Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon


Mon. July 6, 2748

Part 19 of Melody's Stories

It was only the second day after her harsh July 4 whipping, but Melody awoke free of pain, her bottom unmarked and feeling fine. Again the tiny nanorobots in the healing lotion had done their incredible work, and her bottom and thighs were completely healed. And that was good, because Melody was going visiting today.

Mommy came in right after Melody awoke, and sat down on the bed to have a talk with her little six year old. "Now, Melody, you know that the Miller's don't live in a Penitatas-rated community; there may even be Kindern around their place, so it is VERY important that you be on you BEST behavior. Not that I won't deal with you if I need to, but believe me, what you get 'on site' will be nothing compared to what you'll be in for back home. Not to mention cutting your nice visit so short. Now let's get you dressed and ready to go."

And with that, Mary quickly pulled Melody out from under the sheet and began fetching panties and dresses and so forth. In a twinkle she had Mel standing bare in front of her as she sat on the bed. With a few quick swats to Mel's bare bottom ("a reminder"), she slipped a pair of white nylon panties up over Mel's bottom. Then she quickly pulled her yellow blouse on and buttoned it, then dropped her green check dress over her head and straightened it up, fastening the buttons and tying the belt in a large bow. A neat necktie finished the outfit, then shoes and socks. Melody felt awful formal for a play-date, dressed up so, but it wasn't every day a poor little Penitatas was invited to visit a lordly Medicalos!!

And that was where they were going. Ellen, whom Mel had met on her vacation, only lived 500 or so kilometers away, just under two hours in the family hovercar.

* * *

Melody was all excited to be visiting her friend Ellen. They had spoken on the com unit once the past week. But now they would be able to play together all day. And the Millers had a pool in their back yard, too!! Melody loved to swim, and had mostly regained her lost skills on her vacation, finishing up with a swim class her parents had arranged after their return. Motor skills might be lost in a rejuvenation, but they were re-learned fairly easily.

Eventually the hover car had arrived, and Melody was running across the front lawn of the Miller's big house to meet Ellie. She looked like she hadn't changed a bit from a month ago. The hugged each other, and began chattering away at each other like magpies, (or little girls), in English.

Mary greeted the Drs. Miller more tentatively. The visit had been arranged in some haste yesterday, at the Miller's request. Once everybody was inside, the reason why was made evident.

"Well, Ellen, as you can see Melody is fine and well. The problem, (turning to Mary), was that Ellen found out about Melody's... activities on the fourth a few days ago, and..."

"And I t'rew a tantum! Mel'dy I be so MAD! How they hurt youse so bad!"

"Ellie! Wow! You HAVE been learning Panglish! Good work!" bounced in Melody. "But, who told you about the fourth of July?"

"She learned it on her own, using the encyclopedia." growled Dr. Miller. "It turns out that top-of-the-line machine of mine actually has a built in translator function, and the little... dear figured out how to use it. And spent some time in the corner for it, too. She's been told not to use my unit without permission, for just this sort of reason. There was no need for her to encounter something that would get her so upset!!"

Huh? thought Mel. That made sense for a Kindern, but Ellie wasn't one. Why were they so worried about her getting upset? Well, maybe they were trying to keep the culture shock to a minimum; probably thought a 'primitive' from the twentieth century couldn't handle it.

[I wanted to know about YOU Mel! About what you had to go through! and it was AWFUL! Spanking, then a hairbrush and the paddle and strap and even a SWITCH, TWICE!! and....]

"Whoa!! [Hold on!] Yes, it was very bad, Ellen. But it is all over now. I am fine." Melody was carefully using simple Panglish that Ellen would understand, but wanted everybody else to, too.

[But, how CAN] "I mean, how CAN you be fi, ah, good now? Spankin' that bad not go away qui..[ah]fas[no], now."

"Oh! I see...I'm gonna tell Ellen about nano-lotion, sir. I'll have to use English."

[They use "nano-lotion" after one of the 'special' punishments, Ellie. It has little itsy bitsy machines in it, that run around and repair the damage to your bottom really, really fast. It itches like crazy, but even the most blistered fanny can be fine in a day or so.]

[Oh! Nanomachines! I read about them!]

[Huh? You guys didn't have anything like....]

[Of course not, (giggle), but some of our people were developing the theory. We were pretty certain they could be built, though we knew it might be a while. I bet they never imagined repairing well-spanked bottoms as one of the applications, though!!]

(giggle)[Probably not. Look, once we're playing alone I'll let you see my bottom and you can tell for yourself it's OK.]

"So that was why you called us over." said Mary. "That's quite a relief. But deliberately disobeying you... I'm surprised you didn't get a spanking, Ellie!"

"We let her off once we understood she was just worried about her friend." said Mrs. (Dr.) Miller, with a glance at her husband. "Since she is... was a masochist, we've been trying to use 'corner time' and grounding, no holo or desserts, and so forth. Also, we've found that a 'spontaneous' nap, right NOW, is quite effective with Ellen. She spent thirty full minutes sitting in the corner for using the computer, and then a half-hour later I put her BACK in the corner for fifteen minutes for throwing that tantrum."

Ellen was looking puzzled. The conversation had gone well past her understanding. Melody, on the other hand, was staggered by her friend's easygoing parents... until she realized that they were, in fact, being very strict... by any standard but a Penitatas!

Ellen: "May we go pay now, Mama?"

"Oh, of course. That's what you're here for. Yes Ellie, you and Melody may go upstairs and play."

And so Melody and Ellie left the adults to their talk and ran up to Ellie's room. There they plopped down on the floor and began constructing a castle from Ellie's building blocks.

[We had these in my time, too; called 'em LEGOS. I never realized they could be so much fun, though.]

[Like I told you, if you'll just relax and accept it, you'll find being a kid again ain't so bad. At least the way you're doing it. I'll bet you haven't gotten very many spankings, if any, have you?]

[Only two. One for forgetting myself and using a bad word again. I know, I know, but I tripped and fell and cussed before I realized it, and Mommy, uh, "panked me lit'l pannies" for it. The other time, I threw a tantrum about taking some really awful medicine, and Daddy actually gave me ten real handspanks for it. "Bary Bumbom", too.]

[That's "Bare Bottom", but you're Panglish is getting MUCH better.] Medicine? why would Ellen be taking medicine? Oh, she probably didn't have any resistance to some of the XT bacteria around or something. Must have been important, though, if she got spanked for making a fuss about it.

[Yeah, you were right. Once I stopped being afraid and upset and just weirded out, I started picking up this stuff faster than I'd believe. Still nice to be able to talk English, though. Hey, are you REALLY all right???]

(giggle)[Sure-see?] And Melody hiked up her check dress and slipped down her panties, letting Ellen have a good look at her fanny. [Hard to believe it got all that spankin' day before yesterday, isn't it?]

[Wow. I can't believe it. Melody, how bad was it, really?]

Melody looked grim. [Bad. It was really bad, Ellen. Worse than I'd have ever believed.] Ellen looked at her, expectantly. Well, Melody figured it wouldn't do any harm to give her the bloody details.

[The first handspanking was pretty normal, though harder than usual. It was when I got the hairbrush spanking out by the pool that it started getting really rough. A hairbrush on a bare, WET bottom is a BAD combination. The paddle dose... I don't know, something about everybody being in the line together made it, surreal or something. Though Daddy sure laid it into me. An' so darn many swats, so hard. (shudder) And I agree with Daddy... straps are the pits. It was the first time Daddy had strapped me, and he told me he won't use one again until next year. He doesn't like them, thank God!]

[And the switchings? Those sounded TERRIBLE]

[They were. I knew it was all coming; that was one of the worst parts. I knew just how many swats I'd get with each instrument. And I'd had to make the switches myself.]

[OW! oh, Mel...]

[Well, Daddy did the actual cutting, though I had to pick them out. And I was carefully supervised during the peeling and cuttin' off the buds and all...knives, you know. And I was careful, too! the LAST thing I wanted were any knots or buds, I made sure those switches were smooth as silk for the whole length. But I tell you, after three dozen licks of those things... never commit a crime, Ellen, here-and-now. It just ain't worth it.]

[I still think it's terrible! Bad enough to be a kid, but those awful punishments are too much!!]

[Ellen, I'm sorry, but I've read what prison life was like in your time. From what I've read, I've got it infinitely easier, at least I'm infinitely SAFER, than in your time, even WITH all the spanking and even the 'special' punishments. At least I'm not being raped with a broom handle, or worse.]

[That's true, I guess. Hey, help me with this wall, would you?] and the conversation turned to matters of construction and defense.

* * *

After lunch, Ellen had to take a nap, and it was generally decided (by the adults) that Melody should be put to bed with her, wearing one of Mrs. Miller's T-shirts. After naptime, Melody and Ellen were allowed to put on their suits and go for a swim (under adult supervision, of course!!) The Miller's pool was lovely, kidney-shaped with the deep end roped off; Ellen wasn't allowed on that side. Melody, fresh from her lessons, showed off her newly reacquired skills for her friend, then they began to fool around on the (small) water slide the Miller's had set up for Ellie.

[I'm wondering, Mel. Ah, that time with the encyclopedia? It wasn't the first, just the first time I got caught....]

[Ellen! Are you TRYING to get spanked?]

[NO, thank you! Anyway, I read that you get spanked even in public if you're naughty. But, what about the Kindern? What if they see you, ya'know, gettin' it?]

(laugh)[They can't. Communities are either Penitatas-rated or Kindern-rated, never both. As a general rule, younger Kindern are kept out of the P-rated areas; older ones sometimes sneak in on the chance they'll get to see somebody's bare butt, of the opposite sex. That's punished if they get caught, but really tolerated, more or less. Penitatas flat don't go into K-rated areas except under special conditions... like now, amigo, YOU live in a K-area!]

[Huh? How's it work, by neighborhood or what?]

[Usually by neighborhood. Most cities have lots of both, and the malls and stuff are discretely labeled, too. Sometimes a whole city will decide to go one way or the other. Basically, if you want to take care of a Penitatas, you gotta live in a P-area. Want to have a kid, move to a K-area. By the way, there aren't that many Kindern around; there's about four P-rated areas for every K-rated area. Not all of 'em have Penitatas actually living there, of course. Lots of P-parents like to cluster together, 'specially when their kids are doing 'hard time' like me. Its just easier that way. And sometimes Corrections will even buy out a house to place somebody someplace special, like when they put Janie Platsburk next door to me.]

[By the way, why you and not one of the girls he raped, or the other one who got caned?]

[One, I blew the whistle on him; letting me watch sometimes is about all the reward I'll get. Also, of the five women involved, I'm the only one with a non-violent rap, which made what he did a LOT worse. Also, I've got the shortest sentence... the other girls will still be Penitatas long after I'm outta here... and so will little Janie. They'll probably move him in next door to one of the others next cycle.]

[Where DO you live? In a P-rated neighborhood?]

[Nah. We live in the oldest Penitatas-only city in the country.]


[Yeah. Believe it or not, it's called Assville.]

Ellen couldn't stop laughing for five minutes.

* * *

[Are you done? Finally? What was so funny?]

(giggle)[I-I'll tell you someday. You WON'T believe it. Now, Come on, lets swim!! (giggle-giggle. Snort. Chuckle!)]

And they did. As time went on, their play got a bit rambunctious, and Dr. Miller called Ellen once about running by the pool. And Ellie promptly toned down her behavior. It was Melody who slipped on the edge and cracked her head on the side of the pool while jumping in. She wasn't badly hurt, just stunned for a second. But there was a great flurry of excitement as Dr. Miller ran inside for his pocket scanner, and blood poured out of the slice on the back of her head.

This promptly ended their time in the pool! Both girls were marched straight back into the house and up to Ellen's room. A nano-bandage quickly stopped Melody's bleeding scalp, but wouldn't save her bottom! Even as Dr. Miller worked on her head her Mommy was peeling down her yellow swimsuit and tugging it off her feet, leaving the crying child bare naked. Although Ellen protested that SHE'd been behaving, her own Mommy was pulling off her blue striped suit and drying her off with a towel. Minutes later, Ellen was placed firmly onto her own little chair, not in the corner but facing her bed. Where Mary had seated herself, pulling the still-dripping form of her naked daughter up and over her knees. Ellen's mother stood behind her, her hands on Ellen's shoulders, telling her to watch and learn, since it could just as easily be HER getting the spanking.

And that's just what Melody was getting, a good sound handspanking over her Mommy's lap. She was soon crying hard as Mary spanked her bare bottom with quick, brisk slaps. A wet bottom didn't help any, either!! But it was soon dry, and the spanking was quickly over. (After all, Melody had NOT been warned. But Dr. Miller firmly informed her that, if he hadn't been a physician, her accident would have sent her to the hospital and everybody would have been even MORE panicked, and so a good spanking, at least, was in order).

Melody was then dried off, and then PUT TO BED, still bare naked. She had to nap while little Ellen, who was only three, got to go watch holo. Instead, though, Ellie ASKED to be tucked in with Melody! Melody hugged Ellen and thanked her for her show of prepubescent solidarity, though "It was not, ah, [necessary]." "That OK Mel'dy. I tired now an'way." replied Ellen in her limited Panglish. Melody wondered why she was tired enough to want a nap. Had they been playing that hard? Well, whe WAS only three.

An hour later, it was time to leave. Melody was re-dressed, as was Ellen, and they hugged each other repeatedly as the adults made preparations to leave. And then Mary and Melody piled into the hover car and drove away, taking to the sky once they reached the city limits. Melody was in the front seat, which was unusual, but this time Mommy had seated her right next to her.

"I guess you know what to expect, young lady!" demanded Mommy. "You were warned to be on your best behavior!"

"Y-yes'm. I-I guess I'm gonna get another spankin' when we get home."

"And just what KIND of spanking do you think you deserve, little miss?"

(Sigh.) Melody knew she was in for it. She might as well fess up and hope for the best. "Once we get home I-I guess I'm gettin' a good, sound spankin' with the hairbrush back. Bare bottom, 'course."

"Right on, Mel. Except" Mary flipped on the autopilot, then reached into her purse and took out the dreaded hairbrush. "We aren't going to wait until we get home." She scooted over towards Mel, placing herself in the center of the car seat. "I'm giving you your spanking right here and now. Put yourself over my lap, young lady, and get your bottom ready for swats."

Melody winced; she HATED baring herself. Pulling up her green check dress carefully to her waist, she lay down over her Mommy's waiting legs. Reaching back, Melody obediently tugged down her nylon panties to bare her bottom. Clasping her hands together in front of her, Melody said "I'm ready for my spanking now, Mommy."

Mary pulled her panties down further, right down to her knees, then patted Mel's bare bottom. "Good girl, Melody. This will hurt your bottom, but bottoms heal much better than heads. This is to remind you to be more careful."

And then Mommy began to spank. These were not the full-strength blows endured during a 'special' punishment, but crisp, stinging spanks just right for a bare six-year-old bottom. They hurt, of course. They stung like bees, burned like fire, and Melody was soon bouncing and wiggling like mad as her bare nates were soundly smacked. But the spanking was no more than any REAL six-year-old might expect, did she live in some less enlightened time, say, 1930.

When Melody's bottom had been spanked to a bright red ball of fire, Mary left off spanking her with the brush. But Melody was kept over Mary's lap for the entire trip home. And whenever her crying began to slack off, the red in her bottom fade, a flurry of handspanks would renew both. Only when Mommy had to go back on manual, at the city limits landing pad, was Melody allowed to sit up.

And once home, Melody was marched by the ear into the living room corner, where she had to wait while Mary fetched Melody's very own spanking paddle. Then she was put directly over Mary's lap on a straight backed chair, her legs pinned by her right knee, her wrists held tightly behind her back. A brief handspanking ensued. Then the bright pink paddle was brought into play against Melody's well-spanked bottom. Ten awful times the eighteen centimeters of wood splatted down onto her nates as she bucked like a pony at the blazing pain. Then it was again time for the corner, and to keep her hands away from her burning butt, she had to hold that paddle in front of her in both hands, studying the rosy bare bottoms that decorated the pink painted wood. She regarded the words inscribed along the edge: "Melody's Very Own Spanking Paddle." Well, her fanny certainly proved that! And in the center, her parent's philosophy was emblazoned across the wood (and her bottom):

Show Her That You Really CARE... Spank Her Soundly... Bottom BARE!!

Sometimes Melody wished they didn't 'care' for her QUITE so much....