Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

Rainy Days

May 6, 2748

Part 12 of Melody's Stories

Melody was playing in the sprinkler out back when the storm front blew through. When the rain began to fall she simply ran around with her mouth up, trying to catch the raindrops, simply full of a child's terrific enthusiasm for everything. She never even felt the cold wind chilling her damp skin, protected only by her thin two piece swimsuit. Never even thought about it until...

"MELODY! Melody Johnson YOU GET IN HERE! Can't you see it's RAINING!!"

Mary's irritated call suddenly broke through Melody's childhood and restored her (briefly abandoned) adult common sense; promptly confirmed as a large clap of thunder made her jump!

She really DID know enough to come in out of the rain; but like any child, sometimes she forgot. And like any child, sometimes her Mommy had to remind her. Painfully.

But now Melody was a little afraid for her bottom, and made another bad judgement. Instead of running inside to her Mommy, she ran back to the small storage building where Josh kept the family robomower and trimbots. A place she was NOT supposed to enter, but Melody didn't think her Mommy would want to get wet chasing after her.

Proving that Melody was scoring a perfect '0'.

When a very wet and VERY upset Mommy came blasting through the shed doors Melody suddenly realized she had REALLY blown it. And the walnut hairbrush in her Mommy's hand confirmed her thoughts.

She was in for it good.

Melody cowered back behind the robomower as her Mommy calmly set the hairbrush down on Josh's workbench and pulled off her wet coat. She then pulled one of the sawhorses off the wall, unfolded it, and set it in the center of the small shed. And placed her wet coat over the thin edge. Still ignoring Melody she poked around in the scrap wood bin, saying 'AH!' as she found a 60cm length of thin wooden dowel, around 5-6mm diameter. Melody looked on in horror as she whipped it up and down a few times, then finally turned to her now-sniffling daughter. "Come out here Melody. Believe me, you do NOT want me to come get you. NOW young lady."

Melody hesitantly slipped out from behind the mower and minced over to her Mommy. Mary grasped her firmly by the shoulder and maneuvered her over to the sawhorse through the clutter. "Stand still." She ordered as she firmly grasped the tight seat of Melody's swimsuit and pulled it right down to her ankles, and off. Her suit top was also removed, and Melody was left shivering (the temperature was dropping rapidly) in her birthday suit. Then Mary calmly and gently pushed and pulled Mel up and over the sawhorse.

The thin ridge pinched into Melody's groin and legs even through her Mommy's coat. Her poor little feet dangled several centimeters off of the floor, leaving all of her weight pressing into her lower tummy. Her hands grasped the sawhorse's legs and took as much weight off as they could, but it was still a very uncomfortable position.

But it was the whippy little switch in her Mommy's hands that really scared her. She knew she'd messed up big time. And her Mommy wanted her to really understand that.

"Melody, tell me why I am about to switch your naughty bottom until you can't sit down."

"Ah, 'C-cause I didn' come in outta the rain an' I shoulda known better?"

"No. In a few minutes I'll be giving you a good, sound spanking with the back of my hairbrush. THAT is for being so silly."

(whispered)"'Cause I didn' come when you called?"

"Yes, Melody, a child should always come right away when her Mommy calls her. You know that, dear. And?"

"A-An' I weninto the shed."

"Where we are now. Look around, Melody! There are far to many sharp tools and electronics and things out here. I'm a little surprised you got in; Josh usually keeps this place locked. But I'll discuss that with him. Melody, you ran away because you were afraid you'd earned a spanking, which you had. But you should know by now that trying to avoid a spanking only insures that it is MUCH harder and longer and hurts more than it would've."

"I am going to give you a dozen good licks with this little switch for running away from me, and another six for going into the shed. THEN I'll sit on the stool and turn you over my knee for a good, long dose of the hairbrush back RIGHT ON THE STRIPES. Believe me, Melody, THAT will make you think about it next time, I promise you."

<Swisss-CRACK!!!> The first lick of the switch drew a line of red fire across Melody's bottom. She'd FORGOTTEN how much it HURT!! And on a WET BOTTOM, TOO!! Melody howled in pain, grabbing ahold of the sawhorse legs for dear life; NO WAY did she want to get caught trying to cover her bottom NOW!! She shivered as the cooling air's chill contrasted with the hot line of pain across her rump.

<Whissss-SMACK!!> The second line of fire joined the first, an even centimeter below the first lick. "I see you're shivering, Mel; well, that's your own fault, you know. But I promise your little wet BOTTOM won't stay cold for very long, since I am going to warm it up until it's on fire!!"

<Swisss-ssSPANK!> <WhissssWHAP!!> <Sssssss-SNAP!> Mommy resumed Mel's switching, applying hard, stinging strokes to her little bare bottom every second or so. The technique was HORRIBLE! By the time Melody had absorbed the full, burning sting of one lick she'd already gotten two more across her bare buns. Which were rapidly becoming GRILLED buns, or at least looking like them.

Melody kicked up and squirmed and wiggled over the narrow horse as lick after burning lick lashed across her poor bare bottom. She was howling and screaming with each stroke as the pain blotted out her every other thought. She became a brain connected to a punished bare bottom, nothing else.

Finally the awful switching was over, all eighteen licks having been delivered onto her poor rump in only about twenty seconds. It had only FELT like eternity squared. Melody expected to be left over the sawhorse for a few moments to bawl out her pain, but had forgotten that her Mommy was wet and cold, too. As soon as the last lick had torched across Melody's rosy rear end her Mommy had tossed the switch into the scrap barrel, picked up her bare little girl easily, and swung her up and over her knees as she dropped down onto the low stool Josh used for his woodworking.

Her hand swept up the walnut hairbrush from where it lay on the workbench and brought it down onto Melody's red-striped bottom in the first of what were to be many, many spanks.

The walnut brush Mommy kept in her purse was quite a bit smaller than the red maple brush Melody had been given for Christmas. It was only seventeen centimeters long, and half that wide, with just a 10x7cm 'spanking surface'. More importantly, it was less than a centimeter thick. But you would have never known it as its little flat back smacked into Melody's well-switched behind.

Melody howled. She yelled. She begged and pleaded. And still that awful little brush spanked and spanked and spanked her poor little bare tushie. Lightning flashed outside, and thunder made the walls of the little shed vibrate and shake, but nothing deterred that hairbrush from its allotted visitations upon Melody's rump.

Mary held her naked daughter easily over her lap as she spanked her into total submission. Only when Melody's poor bottom was cherry red all over, with the stripes of her earlier switching actually showing LIGHTER did Mary finally trail off her hard hairbrushing and let her poor punished Penitatas bawl out her disobedience over her Mommy's knees. By now it was getting surprisingly chilly, and Mary decided they HAD to get back into the house.

She'd planned to retrieve the switch and switch Melody into the house ahead of her, but the still-deteriorating weather changed her mind, and she just picked up her little six-year-old and dashed into the house herself.

What the HECK had happened to Weather Control??

Inside, Mary started to put Melody into the corner when she noticed that she was still shivering a bit. So instead she took Melody up and gave her a nice hot bath before tucking her into bed for the rest of the afternoon.

At bedtime, Melody had to report to Josh's study wearing just the tops of her pink babydoll nightie. Then she had to bend over the edge of his desk and hang on as he gave her poor bruised and lightly welted bare bottom a good, sound spanking with his half-meter ruler. Two dozen spanks had her crying like a well-spanked little girl before she was put right to bed to cry herself to sleep, sniffling and coughing (She seemed to have caught a cold).