Mommy. Mel, you stick close to him and try to learn, I mean... Melody, people like that, there aren't ever enough of them. He can help you a lot if you let him. Believe me. Wow, I'd like to meet him. But, what about Diaspora. I've been afraid to ask you about that, but I know it's coming up...]

[Ah, yeah. I've been trying NOT to think about it. For Diaspora I get spanked by a MACHINE, Ellie. I mean, just tied into a contraption and held down for a totally impersonal imposition of pain. I don't want to think about it any more. PLEASE.]

[OK. Lets ask Mommy if we can swim some more, instead.]

And they did. And as they played, Ellen became more and more adventurous, slipping closer and closer to the rope that blocked off the deep end where she was NOT allowed to go. "Ellen! You stay in the shallow end! You hear me?" her Mommy warned. Melody, who had been swimming in the deeper water, heard Mrs. Miller and began to swim towards little Ellie even as her little feet slipped and her head went under. She still had a hold of the rope, but swallowed a little water before Melody had her and picked her up to carry over to the steps.

Where her Mommy was already waiting. Mrs. Miller picked Ellen right up out of the water and popped the seat of her blue striped swimsuit a couple of times. "That's enough swimming, children! I think we'd better put you two down for a little nap! AFTER Ellen has her 'Time out'!"

"No! No Tim' aht! Pleeze!" But Ellie was destined for five minutes in the corner, facing the wall, WITHOUT her swimsuit! Her Mommy peeled the fabric off her little girl and made her do her 'corner time' BARE NAKED!!

"We've found making Ellen do her corner time unclothed to be quite an effective punishment. She really hates to be exposed like this, and if I want to, I can give her little bare bottom a few spanks, too!"

"Well, maybe, Martha, but I still say the MOST effective 'corner time' is that spent with a hot, red little bottom! Still, Ellen IS Medicalos, not Penitatas. Melody, while you were NOT naughty, you might go stand with Ellen and keep her company. But NO talking!"

After the 'time out' the two children were put down for a short nap, then it was time for the Johnsons to leave.