Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

The Long Afternoon

Jan. 22, 274

Part 4 of Melody's Stories

At 12:30 Melody had finished her sandwich, chips and two glasses of milk and was ready for her usual afternoon nap. But then her Mommy called her into the living room...

"Melody, please come into the living room, dear."

When she arrived she saw something that would chill the soul of any little six year old, boy or girl. There was her Mommy, sitting back in the very center of the couch. And on the cushions next to her lay Melody's new maple hairbrush.

If that wasn't bad enough, next to the awful brush lay Mary's 'Mother's Helper' paddle, so called because those words were clearly written on its slim surface. It was also the name of the company that made it. It was made of a light blond wood, 27 cm long, (10 of that ] handle), very thin (3 mm) and quite narrow (5 cm). A 'helper' paddle was considered to be light enough for any age rejuve. It is one of the few things ever used to spank Kindern (real, unrejuved children) besides the hand. Melody had felt its sting plenty of times before, and hated it every single time. It was so light her Mommy or Daddy could spank and spank with it, stinging and smarting her fanny over and over, without any risk of bruising or blistering her bottom.

"Come on over here, Melody. In case you haven't guessed, it's time for me to give your naughty little behind a good long spanking. Even behaving yourself—and you HAVE been behaving—isn't enough, Melody. As a Penitatas, well, you know."

Mel knew. As a convicted criminal, a Penitatas, sentenced to childhood for her crimes, Melody just got spanked all the time. More or less every day. When she misbehaved she just got spanked a lot more, and a lot harder. The system was designed to punish criminals so severely they wouldn't ever THINK about committing another crime.

Punishing them as children, spanking them after rejuvenating their bodies, was the best way to do it without any permanent harm, physical or mental. (The resiliency of childhood is also true for rejuves).

With a sigh Melody walked over in front of her Mommy and stood quietly, her little hands clasped in front of her, waiting to be turned over Mary's lap. Somewhat to her surprise, her Mommy did NOT unbutton her little red pants before she gently grasped Melody and guided her onto the couch and up and over her lap.

It was actually quite comfortable. Mel was stretched out on her face on the couch, with just her middle being elevated slightly by Mary's legs. She had considerably more support than she usually did, over her Mommy's knees. The bad news was that her comfortable position, and her pants, indicated a long spanking to come.

But she never guessed just how long.

"Good girl, Melody. Now, keep your hands in front of you and don't try to cover your naughty little bottom, dear. Try to take your spanking like a big girl."

<spat, spit, smak, whap, spat, spit, spat, whap, spak, smak, whak>

Mommy began to spank Melody's red pants-seat. The spanks were surprisingly light, that just barely stung her bottom through her thin cotton pants and underwear. Melody put her head down and tried not to wiggle or squirm; anything to keep her Mommy from increasing the sting of those spanks.

After several minutes of spanking, Melody was beginning to sniffle a bit. Sure, the spanks didn't hurt all that much, each, but they just kept COMING. "Mom-mee! Pleeze! H-how long is this spankin' gonna last?"

"As long as I want it too, girl. I'm the parent, and YOU are the bad little girl, remember? Why, do you have plans for this afternoon? Or are you getting bored? I might be able to do something about that..."

All through her talk Mary's hand had continued to spank Melody's bottom with continuous, light spanks. But now she began to intersperse slightly harder spanks...

<spak, spit, Smak, spat, whap, smak, whap, Smak, whop, Spit, Spat>

Melody got the message, shut up, put her head down and determined to quietly take her punishment without a word.

After almost ten minutes of spanking, there was a brief pause. "Sorry, Mel, but I need to rest my hand a bit." Whew! Mel thought, what a relief, at least for...

That's when the first impact of the little 'Helper Paddle' smacked onto Melody's bottom, just as hard, or soft, as before.

It was Mommy's hand that was to get the rest. Not Melody's bottom.

The spanking continued as before, with the little paddle slightly stinging Melody's bottom through her pants. But like any spanking this one had a tendency to build over time. Even though the spanks hadn't changed, Melody's response certainly had. Even these gentle swats were slowly making her bottom rather uncomfortable. Nothing she couldn't stand easily, of course. But her fanny was starting to really sting a bit.

After about ten minutes of even, continuous spanking Mary finally set the little paddle aside and resumed spanking Melody with her hand.

But after a few dozen slight spanks she stopped. And quiickly rolled her little girl over onto her bottom. And unfastened her little red pants.

Melody gave a little wail as she was rolled back over her Mommy's lap, only to have her red slacks tugged right down to her kneehollows. Her little six-year-old bottom now had only her thin white panties to defend it from her Mommy's spanks.

Which now resumed, just as before, only now the spanks struck white nylon instead of red cotton. And they stung just a little bit more sharply than before. Mommy pushed Melody's brown pullover shirt up her back a bit, to make sure it stayed out of the way, and continued to spank.

<smak, whap, Smak, whop, Spit, Spat, spat, spit, Whap, spak, smak>

The burn in her bottom continued to slowly grow as the interminable spanking continued. Melody was crying quietly now, wiggling and squirming as her bottom was gently heated by the spanks. She'd been over her Mommy's lap for over 45 minutes when she finally broke down, and one hand swept back to try and cover up her poor fanny.

It was grabbed and twisted up into her back, and...

<SPANK! WHACK! SMACK! CRACK! SPLAT! WHAP!> The back of Melody's red maple hairbrush exploded onto her panties six times. Melody howled and bucked and began to bawl even harder than before. THAT's what the hairbrush was for! Her wrist was released, to fly in front of her to join it's less-wayward mate. Melody clasped her hands tightly together as if praying. She WAS praying, praying that the spanking would finally come to an end. A prayer that would be a long time being answered.

Mommy patted Melody's panty covered seat and said "I told you not to try and cover up, dear. Do try to obey from now on. I was about to change over to the paddle again to rest my hand, but now I think I'll just stick to the brush."

"Noooo! No Mommeee! Not the brush! PLEEEZE!"

But the hairbrush was already spanking Melody's panty-clad bottom.

No harder than the paddle had.

<Spat! Spit! Whap! Spank! Whap! Spit! Smak! WHAP! Spank! Whop! Smak!>

Even though Mary was obviously keeping the hairbrush back under careful control, it STILL stung and burned a LOT more than the little paddle had. Just the thickness and size of her hairbrush did that. But Mary was still spanking very lightly, carefully, making certain that the swats just stung the outer layers of Melody's bottom, making it sting and burn and grow very warm, but not doing any real damage.

Unfortunately, that meant that the spanking could easily go on for a VERY long time.

Ten minutes of continuous, gentle hairbrushing left Melody crying and bawling like a baby. A well-spanked baby girl, to be precise. Finally her Mommy set the hairbrush aside...

And resumed spanking her little girl with her now-rested hand.

Again, after a couple of dozen spanks there was a pause. Mommy tugged Melody's pants on down to her ankles, trapping them in the cloth and ending her regular brisk alternating kicks she'd been maintaining for most of her spanking.

Then Melody felt her Mommy's fingers slipping under her white nylon sheath, and then felt her modesty's final protection slipping down her belly and off of her bottom. She burst into even harder crying.

"Nooo! Pleeeze! Not bare! I-I been 'panked ENOUGH! Pleeeze, NOT BARE BOTTOM! Mom-meee! (sob) Pleeease! My b-bottom's on FIRE it HUURTS! PLEEZE stop spankin' me! Pleeze, no more, not BARE! Please!"

"Sorry, dear, but I'm afraid it is time for me to spank your naughty little BARE BOTTOM. I know this is a very long spanking, Melody. But I thought you might prefer it to a HARD spanking. What's the matter, did you have plans?? We have ALL AFTERNOON for me to spank your little bottom, Melody. You've been over my knees for an hour already, and your bottom is just a nice hot, bright pink all over. It certainly looks like it can take a LOT of spanking yet."

ALL AFTERNOON??? Melody glanced at the wall clock, blinking away her tears. It wasn't even TWO yet! She wailed and put her head down as her Mommy lifted her little bottom up a bit with her knee and began to gently spank her hot pink bare bottom.

The thin nylon of Melody's little panties, now binding together her knees, hadn't provided much if any protection for her tender bottom.

But there is something about feeling your Mommy's warm hand slapping onto your bare bottom that makes a spanking sting and burn more, even when it DOESN'T sting and burn more.

Melody just put her head down and resumed crying as her spanking continued. As before, most of the spanks just stung a little bit, but each one added to the slowly growing overall burn in her bottom. But every third or fifth spank was delivered with a little more 'zip'. These spanks stung more, sometimes HURT. They made Melody yelp and buck a bit. She still kept her hands firmly grasped in front of her.

And her spanking continued.

The burn in Melody's bottom was echoed by the burn in her Mommy's hand. This time it was after only about fifteen minutes of continuous spanking that she paused and reached for the little spanking-paddle called a 'Mother's Helper'. Melody's wails increased yet again as the thin little paddle began to spank her well-warmed butt.

Even if the spanks were no harder, that PADDLE was a lot harder than her Mommy's HAND. especially on her BARE BOTTOM. Melody's bottom was turning red now, a color much like a slightly unripe watermelon. And still the stinging spanks continued to re-visit the tender hemispheres of Melody's behind.

The changeover back to Mommy's hand barely interrupted Melody's lesson. Finally, after thrity minutes of bare-bottom spanking Melody lost her self-control and tried to cover up her little backside again. Even before her Mommy could grasp and pin her wrists, she recovered and had them back in front of her. But it was too late.

Melody felt the back of the hairbrush pat her bare bottom. "I'm not sorry you did that, Melody. It gives me an excuse to deliver another good dose of the hairbrush back to your bare bottom. Get ready to really cry hard, Melody; considering how red your naughty little bottom is already, this is really going to hurt."

And it did.

<SPANK! SPLAT! WHAP!! SPLACK!! WHACK!! SMACK!! SPANK!! THWHAP!! WHAP!! SPLAT! WHACK!! SPLATT!> The dozen hard spanks made Melody howl as they burned into her well-spanked bare bottom. They hurt her bottom terribly! She realized just how big the difference WAS between the spanks she'd been getting and the good, hard, sound spanks she usually had delivered to her bare backside. Melody promised herself she'd NEVER reach back the hairbrush continued to impact her blazing behind, but this time, again, at the reduced force her Mommy had been employing all afternoon.

And they still hurt a LOT more than her hand. Or the paddle. But eventually Mary resumed spanking her poor wayward daughter with her bare palm. Melody had been getting spanked for over two solid HOURS now, and another problem began to surface.

Melody was beginning to really regret that second glass of milk with her lunch.

She finally managed to stifle her bawling enough to inform her Mommy of the problem.

"(snif, sob) Mommy! Pleeze! Stop spankin' me! J-Just a MINUTE! (sob) I gotta GO! Really! Come on, Mama I gotta GO!"

"Go WHERE young lady? The only place YOU need to be is over my knee."

"MA-MA I Gotta Go P-PEE! Now, Mom-mee! I gotta go potty NOW!"

"OH! well, young lady, I don't see why YOUR lack of self-control should be allowed to interrupt your PUNISHMENT. Of course, if you pee all over ME I'll be VERY upset about it. I'd just have to start your spanking all over again, this time with the HAIRBRUSH!!"


"Well, if you must. What will you offer me to let you go pee?"

Huh? what did Momma mean?

"I mean, if I am going to interrupt your well-deserved punishment I must insist on a penalty. Say, after you go to the bathroom, you bring down your punishment paddle. How many swats do you offer to take in order to go??"

Oh. HELL! But, she had no CHOICE she HAD to go. Her poor six-year-old sphincter just wasn't UP to this. "T-ten! Ten swats, Mommy???"

<Spank, spit, whap, smack, spat, whop> "I don't think so, Melody!!"

"H-How about twen, no, OH MAMA! THIRTY! I'll take THIRTY!"

"Let's say twenty-five, dear. Run along!!" And Mary let Melody up off of her lap.

And she promptly fell on her face, her ankles bound by her pants, her knees by her panties. Melody frantically sat up and hauled the clothes off of her slim legs, bounced to her feet and fled up the stairs.

Her Mommy heard her howl as her poor well-spanked bottom landed on the hard porcelain of the toilet seat.

A few minutes later, Melody came walking back down the stairs. Her hairless little vagina was clearly visible under her short shirt. Her head hung in front of her, tears streamed down her face. In her hands she carried the spanking-paddle she'd been given for Christmas. The pink enameled wood was covered with gaily painted red bare bottoms, and the center contained the homily:

Show Her That You Really CARE... Spank Her Soundly... Bottom BARE!!

Melody handed the paddle to her Mommy, who was now standing alongside the couch. "Very well, bend over the arm, Melody."

Melody let out yet another wail. She'd been hoping her Mommy would take her back over her lap on the couch, but instead she had to pull herself up and over the well-padded arm of the couch. She pulled herself over until her head touched the cushions, as she'd been taught. This left her poor bottom pointed right up at the ceiling, vulnerably exposed for punishing swats. She felt her Mommy's hand gently push down on her back, holding her in place.

And eighteen centimeters of punishing painted pine smacked down onto her already well-spanked bare bottom. Not full force. Except on the 'special' punishment days, even Penitatas were rarely spanked with the full force of their parent's arm. But Mary brought the paddle down with a force that would've pleased a 1930's Texas principal. A good, hard spank just right for an extremely naughty little six-year-old.

Or maybe eight-year-old.

And it was followed by twenty-four good, sound spanks just like it.

Melody was howling and bawling as hard as she could by the end of her punishment. When she was finally let off of the sofa's arm she fell to the floor sobbing and crying, frantically trying to rub some of the sting out of her strawberry red backside.

To her surprise, her Mommy didn't stop her, but instead went into the kitchen for a moment. When she returned, she had several dish towels with her.

She picked Melody up and sat back down on the couch with her. "I don't want to chance you trying to cover up, Melody. I don't want to have to give your bottom any more HARD spanks. Just LOTS and LOTS of EASY ones!"

And with that she gently bound Melody's tiny hands together in front of her with the soft terrycloth. And then she tied her knees together as well, leaving the poor child even more helpless.

Back over her Mommy's lap, on the couch, Melody continued to cry as her barebottom handspanking picked up right where it had left off. But now the spanks hurt a LOT more, on her well-paddled bottom. She cried and wiggled and squirmed, but was totally helpless, as helpless as...

Well, as a bare-bottomed little six-year-old over her Mommy's lap getting a good, sound spanking. Totally helpless.

She cried. Mommy spanked.

She cried harder. Again Mommy's hand got too sore to continue, and the little paddle was brought into play.

Her handspanking resumed.

Finally, at four PM, after THREE AND A HALF HOURS of almost constant spanking, her Mommy paused one last time. Melody bawled and cried. She no longer wiggled or squirmed. She just lay there and cried.

Not that her bottom hurt intolerably. Even under the spanking, it had actually recovered a bit. It hurt less than it had after the paddling.

No, Melody had discovered something worse than the pain. The control. She was over her Mommy's lap, getting gently spanked, and there was NOTHING she could DO about it! She had NO control, she WAS controlled. Her helplessness, her dependency, her CHILDNESS had been emphasized onto her bottom until she couldn't STAND it.

So she did the only thing a child in her position COULD do.

She cried.

Her face was red, tear-streaked. Her nose had been running for hours, and mucous covered her face and hands. (And the towel her Mommy had given her to wipe with.) She cried in great slow heaves of helplessness. She had been totally reduced to a very sorry, very well spanked little girl.

Then she felt the hairbrush pat her sore little tush.

And found she still had some tears and wiggles left.

Mommy resumed spanking her daughter with the back of the brush, again no harder than before, but again the brush hurt a lot more than her Mommy's hand, or paddle.

And that was where they were when Daddy came in through the door fifteen minutes later. On the couch, Mommy sitting in the center, Melody lying over her lap, her well-reddened little bare bottom taking spank after light, stinging spank. Melody crying and wiggling and bawling and carrying on, the perfect picture of a thouroughly spanked and repentant little girl.

"Well! I see my little girl is learning a really good lesson today. Was she naughty, Mary, or is this just a daily spanking?"

"Answer Daddy, Melody!"

"Waaaah! Waaaaah! N-No! Mel'dy not notty! Noo! J-Jus' a spankin' Dada. Mel'dy GOOD today!! (sob) Waaaaaaah! Dada MAMA SPANK'D ME!! ALL AFT'NOON! (sob) WAAAAHAAAAH! SPANK'D ME HOURS!! (sob) Waaaaaah!"

"Oh-ho! One of your patented 'good, LONG spankings', eh, dear? Well, they ALWAYS seem to have a very benificial effect on naughty little Penitatas, don't they. From the way they behave when the're in for one, I think most naughty little Penny's are more afraid of them than a good hairbrushing or paddling. It lasts so LONG, is seems like FOREVER, doesn't it, Melody? Just spank after spank after spank, on and on. Well, get used to them, Melody. Mary likes to give naughty little girls like you good, long spankings now and again. Two or three times a year, at least. I just wish, dear, that you'd remember to set up the camera!!"

Mary's face fell suddenly! "Oh, MY! I forgot AGAIN. I'm sorry dear..."

"We'll discuss it after we put Melody to bed, honey. Now, I think it is time for you to go sit in the corner, Melody, while your Mommy gets the unit programmed for dinner. Go on, hon, I'll get Melody settled down on the stool."

And he did. Melody's crying increased slightly as her well-spanked bottom was placed on the hard wooden high stool facing the dining room corner. And then Daddy pulled back the drapes to let in the light as he set the table. (One of the few jobs robots still had problems with, it was usually Melody's). Now any passerby could see Melody in the corner, sitting pant-and panty-less on the high wooden stool, face to the corner, her red bottom clearly visible where it wasn't planted on hard wood.

And Melody cried.

After supper, which she had to eat still bare-bottomed, Melody was taken upstairs for her bath and put straight to bed.

The house was well soundproofed, but Daddy had left her door just a crack open. While she was supposed to be in bed, Melody heard a faint slapping sound in the distance, along with even fainter crying and bawling.

Her paddle and hairbrush were still downstairs.