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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon


Wed-Thurs. Sept. 8-9, 2748

Part 27 of Melody's Stories

Melody had a TON of homework for Mrs. Hashima's Japanese class due in her class Thursday. And like any child, she didn't start working on it until Wednesday after school — even though her Mommy had asked her if she had any homework Tuesday. (Well, she didn't, not due Wednesday, that is...)

Actually, it wasn't all that bad, especially for a little girl as smart as Melody. She worked diligently all afternoon, and after supper went right back to the table...after a little 'discussion' with her Mommy...

"Melody, you were working on your Japanese, I see."

"Yes, Momma."

"That's very good, dear...but don't you just have that class two days a week?"


"So didn't Mrs. Hashima really give you that assignment Tuesday?"

Oh, HECK! Melody knew her fanny was in for it, but she had to try... "Oh, but it wasn't due 'till today so I thought..."

"You thought you could PUT IT OFF?? I thought so!! I can't remember if I asked you if you had any homework, or any due, so I can't really spank you for lying. But, Melody, you knew what I meant, didn't you? Well?"

With a snif, Melody said "Yes, Mommy. I'm sorry."

"Come here, dear." sighed Mary. And a few minutes later Melody was face down across her Mommy's knees, her tartan dress carefully turned up over her back, along with her white slip. And her Mommy was briskly hand-spanking the seat of her white cotton panties.

Soon the little girl was wiggling and sniffling as her fanny heated up under the sound spanks. Josh grinned as he cleared the table — usually Melody's job, but she was busy at the moment. Then...

"Josh, hon, my hand's sore. Fetch me one of my wooden stirring spoons for Melody's bare-bottomed spanking, will you??" All without Mommy's slender palm missing a beat against Melody's panties.

"Oh, sure hon." Said Josh as he carried the casserole dish to the sonic cleanser. He returned shortly with one of the spoons. Well, they're called spoons, but actually it was a thin (4mm) wooden paddle used for stirring. The longish (17cm) handle expanded out into a broad, 6cm wide paddle about 13cm long. 'About' because the far edge was cut at a slant to better reach the edges of the bottom of the pot. Melody squealed when she saw it—and visualized it spanking her bare bottom.

When Mary saw Josh and the spoon, she stopped spanking her crying daughter long enough to tug down her white panties to her knees. Then she accepted the proffered paddle and spanked.

Melody howled. It stung just as bad as her Mommy's 'Helper Paddle', which it rather resembled. Melody cried and kicked her little feet, and gave a perfect performance of Well Spanked Cute Little Girl for her delighted parents. But all things, end, and so did Melody's spanking.

And instead of corner time, Mommy just 'suggested' she get right back to work on her Japanese, on her little pink Fairy Jenny SchoolPADD. Right there at the kitchen table. Sitting down on the high stool usually kept in the corner, as she usually did. (It put her at a better height for schoolwork than her 'supper chair', being a bit taller.)

It was a very hard stool, solid walnut. The same stool Mel sat in the corner on. On a well spanked bottom. Like the one she had now. At least staying alert for her homework wouldn't be a problem.

And Melody did finish every bit of her Japanese homework, by seven o'clock. She would've had a little free time, only Mommy decided to give her her bath and put her right to bed after she finished.

She completely forgot about her printing homework.

Capital 'N's, fifty of them, by hand of course. It was part of the training ALL young rejuves had to have, to re-train the muscles of the hand for writing. And Melody had had some problems, especially with her 'N's. If she didn't pay attention, some of them ended up backwards, much to her annoyance. Her old, hard-earned writing reflexes just weren't there any more.

So Mrs. Jackson had assigned her some extra 'N's that morning. A verbal order, not part of her 'official' homework, and she'd forgotten to note it on her PADD. And then forgot all about it.

Until she sat down in class the next morning...

* * *

"Melody, do you have your Japanese ready, and that printing assignment for me??"

Melody sat still in shock. Too late!! She'd hoped that Mrs. Jackson wouldn't check homework first thing; since it was for writing, maybe she'd wait until Writing Practice at 10:00. But Mrs. Jackson had asked about assignments first thing almost every day.

"I-I have the Japanese all ready, Ma'am. But.." Melody frantically tried to think of a way out. And couldn't. She'd just have to take her medicine... "..I- I'm afraid I forgot all about the writing assignment."

"Oh. And how did that happen, young lady??"

"I-I put off the Japanese until last night, and by the time I was done, I'd forgotten about the 'N's. An' (low) I fergot to put it in my PADD. I thought I'd remember! I'm sorry!!"

"You put off your assignment until last night! Melody Ann Johnson, I thought you knew better than that!!"

"Y-Yes'm, Mommy d-discussed that with me last night..."


Penitatas aren't allowed to be evasive.

"Mommy gave me a good spanking for putting the assignment off, Mrs. Jackson."

"What kind of spanking, Melody? Be specific!"

Melody winced. The teacher was obviously enjoying her humiliation, as was the rest of her class, who were watching and listening avidly. "(sigh) Mommy gave me a good handspanking over my pantyseat, then paddled my bare bottom with a stirring spoon 'til I was bawling."

"Well, you'll be bawling again in a minute, Melody. Your Mommy has already spanked you for procrastinating, but you should already know that failing to turn in a homework assignment is grounds for a good, sound spanking!! Come up to the front chair!

This was an armless, low-backed chair that sat in front of the teacher's desk. Sometimes a naughty child would be spanked over the teacher's lap behind her desk, sparing his or her modesty a little. But most spankings were applied right out in front of the entire class.

Mrs. Jackson opened her desk drawer and took out a paddle, then met Melody at the spanking chair, where she sat down and placed the paddle on the desk behind her. Mel gulped as she realized it was the Grade 1 #2 paddle, a rectangular piece of maple, 15 cm by 10 cm attached to a sculpted 10 cm handle, 6mm thick. It was one of the the four paddles issued to first grade teachers.

To Melody's consternation, Mrs. Jackson carefully unfastened her pleated tartan skirt and slipped it down her slender hips, making her step out of the garment, which she then had to fold neatly and place on the desk. Mel was left dressed in her starched white school shirt and tie, her white cotton petticoat and panties, and her shoes and socks.

And it was wearing this garb that Melody was turned gently up and over her teacher's lap. The young woman smoothed down Melody's petticoat over her six-year-old bottom, raised her hand, and began to spank.

The two layers of cotton muffled the sting of the swats enough that Melody was not immediately reduced to tears. She sniffled quietly as <spank> after brisk <smack> were applied to her petticoat.

Only after twenty sharp spanks, about thirty seconds, did Mrs. Jackson pause, say "You're taking your warm-up very nicely, Melody. But I guess you've learned how to take a spanking by now.", then she turned up the cotton petticoat and tucked it up onto Melody's back, along with her shirttails.

Then Mrs. Jackson began spanking the seat of poor Melody's panties. Melody discovered that this was the stage of the spanking where her teacher prefered to scold. Mrs. Jackson was a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Penitatas Education, which subscribed to the 'middle warmup' school of scolding.

This theory was to have three segments to a spanking whenever possible. The first warm-up session would get the culprit's complete attention. It needn't sting too much to do this, as any spanking wonderfully focused a child's mind.

The second warm up should have a lot more sting in it, but should not be enough to bring the child to complete bawling. This was the segment where, according to theory, scolding would be most effective.

<Spank!> Melody! I Expect <Splat!> my Students <Whap!> to do their Ass-<Whact!>ignments <Spank!> ON <Whap!> TIME! <Smack!> I will NOT <Splatt!> accept Any <Thwhap!> Excuses <Spankk!> for Incomplete <Slapp!!> Work! <Spank!> You <Spank!> Will <Spank-Spank!> Do <Whap!> Your <Splatt!> Home <Thwap!> Work <Spank!> Promptly <Crack!> and Carefully! <Spank-Smack-Whack-Smack!!> Do <Spank!> You <Whap!> Under <Thwhap!> Stand <Smack!> Me <Smack!> Young <Whack!> Lady? <Spank-Whap-Smack!!>

"I d-do! I will! <sob> Waah! I do homewo'k! Allays! <sniff> Wah-haah! I be good! <sob> Pleeze, na' so HARD! Waaaahh!"

Pleased with Melody's answers, and with the rosy pink hue visible right through Melody's thin cotton panties, Mrs. Jackson slid her fingers into the waistband of Melody's modesty's last shield, and slipped her panties down over her well-reddened bottom and right down to her knees. Right in front of the entire class!! Melody's sobs increased as she realized that, far from over, her punishment was just about to begin.

According to the 'middle warmup' school, it was useless to scold during the main portion of a child's punishment, since the loud slaps would interfere with the child's hearing, while the scorching pain of a properly applied spanking would keep any Penitatas from comprehending what little he or she heard.

So when Mrs. Jackson reached back for her paddle, she stopped scolding Melody. She just patted Melody's red bare bottom with the maple paddle and began to spank.

This was a punishment spanking, and Mrs, Jackson was a professional. Melody howled as the wood spanked into her slender bare buns over and over. Each spank landed just as the pain of the previous spank began to ebb. The teacher moved the spanks around Melody's bare seat, making the best possible use of her admittedly limited spanking area.

Melody was only six, and both paddle and paddler took that into account. But she was also Penitatas, so she was due as thorough a spanking as any six-year-old should get.

Forty good, crisp swats were applied to Melody's bare bottom before Mrs. Jackson stopped paddling her. It was almost a minute before the bawling, wiggling child even realized that the hard wood was no longer impacting her tender little cheeks.

Teacher let Melody bawl over her lap for a minute longer, then stood her on her feet, letting her petticoat fall down to cover her poor red bottom. (Yet, even without nano-treatment, by late afternoon there would be almost no sign of the paddling, just a very light bruising, if that).

"Now, Melody, are you listening to me?...Good! Now, as you just found out, not doing your homework assignments is punished by a good, sound spanking on your naughty little bare bottom. Even the 'soft-timers' get a spanking for this, Melody!! But, you listen up, now. If this happens again this term, I mean AT ALL, then not only will I turn you up in front of the class for another good, sound spanking on your bare bottom, I'll send you to the vice principal for some real punishment!! Listen up, all of you!! The kids here call our vice-principal 'Old Iron-Hand', and if you don't behave yourselves, you'll find out why first hand!! especially you young lady!! Now, go pick up your panties and put them on, then come back here and I'll help you back into your skirt."

And that's what Melody did.

* * *

Melody held the envelope tightly all the way home. Not that she wanted to give it to her Mommy, but because she knew that a copy had already been forwarded to her home, and she did NOT want to lose the note. Taking the note home was a time-honored tradition, as was the large envelope it was put in—large enough to insure that the child had to carry the note in his/her hand, where all her fellow students could see it. And all of them knew what it was, and Melody (and a few fellow note-carriers on the bus) were teased about the spankings they'd be getting all the way home.

Well, Melody had teased the note-bearers herself, the last few days. Turnabout was fair play. But she was NOT looking forward to what awaited her at home.

When Melody came in through the front door Mary was waiting for her, asking the traditional "How did everything go at school today, dear?"

"Mommy, I'm sorry, I forgot to do some of my homework, an' Mrs. Jackson spanked me awful hard for it, an' I wontdoitagin!! H-Here's the note about it, Mommy I'm SORREEE!"

Mary took the note-chip, popped it into a terminal and read it through. "Well, young lady, you'd better get right upstairs and out of your school clothes. Don't bother putting anything else on, either — you won't need anything covering your naughty little bottom for a while!! I'll be up in two minutes to deal with you properly."

And two minutes later, Mary entered Melody's room to find her standing stark naked in her timeout corner, her face pressed firmly into both walls, her cherubic little bottom, still pink with a few reddish spots, poking out perkily behind her. She was so cute Mary had to bite her lip to keep from giggling out loud!!

Melody had carefully put her clothes into the hamper, and put her shoes away in the closet. She'd barely finished before her Mommy had entered, bouncing into the corner just as she heard Mary reach the top of the stairs. She hadn't been ordered into the corner, but figured it couldn't hurt....

Mary picked up Melody's red maple hairbrush from the top of her dresser, turned around the chair kept there (mostly for spanking purposes, but she also used it when dressing Melody or brushing her hair). Mary sat down and called Mel over to her.

Melody's heart fell as she saw the wickedly big hairbrush in her Mommy's hand. She'd really known she was in for it, but that bit of confirmation still made her wince. But she went straight over to her Mommy 'Like a good girl', and was pulled sideways between Mary's knees. Melody sobbed; she knew what THAT meant as she was carefully bent over her Mommy's left knee.

Melody was so small, neither her head not her feet reached the floor even turned over just ONE knee. In this position, her head dangled down near the floor, her feet waggled under her Mommy's pinning right knee, her right arm was twisted behind her and pinned, and worst of all, the sharp angle at which she was bent over her Mommy's knee arched her poor tender bottom up and a lascivious angle, leaving all her tenderest spots easily accessible for burning spanks.

Mommy patted Melody's bottom with the back of the brush, and with no further ado began to spank. Not too hard, but with all the burning sting a six year old should have. She scolded, too, but Melody never knew what was said, the burning in her bottom filled her mind and senses to capacity. She was ALL BOTTOM and was being SPANKED!!

Spank after crisp spank impacted Melody's bare bottom, concentrating on the tightly-stretched skin at the very base of Melody's tender rump, where she sat down. Those Mommy was determined to spank into two red spots of fire, and she was succeeding fast.

Melody howled and bawled and kicked and wiggled, but she was totally pinned in that position, and couldn't move her poor bare bottom one inch out of position. And Mommy spanked and spanked.

And after thirty stinging, burning hairbrush spanks, Mary spun the hairbrush around, and planted two real stingers right into the crease of each bare bottomglobe. With the bristles.

Mel's howling went up another note.

Then Mary tossed the hairbrush back onto Mel's dresser, unlocked Melody's legs from her knee, and with one hand pulled Melody's kicking legs out from between her own legs and over her right leg. Melody was now lying in the traditional over the knee position for a naughty girl's spanking.

So Mary lifted her hand and began to spank Melody's well-paddled bare bottom. Mel's howling continued as Mary used her palm to briskly spank the areas of Melody's bottom missed by the brush, touching up around the edges, as it were.

Finally the spanking was over, and Melody was returned to her corner. But only until she had herself under control. Then Mary escorted Melody by the ear down to the kitchen table, still baby-bare naked. And made her sit down on that awful hard stool at the kitchen table.

After all, Melody had homework to do, and little time to do it in. Supper would be ready in less than two hours, and after supper...

Melody's Daddy wouldn't be happy with his little girl's behavior. So after supper Melody would be going straight to bed after her Daddy had given her a good, sound bedtime spanking.

* * *

Right after supper, Mommy took Mel upstairs and gave her a quick bath, while Josh cleaned up. Afterwards, Mommy put Mel into a white knee- length nightgown with matching panties, and sent her into her room.

Where her Daddy waited for her, sitting on her bed. To her left floated the holo-cam. In daddy's right hand was the nasty little hickory switch left in her stocking so long ago. Melody began to simper and sniffle as she walked to her doom.

"I am very disappointed in you, Melody, getting paddled in school the very first full week. Well, lets see if a little session with my stingy little friend can make you take your schoolwork more seriously. Over my knees, Melody!!"

And Melody had to take her position over her Daddly's lap, as naughty little girls have for centuries. Then Mel felt her Daddy slipping her nightie up, and his strong arm lifted her up a bit easily so that her panties might be taken down. Melody was already sobbing as the switch swept down, not onto her bare bottom, but across the tops of her equally bare thighs!!

"Yeeeeaooowww!!! Waaaah! Noooo! Dad-dee! Stoooop!" But it was too late for that. Josh began to thoroughly switch Melody's well-spanked bare bottom and tender thighs with the limber hickory switch. It wasn't a very big switch, sized for a six-year-old. And even in the family preservator, it had lost some of its whippy suppleness. But it still stung like a swarm of bees.

After a dozen licks, Daddy set aside the switch and began to spank Melody with his hard hand. Melody yowled as she discovered that the handspanks over her little red welts stung like the switching all over again!! Soon Melody was bawling again like the naughty little child she was, and before long her spanking ended and her Daddy picked her up and tucked her into bed.

Pantyless—they were way over next to Robin.