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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   -—Lurking Dragon


Fri. Aug 28, 2748

Part 25 of Melody's Stories

Melody rode in the hover car with her mother to the doctor's office. All children had to be vaccinated before starting school, and rejuve, unfortunately, destroys all resistance acquired after the rejuve age, so it was time for Melody to get her shots. She remembered when she'd gotten vaccinated as a Kindern; having to lie down on the examining table on her tummy while the nurse slipped down her panties, the slight sting of the hypospray as she received her two shots into her two bottom cheeks. She remembered crying for a while, even though the shots didn't really hurt very much.

Boy, would this time be different. At six, before school, kids had to be immunized to rubella, mumps, Rigellian fever, Arcturan thapsnad, and chicken pox, and get the generalized immunity booster they'd need every year, too. For most kids, the vaccinations were combined into one hypospray, the booster in another. If a Penitatas's sentence was to age six or earlier, and most sentences were, they had to be re-immunized before school.

And Melody's Mommy had told her that Penitatas, hard or soft time, got each shot separately. That meant six separate injections, all in her little bottom.

And just to make it interesting, they used needles. Specially made needles, that were just dull enough to really hurt. The vehicle was different, too, a mild irritant that was designed to burn and sting until it was worked into the muscles of the bottom. The vehicle was unnecessarily large, too; each shot would be almost 4 CCs, and would take several seconds to inject.

Melody was NOT looking forward to the visit this afternoon. It would be even worse than her last trip to the doctor.

* * *

It had been last May, and Melody had come down with the sniffles. After spending the weekend in bed, her Mommy decided that the doctor should check her over the next morning, since she seemed to be having some trouble throwing it off. Besides, she was missing too many spankings. (She'd gotten a couple of handspankings, but with her coughing Mary didn't want to risk anything harder).

So off they went to see Dr. Joslin, her pediatrician. At the office, Mary sat down in the waiting room and held Melody on her lap. Some of the kids were allowed to play with the toys in the 'play area', but Mary felt Mel had made a bit too much fuss about going to the doctor, and should be kept quiet. Besides, she was still coughing quite a bit.

Soon they went in to the examining room. Once there, Mommy quickly removed Melody's robe and long white nightgown (Melody had wanted to get dressed, but her Mommy saw no need, since she'd be examined bare anyway...and would be going right back to bed once they got home).

Which left Melody sitting on the examining table as bare as the day she was born. Then the nurse came in to take Melody's temperature and blood pressure. Melody turned a bright scarlet; the nurse was a MAN!

Embarrassed terribly, Melody nevertheless sat quietly as Mr. Bracken fastened the cuff around her arm and took her BP Then she obediently opened her mouth as he picked up the old-fashioned LCD thermometer. She wondered why they didn't just use a scanner? She found out when the nurse patted her head and said "Roll over on your tummy, Melody. We always take a little Penitatas's temperature rectally. Just (smile) because."

This was too much! Melody yelled "NO! NO! NO!" and tried to jump right off of the table...

Into her Mommy's waiting arms. She'd been hoping the humiliation and surprise would make Melody rebel a bit. Mary sat down on the chair provided for parents and put Melody right over her lap. Her hand rose and fell rapidly as she delivered a dozen crisp spanks to her little girl's bare behind. "Now, you just settle down while Nurse Bracken takes your temperature. Then we'll discuss your abysmal behavior with the back of my hairbrush!"

The nurse walked over and thanked Mary for her help. "I don't appreciate naughty little girls disobeying me!" he said, as he applied his big hand to Melody's bottom another half-dozen times as she squirmed and wiggled over her Mommy's lap. Then the thermometer was slipped well up her rectum, and she had to lie very quiet. She'd learned her lesson! "I don't think those little swats will change the reading any," he told Mary as he took down a standard scanner. "But I'll double check to be sure." When the thermometer beeped, he pulled it out and checked it. "A good match, but I'm afraid Melody IS running a bit of a fever. 38.2 degrees. I'll tell Dr. Joslin."

After the nurse left, Mary took out her hairbrush from her purse and began to spank Melody's weaving and wiggling bare bottom with it. She took her time and made each spank really sting as they waited for the doctor. Sometimes she had to pause and comfort Mel through a coughing fit, but she resumed spanking (and Mel resumed crying) right afterwards. And she was still spanking when Dr. Joslin entered the room.

"Ah! I see I don't have to worry about THIS little girl disobeying me during the exam. Please put Melody on the table now, Mary, and we'll take a look at her."

Since it was her first visit to Dr. Joslin, (she had, of course, had a complete exam following her rejuvenation), the doctor gave her a thorough examination, poking and prodding and checking her throat, feeling her glands, even gently examining her little 'thing'. "Hymen is in place and healthy!" Dr. Joslin then turned her over and checked her anus and rectum. Then she placed her left hand on Melody's back and...<SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!> "You WILL treat my nurses with RESPECT and DO as they TELL you! Do you understand me?"


"Good. Mrs. Johnson, the scan shows a infection of that new Thallian virus. Symptoms like a cold, but harder for a human immune system to throw off. A dose of Zethilase 4 should clear it right up. You're very lucky, Melody. So much of this is going around I've run out of the Penitatas variant, so I'll have to use a standard hypospray instead of a proper shot." As she spoke, Dr. Joslin prepared the hypospray for Melody's sore bottom. "But the pharmacy has plenty of Z-4-P liquid in stock. Four times a day for the next three days."

Melody winced. The cough syrup her Mommy had been giving her was bad enough, and it was standard Penitatas's syrup. Z-4-P meant a Penitatas variant on the medicine. And Penitatas variants were DESIGNED to taste as foul as possible, and for the taste to linger in the mouth for a long time. After her shot, Mommy dressed Melody in her nightie and robe, and they went to the pharmacy to pick up her medicine.

And that night, as the big tablespoon entered her mouth, Melody learned that the taste wasn't as bad as she'd feared.

It was worse.

* * *

So Melody was not looking forward to this visit at all.

Once at the doctor's office, they were admitted straight through to one of the examining rooms. "Since the Doctor gave Melody her exam a few months ago, all she needs is her shots. The nurse can give them to her...."

It was Nurse Bracken who entered. On they tray he brought with him were the six hypodermics that were destined for Melody's bottom. Each tube held about 4CCs of viscous, yellow fluid that LOOKED painful. And the long, thin needles made Melody blanch even through their protective covers.

Mr. Bracken placed the tray next to the examining table, then reached into a cabinet and took out a thick rubber cushion. It was about a half-meter long, flat on the bottom but curved up around 25 cm thickness. He placed this in the center of the examining table, then turned around and picked Melody up in his strong arms. As she'd feared, Melody was deposited face down on the table, the cushion elevating her bottom way up into the air. He quickly unzipped her pink culottes and slipped them down to her knees. Her matching panties were promptly pulled down as well, leaving her bare bottom pointed skyward.

"Now Melody," he said, "It's important that these shots be properly absorbed, so before and after each shot I'll have to stimulate circulation."

And he did so, a half dozen stinging spanks smacking down onto Melody's left buttock. "Now hold still for your first shot, Melody." And Melody yelped as she felt the needle enter her left bottom. Then he began to depress the plunger. "Yeeow! OW! Noo! Stop!" It HURT. As the fluid entered her gluteal muscles it STUNG, then started to burn fiercely. And it took almost 20 seconds for the fluid to be injected. And it hurt more and more as he did it. Finally her first shot was over, and Melody was crying as she lay on the table. Her hands were firmly grasped in front of her; she didn't want to even THINK about trying to cover up.

"Now to massage it in." And Nurse Bracken promptly gave Melody six hard spanks right on the sore lump! She HOWLED and kicked helplessly as the swats stung her fanny, but afterwards she realized that it HAD helped assuage some of the burning deep in her bottom.

"And now your next shot" the nurse calmly continued as Melody sniffled and cried over the bolster. More spanks, this time to her right cheek. Another horribly painful injection. A deep, horrible burning sting in her bottom. "Now Melody, I'm doing you a favor, helping your bottom absorb the vaccine. Why don't you nicely ask me to this time?"

ASK for a spanking? But the lump of medicine in her bottom BURNED. Spreading it around would distribute the sting more evenly. And she just couldn't..."P-Please spank my bottom and work the medicine in please N-Nurse Bracken." And he did. An it hurt, too, but afterwards Melody said "Th-thank you sir. Th-that helps a lot. (sob-sniffle) P-Please, wait just a..."

"Sorry, hon, but there are more little boys and girls waiting." He was already spanking her still-sore left bottomcheek to prepare it for her next injection.

Melody then learned that the pain of the injections was hardly lowered through repetition. It was enhanced. She howled, and again her little legs drummed on the table. "Melody, stop that. Ma'am would you secure Mel's ankles in those...yes, thank you. Melody, that was very naughty. And because of it I am NOT going to spank you after this shot...there! Done! And you can just wait until after your NEXT shot for your spanks!" Wait? But it HURT, it Burned! Melody began to cry hard sobs as spanks fell onto her bottom, her RIGHT bottom, where they did no good at all. Then the next needle was inserted and Melody's crying increased yet again as the burning deep in her bottom increased again.

"Well, Melody?" asked Bracken gently.

"Waaah! Waaaah! (sob) P-Please sir, Please spank my bottom. It HURTS! Oh, Lord it Hurrts! (sob) WAAAAAAAH! PLEEEZE!"

This time the grinning nurse alternated sides as he 'massaged' the burning medicine into Melody's gluteus maximus. Melody's bottom was turning bright red from all the 'stimulation'.

The first four shots had been made straight across the broadest part of Melody's ass. But for her next shot the nurse concentrated his swats at the base of Melody's left rump. Then the needle. Her crying increased as he said "Yes, Melody, the last two shots go in down here. Other little girls have told me they could feel the lumps of medicine burning in their bottoms when they sat down a week after their shots. And you get to start sitting all day in school Tuesday! There! All in. And??"


And he did. And her crying increased even as the deep fire was spread out around her bottom.

And finally the last section of bare bottom was spanked, jabbed and re-spanked. Nurse Bracken kindly didn't make Melody ask for the final swatting; he thought she was bawling too hard to make sense anyway.

"Now, Mrs. Johnson, Melody's all ready." As he pulled up Melody's panties and culottes he gave her Mommy some final advice. "When you get her home, an hour or so sitting in the corner will make her a VERY sorry little girl. After that I'd advise that the vaccinations be spread out a little more to insure the best absorption. Another really good spanking should do it, but use something that will reach a bit deeper than your hand. The back of that hairbrush you used last time would be perfect. If you can still feel lumps in the morning, you might give her one more spanking then. Well, that's all, you're through as soon as poor Melody can get herself under control."

Which took some time! Melody was crying hard, even harder as she found out what she faced, well, not faced, when she got back home. But eventually she got her crying under control and was taken back home.

And right straight to the corner, where she was seated on the high wooden stool facing the walls. The nurse was right, she was a VERY sorry little girl an hour later, but her own weight had helped spread the medicine even more thoroughly through her bottom muscles.

Then her Mommy fetched her from the corner and handed her her red maple hairbrush. "Carry this upstairs to my room, Melody, then go stand in the corner holding it. I'll be up to spank you in a few minutes."

When Mary entered her room a few minutes later, she found Melody in the corner sobbing. She then sat on the bed, and called Melody to her. She took the hairbrush gently from her daughter and began to undress the little six-year-old. Pink culottes fell to Melody's feet. Her white T-shirt was pulled off, and then her little shoes and socks. Then Melody was pulled right up and over her Mommy's lap. She wiggled and squirmed as Mary pulled her pink panties right down her legs AND OFF, leaving the little girl bare-ass naked. Then Mama retrieved the hard hairbrush and began to apply it firmly to Mel's bare bottom. She carefully placed each spank right on top of one of the little Band-Aids covering an injection mark. Melody was reduced to a helpless, bawling little girl before the sixth spank burned into her bare bottom. But the spanking continued until Melody's rump was a hot, dark red all over and she was reduced to quiet, convulsive sobs rather than loud bawling. Only when she was a totally broken and compliant little girl, with every trace of rebellion or even independence spanked out of her, was she allowed to get up off of her Mommy's lap.

Mommy then took Melody back to her own room and into a pair of pink pajamas. Then Melody was put right into bed for the rest of the day. Eventually her sobbing faded off into sleep. After her ordeal she slept right through supper until the next morning.

Fortunately for Melody, the previous day's hard spankings had spread the lumps of medicine around enough that even Mommy couldn't really justify another dose of the hairbrush to Melody's bruised, sore bottom. The BAD news was that, in order to insure that the shots worked, Melody couldn't be given any nano-lotion for three days. She had to make do with ordinary cold cream and hand lotion, which was not NEARLY as effective as the more modern medicine.