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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

All American Spanking

July 3 & 5, 2748

Part 18 of Melody's Stories

Melody had a hard time going to sleep the night of July 3rd. The next day was July 4th, which was still celebrated as the birthday of the United States, much changed but still extant. A day of celebration, of picnics and pool parties, for most kids.

But for American Penitatas, July 4th is a celebration of American Spanking. A very THOUROUGH celebration. And unlike Easter, the various severe punishments would not be changed by competitive games or by chance events. No, these spankings would be dealt out in full, with each of the Traditional American Implements.

The most horrible thing about the fourth of July, for ALL Penitatas, is the LACK of suspense. Everybody knows EXACTLY what they'll be getting, and when, and from whom.

Very early in the morning, Melody's Mommy will awaken her. She'll be pulled right up out of her bed, and turned up over Mary's lap as she sits on the straight backed chair. Her red, white and blue striped pajama shorts will be swept right down, and she'll be given a good, sound handspanking on her bare bottom. Sixty good, hard handspanks, ten for every year of her (physical) age.

And as soon as her crying subsides enough, she'll have her jammies tugged back up before being taken downstairs, where she'll have to sit down for a traditional American big breakfast.

After breakfast Mommy will dress Melody in her one-piece bathing suit, getting her ready for the pool party at the big pool in the central park in Savannah. Then they'll all climb into the family hovercar for the long trip there. That pool had been reserved for 'hard time' Penitatas ONLY, and will host just about every one from all across the Southeast.

The pool party will be from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. And sometime during the event, by surprise if she can, Melody's mommy will grab her firmly by the ear and march her over to one of the wooden benches all around the pool area. There, as she cries, she'll pull the shoulder straps of her little yellow suit off of her shoulders, down her arms, and slowly strip her six year old body baby-bare naked. Right in front of several hundred little boys and girls from three to twelve, and their parents.

Then she'll take Melody over her knees. All around her, boys and girls are being stripped and turned up and over their Mommy's knees.

Then Mommy will take out the hairbrush. Well bent over, with Daddy holding on to both hands, there will be absolutely nothing whatsoever that Melody will be able to do to prevent her very own red maple hairbrush-back from impacting her naked, WET bottom over and over and over.

Thirty-six times. Six good, hard swats for every year of her age. And yes, the twelve year olds will be getting SEVENTY-TWO hairbrush-swats, after having a hundred and twenty handspanks that morning. This was a Special Punishment Day; normal limits won't apply. And these would be FULL hairbrush spanks, like Mel got Easter. This time three dozen of them. Melody sobbed and bit down on her pillow in fear.

And after the hard hairbrush swats have her bawling and howling, her bare bottom burning with the fires of Hades, she'll have to pull her tight one piece suit back on, pulling the fabric up over her sore, swollen bottom cheeks. That will hurt plenty, too.

And then she'll be expected to go back into the water and continue to play and have fun until eleven, by which time every single little boy and girl will have received their appointed dose of the hairbrush.

At eleven, pool time is over. Mommies will have brought dry clothes; (Melody's white culottes with the yellow polka dots, matching blouse, and plain white cotton panties, socks and sneakers, were all already packed in her little gym bag on her dresser). Younger kids, like Mel would be stripped and changed by their Mommy. Older kids would get to change themselves, so might get a LITTLE privacy.

Then everybody troops out to the picnic lunch provided by the Dept. of Corrections on the (hard wooden) picnic tables in the park where the pool is located. There all the children will feed on the traditional 'hot dogs' and 'hamburgers' and 'chips', (which actually aren't too bad; as a historical expert, Melody had tried them before, and was actually quite fond of them).

Tag, and hide and seek, and more informal games will occupy the kids until two PM. And then the Great Line Up will begin. Every single kid will form a great long line, side by side, one meter between each child and his or her neighbor. Then on signal, every single child must drop his or her pants or shorts to their ankles. Dresses are not allowed, but skirts or culottes like Melody's are; as long as every child's outer clothing can come DOWN on cue.

After a few seconds, the order to take down their underwear will follow, and every little Penitatas will push their assorted underpants down to their knees, then reach down and grasp their ankles tightly.

And there they will stay until their Daddy's find them. They'll know they've been found when Daddy applies the family paddle to their bare bottoms. Melody winced as she remembered how much her own pink paddle hurt when it smacked her bare bottom. And tomorrow Daddy will be spanking her a LOT harder. Still, the paddle was thinner than that awful hairbrush. It won't hurt QUITE as much. On the other hand, Daddy will be applying forty-eight good spanks to Melody's bare bottom, and she'll have to stay bent over holding her ankles for each one of them. If she lets go, the swat will be repeated. After three failures to hold position, her Mommy would be allowed to 'help' her by holding her down.

But her remaining swats will be doubled. No, thanks!! Melody promised herself she'd hold on to those ankles for dear life!! Even if she fell over on her face!! (Which WAS allowable, oddly enough, since the pose was so inherently long as the child didn't overdo it).

After that horror, it would be time for the long ride home in the family hovercar, sitting QUIETLY on her sore seat.

Then Daddy will be getting the barbecue grill set up in the back yard. This will only take a few minutes, but tradition requires that an hour pass before beginning to cook. Something about back when they still used charcoal, and had to wait for the fire to burn down. During the wait, Melody's Daddy will burn UP her bottom with the next traditional instrument, the 'razor strop'. (Not strap, even though it WAS a kind of strap. Melody had wondered about that. Hey! Maybe there was a paper in it...)

Melody knew that Josh, her Daddy, didn't like straps. He felt that they were inherently hard to control properly, although he'd also said that the razor strop was a bit easier than a thin belt. Apparently he'd left unintentional welts a few times when a belt turned and hit on edge. Or maybe it was just a personal thing. But Melody knew he'd do a proper job on her fanny. He'll take her inside and bend her over the arm of the living room sofa, so that her head lay down on the cushions. Her culottes and panties will be removed completely, and her Mommy will hold her head and wrists in her lap as her feet dangle half a meter off the floor. Then Josh will take the strop and slowly apply thirty HARD strokes to her bruised and sore bare bottom and thighs. Melody had little experience with straps, but guessed that it would be a bit like the 'tongue-lashing' the Drakonian lady had given her on the island. After her whipping, Melody will then be sent to stand in the corner until Josh had supper ready. (Since Josh was in no way a cook, he'd bought a 'grill' with a built in expert cooking system...all he had to do was follow directions).

After eating her THIRD meal while sitting on a hot, sore bottom, (and hotter and sorer each time, too!!), It will be time to go see the fireworks. These weren't just for the Penitatas, each community had a big show; they were planning to run downtown for the local one.

It will be late, well past Melody's bedtime when they returned. But she'll be up for a while. She'll have one last traditional American spanking to face. The worst one yet, maybe. Several long, thin switches of peeled hickory had already been prepared, by Melody, over the last few days. Each was about a meter long, and would sting her bare bottom horribly.

First, Melody knew, she'd be given her bath and gotten completely ready for bed. Then it will be time for her Mommy to switch her. Mommy had told Melody she planned to do it just like she'd switched Melody at Christmas, since that was her preferred technique. The comment had made Mel shudder. First of all, at Christmas her Mommy had 'prepared' her bottom with a good hand-spanking. Then she'd applied the twelve licks of the hickory switch just as fast as she could. Melody thought about how much that had burned and shuddered.

And this time it would be EIGHTEEN licks of the switch; Three per year.

And a half hour later, it would be Daddy's turn. The only GOOD news was that Daddy planned to tie her wrists to the seat of her chair; she wouldn't have to keep position on her own. But then he was going to give her poor abused botty ANOTHER dozen-and-a-half good hard licks with one of those whippy switches!! Melody shuddered in fear and anticipated pain. She whimpered as she thought about the morning.

Then her Mommy came in and stepped to the side of her bed. "Can't you sleep, Melody? Its almost eight. I know. Too worried about tomorrow. Well, that's what happens to naughty little Penitatas on July 4, and nothing you, or I, can do will change it, dear. But I CAN see to it that you get a good night's sleep. Would you like me to turn on the delta inducer, hon??"

"Y-yes Mommy. I know you don't like me to use it; I don't like using them, either. But this time I think we'd better. I know TOO much about what's gonna happen tomorrow. WAY too much."

And the next morning, every one of Melody's fears proved all to well founded. It was every bit as bad as she'd expected.

But not much worse. She even held on to her ankles through the whole paddling. For an unambiguously horrible and painful experience, it went about as well as it could.

On the other hand, Mommy gave her two dozen good handspanks before that awful switch ever touched her bare bottom.

And so did Daddy before her second dose. Despite how late it was, Mel cried for over an hour, lying in bed on her tummy, her hands firmly fastened to the mattress to keep her from rubbing her welted bottom, before managing to finally fall asleep after a truly unforgettable fourth of July.

The following morning, July 5th, Mary awakened Melody at seven as usual. Mel was very sleepy after such a short night, but the sight of the nano-lotion bottle had her flying out of bed and over Mary's knees. Once her terribly welted bottom had been anointed with the healing cream, her Mommy fetched out the same soft diaper she'd had to wear after her Easter lickings.

It was Sunday morning. In an hour or so, they'd be leaving... for CHURCH.

And everybody would be able to SEE the diaper under Melody's dress.

As this realization hit her, Melody turned a brick red, and tried to beg off; "Mommy! Pleeze, can't I just wear panties instead? I-it'll, I mean, everbody'll SEE..."

"Are you sure, Melody? Remember how much your little bottom itches and burns, and those welts'll smart for a few more hours even WITH nano-treatment. I'd hate to have to take you out for a good, sound spanking for wiggling and squirming during services..."

Melody would hate that, too. A whole bunch, considering the state her poor bottom was in. "Oh! I-I guess I'd better get as much padding as I can, huh Mommy? OK. (sigh) (whispered) diaper me please."

And Mommy did. But because Melody had made a fuss, she put her on the bed and oiled and powdered and diapered her just like a little baby.

And soon Melody was in her diaper, the nanomachines had been activated, (making her bottom itch as well as burn. It STILL hurt like fire, and it would be some time before the lotion could work completely).

Then she took out one of Melody's few long-skirted dresses. "I'd planned on letting you wear this one, Mel. It would've hidden your little diaper nicely. But now..."

The dress she ended up putting on Melody was pink. It was frilly and childish. And it was VERY short. Shirley Temple short. As in barely covering Melody's bottom at all.

Her diapered bottom.

EVERYBODY would be able to see...

* * *

Well, after breakfast they all went to church and everybody DID see Melody's diapered bottom. And nobody cared. Melody had forgotten that in her neighborhood almost all the kids were Penitatas, and had been right there in Savannah with her.

Soft diapers were the PREFERRED method of keeping naughty little hands away from itching and burning bottoms undergoing nano-treatment.

Even for the older kids.

Melody DID wiggle and squirm around quite a bit. But so did just about every kid there. Not only were they all sitting on well-spanked and welted bottoms, but the subject matter of the sermon was far from popular. It was a verse that was never very popular with Penitatas.

The one about 'He who loveth his son....'

* * *

That afternoon the Miller's called, of all people. They asked if Mary could drive Mel over to their place tomorrow to see little Ellen. It was all rather mysterious.