Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

Swim Class

June 29-July 1, 2748

Part 17 of Melody's Stories

The Monday after they got back from vacation Melody's Mommy took her over to the park and enrolled her in a swimming class for children. It was for rejuves who had known how to swim before, like Melody. The class was made up of seven students, all Penitatas like her, and all 'hard time' to boot. There were three little boys and four little girls. In addition to Melody, there was another six year old, Cathy, a four year old, Susie, and an older girl who was eight, Jan. Of the boys, Mike and Pete were seven while David was five.

Melody quickly found out why the class was all Penitatas! The two ladies teaching the class were very strict 'spankos', and taught the children with little 'helper' paddles in hand! The very first order was for all seven children to sit at the edge of the pool in their little suits. Pete was the last to get into position, and found himself bent over the poolside for seven quick spanks across the seat of his trunks!

The class went quickly, with each child being taught first to float on their backs, then to swim underwater, then to kick while held up by the teachers. Standard stuff, but the slightest hesitation would earn you a few quick spanks on the tight seat of a wet bathing suit. There was no problem with kids being afraid of the water here...they were much more afraid of those awful little paddles.

And when little Susie forgot for a second and ran 3 steps by the pool, Mrs. Reardon had her up and over her knees in two seconds, seated on one of the chairs around the pool. The pants of her little green polka-dot suit were pulled down and the paddle applied to her bare bottom a fast two dozen times! The little four year old howled and screamed, and was left holding her little hams and bawling afterwards.

Melody was on her very best behavior, but when she had trouble kicking, (her legs just didn't want to cooperate), she found herself being pulled out of the pool by Mrs. Parks, to be hauled over to a nearby chair herself. "Let's see if I can encourage you to try harder, Melody." She said, as she pulled Mel's little yellow suit down past her hips to her knees. Then Melody was over the teacher's lap getting a good spanking herself. The little helper paddle did its usual painful job on Melody's wet seat, leaving her crying and sniffling as her suit was pulled back up and she was sent back to the pool. Her kicks improved remarkably afterwards.

By the end of the lesson each child had had at least one encounter with one of the paddles, and a couple had had two. All were red-eyed and sniffling a bit. This lesson was no fun at all!! But they had recovered a tremendous amount of their swimming skills in a very short time. Nobody could complain about how effective the teachers were.

The next day the lesson continued, much as before. Now the children were being taught proper strokes, and with the little paddles in place nobody tried less than their best. Nevertheless, all seven kids found themselves over a lap at least once. This time Melody had been spanked twice, both times on her bare bottom, too!

After the third day, the swimming lessons were over. All the children were now to be permitted to swim in the deep end of the pool, and no longer had to wear 'support' systems like water wings. The three day sessions had been very intense, and quite painful, but they had taught the children how to swim again in the shortest possible time. For one thing, there was definitely NO wasted time or lack of effort, and no fooling around or squabbling, either. Just lots of wet, hard work and serious practice. Melody was crying after her spanking that day, and was glad it was over, but she was sort of glad she'd taken the class, too. After all, she'd always loved to swim, and now she could again.