Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon


July 15, 2748

Part 20 of Melody's Stories

There is something about a little girl in a one-piece bathing suit that the true spanko finds almost irresistible. Maybe its the lack of modesty, or the clear view of her little backside in the tight fabric. Or the fact that it will be necessary to strip her in order to bare her bottom.

Anyway, Melody and her Mommy had gone to the public pool in the park for a swim this afternoon. Melody was having a marvelous time. Most of the kids in the pool were fellow Penitatas, so discipline was strict. No running by the pool here! Melody swam over to watch from the side of the pool as her nemesis, Janie Smythe from next door, was taken by her mother, crying, over to a chair to have her red and black striped suit bottoms taken down for a good sound spanking over her Mommy's knees...with the little helper paddle. She'd forgotten that rule for one moment, and was now paying the price. Melody figured a kid got spanked around that pool two or three times an hour, right out where everybody could see. The humiliation and embarrassment of getting a good, bare-bottomed spanking in front of a bunch of other kids was thought to be especially effective in punishing Penitatas.

Melody had watched Janie's spanking to the very end, then resumed swimming around. Then she heard her Mommy calling her, "Melody! Melody, get out of the pool and come over here!"

Melody looked around and located her Mommy, seated at one of the pool tables under a big umbrella. She quickly stroked to the side of the pool, pulled herself out, and walked quickly over to her Mama.

"Yes, Mommy. What is it?"

Mary said "Come over here Melody. I'm going to give you a spanking."

"A-A spanking!! (snif) O-Okay Mommie, but whattid I do wrong? I was TRYING to be good, really!"

"You haven't done a thing wrong, Mel. In fact, you've behaved yourself quite well. I've just decided to give you a good, sound spanking right now because I feel like it. So get over my lap!"

A Penitatas never has to misbehave to get spanked. They've done all they have to earn a sore bottom by BEING Penitatas. Melody's face fell as she realized, again, just how terrible her sentence really was. She walked up to her Mommy with tiny steps, already sniffling over the pain and embarrassment to come. Then her Mommy was guiding her up and over her bare, wet legs to face the wet concrete of the poolside. Mel knew she was really 'in for it' when her Mommy DIDN'T take her suit down, but turned her up and started spanking the seat of the tight yellow fabric instead. A 'good sound spanking' surely meant bare bottom, so this would just be a good warm-up!


Mary spanked her daughter with short, sharp slaps all over her little bottom. Soon Mel was crying and wiggling as the slaps stung the seat of her wet bathing suit. She cried as she realized AGAIN just how much a spanking on a wet bottom hurt. It was a pretty long warm-up, and Melody acquired quite a set of interested spectators to her face-down dancing.

Suddenly the spanking paused, and Melody felt herself being turned over on Mommy's lap. In a moment she was sitting on her sore bottom in Mary's lap. Having the shoulder straps of her swimsuit pulled over her shoulders, the thin sheath now being pulled past her ribcage as she was undressed for the rest of her spanking. Once the fabric was gathered around her waist, Melody was turned back face down, still crying, as the suit was pulled right down to her knees.

There was a brief pause as Melody steeled herself for the sting of her Mommy's palm. But it wasn't a hand that smacked her bottom. Nor was it the little spanking paddle called a 'helper' Mommy kept in her purse. No, it was the hard back of a hairbrush that SMACKed into Melody's well-warmed bare bottom!

Now Melody began to really kick and wiggle as Mommy spanked fire into her bare bottom with crisp, sharp hairbrush spanks. Melody was soon howling as her nates were spanked crimson. But her mother just kept on spanking her. It was a long spanking, almost five minutes of solid hairbrushing, though not especially HARD hairbrushing. Neither Melody nor Mary had any idea just how many stinging spanks were absorbed by her six-year-old fanny, but it was more than enough to leave it a red-hot burning ball of fiery pain. Long before the spanking was over Melody was reduced to a helpless bawling baby. No more yells, no begging, no wiggling or struggling of any kind, just the heartfelt crying of a naughty little girl getting a good sound spanking on her bare bottom.

And when the last hard spank had fallen onto Melody's bare bottom the crowd burst into applause at one of the best spankings they'd seen.

Mary let Melody cry over her lap for another ten minutes, then she set Melody on her feet and finished pulling off Melody's bathing suit. The she took the naked little imp by the hand and led her off to the locker room. Melody's natural modesty held her one free hand firmly over her little pubis, leaving her well-spanked crimson behind to bounce along in full view of the crowd as she was pulled away.

After dressing Melody, Mommy took her home for a long nap before supper. Melody was still crying, still mortified by her public punishment. Still, she hadn't had a really hard spanking in four days, so she should have figured she was due. But to get such a good spanking IN PUBLIC was terribly embarrassing and humiliating! Which was the point, of course.

Right after supper Mommy asked Daddy if he would clean up, and she took Melody by the hand and led her upstairs to the bathroom. It was only six thirty, and Melody fervently hoped she was just to be put to bed early, a frequent occurrence. But as the tub filled Mary sat on the toilet seat and put Melody over her lap for a brisk handspanking, enough to make her cry all over again.

During her bath, Mel asked "Mommy, why are you s-spanking me so much? Are you mad at me or somethin'? I-I've tried to be good..."

(smiling) "No Mel, you've been good. But once in a while we have to remind you what being a Penitatas is all about. Besides, I've had a nasty headache all afternoon, and to be frank, I've enjoyed walloping your little fanny good and hard. And I'm going to give you one more good sound spanking before bed, so get out of the tub so I can dry you off."

Then she carried Melody into her room and got her ready for bed, dressing her in her very-short pink polka-dot nightie. And no panties. Melody's bruised bottom peeked out from under the tiny fabric, to Mary's amusement. "Don't forget to brush, Mel!"

Melody sighed and trotted back into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She took down her toothbrush, slipped it into her mouth, bit down firmly on the mouthpiece and pressed the button, wincing at the little sting the force field made as it stripped all food, plaque, bacteria and foreign material off of her teeth and gums. She hated brushing, it was such a bother!! She rinsed off the toothbrush and replaced it on the counter. She wondered at the name again; after all, there was nothing brushlike about the appliance...

But now it was time for her bedtime spanking, and Melody sniffled as she returned to her bedroom to meet her fate. Her Mommy was waiting for her, seated on Mel's bed, holding her wicked little paddle called a 'Mother's Helper'. Melody gave out a little scream! She'd been SURE it would be a handspanking after her hard hairbrushing this afternoon!

But it was not to be. Melody had to politely ask her Mommy:

"Mommy, I-I'm such a n-naughty girl. P-Please give me a g-good s-spanking on my b-bare b-bottom 'til I c-cry."

Then she was face down over Mary's lap crying as the paddle stung her bruised and sore flesh until she howled. With her bottom in such a state, each little swat hurt almost as much as the hairbrush back, and her Mommy was laying the spanks on fast!! After thirty crisp swats Mary left off the paddling and continued spanking her daughter by hand. Instead of ending all at once, Mommy spanked slower and slower until there were twenty full seconds between spanks. Then it was over, but Melody was not allowed up at once. She had to cry it out over her Mommy's lap for almost five minutes before finally being put to bed on her tummy, her hands secured to the mattress to keep her from rubbing the fire out of her bottom. Melody would cry herself to sleep tonight after such a thoroughly painful spanking.