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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October. She was sentenced to three cycles from 6 to 12 years old. Like all convicted criminals, she is spending her first cycle(s) in the custody of 'spanko' parents, who are authorized, even encouraged to spank her as often as possible, AS WELL AS often as she deserves...

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!

NB: This first came out at the height of the 'brat thread'; I think a lot of people missed it 'cause there was only one response...
   —Lurking Dragon

Two Many Mommies

Feb. 12, 2748

Part 6 of Melody's Stories

It was mid-February, and Melody had just come in from playing outside. Mary, her mother, had gotten her out of her heavy clothing and soon had Melody plopped down in the kitchen with a bowl of hot soup. After lunch, Melody was allowed to play in the living room for a while before her afternoon naptime.

Then the doorbell rang. Mary answered it, greeting a young woman who appeared to be in her mid-twenties. Melody recognized her immediately, and shuddered. As inevitable as this meeting had been, she still couldn't face how terrible it would be.

"May I help you, Ms....?" asked Mary.

"I probably should have called, but when I heard I was so upset... I'm Carol Marston. Melody's mother."

"Oh...please come in, then. You hadn't heard???"

Ms. Marston, Melody's birth mother, came in and walked into the living room. Melody was now sitting in the armchair, looking down, already crying.

"No, I HADN'T heard. Melody how could you!! I leave the planet for a year and what happens?? My little girl, my only child, a convict!! A THIEF no less!! How could this happen to me!! What were you THINKING about!! Answer me, young lady!!"

Mary wisely kept quiet, simply observing the reunion of mother and daughter in silence.

"Mother, I'm so SORRY! I didn't really MEAN to, but Donald loved the trips so much, so I kept on even when I knew we couldn't afford..."

"Donald, DONALD! I KNEW that man was no good! I warned you about him, Mel, but oh, no you couldn't listen to your Mama. Besides, HE never had access to any funds, nobody else trusted him even if you did. Don't try to pin all of this on him, you KNEW what you were doing, and that it was wrong, didn't you??"

"Y-yes, but.."

"No buts! you knew and you went and STOLE!"

"BORROWED! I meant to pay it back..."

"STOLE. Taking without permission is STEALING, I taught you that when you were four, when I spanked you for taking that toy from the store. I probably should have spanked you a lot more, if this is how you turned out. How I'll ever face my friends I don't know!! A THIEF for a daughter!! I'll never live it down, everybody will..."

"Mama, that isn't true and you know it!! Look at me, I'm a Penitatas! I'm paying for my... mistake in FULL! You know the custom, you taught it to me, once its all over its ALL OVER, right??"

"Well, yes, supposedly after a term as Penitatas you start over fresh, with the matter forgiven and forgotten, like any naughty child who's been spanked its supposedly over. But you know how my friends are..."

"That's THEIR problem, if they can't play by the rules!!"

"But you HAVE embarrassed your mother, and shamed her by your behavior, Melody!!" Mary suddenly chimed in. "Even though you were an adult, your behavior DOES reflect poorly on Carol. She has every right to be angry with you."

"Hmph! I certainly AM angry with Melody!! But I'm ignoring you, dear! Ms. Johnson, isn't it?? How has Melody been doing? Has she been settling down into her sentence?? I guess you're still spanking her about every day, at this point, aren't you. I have to admit, I'm angry enough at her to be rather pleased about that. You know, she looks just like the irrepressible imp she was when she was six growing up. I'll bet she's just as much of a handful as she was then!!"

"You'd be surprised how much a spanking or two every day helps with that, Carol. But we were discussing how angry you are with Mel. I was wondering if you'd care to... express... that anger a little more... directly, the way you might've the first time around...."

And with that Mary slid her hand into her shoulder bag and took out the wicked little spanking paddle called a 'Mother's helper', and set it down on the coffee table. Melody stared at it, her face slowly collapsing as she realized what her new Mommy was suggesting to her old one.

Carol picked up the little paddle. It was made of a light blond wood. 27 cm long, (10 of that handle), very thin (3 mm) and quite narrow (5 cm), a 'helper' was light enough for any age rejuve. "I had one of these when Melody was a girl, but I never used it." She looked her former daughter right in the eye and said "Maybe I should have!! Maybe we wouldn't be here if I had!!"

Suddenly Carol sat up straight on the couch, moving out towards the edge. "Right!! Melody, come here and get over my knees, young lady!! I'm going to spank your naughty bottom until you bawl! Come on!"

Sniffling a bit Melody slid off the chair and minced towards her angry birth mother, who grasped her upper arm as she came within reach. With a good yank Carol pulled Melody over her lap face down. "Nooooo!" Mel cried out as she resumed a position she hadn't seen for over forty years. The position was strangely familiar. The precise way Carol's knees pressed into her tummy and thighs. Her mother's familiar scent, the way her body moved under Melody... Suddenly her mind swept back to the last time she'd been over her Mommy's knees for a spanking. She'd been five, and had been caught playing with a firestarter. The safety had been on, but she'd still been turned up for a few stinging spanks across her little shorts before going to the corner for a 'time out'.

And now she was suddenly back in the same position, her slim body only slightly larger than before. Her head swam for a moment when <SPANK> "Ow! Mommy!" Carol's hand had spanked Melody's denim clad bottom with a loud slap! And now several more spanks landed on the blue fabric!

"Ah, Carol, you're treating Melody like a Kindern. You should remember she's a Penitatas now. That romper should really come right on down...."

"Oh. So it should; old habit, I guess. Up you come, little miss! No, keep your hands away, those shoulder straps are coming... there!! Now the side buttons... Stop squirming, Melody, good lord I've seen you in panties before, I'm your mother!! There! Right down to your knees! Now get back over Mommy's lap!"

With the bundled romper tangling her knees, Melody was quickly repositioned across Carol's lap, her pink panty-clad bottom perched in the center, just left of Carol's right thigh. Mary quickly came over to the couch and sat down next to Carol, securing Melody's hands to "keep them out of the way".

Now Melody began to cry as her birth-Mommy's hand began to spank her thinly-clad bottom. "Ow! Yeow! (sob) Momma! Ow! Ouch! Yow! Ow!" Her yelps and sobs could be heard quite clearly as a full dozen crisp spanks peppered her panties. Then Carol shook her hand, grimacing.

"You're out of practice, Carol. Use the paddle, that's what its for."

"Of course, Mary, thank you."

And now Melody began to really cry as the wicked little helper began to spank her panties, much harder than Carol's hand. "There! and There! My, this paddle DOES make you buck, Melody. It must REALLY sting! I never paddled you like this when you were MY little girl, and I guess I really should have! Oh, it does make you yelp! I'll bet your little bottom is getting quite red now!"

"So why don't you see for yourself." chimed in Mary "Besides, I think its WAY past time you gave Melody a good, sound bare-bottom spanking!!"

"Noooo! (sob) Not Bare! Not Bare Bottom! Mommee! Pleeeze! (sob)" But by then her mother was already pulling Melody's pink panties right down to her tangled romper around her knees. Melody put her head down and kicked and wiggled as hard as she could, but nothing could keep that nasty little paddle from... <SPANK!> <WHAP!> <SLAP!> <SMACK>!

"Yeeeowww! (sob) Mommmy! Nooo! It Hurts Yeeeow! Too MUCH! Owww! on th'Owww! BARE (sob) BOTTOM!!" Melody protested in vain as her Mommy discovered the satisfaction of applying well-earned, stinging, painful spanks to her very naughty little girl's bare bottom — only several decades later than usual.

"Oh, I bet this DOES sting more on the bare bottom, Melody! It sure is making your cute little fanny nice and red! Yes, your hopping and bouncing around like crazy, aren't you! I should've done this YEARS ago! I'll bet you behave yourself from now on! WON'T you young lady! Yes, you've needed this for a LONG time and I should've taken care of it THEN!" Finally Carol tossed the little paddle aside. Melody was now crying hard, and Carol just rubbed at her bare bottom for a while as she calmed down. "You were right, Mary, that DID make me feel a LOT better! I don't think I'm NEARLY as mad at Mel as I was. And what about YOU young lady! <SPANK-SPANK-SPANK-SPANK!!> Are YOU feeling sorry about what you're putting me through?? Well... <SPANK-SLAP-WHAP> ARE you??"

"(sob) Oww! Yeeow! Mommy! Y- Yes I am. I never even thought about it before, but (sniff) Yeeow! when I- I took the money...It wasn't just the Society and me, it was you an' Daddy and everybody I knew. I- I betrayed ALL of you. I never reali'zed that! I DESERVED that spanking! I really did, didn't I! I deserve ALL of the spankings I'm getting, for what I did to everybody!! Oh, Mommaa.....(sob)

"Mommy, would you please spank me some more???? (sob)"

"Oh. ... Melody ... I- I'd be glad to, honey."

And with that Carol began to spank Melody's hot bare bottom with slow, stinging spanks with her hand. No scolding on her part, no begging or pleading on Melody's, just the loud sound of hand meeting hot bottom, and the yelps and sobbing crying of a naughty child receiving a well-deserved, much needed, and long-overdelayed sound spanking.

"Do you want the paddle?" asked Mary.

"No. No, I think we BOTH need this to be flesh-to-flesh. But thank you. And I'd like to say I think you must be doing a great job with Melody, here. I can already see a major 'attitude adjustment' from the way she was last year. Thank you."

The spanking continued for a very long time. Sometimes Carol would pause for a few minutes to rest her hand (and, incidentally, Melody's bottom). Then the spanking would resume. By the time it finally ended they were far closer than they had been in years. Both felt the renewed connection, even as Carol carried little Melody upstairs to her room, where she and Mary finished undressing her and putting her into pajamas for her afternoon nap (now rather late).

Somewhat to their surprise, the two women were rapidly becoming close friends. They exchanged stories about Melody's childish adventures and mischief (old and new). Mary even showed Carol a few carefully selected recordings of some of Melody's earlier spankings. "So you see, compared to some of what a Penitatas gets, that spanking was quite reasonable...."

After two hours, it was getting on towards five. Mary and Carol went up to awaken Melody together.

As Mel rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, Mary pulled out the full- sized straight-backed chair kept in her room and sat down. "Melody, your old Mommy is still upset with you, even if she doesn't think so now. Besides, you're MY little girl now, and a Penitatas to boot! Go over to your dresser and bring me the hairbrush. Now."

Carol gaped a bit, and Melody let out a high pitched whine at this unwelcome news, but the well-trained little girl knew better than to protest. She quickly fetched her red maple hairbrush from off of her dresser and took it over to her new mother. She held it quietly as Mary slid her cotton pajama pants down and pulled Melody up and over her knees. Her bare bottom was still a hot, sore pink from her earlier spanking.

"Brush, Mel" ordered Mary. Melody reached the brush back over with her right hand. Mary took the brush and then grasped the wrist, pinning it behind Melody to hold her in position.

The first hard spank of the brush landed in the center of Melody's bare right bottom cheek. The second swat impacted the matching spot on her left buttock a few seconds later. Then her spanking was well under way as spank after stinging, burning spank fell onto her tender bare nates. Carol watched in amazement as a dozen crisp spanks from the hairbrush back left Melody's bottom hotter and redder than she'd managed with her entire spanking that afternoon. And the crisp spanks continued to fall, her bottom was turning even redder and hotter, and Melody's crying and howling was unbelievable. Mary was showing Carol first hand just what a naughty little convict could expect when serving a Penitatas sentence!!

The spanking ended as suddenly as it had begun. Melody was howling and crying, a blubbering mess of tears, spittle and sweat. Mary held her over her knee for a few minutes while she calmed down, then sent her off to her corner to SIT in her little chair until supper, still in her pajama tops, with no bottoms. Carol watched in amused contentment as Melody's sobbing increased a bit as her red bottom pressed into the hard wooden seat of her chair. Giggling a bit, she turned to Mary and said "Melody always DID hate time outs. I guess she has reason to dread them even more, now!!"

And at six, as Carol sat down to supper with the Johnsons, she watched a much-subdued Melody wince as she sat down at the table, still bare-bottomed. After supper Carol and Mary gave Melody her bath together before Carol had to leave for the shuttleport.

"Thank you for being so understanding, Mary. I was so angry about what Melody did... but not now. I think we're closer than we have been in years. And I can tell you're taking great care of her, well, except for the spankings and I know you're supposed to do that..."

"And as you saw, they are very effective in helping her. Both to be sorry for what she's done, and as she realizes the shame and guilt over her actions, how she's hurt her friends and family, well the spankings help her to deal with that as well, to expunge some of the guilt she's discovered."

"That was some spanking you gave her, though. Are they all that hard??"

"A lot of them. Some are harder; she isn't REALLY six, you know. A lot of the daily spankings aren't that hard, though. Most of them are handspankings. I use the 'Mother's helper' a lot, too, especially if she's been, well, less than perfect but not really naughty. But I have to tell you, she gets a good, sound spanking with either the paddle of the hairbrush-back about twice a week, not counting any good spankings she might earn for being naughty!! Remember, she's a Penitatas, and in her first year of 'hard time'. It's supposed to be as close to a child's vision of Hell on Earth as we can get. And we do our best."

"That many... and that hard?? I had no idea. But I guess it has to be. Criminals; my God she IS a criminal, isn't she? They have to be really punished, I know. I... don't think I'll be visiting very often. It hurts too much to see her like that, and I know now that you're taking good care of her. At least with modern medicine, there's no real harm. Besides, I've been offered a job on Rivendell, you know the place?? Pegasus 23-4?? If it hadn't been for all this I would've grabbed it as soon as I got back to Earth..."

"Take it. Believe me, I'm only thankful we got along so well. In training, we were taught that the original parents could be one of our biggest problems. Sometimes we even have to prohibit them from seeing the convict, though we hate to do that; family is important. Goodbye! and even if you can't come, write Melody; I'll see to it that she writes back."