Rogue's Weyr : "the Weyr is where the dragon is" -Brekke Rider of Gold Wirenth, Southern Weyr

Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   — Lurking Dragon


Jan. 9, 2748

Part 3 of Melody's Stories

About ten A.M. Mary Johnson left the kitchen and walked determinedly upstairs towards her daughter's room to give her a good spanking. Not that Melody had been naughty; actually she'd been playing quietly all morning. But she was Penitatas, and it was about time for another sound bottomwarming.

But as she neared Melody's room she heard the unmistakeable sounds of a spanking in progress. With a quiet smile, she peeked around the door to watch...

Melody was seated on her little chair, which she had moved out of her corner to the center of the room. Lying across her dark blue culottes lay Robin, her "Spanking Susie" doll. (Robin—>birdsong—>Melody). The very short skirt of the doll's white sailor suit was turned well up its back, and the matching thin white nylon panties had been pulled well down towards its knees. Melody was furiously engaged in soundly spanking the doll's lifelike bare bottom. From the rosy flush in the foam-padded fanny, the spanking had been going on for some time.

<Whap!> "Take that you naughty little Penny! <Spank!> and that! How dare you <Smack!> steal from <Whap!> people who <Spank> trusted you! <Smack!> From people <Spank!> you CARED about! <Slapp!> You betrayed them! <Whack!> You betrayed Yourself!! <Spank-Spank-Spank!> And now you're a BAD <Whap!> little <Spank!> Penitatas <Whap!> who's gonna get SPANKED! <Spank-Whap-Smack> OVER <Spank-Whap!> and OVER <Whack- Spank!> for YEARS!! <Smack-Whop-Whap-Smack!>

Throughout her spanking, poor little Robin lay quietly over her Melody's lap; (the wiggling and kicking option had been judged too expensive for a little Penitatas' very first spanking-doll), and cried out her remorse. "Waaaaah. Waaaaah. I sorry Mommy. Robin no do it again. Waaaaah. Waaaa-haaaaa. No, No Mommy, Robin be good. Pleez no spank me any more. Waaaaah. I sorry Mommy." Her little plastaflesh fanny was hot and red when her Mommy finally stopped spanking her little and turned her up on her lap and cuddled her. Her little face was streaked with saltless tears. Melody began to cuddle the doll as she told it "I'm sorry I had to do that Robin, but I have to make sure you learn your lesson and never, ever break the law again. Now I'm going to put you into the corner for a while, ("Noo! no corner! Pleez! It hurt to sit! Waaaaah!") yes, you must sit in the corner. Then I am afraid I'll have to spank you some more. There, there..."

Mary slipped back away from the door. Melody needed a good spanking, too, but it certainly wasn't urgent. It could wait until after her post-lunch nap.

A few minutes later, as she walked past, she noted that Melody was keeping her promise. This time she was seated on the bed with the little doll over her knees. And this time she was using the red maple hairbrush she'd been given for Christmas. Mary frowned a bit as she walked away. Of course, they hadn't TOLD Mel she couldn't play with the hairbrush. Finally Mary sighed and decided they'd just go ahead and let her use it. It was only fair; it would be used on HER often enough. Only fair for her to work out how she felt about that with Robin using the same hairbrush. She was sure Robin was up to it.

An hour later Mary fetched Melody down for her sandwich and milk. She even let the child have a cookie for dessert. Then she took Melody back upstairs and quickly pulled off her denim shirt and blue culottes, and popped her into a nightie for her nap. "You've been playing pretty hard, Melody, so I want you to go to sleep for a while. And after your nap, I'll get you dressed, and then we can go out shopping, OK? And when we get back I'll give you a nice sound spanking,"

Well, the expected spanking was certainly NOT O.K. with Melody, but she knew that any protest would be useless, so she snuggled down into her bed for her nap.

After her nap ended, Mommy put her back into her culottes and shirt and drove her to the mall. As they walked to the children's clothing store they heard loud crying from one of the benches in the center of the mall. A boy of about five was lying over his Mommy's knees with his pants and underwear down, getting his bare bummy soundly spanked with the back of a small hairbrush. A small crowd of people, mostly adults but with a sprinkling of young Penitatas, were watching the boy's chubby little bottom turn a hot red under the punishing spanks. Melody blushed a bit, remembering her first trip to the mall as a Penitatas months ago, then felt the tug on her hand and trotted on into the store with her Mommy.

There Mommy had Melody try on several dresses. The last one was a white sailor dress that Melody looked really cute in. Mommy bought it, and a few of the others, but told Melody she could just wear the new dress home. As they left the store they saw the little boy, his pants and underpants still down, standing with his face firmly pressed up to the wall on the other side of the main aisle. He stood there with his hands on his head crying quietly, waiting for his Mommy to come back and release him from his 'time out'.

Once back home Melody knew it was time for her spanking. Her Mommy took her by the hand and led her to her room. There she pulled out the full-sized chair kept there for Melody's spankings and placed it in the center of the room. Then she took Mel by the hand and had her look in the floor-length mirror on the back of the door. "Stay there, Melody." she ordered, then fetched over Robin and held her up next to her daughter. "You see, dear? your outfits match!!" Melody clapped her hands in glee as she realized the nice treat her Mommy had given her. She only had three outfits for Robin, (two had come with the doll, a red dress and a nightie and her Granma had bought the sailor dress as one of her few real Christmas presents). None of them had really matched any of Melody's clothes, and now one did! "and in a minute, Melody, you'll look just like Robin did this morning, only you'll be over MY knees." Melody turned scarlet as she realized her Mommy had seen her playing with Robin. "And I think I can promise you at least as sound a spanking as you gave YOUR little Penitatas, dear. I hope you'll cry and promise to be good as nicely as she did."

And with that Mary led the now-sniffling child over to the spanking- chair for her punishment. Soon Melody was over her Mommy's lap, the skirt of her sailor dress turned well-up onto her back. Her white cotton panties tugged right down to her knees.

Then Melody began to wiggle and squirm as her Mommy began to spank her bare bottom. Soon she was sobbing and crying as her bottom turned a hot pink under the slaps. And then her Mommy began to scold her.

<WHAP!> "Take that <SPLAT!> you naughty little girl! <SPANK!!> and THAT! How dare you <SMACK!> STEAL from <WHAP!> people who <SPANK!!> trusted you! <SMACK!!> From people <SPANK!!> you CARED about! <SLAP!> Who cared about YOU! <SPANK-SPANK!> You betrayed them! <WHACK!> You betrayed Yourself!! <SPANK-SPANK!!> And now you are a BAD <WHAPP!> little <SPANK-SPANK!> Penitatas <WHAP!> who will be SPANKED <SPANK- WHAP-SMACK> SOUNDLY <SPANK-WHACK-SMACK!!> OVER <SPANK-WHAP-THWAP!> and OVER <WHACK-SPANK-SMACK-SPANK!> for YEARS!! <SPANK! WHAP! SPANK! SPLAT! WHACK! THWHACK! SMACK! SPLAT! WHACK! THWHACK! SPANK! WHAP!>

Melody howled in pain and remorse as the hard spanks stung her bare fanny, and her own words burned into her soul. She new what she had done, how badly she had messed up her life, how she had destroyed the respect other's had for her, and that she had for herself. And so she just put her head down and bawled out another heavy layer of the terrible guilt and shame she had brought upon herself, as her Mommy's cleansing spanks heated her bare bottom to a bright, hot, crimson.

And her crying became even harder as, several minutes later, seated on her Mommy's lap after her spanking, she was informed that she would spend the next twenty minutes in her corner. Sitting on her chair.

"But unlike Robin, dear, you will NOT be getting another spanking today. Just the one, for today. But there is always tomorrow..."