Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: Virtually no spanking in this story; It's really to set up some stuff for the fall...

Second of Melody's visits with her friend Ellen. These stories will be taking place approximately once a month...
   —Lurking Dragon

Visiting II

Sat. Aug 22, 2748

Part 24 of Melody's Stories

Despite the minor disaster the previous month, Melody was invited back over to the Millers in August. It was so hard for little Ellen to have fun with other little girls, since her knowledge of Panglish was so limited, and there were not very many rejuves who could speak English, at least who lived relatively close by. Melody was looking forward to the visit, too. She had a nasty decision to make, and wanted Ellie's advice. Oh, she could ask her parents, or even make an appointment with a counselor, but she really wanted to get another kid's opinion.

After the usual enthusiastic greeting, Melody and Ellie were quickly changed into their swimsuits for another opportunity to play in the pool, while Josh and Dr. Miller settled down to watch sports on the Holo, having discovered a mutual fondness for Spaceball.

So Mary and Mrs. Miller ended up sipping tea out back, in their own suits, as the two children played together in the water. Melody and Ellen were being a lot more careful about the edge of the pool, and where they ran and where they walked.

[So, Mel; last time...that little hand-spankin' wasn't all you got, was it?]

[Nope. Mama had me over her knee for the hairbrush right there in the front seat as we flew home.]

[Huh? How?]

(sigh)[Autopilot. And she gave me a short paddling after we got home, too. Look, Ellen, I got a problem and I need some advice.]

[Oh? What is it, Melody?]

The two girls sat down on the steps together, slipped their heads next to each other, and began to talk quietly. As they were being quiet and good, they were ignored by their Mommies, who were busy discussing something together.

[Well, next month I start school. Yes, we DO have to go to school, you TOO in a few years. Actually, Ellie, you need it more than I do. You've got a LOT to learn, and school is where you can learn it best. Hey! You may even have some classes with Kindern! After all, your Panglish is about right for a three-year-old, and you'll need to learn our alphabet and stuff, too. Though I guess they'll let you skip arithmetic... (giggle)]

[Yeah, anyway, a lot of what I have to take is decided for me. I'll have the standard reading drills. Yeah I know how, but my eyes need physical practice, and they got stuff at school to help. And, as a Penitatas, I've got six YEARS of Ethical and Moral Behavior ahead of me; the dullest course material known to Man. But for first grade I've still got some elective subjects... oh, each desk has its own computer. Some stuff is taught to everybody, but there's independent study, too. Yeah, and the teacher's there to help if we need her. Anyway, like I'd planned to, I looked into learning some of the languages I'll need for my Doctorate in history. Yeah, we did talk about that; I was planning to rejuve to eight or so to study Japanese. And I'm still thinking about it. But there's a problem.]

[Oh, what is it.] (One thing Melody liked about Ellen was that she was a good listener. Maybe it was just that she appreciated actually understanding everything).

(sigh)[Well, as a Voluntaras, taking an elective, how I did would be just up to me. I mean, if it got too hard I could drop the class, and even if I wasn't doing too well, it wouldn't matter. Oh, if my parents decided I wasn't TRYING, or working hard enough I might get grounded, or lose my holo privileges or something. I might even get a tutor assigned, but that's the worst that could happen.]

[But I'm not a Voluntaras, I'm Penitatas. And part of growing up on the 'straight and narrow' is carrying out commitments. No dropping, in other words. If I sign up for Japanese, I'm taking Japanese for the whole term. And, Ellie, Penitatas are expected to do well in school. Straight 'A's, or at worst one or two 'B's in electives. And a Penitatas is punished when her report card isn't first rate. With good, sound, EARNED spankings. And not just by Mommy and Daddy, too. Ellie, If I do poorly on a test in Japanese, as a Penitatas I'll get a good spanking from my teacher, too. Maybe right in front of the whole class! AND I'll get a note to take home for ANOTHER good spanking there! If I have trouble with the language, or there's too much work, I'm in for a LOT of EXTRA spankings, with NO way OUT.]

[And, Ellie, I've LOOKED at Japanese. That language is WEIRD. I mean, hadn't these people ever heard of an alphabet? And the structure of the language is very unusual, too. It'll be really, really hard to learn. Oh, yeah; all testing and evaluation is absolute, NOT curved, so I won't even get THAT much of a break...I've half decided to go for French instead....]

[Oh, wow! That's awful! But, couldn't you take Japanese on your NEXT cycle, when you aren't doing 'hard time'?]

[Yeah, that's what I'd thought. But what if it isn't offered wherever they send me next? I got really lucky, there's a teacher at the Assville Community College who's of Japanese descent, and is willing to work with me at my Elementary school as my teacher. I might not get that lucky next time; probably won't, I'd planned to arrange where I'd live after rejuve specifically for this, but as a bad penny I don't have that right. And if I don't do this NOW it may be another LIFETIME before I can go for my doctorate; I'm certain sure I'd NEVER be able to learn that stuff as an adult....]

[Well, maybe that's your answer. I mean, the prospect of a bunch of good, sound spankings if you don't keep up with the class would certainly be an incentive to study hard, you know. I mean, I know it would be bad, but maybe it would be for the best; you'd certainly try harder. When I was growing up, my Daddy said there was nothing like a sore bottom for focusing the mind....]

(sigh)[That's true. I'd certainly have to give it my best shot. But, darn it, I'm certain I'll get plenty of paddlings if I do this. For one thing, I think Ms. Hashima is kinda looking forward to... encouraging... my performance. She IS at Assville C.C., after all.]

(giggle)[But, from what you've told me, everything is standardized. It's really up to you, not her. And having a paddle hanging over your bottom might be the best way to GET that Ph.D!]

[His.D., actually, but you're right!]

[Hey, maybe you could talk them into letting you have a very light term, at least for the fall. Just the Japanese and the required stuff....]

[You know, they might go for that! After all, not many Penitatas are willing to risk a really hard course, especially in first grade. I think I'll ask Mommy....]

Melody bounced out of the pool and walked-skipped over to where the two ladies were talking together.

"Mommy? Ellie and I have been talking about school, and..."

"Don't interrupt, Melody!! Wait until Martha and I are finished!"

Rebuked, Melody shut up and waited, fidgeting, until her Mommy turned to her and said "Well, Melody, what is it?"

"Well, Ellen and I have been talking about school, and I asked her about, ya know, taking Japanese. And she really thought I should...."

"Really dear? That's an awfully hard course, and as a Penitatas..." queried Mrs. Miller.

"Yeah, but Ellen pointed out that, ah, 'A paddle hanging over my bottom might be the best way'. Anyway, Mommy, do you think the District would go along with me having Japanese as my ONLY elective? I know we're usually supposed to have two, but since it'll take up so MUCH time, and ..."

"Whoa, Melody! that's enough. You know, I think they might. We'll ask. After all, it IS a hard class, and you ARE Penitatas. At least for the first term. But Melody, you know you are ASKING for a lot of extra spanking. Even if you try your hardest, the statistics on that class aren't promising. And you know Daddy and I won't cut you any slack at all. In our house, even ONE 'B' will be good for a good, sound hand-spanking on your bare bottom...from EACH of us. And a 'C' would call for the hairbrush back AND the paddle, one each. And a 'D' will get you a pair of switchings, Melody, like the fourth, maybe not as hard but just as long. And you do NOT want to fail anything, even a pop quiz, 'cause your Daddy and I will take that as evidence you aren't even trying, and it'll be a really good dose of the nursery cane, PLUS a sound spanking over the stripes. Well, Melody, do you still want to risk it?"

(sigh) "Yes, Mommy. I think I have to. It's not as if I'll go UNspanked, after all. And the thought of all those spankings will certainly keep my nose to the grindstone!! Yes, I'll do it!"

"Good girl!!" Mommy gave Melody a big hug. "It's about time for lunch, so why don't you fetch Ellen and I'll get you two changed out of your suits while Martha gets lunch ready."

After lunch Melody and Ellen had to lie down for an hour; not really a nap, as they didn't have to put on nighties, just a lie-down while they digested. Then they settled down in Ellie's room for some serious playing.

[Hey! Maybe you can come over to OUR place next time. Who knows, you might even get to see that little brat Janie getting it!]

[I think that's why I can't. I don't think Mommy and Daddy really approve of how Penitatas are treated.]

[Yeah, a lot of people don't. But you can't argue with success, and the Penitatas program has had the lowest recidivism rate in history since they started handing out 'hard time' sentences. I mean, there is nothing like a good, healthy fear of constant embarrassing pain to make you think twice about breaking the law. I sure wish I'd thought it through better! But what about you? Any more spankings for you?]

(blushing) [Well, one. I was poking around in the kitchen and found this gadget. I was fiddling with it, trying to make out what it was when Mommy caught me. Apparently it was a "firestarter", and...]

[Oh, NO! Ellie, playing with one of those got ME spanked back when I was a five-year-old KINDERN!! Actually, I guess it wouldn't be so bad NOW, but if it was clear you DIDN'T know what it was...]

[Yeah, I know, kids who play with fire get burned. Mommy pulled me right over to a kitchen chair and put me over her knees, and Melody, she PULLED DOWN MY SHORTS AND PANTIES! I got spanked BARE BOTTOM. And when I was bawlin' she scolded me and told me to keep out of drawers and things until I was older, and said next time she'd use the HELPER PADDLE. It was awful. I cried for almost an hour in the corner.]

(sigh)[Ellen, you've just GOT to learn to behave. Remember you are a LITTLE GIRL, and go with the flow. Oh, here's Mommy. I guess it's time to go now.]

And it was. Melody had been very well behaved, and her Mommy praised her behavior at the Millers on the way home.

But Melody was still a Penitatas, and got a brisk little handspanking over her pajama pants before bed.