Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS as often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

Rodger and Cora

Apr. 3-5, 2748

Part 9 of Melody's Stories

Melody was going to spend the weekend with her 'grandparents', Rodger and Cora Peterson. Unfortunately for Melody, Friday morning she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Literally...she'd been so excited about the trip, she'd skimped on breakfast, and after a hard morning's play...She HAD asked, but it was 11, too close to lunch, so Mommy said no...

And then she left the room, and Melody thought, well, she'd never miss just ONE.

And she got caught. Her hand in the jar. Melody was in BIG trouble!!

Thirty seconds later Melody is face down over her Mommy's lap on a breakfast chair. Her brown striped dress has been rucked up from her knees to her waist; her white cotton panties are inside out down her thighs and Melody's bare bottom is rapidly turning rosy red as her Mommy's palm spanks fire into her little cheeks.

Only when Melody is crying freely does Mary pause. To get out her little spanking paddle, before resuming Melody's punishment.

Another five minutes of rapid spanking leaves Melody howling like a wolf as her naughty bottom takes spank after well-earned spank. Melody is Penitatas for stealing. She just stole again.

She is in for a long, hard weekend!

After a thorough bottomwarming with the little helper paddle, Mary lets her naughty six-year-old up off of her lap, only to escort her right over to the corner, to sit on her high stool...

While Mommy fixes, and eats, her own lunch. No lunch for Melody!

After lunch Melody is escorted up to her room by her earlobe. Now, at last, her Mommy is calm enough to scold...

"Melody, I am VERY disappointed in you. I said NO cookies before lunch and you not ONLY disobeyed me, you STOLE a cookie from the jar. I thought we'd taught you well enough about stealing already, but I guess you need a LOT more spanking before the lesson takes! Well, if spanking you need, your Daddy and I are more than ready to provide!"

Now they've reached Melody's room. She is still crying, but tries to evade as much punishment as she can, even as her Mommy starts taking off her clothes.

"Mommy I'm SORRY! I-it was only a COOKIE, I-I didn't think it'ud be a big deal, I mean..."

Her dress is tossed in the hamper, followed by her blouse.

"Only a cookie? Only a cookie, only some makeup, only a few credits, WHERE DOES IT END??"

Now her shoes and socks were off, and Mary's hands were in the waistband of her little cotton panties, slipping them down her legs and OFF! Melody stood there, sniffling, stark NAKED!

"Melody, stealing is stealing, and as soon as you get your bare little ass up and over these pillows, I'll try to EXPLAIN that to you WITH YOUR PADDLE!! Get over them! Hands under the pillows, so they'll push your naughty little bottom up even higher!! That's right, get it up nice and high!!" Melody felt the cool wood of her Very Own Spanking Paddle press lightly into her bare behind.

"Now, you stay RIGHT THERE, you naughty little girl, while I paddle your bad little fanny to a nice, hot red!" <WHAP!!>

"Aiiieeowww! (sob) MAAMAA! NOOO!"

"Don't you 'MAMA' me!! <SPANK!!> You've earned EVERY ONE <SPLATT!> of these swats, <SMAACK!!> little miss!!"

"Aiiiieeaaaah!! Waaah-haaaaaa! Nooooooo! Yeeaaaaaaooowwww! Waaaaaah!"

Spank after hard spank impacted Melody's naughty little bottom, most of them whapping into the very base of her bottom-cheeks, right where she'd feel them sitting down. Twenty good, hard spanks left Melody a bawling, sobbing child, her red bare bottom throbbing with pain.

But it wasn't over yet. After letting Melody cry it out for a few minutes, (and to let her bottom recover a bit), Mary picked up her little girl off of the pillows and set her down over her knees, as she sat down on the 'spanking chair' kept in Melody's room. Then Mommy reached for Melody's hairbrush...

As Melody felt the familiar wooden back patting her hot, sore bottom she yelled "Nooo! No the BRUSH! MA-MEE! Nooo! Hur too mush! PLEEEZE!"

But it was time for the brush. Melody's mommy began to spank her wayward little imp with brisk, sharp little swats of the brush. But not on her main 'spank spot'. That had been well-reddened by the paddle already.

No, she gave Melody a dozen or so spanks 'around the edges', where it had been hard to properly spank with the larger paddle.

Then she lifted Melody a bit, spreading her legs as she lay crying over her Mommy's lap. And then Mary began to spank the backs of Mel's thighs.

Melody howled and screamed as the lightly padded flesh was soundly whapped. Mary was carefully extending the hot red of her paddling right down each leg to Melody's kneehollows!!

Once her legs were almost as red as her bottom, Mary finally let Melody up off of her lap, letting her bounce around the room rubbing frantically at her bottom and legs.

"Now, lets get you dressed and ready for your trip to grandma and grandpa's, Melody". Mary opened Melody's underwear drawer and poked around for a moment. Then, to Mel's horror, she took out a brightly colored pair of old-fashioned drawers.

Painted down the backside just like a well-spanked bottom and thighs. It looked remarkably like Melody's bottom felt.

Her Pain-ties. Her Level *IV* Pain-ties. Melody bawled as her Mommy picked her up and set her on the bed, then proceeded to calmly pull that awful garment up her legs and, standing her daughter up, right up and over her bottom.

"Waaaaah! Waaaaaah! Waaaaa(AH!EEOW!)" went Melody as the first fierce 'biter' stung her well-spanked bottom. To Melody's growing horror, her Mommy then got out her little red punishment dress. In a few moments, this too was on Melody, her skirt fastened up in back by the concealed buttonholes in the hem. And sure enough, Melody was being led over to her little chair facing the corner.

"You sit right here, young lady, while I get you packed for your trip!"

Uh-oh! Melody was afraid, as mad as she was, just what her Mommy would be packing...

But she wouldn't find out until they got to her grandparents house.

Fortunately it didn't take very long to pack, and soon Melody and Mary were walking down the street to the Peterson's house. Mary carried Melody's little suitcase. Melody carried Robin, her Spanking Susie doll.

The back of her punishment dress was left buttoned up. Every kid they passed pointed at Melody and whispered frantically. It was obvious she was wearing Pain-ties; the level IV pair were unmistakable. The kids loudly wondered how much her bottom resembled her panties, (especially the boys). Fortunately, the older kids were still in school, so it was only the preschoolers who got to tease Melody, and there weren't too many of them...

But more than you'd expect. The neighborhood was zoned for Penitatas, and was quite popular among the spanko-set. Almost every house had a Penitatas living there, with some exceptions, like Dana and Stevie.

But soon her ordeal was over, and Melody finally reached the Peterson's house. Or so she thought. Actually, it was just beginning.

"Hello!! How are both of you...OH! Well well, Melody, have you been getting yourself into mischief, now?? Have you been a NAUGHTY little girl?? Tell Granma all about it, right NOW little miss!!"

"Go ahead, Melody, tell your granny just what a wicked and naughty little girl you've been."

With that prompting, Melody had no choice.

"I, Ah, Well, Granma, I wanned a cookie before lunch, 'cause I was hungry, and and Mommy said no, but I was HUNGRY so I I sorta (quieter) sorta took one outta the jar."

"MELODY! Stealing NOW! Well I never! You get your little fanny over to the couch little miss! I'm taking you over my knees right now for a good, sound spanking!!" Cora plopped right down onto the old sofa.

"Get over here, young lady!!"

Sobbing a bit, Melody minced quickly over to the fierce elderly woman and let herself be pulled right up and over her lap. Her upper half was supported by the couch, but Melody's legs were left free to kick out her anguish. With the red punishment dress, there was no need to lift her skirt, and Cora immediately started spanking Melody.

Over her Pain-ties.

Every swat triggered four to seven biters to fiercely sting Melody's bottom, not to mention the burning sting of the spank itself on her already well-paddled rump!! By the third swat Melody was kicking her little legs freely as spank after spank warmed her fanny.

Melody was crying as her granny spanked.

Rodger walked in and immediately took in the situation. "Need a hand there, Cora??"

"Not for now, dear, but you can take over in a minute. You might fetch down my hairbrush, though." Melody's bawling increased at this news.

And that's just what Rodger did.

"I see Melody is in good hands, Cora. I'll just head back home; I need to bathe and get all primped up before Josh gets home and we leave for the show. Take good care of Melody, see to it that little fanny's nice and hot all weekend...."

"Oh, we will, don't you worry your head about a thing. I can promise you Mel will be doing her best to be a perfect ANGEL by the time you pick her up Sunday. So long, Mary!!"

Cora's flashing palm hadn't missed a beat. Melody cried and bawled like the well-spanked child she was as her Mommy left her over her grandmother's experienced knees, her pantied bottom getting another well deserved spanking.

Once Rodger came back down, though, Cora paused in spanking Melody long enough to take her Pain-ties right down to her knees. This at least gave Melody some relief from the 'biters'. Unfortunately, it left her hot, red bottom painfully vulnerable to Cora's old but trusty ebony hairbrush, which commenced renewing the fiery burn in Melody's bare bottom AND THIGHS.

"Hmph. Looks like you just got offa your Mommy's lap ten minutes ago, dear. It won't take me long to re-heat your fanny to the right... there!! Nice and hot, Melody? I hope so!! Well, lets get you upstairs and unpacked and into your corner..."

Once upstairs, Melody looked over Granma's shoulder as she unpacked her suitcase. It was as bad as she feared. Mommy had packed the other three pairs of her Pain-ties.

No other panties, just the Pain-ties.

For a nightie, her Mommy had sent only her shortest little white one, that just barely reached past her little hips and hardly covered her 'privates' at all. Either she'd have to sleep with her bottom and 'cunny' all but hanging out, or else she'd be sleeping, or trying to, in Pain-ties. Melody figured she knew which.

The only other clothing packed was her short green plaid dress, whose pleated skirt just barely covered her bottom at all. (It resembled one of the short-short dresses favored for children in the Depression. See any Shirley Temple movie for an example). The Pain-ties would be obvious when worn under that dress, at least the 'higher level' ones would be. And it would be ridiculously easy to raise for a spanking.

Mary had also thoughtfully packed Melody's Very Own Spanking Paddle. And her red maple hairbrush.

And in the very bottom of the suitcase, bent around so it would fit, lay the little apple, peach and hickory switches that Corrections had sent over in Mel's stocking at Christmas. Mel hadn't even known that Mommy and Daddy had kept them. They looked as good as new as Cora took them out one by one and practiced a few swipes.

Suddenly she grasped Melody's arm, and Mel was suddenly dancing around Cora as the peach switch licked and snapped at her little bare bottom and thighs. (Her Pain-ties were on the den floor, and her punishment dress was still buttoned up).

After a dozen licks, Cora said "Well, they still seem whippy enough to get the job done. Mary must've stored them in a preservator."

Then it was time for Melody to face the corner. "I've got something special planned for you, Melody, in ten minutes or so. You just face the corner until then."

Melody cried even harder. Lord knew what 'special' Cora had in mind.

A few minutes later, she returned and quickly took off the punishment dress and the rest of Melody's clothes. Then she escorted her naked six-year-old 'granddaughter' into the bathroom. A straight backed chair had been set up opposite the toilet. Cora sat down and pulled Mel up and over her lap. Picking up Melody's red maple hairbrush off of the counter, she proceeded to renew the fiery burn in Melody's bare bottom with two dozen good, hard spanks all over her bottom and thighs. Melody's crying reached new heights.

Then Cora reached behind the shower curtain and took out a hose. A hose attached to a hot water bottle on a stand in the tub, where Melody couldn't see it. A hose ending in an enema nozzle. Already lubricated, it slid right into Melody's little bottomhole as she frantically wiggled and squirmed. A few hard swats of the hairbrush settled Melody down as Cora slipped the valve and the hot, soapy liquid began filling Melody's bowels.

Within seconds Melody began to feel uncomfortably full as the rush of soapy water ran up her little rectum into her intestine.

"G-Granma! Wait! No more! I can't hold it! Please! Too much!"

"You'd better hold it young lady! This is a pretty small enema for a pretty small baby girl; you can hold it, and you WILL hold it, every single drop, if you know what's good for you! Now, you just relax, we're almost done, yes, if you relax you'll find we can get! There, how does THAT feel?"

"Waah! Waah! Granma I gotta GO! PLEEASE! I need to go POTTY! Waaah!"

Melody was wiggling and squirming, trying to keep the liter of warm soapy water inside her twitching and churning bowels. Cora quickly slipped the rubber nozzle out of Melody's bottom...and slipped in a well-lubricated little butt plug in its place.


"Just a little something to keep you from having a naughty little accident, Melody. Rodger, we're ready for you!!"

Cora took a firmer grip on Melody, pinning her wrists behind her back and pushing her further over her knees. Rodger came in, wielding the little applewood switch Mary had packed in Melody's suitcase.

"Rodger will be giving you a nice dozen licks of the switch, Melody. I want you to count each one and thank him nicely for it. And Mel, you can't go potty until you've counted out all twelve."

"Noooo! Waaaah! Pleeze, Granma I GOTTA GO!!"

<Swisss-WHAP!> "Yeeeeow! ONE! Th-thank you granpa!!" <Whiss-SMACK!> "Yaaa-WAAAAH! Two! Thank you! <Sssss-SNAP!> "Waaah-haaa-haaaaa! Threee! Thank y-you G-granpa! <Swisss-SPANK!> "Yeeeah!! NOOO! FOUR! Thann yuuu! <Whisss-SWAP!!> "OWWWW! FIVZ! Granpa! Thanz! GOTTA GO! <Ssssss-WHACK!> "YEEEEIIOWW! SIXXX! Thanyou! POTTY PLEEZE POTTY! <Shissss-SPLAT!> "WAAAH! WAAAAH! SEVN! SEVIN! THANNU! POTTY!

The first seven licks had painted seven parallel lines from the top of Melody's rump to the base. The eighth burned right into the crease between Melody's well-spanked bottom and her equally well-spanked thighs.


"MELODY! Where are your manners, young lady! What were you told to say to me after each nice hard lick??"


"We'll try that lick AGAIN, why don't we?"

And Granpa did. Placing the stroke in exactly the same place, right on top of the last one.


The switching continued...right down Melody's tender thighs...


Twelve parallel lines striped Melody's bare bottom as Cora reached between her burning cheeks and popped out the butt plug. "Very well, Melody, you may go potty now." She said, releasing the naked child.

Crying hard, Melody bounced off of Cora's lap, her full little tummy sticking out as tight as a drum from her enema, howling from the licks of the switch. She quickly turned around and sat down on the porcelain throne, completely ignoring Rodger and Cora in her desperate need to evacuate the enema.

As her little bottom planted itself on the toilet Melody let out a howl that could be heard outside. Melody had just learned the very worst thing about a thorough spanking-enema. The enema was horrible. The spanking was worse.

Sitting on the toilet to get rid of the enema was the worst of all.

Nevertheless, Melody grit her teeth, planted her bottom as lightly as possible, and the soapy water began to pour out of her bottom. Finally it was all out.

And she had to wipe, using old-fashioned toilet paper. Over and over, until Cora was satisfied with the results.

Finally Melody was allowed to go lie down in her bed for a while, still bare naked, to cry and bawl over her mistake and her well deserved punishment.

* * *

Shortly before suppertime Cora came in and told Melody it was time to get her ready for supper. "We thought we'd run over to McDonalds, dear." (Yes, they're still around).

This was good news and bad news. Good, because Melody could order what she wanted, and the food was bland and plain, as most kids (even rejuved ones) tended to prefer. It was bad news because McDs was the preferred hangout for the neighborhood kids, and Granma was already pulling her punishment dress over her head. Then she selected the white pain-ties with the pattern of rosy red bottoms all over it, the level III pair.

Melody was relieved as Granma pulled these panties up, knowing that at least she wouldn't have biters stinging her well spanked and switched thighs. Then she realized that not only would anybody who saw them know she was in Pain-ties, her red and striped thighs could be easily seen below the thick fabric.

And Grandma was NOT letting the back of her dress down.

* * *

Supper was the disaster Melody knew it would be. All the kids laughed and giggled at her well-punished rear end, easily seen since her dress's back was fastened up at her shoulders in back. She had to stand in line and order her meal, then SIT in a child seat at the booth to eat it. And no visiting the play area for her, either!

As soon as they got home, Rodger took Melody upstairs and undressed her for her bath. When he let her out of the tub, he sat on the toilet and motioned Melody over his knees.

With a sob, Melody lowered herself over his thin, knobby legs as she mentally prepared herself for another stinging spanking.

She almost screamed with relief as she felt the familiar cool wash of nano-lotion being spread over her bottom.

When Rodger activated the nanomachines, Melody's bottom began to itch, as well as burn. She expected to be put into a diaper, as her parents usually did after a severe licking, but instead Rodger just put her into her short little nightie.

And her yellow Pain-ties. (level I).

Melody yelped as a biter stung her red and sore fanny. And when she reached back to scratch her itching, burning bottom, almost a dozen sharp stings pulled her hands back in front of her.

In bed Melody clenched her hands together in front of her as she resisted the temptation to rub her itching bottom. Closing her eyes fiercely, it was a long time before the well-punished child could finally drop off to sleep.

* * *

The next morning, the nano-lotion had done its miraculous work and Melody's bottom was as good as new. Unfortunately, this meant it was ready for more spanking.

After Rodger awakened her, he sat down on her bed and popped his naughty little granddaughter over his thighs, slid her Pain-ties down to her knees and started off her day with a brisk little spanking with his callused hand all over her tender pink bare bottom. Melody was soon sobbing and crying as spank after spank heated up her little nates. It hurt! It stung! It burned! It was EMBARASSING!!

It lasted five minutes. Then Rodger pulled up her Pain-ties (Thank goodness, just the yellow level I pair). Then he pulled off her little nightie and started to put on her little brown plaid dress.

Soon Melody was ready to go down for breakfast. She was very hungry, after missing out on lunch yesterday. And while she'd eaten a big Happy Meal for supper, she was still catching up.

At the breakfast table, as Cora piled bacon and eggs onto Melody's plate, Melody was informed that, because of her disgraceful behavior yesterday, they would NOT be going to the zoo today. Instead, Melody was confined to the house and yard.

And would be getting spanked every other hour all day long.

Rodger had just given her her seven o'clock spanking. She would also be spanked at nine, eleven, one, three, five and before being put to bed at seven. Seven nice little handspankings, said Cora, "Unless you misbehave, of course."

And that's just how her day went. Melody tried to keep track of the time, but a child gets involved in playing or something and forgets. And so did Mel.

At nine she found herself suddenly over her Granddaddy's knee as he knelt next to her in the yard out back. Her tiny little dress just fell up and off of her bottom, it was so short. Pain-ties down and his hand was beating a rapid tattoo on her bottom for the next five minutes.

At eleven Cora called her into the kitchen for an even longer spanking before lunch. Her next door neighbor was over visiting with her eleven-year-old Penitatas daughter, who was almost ready for her next rejuve and, finally, some SOFT time.

It made no difference. Melody was upended, bared, and spanked for a solid ten minutes. The fact that Margaret was upended over her Mommy's lap, bare bottom uppermost, one chair over was no relief for Melody. She was still crying and bawling by the time it was over. Both girls were then sent to the corner until lunchtime. Margaret sitting on a breakfast table chair. Melody sitting on her lap.

Margaret took advantage of this to get a bit of revenge (Melody's spanking had essentially inspired her own) by 'bouncing' Melody on her lap when the parents weren't looking. Normally a most enjoyable game, Melody didn't appreciate it while sitting on a well spanked bottom.

The one o'clock spanking was applied by Cora after Melody woke up from her after lunch nap. Seating herself on the bed beside Melody, Cora pulled the drowsy child up and out from under the covers, put her over the knee, slipped her tiny little nightie off of her bottom and commenced briskly spanking Melody all over her sore little bottom. It was certainly NOT Melody's preferred method of waking up! By the time Cora had finished reddening Melody's fanny, she was so tired out from her bawling, she felt ready for another nap!

At three o'clock Rodger spanked Melody while he watched the Spaceball game on holo. Melody spent a full half hour bare bottomed over his lap on the couch, getting spanked right through each commercial and between each play. It was horrible! The frequent pauses (while Rodger watched the game) gave her bottom a chance to 'cool off', but no chance to really recover. So each three to four minute spanking stung even worse than if it had been one long paddling! Melody was bawling in misery by the end of the quarter. And she hadn't even gotten to see the game!

Five o'clock, another good spanking from Rodger. This time he took her out onto the FRONT porch and spanked her bare bottom while he held her over his knee and sat on the swinging bench on the porch, his hard hand SLAP-ping Melody's little hams over and over.

Since the weather was beautiful, and it was a Saturday, Melody was soon under close observation by most of the children on the block, and several of the adults. To Melody's utter horror, one of these was their newest neighbor. Little Janie Smythe (neé Platsburk) from next door was there, with her Mommy. Unbeknownst to Janie, Melody had observed several of Jane's own bottomwarmings from her window, but now Janie was given a close view of how her OWN bare bottom reddened under a good spanking.

And how she cried and bawled and begged for mercy and carried on like any other naughty child over a parental knee. Melody was devastated by the embarrassment by the time she was finally allowed off her Grandpa's lap.

Then some of the attention was diverted from Melody's humiliation as Janie's Mommy decided to borrow the swinging chair to give her own four-year-old daughter a good, sound spanking on her tiny little bare bottom. With the back of her hairbrush.

Melody was finally taken inside for supper. Janie was STILL howling outside as spank after burning spank reddened her little nates. Janie had only been Penitatas for a few days, and was therefore still unused to such discipline. Her howling and kicking was therefore entertaining the crowd even more than Melody's handspanking had.

After supper and her bath, Melody was given her final handspanking of the day before being put to bed. Cora made it the worst one so far, at least in number of spanks and time getting spanked. Twenty minutes of constant handspanking will leave a child unbelievably red- bottomed and sore. And that's what Melody got before being put to bed in her shortie nightgown. Without panties.

The next morning Cora got Melody ready to go home. Her one pair of clean Pain-ties, the pink level II pair, and her punishment dress (This time, finally, with the hem unbuttoned from her shoulders) were her costume when her Mommy arrived to pick her up.

She and Cora discussed the matter, and decided that Melody had been punished enough for stealing a single cookie. So she would be allowed to go back to her normal routine.

And her normal set of daily (or so) spankings on her little bare bottom.