Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

The Park

Mar 04, 2748

Part 7 of Melody's Stories

Melody was both excited and worried when her Mommy suggested they go to the park to play this afternoon. Excited because she really enjoyed running around among the trees and bushes. But she was worried because her last spanking had been Tuesday evening; no spankings at all yesterday, and while she'd been pretty good, she WAS Penitatas. Maybe Mommy had something special planned.

But that could just as easily be for tonight, and nothing Melody could do would change things. She might as well go have fun.

And she did. The weather was cool and Melody ran in and around the trees, played on the swing sets and slides, rode the spinning wheel with some of the other younger neighborhood kids, all Penitatas, of course. There were a few incidents, as children misbehaved slightly or took to long to come to their Mommies or Daddies, and got pants- and underpants- down spankings for it, sometimes with the little paddle or even a hairbrush-back. But despite this, all the kids were having fun. The spankings just added a bit of spice; GETTING them might be no fun, but watching OTHERS 'catch it' certainly was!

Inevitably Melody had her turn. Too fascinated by her swinging, she just didn't hear her Mommy tell her to let the next little boy have a turn. Mary caught Melody right out of the swing at the top of her back-arc and carried her over to the nearest park bench.

"No! No, Mommy! I'll be good!" Melody wailed as she kicked and wiggled in her Mommy's strong arms as her little six-year-old body was unceremoniously hauled over to the bench. Then Mary was seated and Melody was crying on her feet in front of her.

The scolding began. Melody only caught itermittent words, like 'selfish' and 'refuse to share'. She was in for it, all right. She stood there quietly with her head down and accepted the scolding; there was nothing she could do about her fate now...

Then she felt Mommy's warm hands unbuttoning her green corduroy pants, and knew it was time. Pants and blue print panties were SLOWLY drawn down to her ankles, and Melody was the center of all the children's attention as she stood in front of her Mommy with her bottom bare, her little hands covering up her hairless little pussy... until her Mommy ordered her to put her hands to her sides.

Mommy then continued the scolding, occasionally spanking Melody's bare bum with her hand as she pulled the pants and panties clear off, lifting first one of Mel's little feet, then the other. The clothing was folded neatly on the bench next to Mommy.

Now Melody was starting to get worried. Mommy clearly had been waiting for an excuse to give Melody 'something special', and selfish behavior was plenty of excuse! Melody's face was a solid red from embarassment, while the bare skin of her lower half shivered and goose-bumped in the cool afternoon breeze.

Finally the scolding ended, as Mary gave Melody her final orders: "Now, Melody, there are lots of trees here. I want you to go fetch me a nice little switch for your naughty bottom."

"Noo! Not a switch! Pleease!"

"You're not going to disobey me NOW, Melody!! Just for that little outburst, we'll see how you like some hairbrush spanks after your switching!!" Melody howled at this information! "Now, unless you'd like a good dose of the hairbrush BEFORE your switching, too, get your little fanny to searching!"

Melody had seen this game before. Several of the other kids had already had to go switch-hunting that afternoon, always bare from the waist down, showing off everything as they searched the trails at a trot, looking for a limb that was green enough, long enough, not TOO long or thick, but thick enough to satisfy their Mommy.

And like most of the other kids, Melody's first switch wouldn't do. "Melody, that switch isn't nearly stingy enough; its much too dry. Five extra licks, dear, and try again." "That switch is only 35 cm long! try again, dear. Five licks." "Much too long for a little girl like you, Melody. Try again!" (But at least no extra licks. You only got those for a switch that wasn't nasty enough, not one that was TOO nasty).

Eventually Melody fetched over a 60 cm long branch from one of the willow trees near the brook. It was a full centimeter wide at the base, slimming down to about half that at the end. Mommy took out a pocket knife and silently trimmed and smoothed the switch until it was suitable for a six-year-old bottom.

Then she patted her lap, "Time for your switching Melody. Get over my knees. And keep your hands in front of you, young lady, unless you WANT your knuckles switched!" And once Melody was in position, Mary asked "Now, tell me about your naughtiness, and how sorry you are. And ask me for it."

(Sob)"M-Mommy, I'm sorry I w-was selfish an' wouldn't share the swing. A-An I'm sorry I wuzn't list'nin when you tole me to stop. I-I was really naughty, and I-I need you to give me a good s-switchin' on my bare b-bottom to teach me to be good."

"Very nice, Melody." <sssWHAP!> "Yeeeow!" "I think you're settling in nicely, dear." <sssTHWHAP!> "Yeeeaaaa-haaaa!!!" "That was a very nicely-worded request." <sss-SMACK! sss-THWHAK!> "Ieeee-aaaa-haaaah!" "But now you just pay <sss-SPANK!> attention <sss-SMAK!> to the SWITCH! <sss-WHAP!...sss-SMACK!...sss-WHAP!>

Melody's switching had begun in earnest. Red lines criss crossed her little bottom as she twisted and wiggled over her Mommy's lap, trying frantically to avoid the stinging and burning switch. With no luck.

Finally Melody was crying hard as the last of two dozen whippy licks was applied to her little hams. She'd even gotten one lick across her right palm, as she tried to reach back to cover up. That REALLY hurt, and Mommy had trapped her palm and twisted her hand behind her back to keep her wiggling body under control afterwards. And then she'd repeated the lick.

But now as Melody sobbed and cried, her Mommy reminded her of the TWENTY PENALTY LICKS she was to get for bringing 'inadequate' switches! Oh NOOO!

But those whipply licks were also applied to Melody's bare bottom, leaving it a hot mass of thin red weals and stripes. These licks Mommy focused on Mel's lower bottom and thighs, where she'd feel them every time she sat down for a while.

Melody was as much the focus of attention in the park as any of the other little Penitatas who'd been punished earlier. Everbody was now openly staring at her red, welted bottom, at her tear-stained, crying face, mucous streaming from her nose, sobbing, bawling heaves wracking her tiny form as she endured the sound punishment to her poor little bare bottom.

But it wasn't over yet. After letting Melody cry it out for five minutes, Mary quietly laid the back of her hairbrush onto Melody's welted bottom. Even through the tears and heaving sobs, Melody recognized the feel of the familiar wood.

"Nooo! Mama Nooo! No brush, MAMA! Nooo! Pleeze! Nooo! Huurts! No brush! Pleeeze, DON' SPANK ME WI' THE HA'BRUSH!! NOOO!"

"You've got to learn to do what you're told when you're told Melody. You need this hairbrushing, too. Now get your naughty bottom ready for swats!!"

"WAAAAAAAAAH" Melody broke back down into hard bawling even before the first hot spank was burned across her welted bare nates. Mommy wasn't spanking very hard, but the hot, sore welts made even a gentle pat burn like fire. And the spanks were NOT gentle pats, either.

Melody's crying was constant and severe as her poor bare bottom was spanked into submission. Once a week or so, a Penitatas is due a good, sound old-fashioned spanking, one that leaves her totally reduced to a helpless, bawling, well-spanked baby girl who is TOTALLY repentant and defeated. And, occasionally, they get even harder spankings, like this one, that show them just how horrible it is to be a Penitatas. Not as bad as one of the 'specials,' of course. But bad enough.

Finally, after an additional two dozen hairbrush spanks Melody's punishment was over. She lay over her Mommy's lap and cried and cried at the burning fire in her bottom. It took almost thirty minutes for her crying to subside enough for Mary to let Melody up off of her lap. And then Melody was told to "go run and play with the other children, dear. Don't worry about your pants; I'll keep them here."

And Melody had no choice but to rejoin the fun and games bare- bottomed, her red-striped ass on display before all the other kids, boys as well as girls. Not that she was alone; three little boys, one around four and the others Melody's age, and another little girl about five were also playing bare-bottomed, their hot red fanny's on display.

Melody discovered that playing with a very sore bottom is very little fun. Sitting on the swing was horrible. The slide was unmentionable. At least the carousel was tolerable; she just never sat down. But whenever she played that too long, a 'look' from her Mommy would tell her it was time to move on, and let the OTHER kids have a turn.

Finally it was time to go home and get supper ready. Mommy at last redressed her little girl and took her by the hand to walk her home. Once there, Melody found her pants back down, her bare bottom planted on the corner stool in the kitchen, while her Mommy programmed the unit for the evening meal. She had to eat supper seated on her bare, welted bottom, too.

But finally, after her Daddy had given her her bath, it was time to go over parental knees (his) one last time, this time for the soothing nano-lotion that would have her poor bottom completely healed by morning.