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Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon


Jan. 30-Feb 1, 2748

Part 5 of Melody's Stories

Quite often Melody was 'allowed' to spend the weekend with Mary and Josh's good friends Rodger and Cora Peterson, who were playing the part of her kindly grandparents. In their early seventies, physically, they were beginning to feel the weight of their years, and were planning to rejuve in two or three years, so they didn't feel up to handling a little Penitatas of their own, (as they had several times in the past), but could help out Josh and Mary (and some of the other local parents) with their charges.

Spankos of long standing, and successful keepers of several early cycle Penitatas in their lives, the two were still quite able to handle a naughty little boy or girl whenever it was needed. And it gave couples like Josh and Mary a chance to engage in activities officially detrimental to young morals, i.e. sexual spankings between themselves (and, also, use of their home holos of Melody and their earlier charges for...stimulation).

Nevertheless, in their persona of 'grandparents' Rodger and Cora were a little less strict with the children than their parents. They were allowed to stay up later, and could watch more holo programs than their parents would have allowed.

But this weekend was a bit different. When Melody arrived, bag in hand, at the front door (they only lived a block away), she found a little BOY already playing in the living room.

"Hello, Melody." greeted Cora, her 'grandma'. This is your 'cousin' Billy Peters. He's nine. His parents were called out of town very suddenly, so you'll both be spending the night here, and possibly tomorrow night as well."

This was no problem for Melody at first, although she resented sharing 'her' grandparents attentions with anyone. But when she got upstairs she found Billy's suitcase in HER room!! And then she realized...Cora and Rodger's room...the study...HEY! There was only the ONE spare bedroom. She dropped her case and flew into the study, where Rodger was working at his term-desk. "Granpa! Billy's stuff is in my room. Where am I suppos'd to stay? With you an' granma? Huh?"

"(Chuckle), No, Melody, you'll stay in your room same as ever. The double bed's plenty wide enough, and...?"

"(Blanching) But he's a BOY!! I can't sleep with a BOY!"

"Why not? Afraid of cooties? Melody, its not like there's a lot of difference at the moment, you know." Granpa's hand swept out and grabbed Melody's arm, pulling her up and onto his lap. "I know this is very sudden, but I know you'll get along with Billy fine. (Patting her bottom through her white dress for emphasis) At least you'd better get along. For both of your sakes...he's as much a Penitatas as you are. Now run along downstairs and get to know him."

Melody complied, still fuming a bit at the situation. But she found that Billy was OK, for a boy. He was awfully bossy, and expected to make all the decisions, but that was mostly because he was so much older than she was. (And the age hierarchy of childhood was officially accepted and encouraged.) So Melody found herself losing to him repeatedly at video games she just hadn't reacquired the eye-hand coordination to play well yet.

Supper was a little more raucous than usual, with two kids wiggling and asking for salt and fries and so forth, but by seven all four were in the living room ensconced in front of the Peterson's jumbo family holoset. Unfortunately, the program was a news special that Rodger and Cora were very interested in, reporting in detail on the case of the Portland Quartet.

What had happened, these four teenagers, REAL children, not rejuves, had decided to sample some of their parents sklava leaf while their folks were out of town. Now this was bad, of course, since sklava, like alcohol and tobacco, is illegal to anyone under twenty-one. But some experimentation is expected, even today. And after they'd been caught (and they WOULD have been caught), they'd have been grounded and gotten some very nasty repetitive chores or something, and that would have been the end of it. ALL children test their limits as they grow up, it's natural.

But one of the girls, the thirteen year old Helen, had brought along some beer as well. All of the kids had been through the required classes, they all knew that sklava and alcohol were a BAD combination, but they went ahead anyway. Even so, nothing too much would have gone wrong, but they decided to take the family hovercar out for a joyride.

Driver's licenses are also only available to adults, at twenty-one.

Fortunately, the man had survived; but only because the ambulance was equipped with the new Emergency Rejuvenation System. This small unit, only 54 Kilograms, was saving lots of lives, despite its severe limitations. He had had massive neural trauma, his heart was almost destroyed, his spinal cord pulped. He was within minutes of dying... yet the ERS had saved his life, restoring him to perfect health within seconds, albeit with a few major drawbacks....

The show went into a sidetrack on the history of rejuvenation. In the beginning, 600 years ago, all rejuvenations resulted in the subject becoming a girl. This was because the Forerunners, the race that developed rejuvenation, were apparently hermaphroditic. They had 32 pairs of chromosomes, all the time, with nothing like our XX and XY differentiation. Therefore their rejuvenation machines tended to ignore the Y chromosome when building a new, rejuved body out of the old one. This caused a lot of problems, and, since EVERY rejuved person was potentially a mother, required the extremely strict reproductive laws still in effect. That was one of the reasons the population had gone down so much, since the solution was found 50 years later.

It was the Drakonians who provided the solution. They had encountered the same problem, although it resulted in all their rejuved people being male, since they had the matched chromosome pair. Their complex software solution, that made the rejuvenator accept the unpaired chromosome, was easily modified for humanity's use. But the solution isn't perfect; even today, almost 1% of male rejuvenations result in a female child. This is usually fixed immediately with a second rejuvenation, and the person just has to put up with three extra years of childhood. But, of course, 1% of THOSE rejuvenations also result in a girl, now nine.

But the Emergency Rejuvenators ALWAYS resulted in a female child. In order to save weight, they simply couldn't handle the extra computer capacity needed. In fact, they had only ONE Johnson crystal, instead of the usual FIVE. The puberty barrier wasn't a problem, since with only one Johnson crystal the system could never get that far. In fact, the maximum rejuvenated age out of an ERS is between six and eight.

Which is why Franz Helmut Bohzman felt a sudden impact, saw the ground rushing towards him, and awakened as a seven year old girl a few minutes later, the 'M' of a Medicalos or medical rejuve emblazoned on the backs of his hands.

And Helen, 13, Joanna, 14, Peter, 16 and Jakob, 17 found themselves in a LOT of trouble.

They had been released to their parents, of course, with implanted monitors and mandated grounding status (i.e. their parents were REQUIRED to ground them at the most severe level, school or their rooms only, nowhere else, 7:30 bedtime, and so forth).

And, of course, they were tried as juveniles, which is why their last names were never used, and their faces were computer disguised. Melody found this part interesting; the relatively few real kids, or Kindern, rarely got into serious trouble, and so she knew little about the special juvenile provisions. (These did NOT apply to rejuves.)

The court had, inevitably, found them guilty. If Franz had died, they would have been sentenced to multiple cycles of childhood, though not as full Penitatas but as Juvenala Penitatas, with a silver J on their hands. But since he lived, the fortunate children got only one cycle, except for Jakob, the actual driver, who got 2 cycles.

The court had been rather clever. The younger the child, the less he or she should be held accountable, so the court rejuved the younger kids by slightly less. In fact, ALL FOUR children were to be rejuved to the age of six, and re-categorized as Juvenala Penitatas. The two girls, and Peter, would simply have to re-do their childhood, but when Jakob reached the age of eleven he would go back to six again, this time as a 'soft time' Penitatas. Oddly enough, the other children would NOT become Penitatas when their 'actual' age passed twenty-one, but would remain juveniles for another fifteen years.

Melody wondered if they would be treated just like Penitatas, and if they'd get 'hard time' spankings or 'soft time' rehabilitation. The answer, surprisingly, was both.

Parental rights are VERY important in this society, and even a tragic mistake like this did not automatically terminate them. After rejuve, the children would be returned to their parents, who would, of course, have to re-raise them to become more responsible adults. Not, however, alone. The Dept. of Corrections would assign a governess to each of the children, who would live with them in their homes. It would be HER responsibility to see to it that the children regretted their mistakes as children have regretted mistakes for centuries.

Of course their parents would almost certainly spank them, but they would probably not spank them nearly as much as they needed after almost killing someone. That would be the governess' job. Hand, 'Mother's (or Nanny's) Helper', and possibly hairbrush would be applied to all four children repeatedly over the next few years to insure that they thoroughly understood the gravity of their misbehavior.

But they would not be spanked nearly as often as a first-cycle Penitatas; two or possibly three spankings a week, rather than five to ten. Mostly handspankings, with only occasional harder lessons, when earned. And, as Juvenala, they would NOT have any 'SPECIAL' punishment days like Christmas had been. And after a few years, say by ten, the spankings would taper off and the psychological reconditioning would begin, even for Jakob, although he'd have to go back to six first.

As the show ended, Peter declared that the 'brats' hadn't gotten nearly what they deserved; he felt they should be multi-cycle Penitatas, like he was. Melody demurred, feeling they'd gotten just about what they deserved; after all, they HAD just been kids out joyriding.

But what about poor Franz? HE'D lost a dozen years of freedom, his marriage essentially cancelled, (unless she decided to follow him, which was unlikely given their age), a child again until he reclaimed his adulthood in several years. But, of course, alive!!

The argument continued for a few minutes, until Rodger clapped his hands and declared it over, on the grounds that it was Billy's bedtime, and well past Melody's. "Up to the bathroom, both of you. Cora will be up in a minute to get you and the tub ready, so scoot."

BOTH of them?? With a sharp look at each other, Melody and Billy both turned a solid pink. But, of course, children their ages were often in the tub together in the colonies (where more kids per couple were encouraged), and they WERE to be treated as kids. And as Penitatas, 'false modesty' would not be tolerated. They trotted up to the second floor together in silence.

And their fears became true as Cora waltzed in, started the tub, and began quickly to unbutton Melody's white knee length dress. "Well, go ahead young man. You're old enough to get undressed by yourself." So Billy, blushing, began to pull off his jeans and T-shirt. Soon he was down to his white briefs, with little starships printed on them. As she was not undressing herself, Melody wasn't allowed to pause when Cora reached her pink pansy print panties, and they were swept on off leaving her birthday bare. But a stern look from Cora had Billy just as bare, and they found themselves in the tub together for their bath.

This led to quite a bit of giggling, and the occasional splash, and Cora had to scold them a couple of times to get them all clean. But soon Billy had been banished to the bedroom in a towel to put on his jammies, while Cora finished drying Mel and slipping her blue polka-dotted white nightie over her head and down to her knees. Cora took Melody by the hand and escorted her to the bedroom. When she entered she knew why. Billy was facing the corner, while Rodger had seated himself on the double bed. He crooked his finger at Melody and said "Come on over, Melody. You didn't think we'd skip your spankings, now did you? You know how much you need them..."

Melody was sniffling a bit as she walked the last few feet to Rodger's right side. Cora, meanwhile, had armed herself with her old, trusty hairbrush, seated herself on the dresser chair, and was calling on Billy to walk over and drop his pajama pants. Rodger gently took Mel by the waist and turned her over his legs. They were getting thin with age, and were a bit uncomfortable. Cora's broad lap was nicer, to lie on, anyway. Though Melody certainly favored Granpa's hard hand to Granma's hairbrush!! As he turned up the hem of her nightie to bare her little bottom, Melody glanced over at Billy, who was now well over Granma's lap, his own little bare tushie twitching in anticipation.

<WHAP! SMACK!> went Granpa's hand and Melody's spanking was underway, soon met by the crisper <THWHAP!> of Cora's hairbrush impacting Billy's bare bottom. Soon both children were wiggling and crying as their bare nates were spanked hot and sore. When both of them were crying like the well-spanked children they were, Rodger and Cora stopped the spankings and Cora pulled up Billy's pajamas. Then both children were put into the double bed, side by side, on their tummies, still crying.

And with orders to go right to sleep, Rodger and Cora left them to themselves. Soon the crying and sniffling subsided a bit, and the children, naturally, turned to each other for wordless comfort. They snuggled down in each other's arms and sobbed themselves to slumberland.

* * *

The next day, Saturday, it was cold and SNOWING! It almost never snowed this far south, and Melody and Billy wanted to go right out and build a snowman, (hey, if you HAVE to be a kid you might as well enjoy it!!), but Cora said they couldn't until after they'd had a good, big breakfast.

Bacon, cereal, pancakes, syrup, orange juice and milk later, the two children patiently waited as Melody was thoroughly wrapped up in her coat and muffler (Billy was old enough to get ready by himself). Soon the children were romping and playing and throwing snowballs at each other and so forth. Melody launched a big one at Billy, he ducked, and it flew right into the kitchen window...

And bounced off, of course; nobody used glass anymore.

But Cora had told them NOT to throw snowballs near the house as a matter of principle, (and discipline), and when the kitchen door opened to reveal her large form, Melody sobbed and trudged in without being told to. Figuring it was better to be honest, she immediately confessed to throwing the snowball and apologized.

"Well, I'm glad you told the truth girl, but I DID tell you not near the house, didn't I? You'd best come in. (louder) And you, too, Billy! time to warm the two of you up!!" Well, this worried Billy, but he had no option but to obey. And found Cora pouring a big bowl of hot soup for him on the kitchen table. "You drink this up, boy, while I take Melody up for her spanking. And don't even THINK about coming upstairs!!"

Cora picked up little Melody and carried her right up the stairs to the bathroom, where her various coats and so forth were peeled off of her and hung up over the tub. Then Melody, now in just her denim overalls, was again scooped up and taken to Cora and Rodger's bedroom. Cora quickly fetched her own 'Mother's Helper' from her purse, then sat on the bed with it beside her. Melody shuddered in anticipation of how that wicked little thin paddle would sting even as Cora unfastened the shoulders of her overalls and began the process of getting them down off of her. Her light blue panties followed the coveralls, and Cora picked her up right out of the little pile of clothes and put her over her knees. Her little green pullover shirt was pushed up out of the way, and Cora rubbed her hand over Melody's bare bottom.

"Melody, disobeying a direct order like that, you should have known better" she crooned. "That earns you a good old-fashioned sound spanking with my little paddle here." And picking up the paddle, Cora began to spank Melody's bare bottom. Melody yelped and howled as the paddle stung her little bare fanny. After only six swats she was crying; it always amazed her how much it HURT!!

Bur Cora stopped spanking after only a dozen swats. "Usually, that is. But you told the truth without my even asking. As you should, of course. But I've decided to reward your honesty." She dropped the paddle onto the comforter. "Instead, I'm just going to give you a good old-fashioned sound handspanking!!"

And she did. Melody was soon sobbing and crying as Granma spanked her bare bottom over and over. She wiggled and squirmed, but Cora had a lot of experience spanking naughty little girls, and Melody was helpless. She would only get up when her Granma decided she'd been spanked well enough to learn her lesson. And that wasn't for some time.

After re-dressing Melody, Granma took her downstairs, still sobbing and sniffling, to sit at the table (ouch!) for her own hot soup. Then Melody had to go upstairs and take a nap while Billy got to watch the afternoon children's shows on Holo.

After her nap, Melody was extra-special careful to behave. She may not have had as much fun, but she remained successfully unspanked for the rest of the day.

Billy wasn't so lucky. When he threw a small tantrum when ordered to switch over to golf by Granpa (Billy HATED golf), Granpa just carried him to the corner, flipped over himself and got the latest standings, (all he'd wanted; the last round wasn't until tomorrow!!) Then he took Billy upstairs for a good dose of the paddle, and maybe a couple of licks with the strap, to boot. And Melody suddenly got the HV all to herself!! For the rest of the afternoon, while Billy bawled and cried upstairs in the corner of their room!!

After that, Melody didn't even mind taking a bath with Billy. In fact, she found the four welts the strap had left across his buttocks fascinating!!

Billy had to go home the next morning, Sunday, so Melody accompanied Cora and Rodger to church. She was still being VERY good, and even managed to sit still through the sermon. But when they met her parents afterwards, they of course asked Granma and Granpa about how well she'd behaved. And, of course, they were told about the snowball.

And that meant a good, sound spanking over Mommy's knees as soon as she got home. But a handspanking, not the hairbrush like she'd expected.

It turns out honesty really WAS the best policy.

Or at least the less painful one.