Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged, to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

N.B.: After reviewing this, I decided it wasn't quite up to 'special day' standards, so I added another paddling in the afternoon. This gives Melody's Daddy a bigger share of the spanking 'duties', but I figure Mary handles most of the day-to-day spanking anyway. If this left any inconsistencies, I'm sorry about it...
   —Lurking Dragon

Melody's Easter Sunday

Apr. 12, 2748

Part 10 of Melody's Stories

Melody's Mommy gently shook her shoulder to awaken her. "Wake up, Melody. It's Easter, and you know what that means..."

Melody knew. Easter was an...intimate...part of her punishment. If she hadn't been Christian, another holiday would have been chosen, but the judge had selected Christmas, Easter, July 4th, Diaspora and, of course, her 'official' birthday (the anniversary of her rejuvenation) as her 'special punishment' days. These are chosen to match the culture of the Penitatas, to be those days especially wonderful to them growing up. Instead, during their 'hard time' the holidays would be used to inflict especially severe and humiliating punishments. Easter was quite popular for this, and a whole tradition had been built up around it.

But now Melody's Mommy was helping her out of bed. Melody was already sniffling a bit as Mary sat on the bed and pulled Mel up and over her lap. She then slid Melody's yellow pajamas down off her hips to bare her naughty little bottom. She patted the pale pink hemispheres gently (Melody had had no routine spankings for three days, and had carefully managed to avoid 'earning' any, knowing full well what was going to happen today). "Remember to count the spanks carefully, Melody. We all want you to know just what to expect today..."

And Mary began to handspank Melody's bare bottom with very hard slaps, applied very slowly, about one every five seconds.

"Oh, Mom-mee! <WHAP!> Ow!! one...<SPANK> Yeow!! ow!! two...<SPLAT!> Oweee! three! <SLAP!!> Yeeow! four! <SPANK!!> OWW! Five! (sob) <SMACK!> Yaaaah! Oww! S-six! Mama! <SPLAT!> Yeaaah! Sev'n! Seven!! (sob) Waah! <SPAANK!> Waah-haaa! Eight! Waah! <WHAAP!> Waaaaah! Nine! Nine! Mom-mee! Not so HAA<WHAACK!>AAAIE! WAAAH! T-TEN! (sob) MAMA! <!!SPANK!!> AAAAOW!! 'Leven!! <SPAAANK!> Yieeeow! Twelve!! (sob) WAAAAA! <WHAAACK!> OW-OW-OW! Thir'een!! Waaah! <SMAAACK!> NO-OOWW! Fo-forteen! MAMAAAHHH!!! <WHAAACK!> FIFTEEN!! OWOWOWOW! <SPAAANK!> (SOB) WAAAAAH! SIXT'N!! <SWAAAT!> YEEAAAHH!! Sev-ten!! YIEOWOWOW! <SPLAAATT!> NOO! YIIIEEEOOOW! OWWW! EIGHTEEN!! <WHAAACK!!> WAAAAAAH! NI-NI-NIINE-TEEEN! YYYEEEOW! <SPAAANK!> WAAAAH! <SOB> <SOB> TWENNY! MAMAAA! IT HURRRTS! PLEEEASE!"

Mary stopped spanking Melody and shook her hand to relieve the burn; she was spanking HARD! She waited a bit for Melody to calm down; even though she was only using her hand, she was spanking Melody considerably harder than usual. Melody finally asked "I-Is it over?? Mommy? Pleease is it over??" "Of course not, Melody! But I'm afraid that's all the spanking my poor hand can take. Your father will have to give you the next installment...and here he is!"

Having waited for his 'cue', Josh entered Melody's bedroom, followed by the hated hovercam. "Forgot the camera again, hon..." "You know I hate to fiddle with that thing, Josh..." "But you like to watch the pictures... how's our little girl? I see her bare bottom is nice and hot!!"

Josh picked up little Melody off of Mary's lap, held her as Mary got up, and sat down in her place, settling his daughter down for another good spanking. "Do you remember your place, dear??" he asked.

"Yessir!! (sob) Twenty spanks sir!"

"Good, then start with twenty-one!!"

The second spanking was a duplicate of the first one, with two exceptions. One, Melody's little bare bottom was already red and sore from the first spanking, second her Daddy spanked her even harder than her Mommy!! By the end of the spanking Melody was howling and crying like the very well spanked little girl she was, her bare bottom hot and burning from the forty good sound spanks she'd just received.

And that meant that forty was her base...the number of sound spanks she would receive in her OTHER spankings of the day, unless, of course...the number changed...

Now it was time to get Melody ready for church. Mary quickly took off Melody's pajama jacket (the long pants were clear across the room; Melody DID kick nicely during a spanking). She opened Melody's dresser and, to Melody's horror, took out a pair of the Pain-ties her Granddaddy had given her for Christmas; the level III pair, with the pattern of rosy red bare bottoms on it. Melody sobbed a bit as her Mommy pulled the panties up over her hot bottom, and then yelped as her fanny was stung by one of the 'biters'. Sitting in church was going to be no fun at all. Mary then helped Melody into her brand new Easter dress and bonnet. The dress was very pretty, colored a bright yellow with a knee-length pleated skirt that, fortunately, completely covered Melody's colorful pain-ties. White socks and polished shoes completed the outfit, and Mel was ready for church.

During the Easter service, Melody was very careful to sit perfectly still, and to carefully pay attention to the pastor. This was very hard to do with her red and sore bottom planted firmly on the hard wooden bench. It was almost impossible with the frequent, fierce sting of her Pain-tie's biters. But Melody had learned the hard way to pay attention in church...

* * *

It had been the previous February. Melody had been quite naughty Saturday, and had been awarded three sound spankings for her trouble. The next morning her bottom was still a little sore, and so was her Mommy. A dozen stingy swats from Mommy's 'helper' improved Mommy's disposition, but left Melody's bottom a lot sorer. And then Mommy decided to put Melody into Pain-ties for church, just the yellow level I pair, but the occasional biter made Melody wince on the way to church.

In church, Melody's attention was directed far more at her sore seat than the (rather boring) sermon. She was wiggling and fidgeting. Every time a biter stung her bottom, she'd jump a little bit. Suddenly Mary stood up, right in the middle of the sermon, and stepped into the aisle. She took her daughter firmly by the ear and proceeded to march her right out to the front of the church.

She sat down on one of the benches and quickly turned the now-crying Melody right over her lap. Her long baby blue dress and slip were quickly rolled up to Melody's waist, and Mommy's hand was slapping down onto her pain-tie clad bottom. Melody quickly rediscovered that a spanking GREATLY increased the frequency of biter-stings!!

But after a dozen rapid spanks that was no longer a problem, mainly because the pain-ties no longer covered Melody's bottom. As the much louder spanks rang out Melody suddenly realized that everybody in the congregation could clearly hear her getting spanked!! (After all, she'd clearly heard other kids 'getting it' on that same bench...)

"Mom-mee! they can HEAR!! OWW! Take me to the little girls YEEOW! room!! Pleeeeze!!"

"Don't be ridiculous, Melody!! If you didn't want everybody to hear your spanking, you shouldn't have been naughty!! I want them to hear how I deal with my naughty little girl. And now that you're warmed up, they can hear THIS even better!!"

"Warmed up?? Oh NO!!" Melody began to cry even harder as her Mommy pulled her 'helper' out of her purse and began to rapidly apply the light paddle to Melody's bare bottom!! WHAPWHAPWHAPWHAPWHAP!! Mel howled and yelped as the fiery pain burned into her fanny. The loud spanks echoed around the foyer, clearly audible to both those inside or anyone passing by. A naughty girl cried and bawled as her Mommy spanked her soundly, painting her bare bottom an even hot pink-red all over.

When Mommy stopped spanking, Melody couldn't stop crying for several minutes. Then Mommy pulled up her Pain-ties (OW!) and shook her finger in Melody's face. "Now you behave yourself, young lady, because if I have to bring you back out here, it'll be the hairbrush after the paddling, do you understand me??" then Mommy took Melody by the hand and led her back to their pew. She couldn't stop crying, though she was careful to cry very quietly. As they walked she could hear the other kids giggling as their parents made sounds of quiet appreciation and approval.

And worst of all, after the service Melody had to apologize to pastor Johnson, telling him clearly that she was sorry that she'd been naughty, and that her Mommy had given her a really good spanking for it. And that her Daddy would be giving her another one when they got home...

Which he did.

* * *

So Melody was very careful to sit perfectly still on her well-spanked and pain-tied bottom. Finally the service was over, at about nine-thirty, and it was time for the big Easter egg hunt in the park.

But this was no game. In the park were gathered all the Penitatas from over a very large area, almost a hundred and fifty of them. All around the park were hidden the sealed plastic Easter Eggs. And in each egg was a coded chip containing a modifier for the finder's spankings of the day. The modifiers run both ways, of course; they can both add and subtract spanks. But they are weighted towards reducing the spankings. Most were fairly small, plus two, minus four and so forth. But some prized eggs contained modifiers like one half, or one quarter, or the very prized 'hand only', or the less-prized 'helper paddle'. And of course, the SINGLE 'no spankings' egg in the park. Of course, there were also the feared 'double swats' eggs, and the single 'triple swats' egg....

The event was timed, one hour only, from ten to eleven. All the 'bad pennys' hunted together, three year olds to teenagers. Of course, any sort of violence or intimidation would get the offender thrown out, with an automatic triple swat penalty...

Melody was too small to search the trees, but was quite capable of wiggling into the bushes where the larger kids couldn't fit. And she was smart. She ended up with eight of the prized eggs. When time was called, Melody anxiously took her basket over and got in line to see the official. As she waited, the sound of spankings began to be heard. As each convict received his or her total, they had to take them back to their Mother, who was seated on one of the lawn chairs provided. There they would have to go over their mother's knees, right there in the park, and have their bottoms bared for their spankings. These spankings were with their Mommy's hairbrush back, and like the morning handspankings were delivered full force, far harder than a child would normally get. The only consideration for their physical age was that their Mommy's could choose what hairbrush to use; the smaller kids got spanked with somewhat lighter brushes. Melody's mom, to her horror, had brought the red maple brush she'd given Melody for Christmas, much larger and heavier than Melody was really looking forward to...

Finally Melody reached the official and had her eggs opened and tallied: Egg 1: Minus One... Egg 2: Minus One... Egg 3: Minus Five! :) Egg 4: Minus One... Egg 5: Minus Six!! :) Egg 6: Plus Eight.. :( Egg 7: Minus Eight!! :) Egg 8: Minus Two.... Melody had not gotten any 'special' eggs, but she'd done all right!! 40-1-1-5-1-6+8-8-2=24!! She'd gone from forty spanks clear down to two dozen!!

Unfortunately, these spanks would be with the hairbrush...

Melody minced over to where Mary and Josh had secured a lawnchair to use. As she did, she noticed little Janie Smythe over her Mommy's knees, her bottom bare, a lightweight hairbrush spanking firmly down onto her reddening four-year-old bottom as she howled and cried with pain. It warmed Melody's heart to see Janie paying for her crimes... especially after spotting (and grabbing) an egg right out from under her nose...she hoped it was the minus eight egg!!

"How'd you do, honey??" asked Josh. "Really good, Daddy!! Down sixteen!!"

"Let me see, dear." said Mary. "Looks like you're right, Melody!! Now, get over my knee for your spanking, dear." Mommy helped Melody into position across the maternal lap. She patted the pleated skirt of Melody's Easter dress, then slowly turned the yellow pleats back to expose the red bottoms of Melody's Pain-ties. But soon these were tugged well down to Mel's knees, and her bottom was on display to the entire park. But she was hardly alone, the loud slaps of dozens of ongoing hard spankings mingled with the childish howls and cries of their naughty recipients. And then Mommy was rolling up her sleeve in preparation. The cool mid-April breeze raised goose bumps on Melody's bare behind. Or perhaps it was her fear of what was about to happen.


Melody bawled hard as she lay exhausted over her Mommy's lap, her little bare bottom spanked to a cherry red by two dozen HARD hairbrush spanks. A stern faced Mary let Mel cry it out over her lap for several minutes, then said "Mel, other Mommys need this chair to give out their spankings. You need to get up now." She helped Melody off of her lap. She could barely stand up. Mary pulled up Melody's pain-ties (resulting in another burst of tears) and she and Josh led their naughty little girl over to the lunch being set up on picnic tables all over the park.

Picnic tables with hard wooden benches.

As picnics go, this one was less than successful. It is hard for kids to eat when they are far more concerned with the fire in their bottoms, fire only enhanced by sitting on the wooden planks. At least Weather Control had managed to prevent the usual afternoon showers. But finally the ordeal was over, and the gathered Penitatas families left for home, including our Melody.

Once home, Daddy sent Melody straight up to her room to wait for her next spanking. Soon her Daddy came in (with the camera) to give it to her. He seated himself on Melody's bed, and told the sobbing child to bring him her Very Own Spanking Paddle from where it hung on the wall, where it was usually left hanging as a reminder to behave.

He set the bright pink paddle on the bed next to him, then slid his hands up under Melody's bright yellow Easter dress to slip her little Pain-ties down and off her little legs. Then Josh gently tugged his little girl over his lap for her next dose of well-earned Easter discipline. He turned her pleated skirt well up onto her back, then had her put her right wrist behind her back, which he tightly held. With her left arm trapped out in front of her by Josh's body, and her right wrist held, Melody was completely helpless to avoid any of her paddling, except for kicking her little legs and wiggling her tiny bare bottom.

And these swats would be full force, with the paddle.

"Now, Melody, originally you were scheduled for forty good, hard swats with a punishment paddle. With your bottom all tender from your earlier spankings, that would've really blistered your little fanny. But you got that down to two dozen!! That'll really hurt and will probably leave some nasty bruises, but I don't think it will blister. We'll see, won't we??"

"<sob> Yes, sir. We will. <sob> Pleeze, Daddy, not hard!! PLEEASE!"

"Has to be hard, Melody." <SMAACK!!> "YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAOWWW!" "Those are the rules." <WHHACKK!!> "AIIEEIEEK!! NOOO!!" "Full force!!" <SSPLAAAATT!> "YAAAAOW!! NO! NO! DADA!! WAAH!" "On the BARE..." <CRAAACK!!> "WAAAH-HAAA!" "BOTTOM!!!!" <SPAAANK!!> "WAAAAAAAAAA!"

Melody was already crying hard. Her little legs were kicking up and down...her baby bottom was bouncing around all over her Daddy's lap, as it was paddled to a hot, red, burning glow...and all that wiggling and crying did absolutely NO good AT ALL.

Melody was being turned into a well-paddled little girl. A VERY well paddled little girl.

The paddling continued. Josh stopped scolding Melody. He knew she no longer could hear him. Melody was aware of nothing but the horrible, intensely burning pain in her tender posterior, howling and bawling as each horrible paddle swat added to the fire in her rump.

But eventually the paddling was over. Twenty-four good hard swats had been applied to Melody's bare little bottom, and it was past red. Her fanny was covered with bruises, burned a dark red. These were full-power paddle swats, from a strong man; even if they were over the knee, where Josh couldn't use all his strength. But her bottom hadn't blistered, quite. Daddy had been right about that.

Not that Melody could appreciate the difference at the moment....

After Melody had cried for a while, Mommy came in and changed Melody into her little Boswell Bunny nightie and put her straight to bed, on her tummy, of course. She still had one more good spanking to go, at bedtime, and it would be the worst one of all.

* * *

After Josh and Mary had their supper, (all the bad little pennys would be going to bed supperless tonight), Josh stepped over to the cupboard, then went upstairs. He gently awakened Melody, who rubbed her eyes, somewhat refreshed by her long nap.

"I'm afraid its time, Mel."

"O-Ok Daddy. Wh-what's my spankin' gonna be with, huh??"

"Well, since you missed out on it at Christmas, I'm afraid the folk at Corrections have ordered me to use THIS."

To Melody's horror, her Daddy pulled out a small cane. It was only 50cm long, and a wickedly thin 5mm thick. It was the Nursery Cane that the Board had originally designated for Melody's bottom at Christmas, before James Platsburk had intervened and had the far heavier Junior Cane sent instead. Melody began to wail quietly; two dozen licks from that little switch would be impossible!!

"Just remember, Melody, you were originally scheduled for FORTY good licks with this switch, but you cut that back to an even two dozen, you little egg-finder!!"

That was a lot better than forty, but Melody knew this was still going to HURT. But that was the purpose: PUNISHMENT!!!

Her daddy was quickly repeating preparations Mel recognized from Christmas. He pulled her own little chair out from the corner and placed it in the center of the room, draping a towel over the back for padding. The camera, for once, was missing.

"Let's get that nightie off, Melody, I'm going to strip you bare-naked for this caning. Up and off!!!... OK Mel, lets get you bent over."

Josh helped Melody get into position over the chair, bent well over so that her toes just reached the floor. Melody reached forward to grasp the far side of the seat and held on tight. The position left her little sore bottom sticking almost straight up, its tenderest curves horribly exposed to the stinging little cane.

"Same rules as before, Melody, but since this is the RIGHT cane I won't be 'cheating' a bit like at Christmas. DON'T let go of the seat, it means FIVE extra paddle swats each time you let go of the seat. And I won't be waiting any hour before you get 'em, either! One bit of good news, Mel. After the first half, I get to tie your hands to the chair seat for the second dose. Even Corrections doesn't expect you to take forty licks holding the seat. Only twenty. You only have to manage an even dozen; that should be EASY, right?"

Daddy stepped right up to Melody's side, in order to cover her entire bottom with the short cane. He tapped the cane against her bare nates, then:

Sssssss-SNAP!! "Aieeeeeeeow!!" A hot burning line of pain burnt across Melody's sore bare bottom. It HURT! Not as bad as the big cane at Christmas, but...

Swissss-SLAP!! "Yeeeeeeeowow!" Melody threw back her head and HOWLED as another painful stripe cut across her bottom, one centimeter below the first one. The pain was Horrible, it Burned!

Whissss-WHAAP!!! "Yeeeeaaaaowowow!" Melody's feet danced with the agony of the third hot stripe across her rump. Daddy was caning her quickly, barely allowing her enough...

Shisssss-SPANK!!! "Neeaaaaaaa-haaaaaaa!" The fourth hot stripe cut across Melody's bare bottom right across the base, right where she sat down, and right where her Daddy had concentrated her hard paddle spanks. Both of Melody's feet left the floor as she bucked like a little pony, both hands holding on to the seat for dear life...or at least dear bottom!!

Swisshh-SMACK!! "YAAAAAAAAEEEEEEOOOWWWW!!" The fifth hot stripe cut into the tender flesh where Melody's bottom met her tender thighs, right into the crease. And like before, that was her downfall as tiny hands leapt off the chair seat to frantically rub her stinging bottom!

"MELODY, GET THOSE HANDS BACK ON THAT CHAIR!! That's FIVE extras!!" Daddy suddenly walked over to the bed and returned with her paddle. He set the foot long implement on the seat of the chair, turned so that Melody could clearly read around the edge that it was "Melody's Very Own Spanking Paddle", and the center homily:

Show Her That You Really CARE... Spank Her Soundly... Bottom BARE!!

"Maybe looking at your paddle will remind you to stay in position!!"

Whisssss-SNAP!!! "Yiieeeeeeeeowwww!" The switching resumed with a hard, hot stripe across the top of Melody's tender thighs. "Waaaaaaaah-haaaaaa-haaaaaaaaaa!!" Melody was crying hard now, as the burning stripes set her fanny on fire.

Swissss-SPLATT!!! "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah-Iiieeeeeeee!!" Melody bucked again as the seventh stripe cut across her bare bottom. Daddy wasn't even TRYING not to cross her other stripes!! Then Melody remembered that a nursery cane is considered a SWITCH, not a CANE — it wasn't officially desirable to avoid crossing the stripes, since it didn't leave true welts. But that meant that...

Ssssssssss-SPANK!! "YEEAAaaaaaaaahh-haaaaaaaaaaah!!!!" Again Melody's hands leapt of their own accord to her bare nates, as the cane cut diagonally across her striped bottom, crossing FOUR earlier red stripes!!

"That's TEN Melody!! GRAB THAT CHAIR SEAT!!" A bawling Melody obeyed the order...

Whisssss-SMAACK!!! "YAAAA-HAAAA-YEEEE-OWWWW!! WAAAAAAAAH!" Melody was bawling like a baby as the ninth hot stripe cut across her poor little bottom. The pain was so intense, she was kicking her little feet almost up to her bottom with each stroke, almost throwing herself OVER the back of her little chair.

Swissssssh-WHAP!!! "IIEEEEEE-AAAA-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" The tenth stripe cut right back into the tender flesh of the crease, right ALONG the path of the earlier fifth stripe. Again, the howling Melody lost control of her little hands. She didn't actually cover up, but her hands left the chair...

"MELODY!! That's FIFTEEN, young lady!! You did better with the REAL cane!!" (Of course, her daddy was conveniently forgetting that before he'd tried his very best NOT to cross any welts. Besides, Melody poor bottom was still bruised and sore from her severe paddling that afternoon...)

Whhhhhhhhhh-HACK!! "YAAAAAAAAAH-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" Melody was crying so hard that you could hardly tell when the cane connected, one long howl at the top of her lungs...

Swissssss-SNAAAP!! "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" The final stroke cut across the base of Melody's bottom at a slight angle, right across her 'spank spot' where she sat down. It took all her concentration, but she actually managed to hold on to the chair seat.

The first part was over! Melody started to get up, when "Melody I have NOT told you to get up! Stay in position!...Well, your first licking is over, so I guess I WON'T count that as a violation, but you are VERY close to TWENTY paddle swats, little girl!!" Melody quickly grabbed the chair seat again, still crying as hard as she could.

Now Daddy walked around to her front. He had the terrycloth belt from her little robe in his hands. "At least we won't ask you to keep position by yourself anymore, Mel" he said. "Oh NO!!" thought Melody "Not NOW!" She'd thought she'd get a LITTLE break between her two switchings. And she was right; this wasn't her switching. But it was NOW. Josh quickly tied the long strip of fabric to Melody's right wrist, ran it around under the chair, behind her knees, back under the chair, and tied it to her left wrist. Not only did this prevent her from reaching back, it also kept her from being able to kick her legs much. Daddy picked up Melody's very own spanking-paddle from the chair seat and said:

"Now its time for your penalty spanks, Melody. Get ready, these are really going to hurt over all those nice little red stripes..."

And they did!! As each hard spank landed across Melody's hot striped bare bottom she bucked and twisted as hard as she could. Her crying and bawling were continuous. Finally after seven swats she was totally broken. All she could do was lie there over the back of the chair and cry as hard as she could, totally reduced to a bawling little girl getting a good, sound spanking for her severe naughtiness. By the time her penalty paddling was over, the hot red stripes of her switching had tiny, hot little sting blisters added to them all over her bottom.

And she STILL had a dozen licks to go. Daddy told Melody that he was going to give her five minutes before her next caning. But she would be left tied over the chair, ready for her burning licks.

"All right, Melody. Get ready for your final licking. This is why naughty little Penitatas fear Easter. Because of this final licking. Almost everybody gets SOME penalty swats, and when this switch hits those welts and blisters...well, you're about to discover just how sorry it is possible for a little six year old to be. Just remember, hon, it COULD have been MUCH worse." And Josh stepped into position and raised the cane up high.

Ssssssss-WHAAP!!! "YEEEAAA-HAAA-WAAAAAH-OWWWW!!" Fire! Burning white hot line of FIRE across her BOTTOM! It was IMPOSSIBLE! It was...

Whisssss-SPLACKT!! "YOOO-EEEEE-AAAAA-HAAAA-IEEEEEEE" (sob) No! Can't! MUST! PAIN! NOOO! HURRRT! Melody was already howling with pain. No words, no pleas, just two licks and she was reduced to a bawling baby.

Swisss-SMACK!! "EEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH(sob)WAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAH! flecks of blood dripped from Melody's sting blisters as the wicked little switch-cane impacted the weeping sores. Melody continued to just cry.

Whisssss-SNAP!!! "(sob) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Melody bawled as hard as she could. Each lick inevitably crossed previous stripes, and often impacted sting blisters left over from her hard paddling.

Swissssssss-SPANK! "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAA..." At least the light little cane didn't leave true welts, like a real school cane. The thin and whippy little cane left bright red stripes, similar to a switch, though...stingier. But by now Melody's bottom was one big red stripe....

Ssssssssss-SPLAT! "WAAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAA..." That one went right into the crease at the base of Melody's bare bottom, right where she sat down.

Whissssss-SMACKK! "WAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAA..." Melody's Daddy just couldn't bear to apply any more whippy licks to Melody's bare bottom. So he began to switch the backs of her tender thighs. These were relatively unmarked, but on the other hand, now the pain was spread over even more of her tender flesh.

Swissss-SPLACT!! "WAAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAA..." Now the stripes on her thighs were crossing, and Melody continued to howl at the top of her lungs.

Whisssssss-WHAP! "WAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAA..." This stripe wasn't quite full force. Either Daddy's heart or his arm was finally giving out.

Whisssssss-SMACK! "WAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAA..." Whisssssss-SPANK! "WAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAA..." Whisssssss-WHACK! "WAAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAAH! (sob) WAAAAAAAAA..." The final three strokes were applied one-two-three across the middle of Melody's slim thighs. Not much padding there. But not much previous damage, either.

Daddy let Melody howl for a minute, until she finally began to realize that her torment was over. She continued to bawl as hard as she could. Josh knew that, after that much pain, she'd be bawling for quite some time to come.

He released Melody, and held her wrists away from her bottom. He quickly put her nightie back on, and helped her into bed (on her tummy, of course). Safety pins would never keep her desperate six year old hands away from such a hotly burning bottom, so Josh quickly rigged the wrist restraints to keep her naughty hands out of trouble. Then Josh slipped an extra pillow under Mel's loins, lifting her bottom into the air, and pulled up her nightie.

"WAAAAAAAHHH!! NOO! NO MO, DAD'DEEE!" Wailed the crying child. But no more spanks were forthcoming; Josh just pulled the blankets up and tucked Melody tightly in. The cotton sheets pressed down onto her uplifted bare nates, emphasizing her punished condition.....

Melody cried very hard for a very long time before she fell asleep, despite the hot burning agony of her bottom.

* * *

The next morning, Mary came in and awakened Melody. She released the child and pulled her out of bed, then tugged off her nightie, sat down on the bed, and patted her lap.

Seeing the bottle in her hands, Melody jumped over and plopped her naked body down over her Mommy's knees. She knew what was in that bottle, and while it wasn't pleasant, it was infinitely better than the burning ache of her entire bottom, and FAR better than the awful stinging fire of her blisters and red welts!!

Her Mommy rubbed the cool lotion into her bottom, then let her up. "Now, what can you wear?? I know!!" Mary left for a second, fetching something from the hall closet. "We got these just in case you were a bedwetter, hon, but you weren't." She pulled an extra-large diaper out of the package, and opened it onto the bed. Then she helped Melody onto the bed, and fastened the six-year-old into the soft cloth.

"There, that should protect your bottom from your little hands!!" Finally Mary hit the activator on the bottle, and Melody's bottom immediately began to itch mercilessly. Her every instinct was to rub and scratch, but she carefully kept her hands AWAY from the diaper. Not only from fear of punishment, but because she didn't want ANYTHING to interfere with the nanomachines' work.

Melody's bottom had been left in a very sorry state from her abusive punishment, and 'special day' punishments WERE abusive. Her bottom had deep bruising from her Mommy's hairbrush, not to mention her Daddy's paddle. The skin was thoroughly welted from the nursery cane, and her penalty paddling had left hot sting blisters all over her fanny, and the blisters had then been broken and enlarged by the second whipping. But, thanks to the industrious micromachines in the healing lotion, by morning her little bottom would be as good as new!! Un-fortunately, the nanites would ALSO 'heal' any callus that might have been left from her ordeal. Her bottom would be as pink, and healthy, and as TENDER, as a new-born baby's.

But the whole process ITCHED.

Mary took Melody down to where Josh was fixing breakfast before he left for work. She couldn't possibly sit down, so she was allowed to stand as she ate a huge breakfast (no supper...). Then Mary took her back upstairs to her room, where she tucked her into the fresh, clean sheets of her bed. "I want you to stay in bed quiet all day, Melody. Easter is quite an ordeal for naughty little Penitatas like you, and this was your first. And just think, you have five more to look forward to!!"

And with this disheartening comment, Mary left her little girl to cry herself back to sleep in the darkened room.