Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

This story is different. Very different. Weird, maybe. I try some strange ideas here, and I would VERY MUCH like feedback on how this story went. I *think* it all fits together nicely, but I would really like some responses on this one....
   —Lurking Dragon

Melody's Summer Vacation, Epilogue

Jun 27, 2748

Part 16 of Melody's Stories

The last ten days had been wonderful!! Melody hadn't gotten a SINGLE SPANKING since the 'round robin'! Oh, she'd come close a few times, gotten an occasional swat or "Melody!!" from her parents, but there were NO spankings!!

She couldn't believe it; she's a Penitatas, she thought she was supposed to get spanked all the time...not that she was complaining! In fact, she'd been on her very best behavior for over a week.

And her parents had been HELPING her avoid trouble!! It seemed like, whenever she'd start to do something dumb, they'd alert or warn her with a quick word or even shout. Usually, for Penitatas, parents would LET the child misbehave and then exact proper retribution, i.e. a good spanking, afterwards. It was as if Mary and Josh were actively trying to keep her out of trouble!

And the one time she'd gotten a little fractious in the afternoon, and REALLY thought she'd get spanked when they got back to the room, instead she'd been put in the corner for ten minutes and then sent to bed unspanked for a nap!!

Of course, her parents WERE helping to keep her out of trouble. Very impressed with her work with Ellen (who'd left five days ago), and with the definitely un-earned severe spanking of the 'round robin' to back them up, they'd convinced the corrections board to let Mel enjoy the rest of her vacation unspanked (if she didn't REALLY misbehave, of course). And Melody had thoroughly enjoyed every minute of her summer vacation.

Now it was the last day, and Melody was out by the beach enjoying what had become her favorite pastime there, building an enormous sand castle above the surf line. She was intently working on getting the crenellations of the latest wall just right when a long, scaled tail flopped onto the structure, smashing the central tower to bits.

Melody jumped back and stared at the 1.5 meter tall reptile who'd disturbed her fun. A Drakon, and a very YOUNG Drakon to boot, in fact a little Drakonian boy, who'd lost control of his tail while diving for a football and had smashed her sand castle!! Then Melody caught a glimpse of his hands. 'P'-Penitatas!! Well, of COURSE he was a bad penny; he'd hardly be a Kindern, and Drakonians didn't have a problem with a puberty barrier when they rejuved. He was no better than her! Her fury overwhelmed her....

"Hey, you! Reptile! Watch where you're flingin' that tail! This ain't your private beach, ya know!"

The young Drakonian yelled back, [Look primate, it's not like I meant to. You've built that thing right in the middle of the beach, in everybody's way! Besides, that's a stupid game anyhow!]

He spoke Drakon, of course. Drakonians can't even come close to pronouncing Panglish. And humans were no better at the hisses and spitting of Drakon. But both children understood each other perfectly. Humans and Drakonians have been close allies for four hundred years, and had been teaching all their kids to *understand* each other's language for AGES.

"Not as stupid as some lizard playing a human sport! How could anybody tackle you with that dumb tail, anyway!"

[Lizard...Look who's talking, ape!]



"SNAKE!!!"...well, that proved to be much to much. Calling a Drakon a Gecko was bad enough, but snake...I won't go into the cultural reasons why this is a TERRIBLE insult, but believe me, it is.

[SNAKE?!?!] Suddenly the Drakonian boy plunged towards Melody, bowling her over with his strong, scaly body. Melody slipped around him, her slender hand grabbing his tail and flipping him upward so that his stubby snout buried itself in the soft sand. He rolled clear and flipped his long forked tongue out at her, which she easily dodged. The fight wasn't as one-sided as it looked. The Drakonian boy was bigger, but younger. And having evolved on a planet with a 0.89G gravity field, he was not a strong as his size implied.

Suddenly their fun was interrupted by a loud [TOMMY!!!] as a large form loomed over them. Mama had arrived.

(Of course, it wasn't really 'Tommy'. But long ago a group of linguists from both races had made a 1-1 correspondence between all the common Drakon and Human names to facilitate communication. So if a Drakonian said Grrack-pth-rrgl, (roughly), you knew he meant 'Elizabeth').

The 2.5 meter tall Drakonian grabbed her son firmly by the scruff of the neck and picked him clear up off of the sand. [Darn it, Tommy, I've WARNED you about fighting with Humans!! That's what got you into trouble in the FIRST place!! How COULD you! Well, you'll soon be one sorry little Drake an a few minutes!!]

With that the large woman plopped herself back onto her tail.

[But MAMA!! Noo! She call'd me a SNAKE!!...]

Drakonians look a bit like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, although their faces are considerably flattened, like the original Godzilla. Although now omnivorous, their carnivorous history can still be seen in the long, sharp teeth that fill their wide mouths. Their forearms are far stronger than T-rex's, more like an Allosaurus's. Their strong legs are quite similar to any of the carnivorous lizards, and like them (or a modern kangaroo) they depended upon their strong tails to remain upright.

On the other hand, sitting back on that tail left a Drakonian with an instant lap, both thighs parallel to the ground. No chairs needed!

And Tommy was rapidly finding himself face down OVER those knees. Mama quickly pinned both his legs between hers; her left hand held him down firmly by the neck. Drakonian physiology made it quite impossible for either of his arms to reach back to try and cover up. Mama's right hand had a firm hold of Tommy's tail, which she had firmly pulled straight out behind him. Then Mama bent down over her naughty boy and....

<CHOMP!!> Her long teeth closed firmly onto the base of Tommy's tail as...

[YEEEEOWW!] (OK, sounded more like a foghorn, but you get the idea...)

<CHOMP!!> [OWW! Nooo! Mama! Nooo!!]

[Oh, be quiet! you've been asking for a good sound tail-chewing all week, and now you are gonna get it!!]

(One disadvantage with the Drakonian's traditional method of disciplining their young is that they cannot 'spank' and scold at the same time...)

<CHOMP-GRIND!!> [Aiieow! Maa-maa! Noo! Oww!] <CHOMP!> [YEEEOW! NOOO!]

<CHOMP! CHOMP! BITE! CHOMP!(chew-chew) CHOMP!> Melody looked on with delight as naughty little Tommy's Mama thoroughly chewed his tail to punish him for fighting with her!! She concentrated her bites on the 'tender' (i.e. less leathery) underside of his tail a half meter or so from his rump, right where a Drakonian's weight goes when he sits down. And Tommy was just howling and bawling like any other naughty little boy over his Mommy's knees.

Finally it was over, and Rachel (the Drakonian woman's name) tossed Tommy to the sand. Melody was bent over with laughter when the large scaled hand picked her up off of the beach. Melody screamed out in fear as she was gently sat down on Rachel's left knee to perch over a meter above the sand.

[Did you think I didn't hear YOU young lady?? Tommy had no business starting that fight, but YOU certainly provoked him!! Snake, indeed! Don't you think YOU'RE getting out of this, little girl!! You're every bit as much a Penitatas as HE is!!]

As she spoke, Rachel had taken each of the shoulder straps of Melody's thin yellow swimsuit in one huge, clawed hand and had quickly pulled the garment down over her shoulders. Then with a sudden flip, Melody found herself face down over the Drakonian's left knee. While Rachel's left hand gently held Melody in place, her right pulled Melody's swimsuit right down to her knees, baring her tender little bottom to the woman's reptilian gaze.

"Noo! Waiit! Pleease!! I'm sorry! Nooo!" cried Melody as she suddenly realized what was happening. This was terrible!! Awful! Noo!

Melody felt Rachel's hot, minty breath blow across her bare bottom as the Drakonian bent her head down towards the naughty little girl over her knee. Melody tensed her body, awaiting the pain as...

<SPLATT!!> Rachel's long, prehensile tongue swept out and down onto Melody's little bare bottom. The leather-tough organ's two forks splatted across her nates like twin straps!! "Eeeeow! No! Wait!"

<SPLAT!> again the long forked tongue lashed into Melody's bottom, making her howl at the double sting in her bummy!

Drakonian's started using their tongue to spank naughty human children over three hundred years ago, ever since 'Paula' (T'Scheern'chk) came up with the idea after putting her neighbor's little girl over her lap for a good spanking, and then realizing she'd forgotten to bring a paddle out back with her. The semiretractable claws located between each Drakonian 'finger', as well as their fingertip claws, made using their hands out of the question, even for their own kids; tearing a bare bottom to bloody shreds has no place in spanking!! A Drakonian's tongue was said to be quite comparable to a proper Scottish tawse, burning a naughty child's bare bottom with hot, burning double stripes. But with one critical difference....

<SPLAT!! SPANK!! SMACK!! SPLATT!> "Owweee! Yeeow! (sob) Noo! I be good! OWW! Nooo! Mom-mee! Heeelp! Owww!" Each hard 'lick' had left a streak of saliva on Melody's bare bottom. And now she was beginning to discover that critical difference in a proper tongue-lashing. She already knew that a spanking on a wet bottom stung a LOT more than on a dry fanny. And Rachel's spanking 'implement' was providing its OWN wetness!! Each burning swat stung and burned Melody's bare bottom worse than the one before!!


"Hmph! I'm glad to see you know how to deal with a naughty little girl, Ma'm." It was Mary, Melody's mother! "Go ahead and give her a few dozen more licks!! She certainly deserves them. And if you don't mind, I'd like to give your boy here something for attacking my little girl!!"

Tommy had been lying on the sand nursing his well-chewed tail. While there was, of course, no blood, the scales of his tail were covered with the small, round bruises from his Mama's sharp teeth, especially on the tender underside. But before he suddenly realized that his poor tail was again threatened, Mary quickly grasped it and hoisted it high. This flipped the boy over onto his hands and knees. The way Drakonians are built, holding their tails up like that leaves them quite helpless...and exposes the tender underside of that tail for whatever disciplinary action you desire!! Mary tucked Tommy's tail under her left arm, dipped her hand into her purse, and pulled out the red maple hairbrush she favored for spanking Melody.

[Go right ahead, Madam. Both these children need a good lesson!!]

And so Mary began spanking Tommy fast and hard, right into the tender well-chewed place where he sat down. With the BRISTLED side of the hairbrush. Tommy and Melody howled and bawled in unison as they were soundly spanked for their naughty behavior. After several minutes of constant spanking, the two mothers released their charges. Melody's bare bottom was a solid, bright hot red all over, and glistened wetly in the sun. She looked at her mother in fear; after all, the fight had been as much HER fault as Tommy's, and Tommy had just gotten TWO spankings (well, sort of), and she'd just had ONE.

"Oh, yes, Melody I AM going to spank your naughty bare bottom in a few minutes. But first I want you to go lie down under the umbrella while I find your swimsuit. Lie still and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR BOTTOM!!"

Melody obeyed. And by the time her mother had returned with the yellow suit, she knew why. She'd forgotten the effect of Drakonian saliva as it dried!! A mild irritant, the drying Drakon-spit was making her sore bottom burn and sting almost as much as the sound spanking had!!

Soon her little hands swept back to rub; she couldn't help it!! But Mama's hand intercepted and held hers away from her poor burning rump. Mary watched Melody closely, and when she felt the effect of the Drakonian's saliva was at its peak she pulled Melody up and over her lap right there on the beach chair.

"Nooo!" cried Mel, knowing what was coming. And she was right, as her hard hairbrush-back spanked into her hot little bare bottom. Soon Melody was crying and bawling like a baby as her Mommy spanked burning fire back into her naughty little rear. The aftereffects of the alien saliva enhanced the sting and burn tremendously as Mary spanked her naughty little girl. If only they could find a way to preserve the stuff, she thought, the Drakonians would have a great new trade item, like Terran mouthwash was the other way. Her musings didn't slow down the rhythmic slapping of her hairbrush, though, or the increasing fiery burn in her daughter's backside. Tommy, Mary noted, had finally stopped nursing his tail and was looking on with smug satisfaction. Finally Mary stopped spanking and called Tommy over.

"Sit down right here, young man!!" She demanded. Wincing, Tommy obeyed, planting the sore underside of his poor tail onto the rough sand. Now Mary picked up her bawling daughter and planted her bare bottom firmly in Tommy's rough-scaled lap. Mel's bawling increased as her tender, well-spanked rump started supporting her weight. And Tommy yelped, too, slight though Mel's additional weight was. He DID have a thoroughly chewed tail!! "Now, you hold Melody and keep her right there on your lap for a while. And keep that tail down; no shifting your weight to your legs, you hear me!! Maybe that'll teach the two of you to get along."

As they paid the penalty for their naughtiness, Melody and Tommy began to talk about themselves. "What did you do to get rejuved, Tommy? I didn't think Drakonians did that..."

[We don't back home, but I got into a brawl with a bunch of humans and accidentally put one in the hospital with a bad bite. I got 6x4-9, and this is my second cycle. Some of our joint colonies are using rejuve as punishment, though. I have to admit it's effective. How about you?]

And Melody explained about her embezzlement. From there the talk went on to many subjects. They discovered, for example, a common love of history. After their hour was over, they begged their parents to let them stay on the beach for awhile to play. Soon Melody was in the ocean, riding on Tommy's back as they zoomed around in the surf. (Quite safe; Drakonians are naturally great swimmers, using their tails to good effect). Melody met Tommy's daddy, a slender 2 meter tall individual who had dyed his scales red in a fancy pattern.

Finally it was time to go in, and Melody had to tearfully say goodbye to her new friend, as she was leaving the next day for home.

After supper, Melody had to face her father and tell him all about her day's adventures (Josh had gone off diving). Josh was NOT very happy about the fight. He took Melody into her room and filled the shallow child-sized tub with warm water. He quickly took off Melody's little 'cover-up' and removed her swimsuit. Then as the tub filled he sat on the toilet and took Melody over his knees for a quick little spanking. After a dozen slaps, it was time to give Mel her bath.

As he bathed her, Josh said "I hope you've enjoyed the past few spankless days, Melody, because I'm afraid they're over. Once we get home it's back to sore bottoms as usual. And I think I'll start back in a few minutes with a good spanking before bed. You've had a nice break as a reward for all the good things you did with Ellen, but you are still Penitatas and all good things must end."

After her bath Josh dressed Melody in her little blue nightie and led her to bed by the hand. He sat down on the bed and pulled his naughty daughter over his lap, pulled up her nightie to bare her still-pink bottom, and proceeded to spank her until she cried.