Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

Melody's Summer Vacation

Jun 27, 2748

Part 15 of Melody's Stories

Melody had mixed feelings when her Mommy and Daddy told her they were going to the beach for their vacation. The May weather had been very rainy, and Melody would look forward to the blue skies, clear Caribbean water, and pure white sand beaches, but on the other hand there would be lots of people and, more importantly, lots of kids at the resort (which specialized in 'family' vacations.) From a few memorable occasions Melody knew that her Mommy and Daddy wouldn't hesitate to spank her bare bottom right out in public....

* * *

The first time had been last October. She had been 'home' for only a week, and Mary, her mother, had decided to take her shopping. "You need a lot of clothes, Mel, and we couldn't buy very many until we knew your size. You are smaller than a lot of six-year-olds."

At the time Melody was still very self-conscious of the silver 'P's on the backs of her hands. They announced to anyone who looked just why she'd been rejuved. But if Mommy wanted to take her shopping, she didn't have much choice.

As they got to the mall, Mommy escorted Melody to a child's clothing store and started looking through dresses in her size. Melody had always loved shopping, but now found herself bored and distracted. "Can we go visit the toy store?" she suddenly asked.

"No dear, we're here for clothes only. You're hardly out of jail, young lady! You don't have to worry about toys for a while. Now stay quiet while I talk to the sales lady."

Melody stood still for about two minutes. The she began to wander around the store. Soon she stood next to the door. "The toy store's right next door." she thought, "I'll just peek in the window."

She was standing there, fascinated by the display of dolls, especially the latest 'Spanking Susie' when she felt her ear firmly grasped and tugged. "There you are, young lady!! I told you to wait for me! Well, you'll soon learn to mind me...."

Mommy rapidly escorted Melody over to the benches in the middle of the mall. She quickly seated herself and pulled Melody right over her lap.

"Nooo! Not here!! Everybody can see!!"

"Then they'll see I'm doing my job!!" Mommy smacked the seat of Melody's baby blue skirt a dozen times, hard!

"Oww! Mama! Noo! Oww! Yeow! Ouch!"

Then to Melody's horror her Mommy quickly flipped up the skirt and patted the seat of her white cotton panties. A small crowd gathered around as the handspanks began to fall onto the thin cotton. Again Melody was surprised as she began to cry and kick, again reacting to the spanking as a naughty six year old should. "Ahem," said one bystander, "I see she is Penitatas. Early cycle??"

"Of course. Her first, poor thing." Mommy's hand never faltered, spanking fire into Melody's pantyclad seat. "But excuse me, it's time to get this naughty little girl's panties down. (Nooo!) That's right Melody, I'm going to spank you on your NAUGHTY LITTLE BARE BOTTOM!!! Right out here where everybody can watch!!" And Mommy's hand was inside the little waistband, and then Melody's panties were drifting south towards her knees.

"NOOO! Maa-Maa! Pleeze! Not bare! NOT BARE BOTTOM!! OW! Yeow! Ouch! OWW! Waaaa! Mama!! OWW! <sob> OW-EE! Yeeow! Waaaa! Waaaah! OWWW!" The sudden flurry of barebottom spanks suddenly had Melody a lot more worried about the fire in her bottom than how embarrassed she was. When Mommy stopped spanking, she thought it was over. Unfortunately for the naughty pseudo-six year old, it wasn't nearly over yet.

Mama reached into her purse and took out her 'Mother's helper'. This was a small paddle made of a light wood. It was 27 cm long, (10 of that handle), very thin (3 mm) and quite narrow (5 cm). Light enough for any age rejuve, these paddles are the most popular 'spankers' around. On those very rare occasions when a Kindern got anything but a hand-spanking, it was usually with a 'helper'. Almost every mother carried one in her purse at all times.

And as the 'helper' began to smack down onto Melody's bare bottom she knew she would be getting a good, hot bottom before it was over. "OWWWW! Noooo! Not the paddle! Maa-mee! Yaaaow! Yeek! Noo! Waa-waaah! Noo! Owww! Waaaah! Mama!" Melody kicked and cried and begged, but nothing would deter her stern Mama from dealing out the firm lesson she deserved.

"I hope you're learning a lesson, young lady. It doesn't matter where you are, if you misbehave you'll get a good sound spanking right then and there. Right on your naughty bare little bottom. And if you don't want people to see you get spanked then you'd better just learn to behave, HADN'T you? (Owwwww-aaaaaaaah!) You just think about what a sight you are, waving your little legs around and crying as I spank your bare bottom for being a bad little girl. I'm sure everybody is enjoying watching your little behind turn red under my paddle. Now maybe you'll behave for a while!!"

With a final stinging swat, Mary finished Melody's bare-bottom spanking and put her 'helper' back into her purse. The she pulled up Melody's panties and set the naughty 'bad penny' (for Penitatas) back on her feet to try and rub some of the fire out of her bottom. The light paddle didn't bruise the skin at all, the pain was entirely superficial; Melody would be fine in an hour. But for that hour BOY would her bottom sting!

"Hmph. This shouldn't be over yet, but...Next time I HAVE to remember to stick my hairbrush in my purse. You'll just have to wait until we get home, Melody. Then I'll give you another good, sound handspanking on your bare bottom, just to warm you up, and maybe another dose with my 'helper' to boot. And then a really good, sound spanking with the back of my hairbrush, the walnut one you just HATE so much. SO just think about THAT while we're shopping, young lady!! Now get up and take my hand. We still have shopping to do." And they did. And when they got home...but that's another story.

Anyway, Melody knew her Mommy and Daddy wouldn't hesitate to spank her right out on the beach if she needed it. Or even if she didn't; she was still paying for her embezzlement. But that would happen wherever they went, anyway.

* * *

The resort hotel was wonderful. She even had her own room—sort of! Each room had a smaller room inside it that could only be reached from the parent's room, and that's where Melody stayed. Melody had tried to be good on the shuttle, but apparently not good enough. As soon as they got in she was sent to the corner while her parents unpacked. Each room, unfortunately, had a very suitable corner, nice and big and empty, with no distractions for naughty little girls. Hers had a child sized chair near it, though she was ordered to stand facing the wall. A few minutes later, Melody was bare-bottomed over her Daddy's knees getting a brisk paddling with her very own spanking-paddle she'd gotten for Christmas. But after only a dozen spanks her Daddy let her up and began to undress her. "Want to try out the pool??" he asked.

"Yeah!" Melody cheered. "Yes Yes Yes!!"

"Then let's get your suit on." Said Mama. She brought over a one- piece light yellow swimsuit Melody didn't even know she'd had! Soon, Melody was dressed in the thin garment. "Take a look at yourself, Mel." said Mama.

Melody looked at herself in the mirror. She really was cute!! The fabric was so she turned around, Melody suddenly turned brick red. The fabric was so thin, if you looked closely you could see her bottom was red! Her spanking showed through!! She looked to her Mommy, suddenly embarrassed, but "No Mel, that's the suit we've decided you are to wear! Better behave yourself!!" As if that made a difference for a Penitatas!!

Out in the pool, Melody objected briefly to wearing the water wings Mama tried to put on her. "I know how to swim!!" She said. "Not any more." said her Daddy. "Come into the pool and try."

Sure enough, Melody's arms and legs refused to smoothly coordinate. She could manage a dog paddle, but that was it. "What happened??" She asked Daddy as he helped her back into her water wings.

"The rejuvenator can't preserve muscle memory" he said. "You still know how to swim in your head, but it will take a while for your arms and legs to re-learn. You learned originally when you were eight, and you've lost all muscle memory back to six. That's one of the reasons ALL rejuves are assigned parents; it got some people killed in the early days."

"Is that the reason reading gives me a headache??"

"Yes, you know all the letters and words, but your eyes have to re-learn how to scan a page. When you go to school this fall they'll have special reading drills, just like first grade before, to help you re-learn the physical aspects of reading."

Soon Melody was playing in the pool and having fun. Her Daddy 'holoed' a few scenes (they WERE tourists!) then got into the pool. At first she was shy about meeting other kids, but eventually she began talking to them. Most of them were older kids, mostly Volintaras who wouldn't talk to a little Penitatas. One little Asian girl, about eight, was also a 'P', and they began to talk about it a little. "Of course the spankin's are awful." said Ching, "but I think I hate the control the most. Not bein' able to decide about anything!"

"I know, I hate that, too," said Melody, "But I REALLY hate the spankings!!"

They started using the water slide, and got a bit rambunctious. Suddenly a tall black woman appeared and grasped Ching by the arm. "Didn't I warn you about runnin' around by the pool??" She pulled Ching over to a deck chair and sat down, patting her knee. "Get on over, child!! Now!!" Sniffling, Ching was drawn across her Mama's lap, her pink swimsuit bottoms pointed towards the sky. The woman began to spank Ching's bottom with quick, hard slaps.

"Oww! Mama!! I'll be good! Owww! I won't do it agin!! Promise!! Oww!" Her Mommy paused just long enough to pull down Ching's suit, then she started spanking Ching's rapidly reddening bare bottom. Melody was fascinated. She'd seen other little girls being spanked, notably her next door neighbor, Janie Smythe. But Ching was a lot older. And she still was carrying on like any well-spanked little girl. Suddenly the spanking was over and Ching was back on her feet, rubbing the fire out of her fanny.

"And what about you?? You need a dose of Aunt Abby's palm-medicine??"

"N-no Ma'am!! I wasn't running! Honest!"

"But she could use a dose anyway, madam!!" It was her PAPA!! And he had the CAMERA! "She's less than a year into her first cycle. She needs all the loving spankings she can get...."

She couldn't BELIEVE it! Daddy was ASKING....

Suddenly Melody found herself face down across the black woman's broad lap. Whack smack spank slap whap swat smack!! went the woman's large hand as Melody yowled out in pain. No wonder Ching had carried on so...she'd forgotten her bottom was WET!! BOY did it smart. She just hoped that....

Nope, no luck. In two shakes she was off the lap, her suit pulled off her shoulders and right down to her knees, and back over in less time than it takes to tell it. And then Aunt Abby's hard hand was spanking down on her poor little WET bare bottom!


She levitated! She twisted and turned, but nothing kept that hard hand from spanking her fanny over and over. She was soon bawling like a baby, then it was over. Melody was doing a fast 'spank-dance' with both hands rubbing her bare bottom, her 'everything' sticking out unheeded, when her Daddy said "Pull on your suit, Mel. And what do you say to someone who does you such a nice favor...???"

"Waaaah!!! J-Just a...Waaaaah! S-Sorry!! Th-thank you for <snif> for givin' me such a <sob> mmph! a good s-spankin Au'n Abby!! I-I'm s-sure <snif> it wuz just w-what I n-needed!!"

"My pleasure, child!! Anytime!! I declare you DO bawl nicely, and you wiggle like a worm!! Anytime!! (to daddy) Maybe you and your wife would like to do a 'round robin' while we're here??"

"I'll ask!! What's your room number? Its Abigail?...."

They stepped away as Ching and Melody sat (gingerly) in the pool to cool off their hot bottoms. Across the way, an little boy was getting it on the bare with a hairbrush. "D-Do you think everybody here's a Penitatas??" asked Melody.

"No way!! lots of Voluntaras, remember? No Kindern, of course." Of course. Kindern mixed with rejuved kids only in a limited, controlled fashion, and almost never with Penitatas, especially early-cycle ones. "And I saw one really little girl, three or so, who was actually a Medicalos!! She was strange; she couldn't seem to understand Panglish. She spoke some weird dialect."

"But...EVERBODY speaks Panglish, even on the colonies. I wonder where she's from. And how did she get SO sick it took FOUR rejuves to save her life??" She would never have been rejuved so far back for anything less than a life-threatening ailment, but a single rejuve normally left you in perfect health. It would even restore lost limbs and body parts. Possibly she'd been in such a terrible accident a three year old was all there was enough body mass for, but that was terribly unlikely. Melody smelled a mystery.....

But soon the girls were back in the pool, paddling around and playing. They quickly regained their spirits, but it was getting late and soon they had to go back in to get dressed for supper. Ching and her parents were going on a tour of the island the next day, but they quickly agreed to meet on the beach the morning after that.

The next morning the whole family went down to the beach. While Papa Josh set up the beach chairs, towels and umbrella Melody's Mama pulled off her T-shirt cover-up and began to rub sunscreen into her pale skin. "We only want spankings making your skin turn red, Mel!! It's so fine and pale you need to be really careful." Melody really appreciated her Mama's forethought, she would've completely forgotten to protect her skin, and the Caribbean sun could be deadly for blond Nordic types like her!! She relaxed as her Mama rubbed the cream into her shoulders. Suddenly her Mommy was slipping the straps of her yellow suit down; she was being undressed!

"Mommy! What are you doing!" Melody said, pulling away a bit.

"Hold still! This suit is so thin, it might not protect you, so I'm going to rub the sunscreen in all over! Hold STILL I said!" Mommy gave Melody a couple of swats as she began to try and wiggle free. Her Mommy had taken her one-piece bathing suit clear off! Right there on the beach!

But Mommy wasn't putting up with anything from a little convict like Mel! She tugged Melody over to one of the beach chairs, and pulled her up and over her knees as she sat down. Soon Melody was crying as her Mama administered a mild spanking to her bare bottom!! A couple of dozen handspanks later Melody was no longer objecting to being thoroughly sunscreened. Her Mama carefully did her back and bare bottom as she lay over her knees. Then she was made to stand still in front of Mary to be carefully anointed all over.

"Lets go for a walk, Melody!!" said Mama.

" suit! Mommy, I'm NAKED!" said a mortified Melody. Not that being naked was the real problem. It was her hot pink bottom that Melody would prefer not to parade down the beach.

"That's OK Melody. It's a 'clothing optional' beach. Take my hand."

And that's what they did. Followed by Josh and the ever-present holocam, they walked up and then back down the beach, with Melody trotting alongside her Mommy to keep up, her spanked little cheeks bouncing along. She got a few laughs and giggles from the other children playing on the beach...but not too many. A few hundred feet up the beach she saw a little boy around five face down over his Daddy's lap, swimsuit down, getting a spanking. A little later she saw another little girl, this one about eleven, having sunscreen rubbed into her nude body by her Daddy!.

By the time they got back to their umbrella, Melody was ready to settle down and pretend to play. As Mommy went for a swim her Daddy slipped her over his knees for a half-dozen spanks (as a 'reminder') and then helped her into her swimsuit. That's when Melody discovered the effect of sand under a tight swimsuit on a spanked bottom. But she was soon playing in the sand.

To her surprise, it was both fascinating and relaxing. She was intently building a large sand fort, when some other kids, Voluntaras, ran by and smashed part of the wall. Suddenly Mel started screaming and yelling at them, throwing a full-fledged tantrum!! She flung her pail at them before being caught up by her Daddy.

"Melody, stop that! Behave yourself!! You're getting a good spanking right now!" Daddy knelt down right there on the beach and turned Melody over his left knee. He began to spank her, HARD, right on the tightest part of her suit.

"OW! Daddy! No! I'm sorry! Yeow! I don't know why...OW! Yeeow! Waaah! Daddy! Owww! Noo! Owww! <sob> Waaaah! Yaaaah! Maaaamaaaa!!"

Soon Josh could see Melody's little tush reddening through the thin swimsuit. He then picked her up and carried her back over to the umbrella, where Mary was waiting. She had Melody's own hairbrush out and ready. Daddy dropped Mel right in front of her Mommy, who quickly pulled her swimsuit down to her knees and put her over her lap. The camera was quickly activated. Then the hairbrush was brought into play, and Melody's cries and pleas took on a sudden new urgency.

<SMACK!> "No, Mommy! No! Not the brush! Please! <SPANK!> Yeow-ow! <SMACK!> Yea-ow! Pleeze! <WHAP> Noo! I'll be <SPLAT!> Yeeow! GOOD!"

"Yes, Melody! <SPANK!> (Yeee-owch! <sob> Ow!) It's time for a good <SMAK!> (YEEK!) sound <SPANK!> (eeee!) spanking with your hairbrush! <WHACK!> (NOO!) and it DOES STING <SPLAT!> (PLEEASE!) Doesn't it! Do you feel THIS, <SPANK!> (YEEK!) or THIS! <SPAT!> (YIKES!) Are you learning <SPANK!> (YEAOW!) your lesson?"


Melody is crying hard now, as her Mommy spanks fire into her hind-end with the brush-back. Her rear end is getting redder and hotter as her punishment continues. She yelps and howls as crisp spanks deepen the red fire in her bare bottom.

"I will NOT <SMAK-SPANK!> (<sob>Waaaaah!) put up with TANTRUMS young lady! I don't care WHAT those boys did, <SPANK!> YOU will behave yourself!"

"Waaaaaah! <snif! sob> Waaaaaah! Maa-meee! Waaaaaa-haaaaaaa!"

"Let this be a lesson to you, Melody!! <SPANK!> You're a Penitatas, a little bad penny, and you WILL <WHAP!> (WAAAAAAH!) learn to behave yourself! Do you understand me?" <WHAP-SPANK-SLAP-SMACK-WHACK!>

"Yeee-aaa-haaa-owww! Noo! WAAAAAAAAH! <sob> WAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Mary stopped spanking Mel, but held her face down over her lap while she cried heartbreakingly, sobbing with great heaves from the fire in her bare little bottom. Mary noted that the 3 boys who had destroyed Melody's castle were being hauled off the beach by their own parents. Voluntaras...they probably wouldn't get half what they deserved, she decided, but at least they were through with the beach for today!

"All right, Melody" said Mama when she'd calmed down a bit. "Maybe you'd best stretch out on the blanket for a good nap. That's a good girl, just close your eyes. No, don't worry about your suit; you just go to sleep on your tummy. I'll make sure the sun stays off your spanked little bottom!!"

Melody had to nap, naked, right out on the beach, on a towel. Finally at noon her Mommy put her back into her suit and they went over to the snack bar for lunch.

They stayed out on the beach until 3 PM, when Josh and Mary decided to take Melody back to the room, where she could be put back down for another nap before supper. Besides, her daddy wanted to 'discuss' her naughty behavior that morning....

There were a lot of sniffling kids in the dining room that evening, including Melody. A good, sound handspanking from her Daddy, plus a dozen with her very own paddle, right before coming down for supper had left her poor fanny hot, red, and stinging. Worse, as a subtle torture, all the chairs in the dining room had plain, unpadded wooden seats for all the well-spanked bottoms to sit on. Melody had thought herself clever to ask for a child's seat for her chair (she WAS small for her 'age'), only to find out that the booster seats were also plain wood. Abigail and Manuel were seated at the next table with a subdued Ching, back from their island tour. Abby leaned over towards Melody's Mama and said "Manuel agrees. How about tomorrow afternoon? we're leaving the morning after that, so that'll be the last chance."

"That will be fine. We'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon, then. Our rooms all right?"


After supper, somewhat to her surprise, Momma Mary gave Melody her bath and put her right to spankings or corner time. This worried Mel, especially after Abby's mysterious comment that afternoon. She sure didn't want to spend any more time over that woman's lap! She spanked too hard! (Of course, so did her Mama and Daddy, but at least she was getting USED to them....)

* * *

The next morning the family was back out on the beach. After being duly sunscreened, Melody was allowed to go play. After a brief stint paddling in the calm surf, Melody was soon back in her T-shirt playing in the sand, building castles and fortresses. She was so fascinated by her efforts, she didn't even notice when...

"Hi Melody!!" Said Ching, whose own parents were setting up next to Mary and Josh. "How's it comin??" then (quietly) "Did you get a spankin' last night?? I didn't, and I'm a little worried..."

"No. I didn't either. I'm afraid the grownups have something ...special...planned for both of us <snif>. Oh, well. We'll find out soon enough."

"Yeah. Once we're bawling our heads off. Hey, there's that odd kid I told you about. Down the beach over there."

"Lets go see her. I can't believe she don't speak Panglish!!" Mel bounced to her feet and began to run down the beach.

"MEL!!" cried Ching "ASK FIRST!!" Melody screeched to a halt! Ching had really saved her butt that time!! Why didn't she ever THINK....

Soon, with permission, they wandered down the beach to where the very little girl was playing in the sand, building her own castle. She had on a blue and white striped one-piece suit, and a big sun hat. She seemed... depressed, not really having as much fun as she should. (After all, if you HAVE to be a child you might as well get what fun you can out of it...)

"Hi there!" said Ching. "Wanna play together?? This is Melody. I'm Ching. remember???"

[Sorry, I don't speak your language.] Said the little girl. Melody was shocked. Not speaking Panglish was weird enough, but THIS??

[How can you be speaking English?] she asked. [It's a DEAD LANGUAGE!!]

"HUH?? You talk her lingo?? How??"

"It's twentieth-century English" said Melody. "I majored in nineteenth to twenty-first century history; that's why I worked for the Historical Society. Hold on, please. This ain't easy."

(Simultaneously) [YOU SPEAK ENGLISH!! Please, tell me!! W-What's going on. Why am I here. I-I understand I was rejuvenated to save my life, but why are all the kids here? Why are some of them being spanked all the time? We didn't do THAT and....]

[WHOA!! Where are your parents? Shouldn't they be talking to you about this? and how come you speak only English?]

[My PAR?? Oh, the couple who've been taking care of me. They don't speak much English. I complained, but they said something about... immersion??]

[Oh, yeah. That makes some sense, then; total immersion IS the best way to learn. The idea is, you have to learn fast because you HAVE to. Still, somebody should've told you about our society....]

"What's going on here?? What are you saying to Ellie??" One of the little three year old's parents had shown up.

"I speak English, Sir. Ellie-Ellen? is terribly confused and upset by everything. Actually, I'm a little confused myself. If you'll tell me about what's going on, I'll try to explain it all to her."

"Penitatas? Well, if you can help. They wanted a couple of English- speakers for this job, but the medical qualifications were more important. I'm Dr. Miller... cryonic revival specialist."

"Cryo.... you mean she really IS from the twentieth century?? I thought they couldn't repair the microfracture damage from ice crystallization yet..."

"They can't; but that fool Parker thought he could. And went ahead, without full authorization. And I admit, it worked; chronostatic radiation DID repair the critical damage, but it took a LOT more than he thought it would. As any fool could have told him."

Melody and Ching suddenly saw the light. "So he managed to bring her back to life... but with severe C-S radiation poisoning!!"

"For which the standard treatment" jumped in Ching "is emergency rejuvenation! But FOUR rejuves!! I thought two was...."

"You'll have to ask my wife about that; she's the chronostatic poisoning specialist." Which was, Melody realized, the reason this particular partnership had been made Melody's parents even though they didn't even speak her language. Typical bureaucratic screwup....

"Hold on while I tell Ellen about all this. I also had better explain about all of it.... rejuvenation, what the letters mean, and so forth."

"I wish you would!! She insists on behaving like an adult, refusing to mind her mother or me. We're on the verge of spanking her if she doesn't start behaving herself soon, Medicalos or not!!"

[Sorry, Ellen, but I needed to get the facts straight. You knew you were frozen and this is the year 2748? Good. Well, until now, we couldn't revive cryos from your century, due to... Oh, you got that much. And the guy who revived you?? Yeah. Chronostatic radiation is part and parcel to both the star drive... yeah, we'll talk about that later... and rejuvenation. That's why they rejuvenated you to cure you of the poisoning; they just set the machine to use the radiation from your body as its power source. That's fairly standard. Why so young?? Didn't they explain about the puberty barrier?? O.K. The rejuvenator can't handle any age later than early adolescence. We don't know why. So your first rejuve made you around twelve. Yeah, ah, bummer. But you still had too much C-S radiation in your body, so they had to rejuve you again....]

[And I ended up three and a half years old???]

[No, then you'da been around nine plus a couple of months. There's usually three-year minimum for some reason, but I've heard they can cut a couple of months off if they want to. Usually, that's enough for most cases, but that guy musta really POURED the radiation into you, since you needed two MORE rejuves to recover, and ended up three and a half.]

(laugh)[Glad that was enough, or I'd be a damn newborn again!!]

(gently)[No, you'd be dead. Past about two or so, the mind and memory can't be reestablished. That's why they gave you this pair as your parents, so they can watch out for any future problems, just in case.] Not that another rejuve would be possible any time soon...

[Oh. But... they aren't really my parents, of course....]

[YES!... THEY!... ARE! You don't understand. We've learned the hard way that a rejuve is a KID, not an adult, no matter HOW long you've lived. By law and custom and whatever, YOU are a CHILD, and those two ARE YOUR PARENTS. Not your doctors, or caretakers, but your MOM and DAD, in every respect!]

[Oh. Wow. (giggle) I-I guess I'm lucky they haven't spanked me yet.... I haven't exactly been obeying them; just the opposite. I-I've been kinda upset....]

[Which is why you haven't been spanked. You can be, you know. I got a couple of real hard spankings yesterday, so did Ching, here.]

[But... oh, you must've... but is Chronoslavix poisoning....]

[Huh... oh,no, here-look.] (Showing Ellen the 'M's on her hands) [These mean you are a Medicalos, someone who had been rejuved for medical reasons other than old age, usually without your consent. You'll also see a lot of 'V's. They're Volintaras, people who got old enough that they've taken a rejuve to get young again. They're usually over ten. But they have parents, too, and can get spanked if they really need it.]

[What about yours, the 'P's? I noticed that most all of the kids getting spanked had those on their hands.]

For a minute, Melody hesitated. Then she plunged on in. [It means I'm a convicted criminal. Embezzlement, actually.]

[WHAT!! But... you mean they turned you into a kid as a punishment?? That's... bizarre! And what about the spankings!!]

[Think about it awhile; it makes sense. As a kid, I can hardly escape. Living with strict parents, I'm under control and society is protected. I'm not warehoused in a prison learning how to be a better crook. And I'm being thoroughly resocialized, to boot. I have to admit, even from this perspective, its not a bad system.]

[I can sort of understand, I guess. Weird, but yeah. But what about the spankings? (giggle) I've seen more kids get it here lately than in my whole life back home....]

[Punishment. Society demands both punishment and rehabilitation, so we get spanked. Lots. Lots and lots. Almost every day; its a real (giggle) pain in the butt.]

[Where do they find the parents?? I mean....]

[It varies. Almost every convict goes through several cycles of punishment. In the early stages we're placed with people who enjoy spanking us, who-ah... 'get off on it??' Is that the phrase? Later we're placed with people training for their parenting license.]

Ellen laughed out loud. [So the spankos come into their own!! I love it!! But... parenting license?? Cycles??]

[Think about it. Rejuvenation means all but immortality; something had to be done about limiting the population, so we train and license parents, and part of the training is 'hands on' dealing with people who have been rejuved. As to cycles... I wasn't just sentenced to become a six year old. I was sentenced to three cycles from six to twelve.]

[You mean... when you reach twelve they-they'll??]

[Right back to six. Yep. Unless the judge paroles me, but that's very rare after only a third of the sentence. More common after two-thirds.]

[Oh. Ah. Sorry...]

[I earned it. The usual... met a handsome guy and got stupid. (sigh). But, you know about spankos?? I didn't think they were that open, back when....]

[We weren't. Yeah, WE. I was a 'bottom' myself; I was always turned on by, you know, pretending to be a little girl and so on. When this all started, for a while I thought it was all some weird erotic dream, only I couldn't get anybody to spank me!! Now I know why, at least....]

"Hey, Dr. Miller!! I'm not sure a spanking would've helped; seems little Ellie is something of a spanko-masochist!!"

Dr. Miller jumped at this startling news, then laughed and said "Then I know to be stricter with the young lady from now on. No more staying up past bedtime for you, little girl!!" He frowned at Ellen playfully, shaking his finger at her in the standard 'you naughty little girl' pattern.

[No-you didn't TELL him!! Melody, I thought you were my friend!!]

[He needs to know to take proper care of you!! Think about it... HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR WELL BEING!! not you, HIM. YOU ARE HIS KID!]

[Ah... I see. I think. Wh-what else can you tell me about all this?? What about the real kids, where are they?]

[Not here. Real kids are called Kindern and have 'K's on their hands. They mostly keep them away from 'bad influences' like us 'bad pennys'. YOU may encounter them, though; a lot sooner than I will. Lets see. A 'C' indicates somebody who used to be a penny but has finished their sentence. For example, worst comes to worst, after I hit twelve at the end of the third cycle, I'll go to a Completas, or sentence completed. Not that different from a 'P', actually; I'll still be a kid until I hit twenty-one, anyway. You're a Medicalos, medical rejuve. It's rare, but sometimes you'll meet somebody with a Greek letter 'psi'; that's a Psycholos, somebody who got so mentally ill they used rejuve as therapy... don't laugh, it works more often than you'd think. What else. Oh yeah, an 'I'. I've never even seen one, it's incredibly rare, but you need to know about them, especially.]

[Huh? Why me especially? And what's the I stand for?]

[Well, you're a Medicalos, which means you're sorta on top of the hill. I mean, all the parents and kids will cut you a lot of slack; not really pity, just an acknowledgement that you aren't a kid voluntarily, I mean, it wasn't YOUR fault in any way, and you probably resent it, and you were sick anyway. You know. You get to cut in line and stuff like have a priority.]

[Oh yeah?? (giggle) Sorta like being a senior and lording it over the freshmen!!]

[But not an 'I'. They're the one type of rejuve that outranks you. 'I' stands for Innocentata. It means somebody who was convicted of a crime and rejuved for it, who was later found to be not guilty.]

[Un-huh. Yeah, from the 'not their fault and probably pissed off about it' point of view, they would be first, wouldn't they.]

[Oh, yeah, one last thing; might save your fanny later. Pissed, damn... don't use them. Once you're grown up, its OK, though people find it crude, but kids are NOT allowed to have foul mouths here-and-now. We see it as being the first step to, you know, 'delinquency', is that the word? Anyway, using bad language will get even a Innocentata spanked, and his mouth washed out with soap, to boot. Heck, that's one of the few things that can get a KINDERN spanked! Watch it! Try to lose the habit even in English (which is all that's saved your fanny so far, Ellie!), and try not to even learn the new ones in Panglish. Just be thankful the language has drifted so far!!]

[Ah, OK, I'll try to watch it. And thanks for all the advice!!]

[Yeah, I'm all talked out. Lets go get a drink, and then I'll show you how to build a REAL sand castle!!]

[Come on! We aren't REALLY kids! Why should we....]

[WE ARE KIDS!! That's what I'm trying to tell you. That's why we have parents. The mind does not exist independently from the body... they influence each other. Our judgement is NOT what it was; haven't you found yourself doing stupid things before you think better??]

[Well, yeah, but I thought....]

[Nope, it is because you are a child. Judgement, emotionalism, needs... I bet you NEED to be hugged a lot, even though you think you shouldn't. And play. We NEED to play, it's hard-wired into our bodies, and it helps us in, oh, all sorts of ways. Think of it this way — you're mind is an 'adult' program — but it's having to run on 'kid' hardware. It's a lot more complicated than that, though. Oh, yeah... if you'll just relax and TRY, you'll find you can learn Panglish a LOT faster than you think. Kids are especially hard-wired to learn language at your age; that's what most real three year olds are doing, remember?? You know, when I met Donnie, and got into trouble and all, I was planning my first rejuvenation. I had to learn English for my Master's degree in History, and for my Doctorate I'll need to learn French, Japanese, German and Chinese, too. I was actually considering rejuving back to around seven, just to make it easier to learn some of those languages. English was hard enough, but Japanese... uh, uh, no way!!]

[You'd go back to SEVEN, VOLUNTARILY!!!!]

[Some people do. Kids are programmed to learn; it's what they do best. They say going back to six or seven is the ONLY way to learn Chanderian star drive physics, it's the only way to become mentally flexible enough. Believe me, considering how much star drive engineers make... not my field, though.]

"Excuse me, girls, but you've been out here in the sun an awfully long time. Time to get in the shade." Josh, Melody's father had come over to them. "Tell your new friend, Mel, that her Papa wants her to go take a little nap."

[I think I followed that] said Ellen. ['Nap' is a word I'm VERY familiar with.]

[Come on Ellen!! Even YOU have to realize that your BODY is three, and needs to be treated as such!! Go take your nap. I think I may have to take one, too.]

Ellen was escorted back to her family spot by her mother, to be put down for a nap in the shade. Melody was led back to her own family by the hand. When they got there, Josh sat down on the beach chair and pulled Melody up and onto his lap, where he cuddled her a bit.

"Melody, I'm proud of what you were doing out there. That poor girl... she looked so lost and alone!! And you going over and spending so much time talking to her, she looked SO much better when you were done." He gave Melody another big hug.

(Just because they are spanked so often doesn't mean Penitatas don't also get POSITIVE reinforcement when they deserve it!!!)

"Oh Papa! She was so lost and afraid!! I just did what anybody woulda done if they could. Really, they SHOULD have explained things to her better!! I'm a little ashamed we didn't do better!!"

"You are, were, an expert on the twentieth century, hon. I'm sure most of the people who treated her didn't even know how different that era must've been."

"They should've asked somebody!!" Said Melody, angrily.

"Enough Mel!!" said her daddy (with a quick swat to her rear). "Maybe you'd better lie down for a bit, if you're gonna get fussy."

"Sorry, Daddy! I'll be good!" Melody promptly stretched out on the beach towel and closed her eyes for her nap....

* * *

Later, at lunch, Melody was telling her Mommy and Daddy all about her encounter with Ellie. "She's a WHAT! REALLY??" Laughed her Mommy. "I never thought I'd have so much in common with a primitive!!"

"She is NOT primitive!! The twentieth century wasn't that different from today! OK, maybe they had some weird ideas, but..." said Melody.

"Maybe we should include her this afternoon" suggested Abigail, "sounds like she could use it...." Melody and Ching exchanged quick glances at this further evidence that 'something was up'.

"Now, dear, she's a Medicalos. That would hardly be fitting." Abigail's husband, Manuel mildly interjected.

"I meant in a very limited way," responded Abigail, "we could ask her parents. It's not as if she's been particularly well behaved lately, according to Melody she admitted she's been quite naughty." It was generally decided to ask. Further, to Melody and Ching's dismay, they would all meet in the Johnson's rooms for the 'round robin', "after the girl's have had a nice nap."

* * *

Melody was awakened from her nap by the arrival of Ching and her parents, Abby and Manuel. Somewhat to her surprise, Ellen was also there, having been fetched from her own room by Mary.

[What's up, Ellie? Why are YOU here? Don't you know what's....]

[I know, I know. I messed up, Mel! First I accidentally spilled my peas all over the table at lunch...its hard to corral those things! And when Daddy tried to mush them up for me, well, I lost my temper; I wanted to do it! and, ah, I sorta threw my milk at him...]


[That was bad enough, but THEN I made a fuss about my after lunch nap, and I used some words that I think maybe Daddy knew what they were, or guessed....]

[Ellie, I WARNED you! Now you're really in for it.]

[I know, I know....] (Ellen smiled tentatively; maybe it wasn't all an accident....)

All three girls had been brought straight from their naps. Ellen had on a thin cotton nightgown, covered in little pink hearts. It fell loosely to her knees. Ching wore red Chinese silk pajamas, while Melody had on her pink baby-doll jammies.

"Melody, make sure Ellie knows why you girls are here." said Josh, setting up. To Melody's surprise, he set up both the float-cam and his older hand-cam on the tripod (Josh is quite the photographer). And Ching's Daddy was setting up a camera, too!! Whatever was about to happen, it would be well-documented!

"She knows." replied Melody, mournfully. She knew why they were there, too.

"All right, children. This is a round robin spanking." Mary, Melody's Mommy, started off the meeting. "That means each of you girls will get a good sound spanking from each of us parents. That means a very sore bottom for each of you. Melody, your and Ching's spankings will get progressively worse as we go. Little Ellie's will not... but she'll be having a little encounter with my washcloth, later. Don't tell her about that, Mel." Manuel and Josh sat down on two of the room's straight-backed chairs, while Abigail settled into an armchair. "Ching, Mr. Johnson will get you started. Melody, go over to Ching's daddy, Manuel. Ellen.." (Mary pointed to Aunt Abby, who smiled at Ellen from her armchair, and patted her broad lap). With little sniffles, each little girl slipped over to her designated executioner. From where they were sitting, each girl had a clear view of both of the others. Each had her own camera, too.

Manuel pulled Melody up and over his knees. On that chair, with his knees held tight together, Mel was bent sharply over his lap, her feet and head dangling freely above the floor. Mel looked around. Ching was in a similar position, but Josh had at least spread his knees apart a bit. But his right foot was up on the comm book, elevating Ching's red-clad bottom for her spanks. Little Ellie had a lot more support, draped across Abigail's broad lap in the big armchair. On the other hand, she was facing Aunt Abby's very hard hand. The three spankers gave their charges a few moments to fully appreciate the gravity of the situation, gently rubbing three cute bottoms. Unsurprisingly, Abigail started the spankings with a pair of sharp swats to Ellen's nightie-covered bottom.

What was surprising was the dull thwop the spanks made. "What are you wearing, child?" asked Abby. Not waiting for an answer, she quickly pulled up Ellie's nightgown, revealing her diapered bottom. "Oh-ho? Are you having a little trouble with wetting the bed, honey? That's not too surprising at your age!" Ellen couldn't understand a word, but her face turned bright red as her shameful garment was exposed. With quick, sure motions the large black woman unfastened the tabs of Ellen's diaper and pulled it away. With a quick snif she declared "At least its clean!" Ching and Melody couldn't help giggling... then gasped as red pajama pants and pink panties were slipped down to childish knees.

"It wouldn't be fair for Ellen to start out bare while you two had bottoms on" declared Josh. "So I guess we'll just all start out even. SMACK! His hand slapped across Ching's bare bottom in a stinging swat.

"Noo! S-sir! Oww! Pleease! Mr. Johnson!" came Ching's rapid response."

"Ow-OW-OWW!" went little Ellie as Aunt Abby's hard hand came down in a quick WHAP-WHAP-WHAP onto her tiny little bare bottom. Melody had just enough time to realize Abby wasn't spanking Ellen nearly as hard as she'd spanked HER the other day when "Ow! Mr. Gonzal-Yeow! Pleeze! Ow!" her own bare bottomed spanking was under way. Soon all three girls were crying freely as parental palms paddled their bare fannies a bright rosy red. Manuel and Josh were spanking each other's daughters with deliberate, slow, stinging swats that caused each child to buck and kick as their bottoms turned to fire. Abigail, however, peppered little Ellen's bare nates with a rapid-fire flurry of stingy little slaps. No one swat was very hard, but the cumulative effect was a hot pink bottom and a tear-streaked face as the baby of the group howled and cried.

"Time!" cried Mary, and all three spankers stopped simultaneously after a full three minutes of hot spanking. All three girls were kept over their respective laps, their little hands held gently away from hot, stinging bottoms until they recovered enough aplomb to resist the impulse to rub the hot sting out of their bare bottoms. Soon Ching and Mel's pants were pulled back up, and Ellie was released to stand up and let her nightgown fall over her little bottom...which she immediately began to rub frantically.

[ELLIE! No rubb...] "No, Melody! let her rub out the sting. Remember, she's not a bad little penny like you. Medicalos privilege!!" called out Mary.

"She DOES go to a corner, though!" said Abigail, who escorted Ellen to the corner next to the window, while Ching and Melody were sent to the plain, empty corners provided specifically for naughty little children. Ellen would be able to peek out at the world, at least a bit, while the 'bad pennys' faced plain, empty, featureless corners, without any distractions from their burning bottoms. At least Ellen knew what standing in the corner was, thought Melody, for she immediately faced the wall and stood properly (except for an occasional rub at her sore fanny).

The children were left encornered for a full fifteen minutes. Melody knew that this would let their bottoms recover enough to lose any numbness from the first spanking, while leaving plenty of sting to... enhance...the next one. Soon enough, too soon, it was time. "Melody, go over to Aunt Abigail. Ching, come over here to me on the bed. Josh, best you take Ellie in hand to your chair."

Again, Mary made the assignments and the three girls were parceled out to their fates. But this time the two women were armed, with the thin, stinging 'helpers' all Penitatas knew and hated so well. Crying harder at the sight of their doom, Ching and Melody were turned over each other's Mama's laps for their second dose. This time Melody had the extra support of the armchair, while Ching was stretched out across Mary's lap on one of the beds. Little Ellen was over Josh's lap on one of the straight-backed chairs, but this time Josh made certain the baby had enough support under her to keep mostly level; her bottom stuck up only a little above her head and knees.

"Manuel??" asked Mary.

"Two minute handspanking, ladies. I'll flag you at the halfway point to bare their naughty bottoms. Then three minutes of, ah, 'help'." The two elder girls bawled louder at this awful news, even as the mothers began to briskly spank their little girls.

Mary was briskly slapping poor Ching's red silk covered bottom, but it was Melody who was really howling, as she renewed her brief acquaintance with Aunt Abby's hard hand across her thin pink panties. Across the room, Josh was applying brisk spanks to the seat of Ellen's nightgown as she wiggled and cried like a baby. Then Manuel called out "Barebottom time, ladies!!" There was a brief pause in the Mama's spanks as red pajamas and pink panties were swept down to little knobby knees, then Abigail was smacking Melody's six-year-old bare nates while Mary soundly spanked Ching's little eight-year-old fanny. The pitch of the girl's crying increased as the temperature of their bottoms rose even more rapidly than before. On his chair, Josh continued to spank cotton nightgown rather than bare bottom. Not that you could tell from Ellen's howls and cries.

All too soon, Manuel called the end of the second minute. Another pause while stinging slats were transferred to maternal hands, and while a naughty little three year old finally had her nightgown rucked up and her bottom bared. Then all three spankings resumed....

WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP Mary used the 'helper' as most experts recommended, laying rapid-fire stripes of rosy red across Ching's bright-pink bare bottom, each stripe just touching the one above it as she painted the poor Penitatas's bottom a hot red, pausing for a fewseconds after each 'coat' to let the burning sting sink in before beginning the next layer.

Poor Melody was discovering that Aunt Abby had her own technique. She started out with two dozen hard swats right across the base of Melody's bare bottom, right where she sat down. After this dose had sunk in, leaving a hot red stripe across her buttocks, Abby applied another two dozen swats just below the stripe, perfectly placed with no overlap. Again Melody howled in pain as her fanny was branded with fire. The third dose went just above the first. Only then, almost to Melody's relief, did Abigail begin spanking all over her bare bottom, evenly heating it up to a hot red; but making Melody howl and kick harder every time the rapid swats re-covered their hot starting point.

As for Ellie, she was rapidly discovering that there is nothing erotic about being over a man's knees for a sound bare bottomed spanking when you are only three years old. She was bawling like a baby as Josh spanked her little bottom over and over. No spank was at all hard, but each one added a little bit to the overall sting and burn of her poor nates. At first she'd tried to beg off and plead, but now she was just crying hard, tears streaming down her face, no longer even wiggling as Josh sharply spanked her poor fanny.

"Time" called Manuel, to the utter relief of all three girls. But to Melody's horror, as Abby escorted her to her corner she pulled out the little chair kept there. Her tears actually increased as she was firmly planted in the chair facing the corner. That explained those first hot spanks!! to sensitize her bottom for her corner time! Abigail turned to her daughter and said "You're older, Ching. You can sit for your corner time after your NEXT spanking."

The next thirty minutes were filled with the slowly-quieting crying and sobbing of three little girls recovering from three very sound spankings. Then it was time, and again their doom faced them. This time the doom was the horrible sight of their own mothers, seated on the straight-backed chairs, each holding that ultimate implement of maternal displeasure, a large oval wooden hairbrush. After the last spanking pajama pants and panties had been left where they'd flown from kicking feet. There would be no warm-ups this time. No handspankings to tenderize girlish flesh. As the two older children went over their laps of doom they knew it would be three minutes of solid hairbrushing, until their little bare bottoms were crimson and blazing with fire. Ellie, on the other hand, found herself over Manuel's lap as he sat on the armchair. She was crying quietly, face down over his lap, her tiny bare bottom turned up towards the sky, awaiting her own spanking.

"Begin!" called out Josh, and matronly hairbrush backs began to fall briskly onto childishly small bare bottoms, and Ching and Melody began to howl and cry as only a well-spanked little girl can. They kicked, they wiggled, they begged, they howled but nothing kept those awful brush-backs from spanking down onto their bare bottoms over and over and over again. Already crimson behinds turned an even darker and angrier red under the hard punishment.

As for Ellie, she cried and bawled herself, as Manuel applied a brisk flurry of hard spanks to her tiny bottom, but after only a half- minute or so he stopped and began to gently rub and knead her poor abused bottom, with only an occasional brisk spank to elicit a yelp of pain. Knowing what Ellen had coming, the four parents had decided to let her off a little easy this time.

But the older girls weren't so fortunate. Oh, neither woman was spanking at nearly full force, as she would for a teenager, but the spanks were plenty hard enough to sting the children's bare bottoms beyond all tolerance. They were both reduced to tear-faced bawling little babies before the spankings were halfway finished. But each mother continued to spank her convicted little charge until Josh called out the end of the punishment.

The one change this time was that the little chair Melody had spent her previous corner time on was moved into the other room for Ching to cry out her time in. Oddly enough Ellen did NOT spend this period in the corner, but lying quietly in Manuel's arms, being cuddled into sleep. It would be a full hour before Ellen was awakened and the girls let out of their Coventry.

"Melody, translate this for Ellie." asked Mary. "Ellie, your daddy told me he thought you were using some VERY naughty words today.... Were you?"

[Y-yes I was!]

"I understood that, Mel. I'm afraid I'm going to have to do something about that dirty mouth of yours, Ellen. Come along into the bathroom. You too, girls, you can learn something from this." Ellen was taken firmly by the hand and into the bathroom, where she was lifted up onto the counter. She cried quietly as Mary ordered Ching to hold her wrists behind her. Mary carefully squirted the liquid soap onto the damp washcloth, and was soon rubbing it thoroughly around the inside of Ellen's mouth. The soap, especially formulated to taste exceedingly foul while smelling nice, was rubbed into every part of her mouth.

[Rinz!! Pleeez!! Taaas terrr! Pleeez!]

"NO. Mel, tell Ellie she cannot rinse until after her spanking and corner time. Throwing things and tantrums are intolerable, but her Mommy and Daddy could have soundly spanked her for that. This is the main reason they agreed to have her come with us, So Melody could make sure she understands that foul-mouthed little children will simply NOT BE TOLERATED." Dutifully Melody conveyed the message to poor little Ellen, who erupted in another bout of hard crying.

"Abby will call out the three minutes of punishment, girls. Go over to your Daddies now, and get over their knees. Ellen, I'm afraid you're with me." Melody walked over to her father, who was seated on one of the straight backed chairs. In his hand was the awful pink paddle he'd given her for Christmas, with its cute bare bottoms and epigram:

Show Her That You Really CARE... Spank Her Soundly... Bottom BARE!

"Well," she thought, "he's about to really show me he cares, I guess."

Poor Ching's father, who until now had seemed fairly innocuous, was holding an even larger paddle, with 1 cm holes drilled through it. "Noo, Daddy! Not Mr. Blister! Pleeeze!"

"We're going home tomorrow, Ching, and remember what I promised you you'd be sitting on on the way home??"

"A-A nicely blistered bottom. But Dad-dee!!"

"I always keep my promises, Ching. Over my lap..." Ching was pulled well over Manuel's lap, until her head was well below her bottom and her fanny was sticking almost straight up. This would give him access to the tender undercurves of her bare bottom, where she would have to sit on the shuttleride home.

"Wh-Where do they live, Daddy??" asked Melody.

"Almost a three hour flight, in Hong Kong." He replied. "Ching misbehaved badly on the flight down, apparently, and was promised this when they arrived. Don't worry, hon. I'm giving you a good, sound spanking, but no blisters for you. Besides, you're too young for it, mostly." With that, her daddy pulled Melody between his legs and bent her over the left one, pinning her legs under his. Her hands were soon similarly pinned in the small of her back, and she lay helpless over his lap as he readied his paddle.

Mary had little Ellen ready over her lap, as well. The naughty three year old's nightgown was turned well up, her bottom bare and ready for spanking. But to her horror, next to Mary's leg on the bed lay her wicked little 'helper'...and those WERE cleared for three year old fannies!! She was already crying with the awful bitter taste in her mouth, her fanny still terribly sore, and now she faced (well, not faced) the awfullest spanking of all...

"BEGIN" cried Abigail.

SMACK!....WHACK!....SPANK!!....WHAP!....CRACK!....SHWHACK! Josh proceeded to thoroughly paddle poor, bawling Melody's bare bottom. He spanked slowly and deliberately, picking his targets carefully to slowly turn his little girl's bare bottom into a blazing bonfire. But his careful swats paled before poor Ching's punishment.

SPANK! WHACK! SMACK! THWHACK! SMACK! SPANK! WHAP! Manuel's paddle beat a rapid tattoo of crisp, hard swats onto Ching's bare nates. Soon the crying Asian child's bare bottom was taking on the unmistakable hue of a fanny about to blister, but blisters were what Manuel had promised, and he kept all of his promises.

Ellie was doing a little better, as Mary was only handspanking her bare bottom thoroughly. But she'd already had two sound spankings that afternoon, and her tender little bottom was soon blazing, as she cried and bawled and carried on like, well, like a well-spanked three year old. But it was when Abby quietly said "one minute" that Ellie really began to cry, because that's when Mary picked up the awful little paddle called a Mother's Helper and began to spank the naughty little child with it. Ellen tried to elevate off of Mary's lap, but was held down firmly for a thorough punishment. Soon she was no longer crying and sobbing, but emitting one long howl of pain as fire was paddled into her bare rump. Over the last ten seconds of her one-minute paddling Mary applied the last dozen spanks to the very base of her bottom, turning her sit-spot into a single band of blazing red flesh. Then, after the second minute, she PICKED UP HER HAIRBRUSH. "Three spanks." She said, then [Three!]. SPANK! One hard swat burned Ellen's left cheek! WHAP! a second spank impacted her right ham and SMACK! the third crossed the crease right on her sit-spot! Ellen's crying couldn't increase in intensity! She was already bawling just as hard as she could!

But she tried...

"Time!" Cried Abigail. Josh stopped his sound paddling of his six- year-old daughter, but Manuel continued Ching's spanking. "I promised blisters, and THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE GONNA GET!!" With two dozen last hard spanks, that's what Ching got...her poor bottom was covered by a dozen or so sting-blisters that would make sitting down a serious problem for the eight year old for at least a week, without nano- treatment. And she had to get on the plane in a few hours...

But at least she and Melody could stand in the corner for a while. This time they were put together in the back room corner, where they could cuddle and comfort each other a bit. No chance of rubbing now!! No, this time it was little Ellen who had to face a 'real' corner, sitting down in the child's chair provided by the resort. It was too big for her, (as it was a bit too small for Ching), which actually put MORE weight onto her well spanked bottom.

After thirty minutes, all three girls were let out of their corners, and Ellen was mercifully allowed to rinse the soap out of her mouth. She was then carefully re-diapered, while the other girl's nightclothes were also restored, prior to all three being tucked together into Melody's double bed, face down of course. Soon all three were fast asleep, and the terrible afternoon was over.

"I think we can let Melody off for most of the rest of the trip in good conscience." said Josh.

"I agree. Unless she's naughty, of course, and I don't think she will be. Now we can actually allow her to really enjoy the rest of her vacation. I think she earned that for her work with Ellie."

"Yep. After a 'special' punishment like this we can lay off the daily stuff for a while, and still keep our obligation to the Corrections Board. You know, I'm gonna file a formal report about how she helped Ellen. Who knows, she keeps this up she may actually MAKE parole after her first cycle. It's been known to happen."

"Hmph. Once in a blue moon, maybe. You're too soft-hearted, Josh-hon. She IS a convicted felon, remember that. She knew the penalties, and she deserves everything we're giving her, for her own good, too."

"Maybe, honey, but she just doesn't seem like a crook. She's not MEAN like some of them. I wish they could catch that creep Don who led her into this. He's one boy I'd LOVE to have over my knees."

"So would I, dear, so would I."