Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

First Day of School

Sept 1, 2748

Part 26 of Melody's Stories

Mommy awakened Melody at seven o'clock, the morning of her first day back to school since she'd finished her Master's degree. But this was her first day of first grade, and Melody was both frightened and excited.

Mommy helped Mel get dressed for school, slipping on her white cotton panties, then the matching slip. She turned down the short sleeved white blouse all the girl's would wear, then slid the knee-length dress in the school's green tartan over Melody's head, then zipped up the back for her. White socks and black saddle shoes completed the outfit, and Melody bounced downstairs for her breakfast. Then, carrying her book bags, her Mommy took her out to wait for the bus.

Today Mommy would ride in with Melody to get her all registered. Lots of Mommies were riding in with their kids, so at least Melody didn't feel to alone in this. Once at school, Melody was introduced to Mrs. Joan Jackson, her homeroom teacher. As Melody opened the top of her desk and began to put away her supplies, along with all the other kids, Mary went to the office to complete her registration.

Melody looked over her eleven classmates with interest; in particular she looked at their hands. Most of the kids were Penitatas, of course. Usually younger rejuves were. Six of the kids, as well as Melody herself, had the filled-in 'P' of a hard-time Penitatas, meaning they were undergoing more or less the same regimen as Mel. Three of the kids sported the OPEN 'P' indicating they were soft-time Penitatas. While they were still convicts, being punished, the emphasis had moved to rehabilitation. They were still subject to corporal discipline if they misbehaved, but it was no longer applied WITHOUT naughtiness. And the levels would have dropped; their punishments would still be harsher than, say, a Voluntaras; and they'd get spanked when a 'V' would be disciplined some other way. But the punishments would be nothing like what Melody was getting.

To Melody's surprise, one of the kids was actually a Medicalos! The odds against Melody meeting TWO of the rare rejuves were fantastic, but there he was, putting his books into his desk with mathematical precision. And there was a Voluntaras, too! What a group!!

Mrs. Jackson had the class come to order, with everybody sitting down. Then she called the roll.

"Michelle Brown?" "Here" responded dejected-looking young girl, a 'hard Timer'.

"Peter Burt?" "Here" A soft-timer.

"Johnny Devine?" "Here, Ma'am!" Melody's head turned so fast she nearly sprained her neck. And the rest of the class responded much the same — a classroom-wide double take. John Devine? THE John Devine? in HER CLASS?? She stared at him with open admiration, along with the rest of the class. Admiration mixed with not a little awe.

John Devine.

COMMANDER John Devine.

Chief Engineering Officer of the Starship Resolute. Two months ago the Resolute had suffered a major warp-core breach during a brief firefight with Delasian raider-craft, who had been disrupting cargo and passenger traffic in the Argellian sector for several months. When the battlecruiser had finally found them, they had learned the secret of the Delasian successes...a new energy weapon that went straight through Confederation shields. Only her heavy ablative armor protected the warship long enough to destroy several of the attacking raiders, and still some escaped. But there was severe damage to the Resolute's main warp core, and apparently the automatic repair systems were damaged as well. John Devine had entered the warp core itself while the vessel was still under heavy fire and resealed the Chroniton containment chamber with a plasma torch, receiving the largest accidental dose of Chroniton radiation in history.

Clearly, it had taken three full rejuves to clear the poison from his system. But what in the world was he doing in a little town like Assville? He ought to be in the fanciest private military academy on the planet! Maybe even a private tutor! (No, that was frowned on. ALL rejuves needed social interaction to develop properly.) But what was this...hero doing HERE?

"Its a great honor to have you in my class, Johnny. I'm glad you asked your parents to move here. I won't ask why..."

"Ahem. I'll tell you, ma'am. I ah, rather enjoy watching people, girls mostly, getting spanked. A bit of a fetish, what?. And Assville does have the highest proportion of Hard Time Penitatas around..." Melody loved his British accent.

"I see. I rather enjoy that to doing the spanking, of course. I'll make sure you enjoy your time here. Just don't let me catch you misbehaving yourself, young man. You're liable, too, just not as easily."

"Yes'm" And Johnny Devine sat down.

"John Evans?" "Here, Ma'am." Soft timer.

"Gloria Hart??" "Here, Ma'am." Hard timer.

"Judy Harvey?" "Here" Hard timer. Looked as nervous as Melody felt.

"Melody Johnson?" "Here Ma'am!" replied Melody.

"Tommy Murphy?" "Here." Hard timer. Looked bored.

"Beth Reese?" "H-Here." A black girl. Hard timer. Looked scared.

"Virginia Sanders." "Here". The only female Soft Timer. Melody envied her.

"Mari Styles?" "Here." The Voluntaras. Melody wondered why...

"Walker Zucker?" "Here." Hard timer.

"Now children, I want each of you to stand up and tell the class just why you are here. Pennys, I want your Name, Cycle, Sentence and your Offense, please. Johnny, everybody pretty much knows about you, so please hand out these form chips to the other children. I am appointing you class leader, of course. Michelle?"

"I used to be Mike Brown. I got 12 times 4 to 9 for rape, obviously with Y repression. This is my third cycle, and with any luck I'll be 'soft time' next go round, I hope."

"Peter Burt. 6 times 6 to 10 for burglary. This is my third cycle, my first doing soft time, and am I glad THAT's over!"

"John Evans. 4 times 5 to 11 for com system abuse...spamming. Third cycle. Hopefully, I'll make parole and this'll be my last cycle."

"Gloria Hart. Third cycle. Fifteen times three to seven for second degree murder."

There was an audible gasp from the class. A murderer!! Wow! As a general rule only murderers or other violent offenders started as early as three; after all, if there was an accident, they were too young to rejuve and could die.

"Judy Harvey, First cycle, 2 times 6 to 10 for slicing."

Mrs. Jackson said "That's an awfully small sentence for a computer crime, dear. Why so light?"

"Oh! Well, I was just fooling around. Didn't do any damage at all. And it was my first offense, but mostly I think it was 'cause I was only nineteen. I almost got tried as a juvenile, but Judge Flagston decided I needed one good term of 'hard time' to straighten me out."

Walker grinned and said "Not surprising for ol' Judge Flog'em. Bad luck, kid. You don't really belong here."

"I know, I hate it! I was only rejuved two weeks ago and it's been terrible! The spankings hurt so much! An' I'm not allowed to do ANYTHING, just what I'm told! And now this! (sob)"

"Now, Judy, that's all right. I know its terrible, and you didn't really mean it, but you did it and now you have to pay the price. But I'll try to go easy on you; you're far to close to a Kindern for me to be really happy about having you in my class. Melody?"

"Oh! Ah, This is my first cycle, 3 times 6 to 12 for theft, actually embezzlement. I've been Penitatas for ten months, Judy, and it IS terrible, but it'll get a little better as you get used to it, I promise!!"

"Tommy Murphy. Second cycle. 13 times 4 to 8 for armed robbery."

"Beth Reese. First cycle, but I've been Penitatas for over a year. It does get a little better. 4 times 5 to 10 for assault."

"Wha? Beth, that little for a violent crime??"

"Th-there were extenuating circumstances, Ma'am."

"Virginia Sanders, Seventh Cycle, 12 times 5 to 11 for Involuntary Manslaughter through Negligence."

Wow! Two killers! Considering how rare that sort of crime was these days, that must be some sort of record!

"M-Mari Styles, Voluntaras. I-I'm studying star drive physics, and I just can't seem to grasp hold of the Chandler equations. My advisor finally suggested I go rejuve to try and shake up my mind enough. And, Mrs. Jackson, when it comes to my Math studies, I-I want to be treated like a P-Penitatas."

"Excuse me, miss?"

"I-I want you to s-spank me if you think I need it. I-I have trouble keeping my mind on my work, sometimes, especially if its really hard."

"Well, I've never complained about spanking someone before. But I think I'll stick to just handspankings for you until we see how that works. Yes, Johnny?"

"I'd be glad to help Mari with her work, Ma'am. I know a bit about Chandlerian physics." (Chief Engineer of a Confederation warship? That was a generous 500% understatement.) "I could probably use the review, anyway."

"I think we all know that's a little white lie, Johnny, but I'm sure Mari will be glad of the help. Walker?"

"Walker Zucker, Eighth cycle, 19 times 6 to 12 for Slicing and Computer Vandalism."

"That's quite a sentence, Walker. Why so much??"

"Well, I'm the guy who crashed the World Defnet almost fifty years ago. If that wasn't bad enough, it was my second offense."

Everybody stared. How could ANYBODY who'd EVER gone through a term as a Penitatas, especially a hard timer, POSSIBLY pull something like that a second time?? And the look Johnny gave him would've melted lead. Well, a military officer wouldn't be too fond of someone who crashed the planet's main defense system, would he?

"Well, children, that's enough for now. This time period will be devoted to reading practice; but since it's your First Day of School, it will be time to 'Welcome' the Penitatas students. Johnny, from what you told me I'd guess you want to stay?"

"Yes'm, I would"

"Very well. Mari, you may go out and play if you wish, but if you want to be subject to Penitatas discipline, then you might want to stay for a bit."

"I- I'll stay for a while, Ma'am."

"Hmm. Peter, John Evans, Virginia... As soft timers, you will not be getting welcome spankings this year, but you must remain to observe and learn from your classmate's punishments. Please sit quietly and stay still."

Melody was gritting her teeth in anticipation. Of course each new school year would begin with a 'Welcome' spanking from her homeroom teacher. It was inevitable; they were Penitatas. Johnny would certainly be enjoying the rest of the morning!!

"Walker? You spoke earlier when Mari was talking, without raising your hand. Please come up to my desk."

Walker's face fell as he realized his mistake. He left his desk and walked up to the front of the room, where Mrs. Jackson was standing in front of her desk.

A few minutes later, his blue slacks and white cotton shorts down around his knees, Walker was bent over the desk having his naked buttocks thoroughly spanked with a 35 cm ruler. "Good lord, Walker, this is your EIGHTH cycle, how could you POSSIBLY make such a mistake!" After forty good, hard spanks, the bawling boy was allowed to stand up and go to the wall, where he stood crying.

"Michelle Brown, please step forward." Michelle promptly advanced to the spanking chair. "Michelle, after two cycles you should know not to add editorial comments to your declaration. I shall be adding a few paddle-swats on the bare bottom to your 'welcome'. Over my lap!"

Michelle pulled up her own skirt and deposited herself over Mrs. Jackson's lap for her dozen hand swats over her pantyseat. Then her panties were taken down and she cried harder as another dozen good spanks impacted her bare bottom, this time from a small paddle. She joined Walker at the wall, standing next to him, crying as she held up her skirt to reveal her well-spanked bottom.

"Melody Johnson, please step forward." Melody sighed. Why hadn't she kept her stupid mouth shut? Melody walked briskly up to the straight- backed chair beside the teacher's desk.

"Melody, you need to learn to follow directions, too. Name, cycle, sentence and offence. I didn't give you permission to talk to Judy. Although, (she smiled), I can understand why you needed to. Over my lap, little girl!" She ordered. Mel's tummy fluttered as she placed herself over her pretty teacher's lap. She felt her dress and slip being lifted up onto her back, and then Mrs. Jackson's hand was spanking the seat of her white panties. After a dozen spanks Melody was crying freely... she always FORGOT how much it HURT!! Then the dreaded moment came when her teacher's slim hand tugged her white panties down to her knees to bare her tender bottom. Her spanking resumed, but this time Melody was feeling the fiery burn of a small paddle, the same one Michelle had gotten. It was a 'grade 1 #1' to be precise. This smallest of Mrs. Jackson's authorized weapons had a 4mm thick oval spanking-surface around 13cm in diameter on a short handle. Melody was soon howling as she learned that even this paddle stung her fanny intolerably. Then the spanking was over and she was hobbling over to join Michelle at the wall, where she would have to hold up her skirt to show off her hot pink bottom to the rest of the class.

"Now, Beth, its your turn. Same offense." After Beth was in place Mrs. Jackson turned up her skirt and petticoat and delivered the dozen spanks of her 'welcome'. Then she said "Since you were only following Melody's lead, I'll let you off with a handspanking" as she slipped the little first-grader's panties down to her thighs and began spanking her little bottom. Beth was soon howling and crying under the stinging spanks, twenty of them. Then Beth was joining the others at the wall, standing next to Melody holding up her skirt, her panties around her ankles.

That ended the spankings 'for cause', and only left Tommy and Gloria, and of course little Judy of the 'Hard Timer's' to go.

But first... "Peter, Burt; you be warned, boys. You were just as guilty as these others. But as you are 'soft timers' I'll let it go... this time."

Gloria was first, and took her dozen panty-swats with only a few tears. She easily joined the other's along the wall. Since her bottom wasn't bared, she didn't even have to hold up her skirt. Then it was little Tommy's turn. (Actually, it wasn't, but he was called up next). The only variation was that his slacks had to be unfastened and taken down before he could be put over teacher's lap for his spanking over his undershorts. And then they were pulled back UP.

"Judy Harvey, I'm sorry, but I'll have to ask you to come up next." The crying little girl did as she was told, hesitantly walking towards her doom. Surprisingly, Mrs. Jackson took the poor child onto her lap, face UP, and spoke to her briefly. "You do understand I must give you your 'welcome', dear."

"Y-Yes'm. I-I may be awful young but I AM Penitatas."

"Yes, dear. I can't treat you any differently than the others, much as I'd like to. She then turned the almost-Kindern over face down, pulled up her tartan dress and her slip, and applied the dozen spanks of her 'welcome' to her white pantyseat. These stinging spanks were enough to reduce the child to tears. But then she was sent to stand with the others along the wall. Judy cried bitter tears into the wall.

Five minutes later all the children were permitted to return to their seats, and their 'welcome' was over.

"Well, class, since Johnny and Mari DIDN'T go to out and play, I don't have to go get them. (giggle from class). So, this first period will usually be used for reading class, and as we still have ten minutes, I'd like you to get out your reading devices. I can at least show you how to turn them on..."

Then came a half-hour of Arts and Crafts, and they got to make some drawings, just sketches at first. Melody grinned to herself, since she realized the REAL purpose of this period was to help them with their eye-hand coordination.

Then was a half-hour which would vary from class to class. For this class, the teacher entertained them by reading a story to them. In particular they appreciated the fact that, while undeniably a story totally suitable for first graders, there was an adult sub-text that left it interesting to them as well. And the PUNS....

Then Johnny and Mari got to go out for recess... The Penitatas did not. It was time for that dreaded class, Ethical and Moral Behavior. THIS class was important for ALL Penitatas; how well they did not only reflected on their bottoms, but also at their cycle-end reviews.

But it was DESIGNED to be boring. And it was.

Actually, the class would not meet every day. The 'soft time' Penitatas only had to take Ethical and Moral Behavior on Tuesday and Thursday, while all the kids got to go to recess on Friday, unless they lost the privilege as a punishment. But the hard timers would be there four mornings every week.

When the other two kids got back from recess, it was time for writing practice. All the kids made printed 'A's for 30 minutes, which left them with sore hands. "You need to build up your writing muscles, children. That's the reason for the drills."

Then it was time for lunch. The children lined up in two rows, five children in each row.

Yes, five; One thing Kindern and Penitatas have in common at school is that they are the ONLY students who are led from place to place in lines. Other rejuved children are assumed to have enough self-discipline to walk independently. Although they can LOSE that privilege if they abuse it. But for now, the ten children of Mel's class were marched off to the lunchroom with Johnny and Mari trailing along behind them.

After lunch was free play time for all the children. Except for Friday recess, this was the only playtime the poor 'hard-timers' would get at school; At least soft-timers got a real recess three times a week.

Afterwards, the children were returned to the classroom, pads were pulled out of the stack, and all twelve were put down for their after lunch nap. Then they were assigned to their elective classes.

Ms. Hashima arrived to escort Melody to the small classroom where she would be studying Japanese. The small room had only four desks, only one of which was occupied, by an ten year old boy of obvious Japanese descent, a Voluntaras obviously studying his own heritage.

Even the first lesson was hard, as Melody had to begin trying to learn the various symbols of Kanji.

Ordinarily the class was to meet twice a week, with the other elective being studied on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but Masao, the young boy, had also expressed a desire to concentrate on the language exclusively. Since Ms. Hashima was not available on the other days, their compu-desks would be programmed with appropriate review and supplemental material, and they would be allowed to study this during the MWF elective period. Actually, most electives were taught that way exclusively; unusual languages were one of the few subjects that their regular first-grade teacher was not expected to handle in the main classroom.

This schedule would prove to be quite an advantage, since the course was paced around a two-day-per week effort.

At 2:30 the class, and the school day, were over (for first graders). As Masao left for his next class, Melody was dismissed. As she left school, she found her Mommy waiting for her by the bus. She had come to meet her and make sure she knew what bus to get on.

As they rode home, Melody quietly confessed to the extra spanking she'd gotten for not following directions properly. She figured her Mommy probably already knew about it, (She was right), and it would be better to 'fess right up.

It might have been better, but after five solid minutes over her Mommy's lap, her dress and slip up and her panties down, having her bare bottom spanked soundly by her Mommy's hand until she bawled, Mel thought it was awful enough!

But after the spanking Melody was changed into her pink plaid shorts and a matching shirt, and allowed to go out and play for a while before supper. Mary also told Melody that if she hadn't confessed, she'd have spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the corner. On a hotter bottom, too, after five minutes of the little 'Mother's Helper'!