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Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material... DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

Melody's New Year Sitter

Dec 31st, 2747

Part 2 of Melody's Stories

The afternoon of December 31st, 2747, Melody waited impatiently for her parents' guests to arrive. Her grandparents and Mommy and Daddy were all going out to an all-night New-Years eve party, and she was going to have a baby-sitter. Except for Rodger and Cora, her 'Grandparents', she hadn't had one since her real childhood.

Eventually the bell rang, and Josh welcomed the couple into his home.

"Hi, Dana! How's it going! Hey, Stevie! How are you doing? Behaving yourself?"

One of the guests was an elderly lady, looking about sixty or so. The other was a boy! Maybe thirteen or fourteen!

"Hey, Josh! It's going fine, though my rear end's awfully cool since my 'little man' here took the big R!"

Now Mel could see the silver 'V's on the boy's hands; Voluntaras, he'd undergone rejuve voluntarily. Suddenly Melody realized, with embarrassment, that the elderly Dora was his WIFE!

"Hello MISTER Johnson. I'm managing to stay out of trouble. Finally. Dana had to 'deal' with me a few times, but hey, eventually even I learn I'm NOT the boss man anymore."

"Not that I dare be TOO hard on him. As soon as he's grown up its my turn...too many aches and pains where I don't WANT aches and pains, if you get my drift."

Melody, from her hiding place at the top of the stairs, 'got it'. They were both 'spankos', with Stevie the dominant, or top partner. They were exchanging parenting duties to reduce the cost of their rejuvenations, a practice frowned upon by the government (and the Association of Professional Parents), but perfectly legal. Mel giggled quietly as she realized Stevie had gone first so he could 'enjoy' Dana's childhood all the more; and, it sounded like, take revenge for any 'excessive' spankings he might get! Still, she bet he found the role-reversal frustrating!

"Have you decided what you're rejuving to, Dana?" asked Mary, (Mel's mama). "Last I heard you were planning on going all the way back to nine."

"Stevie's been trying to persuade me to go for six or seven, but I feel that's taking our fantasies too far. Nine should be enough; not that there's any hurry; Steve's only just fourteen now; it'll be at least seven years before we can 'trade places'".

"And I can't wait to get her cute little bottom over my lap!!"

"Melody, come down and meet your sitter."

Aaak! thought Mel. Of course. Stevie was much too young for an adult party. He was her baby-sitter!!

Melody walked down the stairs to meet her baby-sitter for the evening. "Hello Steve. My name's Melody. How do you do?"

"Fine Mel. How's your sit-down? I heard you got it TOO good a week ago!"

"It's fine, Stevie." responded Josh. "Thank God for Nano-lotion. Had her back up to snuff in two days. Why, I gave her a spanking just yesterday, didn't I, Melody. She's all set for your evening, Stevie."

Oh, no! They wouldn't...they couldn't let that CHILD. Oh, heck, of COURSE they could. She was a convict, a Penitatas on her first cycle, punishment was her LIFE for now. Melody sniffed a bit, then raised her quivering chin in defiant acceptance.

"Stevie will be taking care of you tonight, Melody. He'll help you with dinner, your bath. And yes, Melody, he'll be giving you your bedtime spanking, too. Or even more, if you don't behave yourself and do what he tells you!" Mary turned to Steve. "Now, you know how to use the emergency coder. The code for the party is in the computer, your supper's in the unit, that's about it. Come on, people, we'd better be going if we expect to get that cocktail before dinner...."

Soon the small horde was out the door, and Melody looked at Steven. He looked back at the tiny six-year-old who'd been placed in his care.

"Well, Melody, we have a few minutes before supper. Would you like to play a game first?"

Melody would. They played together for a half hour or so. Stevie proved to be as dominant as Mel had feared, taking over Robin, her 'Spanking Susie's lesson to 'Show Mommy how Daddy deals with naughty children', and scolding Melody about 'spending too much money on clothes'.

Supper went well; Mary had coded things suitable for a child's palate, more for Steve's benefit than Mel's, of course. But after supper, Melody almost rebelled when Stevie declared the evening's holovision watching. Instead of Ancient World, (at least he agreed to record it for her!!) they'd be watching home holos. To be precise, Melody's home holos, the ones her Daddy kept making of her more memorable punishments.

"I'm in charge young lady, and what I say goes!! Besides, I cleared this with Josh before we came over. He thought it would be a good...reminder...of what you've got coming over the next year. Sort of a year-end rear-end review. Now come over here and sit down next to me, before I decide to spank you!!"

Melody promptly sat down next to Stevie on the couch...but still got pulled over his lap for a half-dozen spanks over her pink skirt. "Now sit still and pay attention!"

Soon Melody was blushing in shame as she watched herself being turned over Mary's lap for her very first spanking. She turned bright red as her holo's yellow skirt was raised and the spanking began. But when Mary's image began to pull down her holo's panties, Melody tried to cover her eyes.

Stevie immediately paused, right in the middle of Melody's howl at that first barebottomed spank. "I told you to pay attention, Melody! If a film of your spanking is too embarrassing, maybe a few real swats will make you obey!!"

"Nooo!" but it was too late. Helpless, little Mel was quickly pulled over Steve's lap. This time her pink skirt went up, and Stevie's teenaged palm spanked her matching panties. And he spanked a lot harder than she'd expected! The sting of a spanking seemed to always catch Melody by surprise!

"Ow! No! Please! Yow! Stevie! Noo! Ow! Pleeze! Ow! Noo! <sob> Stop! Yeow! Ow! Yow! Ouch! Yow! Noo! Ow! <snif> Ow!"

Soon Stevie's flurry of crisp handspanks stopped, but before he let her up, he quickly pulled her pink panties down to her knees!!

"Well that got you nice and pink!!" He exclaimed as he let her up off of his lap. "No, Melody! Leave them down! If I have to spank you again I want you already bare bottomed! Now watch the holo... I'm sure you'll put on a good show for us."

With no choice, Melody watched in embarrassed silence as spanking after well-remembered embarrassing spanking replayed itself on the den holoset. Finally, at seven thirty, Stevie turned off the set. Successfully unspanked, Melody finally pulled up her panties. "Come on upstairs, Melody. Time for your bath."

She should have known. Of COURSE her baby sitter would give her her bath, wouldn't he. Embarrassed enough by her new parents, Melody had no choice but to endure Stevie's deliberate, slow undressing of her child-body, and his even more intimate scrubbing of he entire form. (Which WAS, however, as dirty as usual. Some of her body NEEDED scrubbing....)

And after he'd dried her off, Stevie helped her into her light green babydoll pajamas, whispering quiet instructions into her ear. Then he escorted her to her room. There Stevie sat down on Melody's own bed and said,

"Now the best part, for me anyway. Now I get to give you a real spanking before bed. Come over here, Melody, you know what to do."

Knowing she had no choice, Melody sniffed and sobbed as she crossed the room to stand in front of Stevie. "I-I've been a very naughty little girl, Stevie, and I need a good spanking before I go to bed. Please give me my spanking now."

Stevie led Melody around to his right. He gently pulled her over his lap, letting her support her weight on the bed. An experienced spanker, he knew just how to drag out the experience to make it as miserable as possible. Finally he pushed the babydoll pj's little skirt up and began to spank the thin cotton seat of Melody's panties. Slap, spank, swat, whap, spank...Stevie spanked Melody's panty seat with crisp, light spanks. This spanking was mostly just to sensitize her bottom for the more serious spanks to come. For these initial swats, Steve relied more on continuous repetition than force.

"You know, Melody, you're little bottom is awfully cute in those little panties. It wiggles so nicely as I spank and spank it. I bet it's turning a really nice shade of pink right now. Soon I'll take those little panties right down, and we'll see how nice and red I can turn your bare bottom by spanking it a while. You've been a wicked, naughty little girl, and you need lots and lots of good spankings to help you to remember to behave and not steal from your employer. Yes, of course I know what you did! Was that a sob? Crying a bit already, I see! Well, I know what that means! It means it's time for your panties to come right on down! Ask me nicely, now!"

"Noo! No bare! Pleeze! No bare! Noooo!"

(SMACK!) "Ask, Melody!"

"Th-thank you for spanking my little panties, Stevie. Please take them d-down now an' sp-spank my n-naughty b-b-bare b-bottom good an' hard, 't-til I-I've l-learned my l-lesson r-real good."

"I'd be pleased to spank your bare bottom, Melody!" Stevie slipped her little avocado panties right down to her knee hollows. Now Steve began to spank harder and more briskly:

Stevie: Melody:

You know, Melody, Ow! Please! this will be a good, Yow! Nooo! sound, bare-bottomed Ow! Steeeviee! spanking, and I hope it Oww! It Hurts so teaches you a good Yeek! Bad on the lesson about <snif> Ow! BARE! Honesty and Stealing! Yeow! <sob> Starting to cry now? Yeeow! <snif! sob> Nooo! Good! Then you're Owww! <sob> Waah! starting to learn your Noo! Pleeze! Oww! <sob> lesson! I haven't Yeeow! Noo! Steee.. GIVEN a good Yeeow! <sob> Noooo! spanking for a Waaaaah! <Snif> <sob> YEAR! And How I've Yeeow! Waaah! Missed it! I Oww! Waaaah! <sob> Noo! LOVE spanking Aaaa! Naa Soo Haaa! naughty little girls Aaaaah! <sob> Waaah! just like YOU on their I b'goood! Waaaah! naughty little BARE Yeeeahhh! <Sniffle> BOTTOMS! Which is Waaaaaah! Nooo! getting very <sob> Yeeeeow! Nooo! RED now, by the way. Waaaaaaah! No mooo! SOON you'll be Owwweee! Waaaaah! ready for the rest of your <sob> Waaaaaaaah! sound spanking! <snif> No Mo!! Pleez!

Now get into the corner and stand still! Get your face right in the corner, Mel! And NO RUBBING, you hear me?

Melody wanted desperately to rub her hot pink bottom, but knew it would be a mistake. She already knew she was in for at least one more good spanking, and certainly didn't want to give Steve any excuse for extras!

She made an incredibly cute picture, her blond hair braided back in two pigtails, her little nightie barely covering the top of her rosy little bare bottom as she stood quietly sobbing with her little face pressed firmly to the walls. She heard some odd squeaking from behind her, and could guess what Stevie was up to. Unfortunately, she suspected it would only let him spank her even longer for her next dose!

Soon Stevie left the room to 'go to the john for a second." When he returned, he pulled out the 'spanking chair', the armless adult-sized chair kept in Melody's room, and sat down on it.

"All right, little girl! Come over here for your next spanking, and bring your new hairbrush with you!"

"Noo! Please, Stevie! Not the hairbrush! Come on!"

"Yes, Melody, your parents specifically wanted me to spank you with your new hairbrush. They want my (snicker) professional opinion."

With no choice, Melody picked up the red maple hairbrush from her dresser and brought it over to Stevie. She'd felt the burning sting of that brush twice in the week since she'd been given it for Christmas, and already well knew how much it would sting and burn her poor fanny. And those spankings had been without such a thorough handspanking warm-up!

With a sniffle she handed Stevie the hairbrush, then clasped her hands protectively over her 'private parts', which could just be seen peeking out below her nightie. To her surprise, Stevie told her to turn around and keep her hands in front of her.

After she obeyed, Stevie pulled her a bit closer, then began to unbraid her pigtails. DUH! Melody should have remembered she'd have to have her hair brushed out before bed! And that's what Stevie did, he carefully brushed out Melody's shoulder length blond hair, keeping her hot bottom pulled right back into his lap. He brushed her hair until it glowed, then said:

"O.K., Mel. Now it's time for the OTHER side of the brush!! What do you have to say??"

"Ohhh! Nooo! Pleeeze!! O-Okay! S-Stevie, I-I've been such a bad girl! P-Please g-give me a-another good spanking, w-with the b-back of my h-hair b-brush this t-time..."

"And what should I spank, Mel?"

"Ohhh! M-My naughty l-litt'l b-bare b-bottom! There!"

"Good girl, Melody. Get ready for a really good spanking!"

With that, he pulled her around to his right and turned her up and over his fourteen year old knees. This was a lot less comfortable for Mel than the bed; there, she'd been able to support most of her weight on the bed. Now her only support was Stevie's tightly held together legs, since neither her feet nor her hands were long enough to reach the floor. Her hot, red little bare bottom stuck up so high Melody felt like she was ALL bottom! She grasped the seat of the chair at first, but Stevie ordered her to put her hands behind her. He twisted something around her tiny wrists, and Melody was held helpless by his left hand, her rump sticking up for a good, sound spanking.

Stevie patted Mel's fanny with the back of the hairbrush, then slowly stroked and patted it with the bristles. "This is going to really hurt, Mel. I'm about to give you a good, sound, old-fashioned spanking right on your naughty little BARE bottom, with the back of a hairbrush, long and hard until you're crying and bawling like the bad little six-year-old child you are. And I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!"

This speech had already reduced Melody to panicked tears, and she started to cry like the little girl she was.

"This (SMACK!) is what Happens (WHACK!) to Naughty (SPANK!) Little Girls, (WHAP!) Melody! They get Spanked (SPLAT!) good and Hard (SMAK!) on their Naughty (CRACK!) Little (SPANK!) Bare (SLAPP!) Bottom (SPLATT!) until it's Hot (SPANK!) and Red (SPANK!) and Sore! (WHACK!) and they Cry (SPLACK!) and Kick (WHAP!) and Promise (THWACK!) to be Good (SPANK-SPLAT!) Little (SLAP-SPANK!) Girls (SMACK!) from Now (WHAP!) On! (SPLAT!)"

Melody was bawling hard as spank after blistering spank exploded onto her hot, bare bottom. Stevie wielded the hairbrush like an expert, placing each hot spank onto her bottom just as the pain of the previous swat reached its hot peak. The big brush covered almost half of Mel's little bottom with each spank, so Stevie alternated sides, working his way from the top of Melody's bottom down to the tender flesh just above her thighs, with only occasional spanks 'across the crease' to catch her by surprise and make her howl even harder.

"There's Nothing (SPANK!!) like a Good (SPLATT!!) Hard (WHACK!!) Spanking (SPLACK!!) for Curing (SMAAK!!) Little (WHAP!!) Girls (CRACK!!) of Naughtiness!! (SPANK!-THWAP!-SMACK!) A Red (SWAT!!)

Hot (SMACK!!) Sore (WHAP!!) Bottom (SLAP!-WHAP!-SPANK!!) does the Trick (SPANK!) every Time! (SPLACT!!!) DON'T YOU AGREE???


The two dozen rapid spanks left Melody heaving with sob after hard sob as she cried and bawled as hard as she could. Her poor little bottom was as hot as a stovetop, and burned just as if she'd sat down on one. It was a dark cherry red, but showed surprisingly little bruising. Stevie had carefully measured his swats to sting and burn the outer epidermis to the highest degree of hot, burning fire while avoiding damage to the deeper layers. Melody would be bawling for a long time, and would definitely NOT want to sit down tonight, or for breakfast, but would be fine in a day or two.

Now Stevie waited for Melody to regain some composure, contenting himself with an occasional sharp spank with the brush to her bare fanny. Eventually Melody's crying subsided enough for her to follow Stevie's instructions.

"We're almost done, Melody, but I want to see if you've been doing your lessons. A big girl like you should know how to count to ten, shouldn't you? Let me hear you count out ten good hard spanks onto your bare bottom with the hairbrush-back!! Count them out, Melody! Starting NOW!"

Stevie: Melody:

One... (SMAAACK!!!) Nooo! Yaaaa! O-ONE!!! Two... (WHAAP!!!) Yeeeeow-ow! TWO!! Waaaah-haaa! Three... (SPLATT!!!) Yeaaaah! <sob> Waaaaah! Yaaaaa! COUNT, Melody, or you get them OVER, now THREE (SPACKT!!!) Yeeeek!! TH-THREEEEE-OWW! <sob> Four... (SPANNK!!) Yaaaaow!! F-FOUR!! <snif-sob> Five... (CRACK!!) Yeeeeaaaa-haaaa! FIIIIVE!! <moan> And now Six... (SMAACKK!) Waaaaaa-haaaaa! <sob> Waaaaaaa! COUNT or ELSE, Melody! SIX... (WHAAACKK!!) Noo! Yaaaaowww! SIIIIIX! SIIX! Seven (SPLAAAT!!!!!) S-SEVN! SEVIN! <sob> Waaaah! and Eight... (SPANNK!!) AAAEIGHT-EEEEOWWWW! WAAAAA-HAAAA! Nine.... (WHAAAAP!!!!) NAAAOWW! WAAAAH! NIIIIINNNNE! <moan> and TEN!!! (SPLAAATTCKK!) IEEEEEAAAAAOOOWW! WAAAAAH! TIN!!

"Now THAT's what I call a well-spanked bare bottom, Melody. I hope it really hurts like heck! Well, how DOES your naughty little fanny feel Melody? Does it burn and smart?"


"Well, that's up to you, Melody. I want you to go sit in the corner until bedtime, that's ten minutes. That's right SIT, on your little dresser chair, nice and straight, with your hands on your head, staying nice and still with your face to the corner until bedtime. Get along, Melody."

Stevie helped Melody off of his lap, and led her over to her corner. He snagged the little dresser chair as he went, and placed Melody firmly into it, facing the walls. "Hands on head, Melody, and DON'T MOVE for ten minutes, or (smiling) I'll have to give you another little spanking for disobeying me!!"

Poor Melody! Her fanny stung and burned like fire as it was pressed into the hard wood, but she had to stay perfectly still and not even wiggle to try and protect herself. Minutes passed like hours as the burning pain faded a bit into fiery itch. But no little six year old could POSSIBLY endure for that time without even wiggling! and Melody was no exception. But ONLY wiggles escaped her, nothing more!

"Good job, Melody. You're really learning your lesson, aren't you! but you DID wiggle around a bit." Stevie sat down again on Melody's bed. "So get back over my lap and I'll freshen your hot bottom!!"

Still crying, Melody obeyed Stevie's order. Soon his palm was briskly spanking her poor punished posterior. But he stopped after only a dozen spanks, turned her over, and cuddled her a bit. Finally he let her up, fetched her panties from where she'd kicked them, and got her ready for bed. Soon Melody was crying softly as she lay face-down on her little bed. Stevie watched her carefully, making sure her little hands stayed out of mischief, until she finally dropped off to sleep. Then he turned out the lights and slipped out.

The next morning Melody was awakened by her mother. "Good morning, Melody! Time to get up! Let's see what kind of job Stevie managed to do last night, Hmm?"

Mary pulled the covers away from Melody's body and slipped down her babydoll pajama-panties. Her poor bottom was still red and sore, but with surprisingly little bruising!! "Beautiful job. Stevie always was an artist with a hairbrush, but I wasn't sure he'd manage after the rejuve. But he did. Well, (Spank!) time to get up, Melody!"

Mary dressed Melody for the day and escorted her downstairs. She yelped as her tender bottom met the hard wood of her breakfast table chair, but she managed to sit fairly still through breakfast. Her bottom was recovering faster than she would have believed.

"No spankings today, Melody, unless you earn them." said Josh. "We'll let you recover today. Well, maybe a handspanking at bedtime...."