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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon


Sat, May 23, 2748

Part 13 of Melody's Stories

Melody's parents would NOT be spanking her tonight. That was the good news. They were going out together to celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary, and Melody was going to have a babysitter.

The bad news was that her babysitter was going to be Stevie. Ouch! The fourteen year old boy had sat for her New Years Eve, and had proven himself a VERY able spanker.

Of course, he wasn't REALLY fourteen. He'd taken rejuvenation a couple of years previously, and was being cared for by his wife and 'bottom', who would rejuve in turn once he was an adult. This system was officially frowned on, since the 'caretaker' parent was single, and had to change their attitude towards their charge so radically, but it was far cheaper than bonding an APP (Association of Professional Parents) parent for ten or eleven years.

(This was the big cost of rejuvenation. The actual cost of the rejuvenation is minor, and is usually covered by insurance. But the cost of an Association of Professional Parents caretaker, even if shared with 'brothers' and 'sisters', is substantial. But the law merely requires one responsible adult to care for a rejuved child, and many married couples 'traded off' their rejuves this way.)

When Stevie's wife Dana rejuved in around seven years, she planned to rejuve to a very early age, around eight or nine, to facilitate their spanking games. Of course, she wouldn't be equipped to enjoy her spankings very much AT THE TIME, but Stevie would make recordings of her 'lessons' that they could thoroughly enjoy together after she grew up.

But what was of concern to Melody now was the future of her own fanny.

Stevie showed up around three, and Josh and Mary quickly finished getting ready for their evening. Melody had been sent out back to play in her wading pool. Soon Stevie joined her in his loose-fitting green swim trunks. He plopped himself down in the very center of the pool, splashing water out onto the grass, and proceeded to sit there so that Melody had to step over and around him in order to play.

And as she did, he'd reach out occasionally and swat the seat of her white swimsuit bottoms with his teenaged palm. Hard. Melody did her best to ignore the stinging swats and continued to splash and play in the pool. And Stevie continued to thoroughly enjoy the way her little six-year-old bottom filled out the slightly-too-tight bottoms of her two piece swimsuit.

But finally Stevie couldn't stand it any longer, and he stood up and picked little Melody up in his arms. At just over 22 kilos, she was well within the husky fourteen year old's strength. Melody wiggled and kicked as Stevie carried her over to the picnic table, but soon found herself face down over his lap as he sat on the wooden bench, his youthful palm slapping the seat of her wet bathing suit over and over.

"Yeow! Steevee! Yow! OW! Whadidi DO? Ow! Yeeowch! Stop it! Yeeow!"

"You didn't do anythin, Mel. You just looked so cute in your little suit that I decided to spank your little bottom good and hard. I'd like to bare your little bottom and spank it right out here in the yard, but Dana might not approve. I wanna smack YOUR little butt, not get MINE paddled!"

"Yeeow! Nooo! Waaaah! Waaaaa-haaaaah! Nooo! Steeeveee! Yeaaaah!"

"Yeah, I bet these spanks really DO sting, don't they Mel! 'Specially on a WET bottom, huh! Like these...or these! Those suit-bottoms sure don't help, do they? They're so tight I bet they just hold the sting in and make it burn hotter, huh? Well, and, THAT's enough for now!"

"Owww! Waaah! Waaaah!" Melody bawled over the teenaged boy's lap, her little fanny burning from the sound spanking she'd gotten. She sobbed as she tried to get herself back under control. A spanking always made Melody feel so guilty and ashamed and PUNISHED, even when she'd done nothing to earn it, like this one!

But Stevie was far from satisfied! "Well, now, Melody, now that you've had a chance to calm down, what do you say to me for giving you such a nice paddling?? Hmmm?"

"Waaaah! (sob) Th-thank you for givin' me (sob) such a good, sound spankin', Stevie. (snif) I'm s-sure it'll (sob) make me a really good girl all night (sniffle)."

"Maybeso, Melody, but I'm still giving you a good, sound spanking later. I think another good, solid dose of the hairbrush back will help you to become a REALLY good little girl..."

At this confirmation of Melody's suspicions, she burst into renewed sobbing and tearful pleas, which Stevie ignored as he set her on her feet and led her back into the house by her hand.

He took her right up to the bathroom, where he quickly divested her of her swimsuit and set her into the corner. Melody wondered what he was up to. There was the banging of cabinets, and then she heard the sound of water filling something. Finally Melody was invited to turn around and 'come here.'

Stevie was seated on the toilet seat, which he'd let down. Hanging on the towel bar next to him was a hot water bottle, now plump and steaming with fluid. From it led a short hose and enema nozzle. "I've decided that you need to have your naughty insides thoroughly cleaned out, Melody, so get your little bare bottom up and over my lap!"

Sobbing and sniffling, Melody obeyed. She had no choice; any defiance would just give Stevie an excuse to inflict even MORE humiliating pain on her posterior! Melody felt shattered. She'd HATED the spanking-enema Cora had given her a month ago, HATED it. The thought of little Stevie giving her one was...

It was going to happen. Period.

Sobbing quietly Melody minced over towards Stevie's left thigh, where she was gently pulled up and over his slender thighs. A pat or two on her still-sore bare bottom, and Stevie began to spank her tender little bottom briskly. "The enema is still too hot, Melody. Getting it now would be very...uncomfortable. I'll let you decide when you'll get it. Just say when; the longer the spanking the cooler it'll be...

Melody was soon bawling and crying as Stevie spanked her tender bottom soundly. She knew she could end the spanking at any time, but that would result in the hot enema being poured into her poor little bowels, and the thought of that was intolerable, so she simply cried and endured. Maybe if Stevie spanked her long enough he'd relent...

Fat chance. Fifty brisk spanks later, Stevie was still bringing Mel's bottom to a hotter and more painful red. Much more of this, he thought, and the enema wouldn't be nearly hot enough!! It was definitely time to up the stakes!

<SMACK!> Melody howled as the familiar burn of her hairbrush back seared through her sore, crimson bare bottom! "Are you SURE you aren't ready for your enema, Mel?" <SMACK!!> asked Stevie.

"Yeeeaaa-haaaaa! Waaaah! Nooo! Waiiiit!" Yelled Melody.

<SPANK!!> "I'm waiting, Mel!"

"Yes! Yes! (sob) P-please gimme my, my (sniffle) enema now, Stevie."

"All right, Melody. Now, lie still while I get the nozzle. Here it is!" Melody felt the hard rubberized plastic of the nozzle as Stevie ran it lightly over her blazing bottom. "Now, lets just get your little bottom opened up..."

Melody felt Stevie's hand gently separating her bottom cheeks.

"Now I'll just slip it right up your little bum-bum, Mel. Don't worry, its well lubricated." And Melody sobbed as the slender tube was gently slipped into her anus and well up into her six- year-old bowels.

"Now, Melody, it's time for your enema." And Stevie slipped lose the clamp that had been retaining the warm, soapy water in the hot water bottle. Melody wailed as the uncomfortably hot, soapy water flowed into her slender body.

Even as the hot fluid began to make Melody feel uncomfortably bloated and full, and she began to wiggle and squirm over Stevies narrow knees, <SMACK!!> Melody felt the unmistakeable firey burn of her own hairbrush back on the lowest portion of her weaving bottom!

"(sob) Yeeeow! Steeevieee! Nooo!"

"<SPLAT!> Oh, didn't I <SPANK!> tell you, Mel? <WHACK!> I always SPANK <SMACK!!> naughty little girls <THWHAP!!> while they're getting <WHAP!> their nice enema! <SPANK!> Don't worry, <SMACK!> I won't hit the nozzle, <WHACK!> I'll just spank <SMACK-WHACK!> nice and LOW <WHAP!> near your THIGHS! <SPLAT-WHAP!> where you SIT! <SPANK-SMACK- WHAP!!> I find a good SPANKING <WHAP!> makes the whole experience <SPLAT!> so much more <SMACK!> intense! <SPANK-SPLAT-SPLAKT!>

The hot, hard spanks all over her lower bottom and upper thighs made Melody wiggle and howl in agony, even as the hot, soapy water began to make her guts roil and cramp. The large enema, (for a child her size), made her little tummy stick out tight and hard, making the impact of each hard spank hurt doubly as it smashed her taught belly into Stevie's knees. Finally the last drop of hot fluid seeped into her overflowing rectum, and Stevie finally paused in his hard paddling of her tiny six year old bottom.

"That's good, Mel, you've taken you WHOLE enema. Let me get the nozzle out...there! Now, you just hold it all in for a little while... that's right, I know its I'll just give you a nice little spanking all over your little bottom; you make sure you keep every drop of that enema inside, Melody!! Now...

And Stevie applied a rapid series of brisk, stinging spanks all over the upper and middle portions of Melody's bare bottom as she screamed and wiggled and BEGGED to be allowed to expel the hot, soapy fluid twisting her insides. After one minute of spanking, Stevie tossed the hairbrush aside, slipped his hands under Melody's armpits and deposited her neatly to her feet.

Standing up, Stevie lifted the toilet seat and gestured to Melody that she could now, finally, plant her little bottom on it.

As she did so, the thouroughly spanked lower curves of her bare bottom planted themselves directly onto the hard porcelain of the toilet seat. Melody threw back her head and howled even as the hot enema gushed out of her little bumhole in a long, painful stream. For almost a minute Melody sobbed and howled as her poor bowels emptied themselves into the toilet. Stevie had to flush the unit twice to prevent it from possibly clogging up! Stevie knelt in front of Melody and held her as her poor body shook and shuddered, but finally the last drop of fluid left her little bottom and she could relax.

Melody quickly reached for the sonic cleaner, but Stevie stopped her.

"I'll clean you off, Melody, like a baby. Stand up and bend over; put your hands on the seat and keep them there..."

Melody had no choice but to obey. But once she was bent over, instead of the tingle of the sonic cleaner she felt the rough touch of old- fashioned toilet paper! Like Rodger and Cora, Stevie knew that the older method of cleaning a soiled bottom would be far more painful to her poor, bruised bottom than a sonic cleaner!

Stevie carefully wiped every trace of enema and excrement off of poor Melody's bare little bottom. Finally it was over...almost.

Stevie picked up Melody and carried her into her bedroom. Sitting down on her bed, he set the poor little girl on his lap...

"Melody, I'm gonna give you a choice. That was a very hard experience for such a little girl, so if you want to, I'll give you a nice little handspanking right now and put you to bed without your supper. Or, we can go down to eat right now, and you can go to bed at your usual time. Of course, then I'd have to give you a good dose of the hairbrush before bed..."

What a choice! But Melody knew how well Stevie could use a hairbrush! No WAY did she want another dose on her red and sore bottom. "Stevie, please! I- I'm awful tired. I think I'd like to just go to bed now..."

Disappointed, Stevie sighed and turned Melody over on his lap as he sat on her bed. "OK Melody. Just get yourself ready for a good, sound handspanking on your naughty little bare bottom, then."

And that's just what Stevie delivered. Melody was soon howling again as Stevie's fourteen year old palm visited her red and sore bottom over and over again. It was a long, hard spanking, but eventually it ended. Stevie stood Melody up and took her yellow Boswell Bunny nightgown out of her dresser. He pulled the fabric over her head and let the garment fall to her calves, picked Melody up, and set her into her bed.

Stevie carefully tucked Melody in, then left, turning out the lights.

* * *

Mary and Josh don't believe in punishment enemas. Oh, they'd gone along with Rodger and Cora's use of an enema a month ago, but that was a special case, for actual naughtiness. Stevie's giving of an enema to Mel was completely unauthorized.

Stevie had basically let his desires and drives take control. Like any teenager, he was a sea of raging hormones. And the hormones had taken control.

But he paid for it. Melody giggled the next day as she watched Dana apply Melody's own red maple hairbrush back to Stevie's bare teenaged bottom. For a long time. Until Stevie was howling and bawling and crying his eyes out just like Melody did when she was spanked.

And worst of all, for Stevie, was that he wasn't going to be allowed to babysit Melody any more. Or anybody else, either, at least for a while.


* * *

Author's note:

I wasn't too happy with how Stevie turned out in 'New Year Sitter'. I really wanted him to be a more sympathetic character, not such a brat. So I decided to write this story to 'reform' him.

It didn't work. I've read about how characters will 'take over' a story and have it go in a direction totally different from the author's desire—and that's what happened here.

Apparently Stevie is just going to be a weaselly little brat no matter what I want!! The story just didn't jell any other way...

A VERY odd experience. Well, I've taken care of Stevie — wrote him right out of the least for now.