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Note: This story contains the NC spanking of a (physically) six year old girl. If you are under 18 or offended by such material DON'T READ IT AND GO AWAY!!!
   —Lurking Dragon

Melody's Xmas

Dec 25, 2747

Part 1 of Melody's Stories

Melody awoke in her warm bed on Christmas morning. She tossed off her flannelette blankets, stretched her arms over her head, and looked down at her slender six-year old body in its pink baby doll pajamas. In particular, she again stared at the 1 cm high silver 'P' on the back of each hand. "Aw, hell" she thought to herself, "Today's gonna be just awful!! But I guess I deserve it..."

It was two months since her conviction for embezzlement. She'd gotten in over her head in debt, mostly because of Donald, who had talked her into 'borrowing' from the Historical Society's accounts, "just until we can pay it back". He'd vanished after a few months, and she'd been caught, left holding the bag. In the year 2747 a lot of crimes still went unsolved, but not ones committed by amateurs, almost by accident. Some people just have to learn the hard way...

For her crime, Melody had been sentenced to 3x6-12, or 'three times six-to-twelve', an eighteen year sentence. At high noon three days later she was dressed in a loose gown and dragged struggling into the judicial rejuvenation chamber, to emerge minutes later as a cute little six-year old girl. She cried at the realization that she would BE a child, subject to all the restrictions and limits of childhood, for six long years as she grew back up into a twelve year old. Then she'd be put back into the chamber to be turned back into a six year old again, for another six years of childhood. And if she didn't make parole, she'd have to endure the whole damn thing yet AGAIN.

The invention of rejuvenation, like the star drive, had changed the world beyond recognition. Even with the 'puberty barrier', it has resulted in virtual immunity to death from old age or disease. Rejuvenation is one way; the device can only make you younger, not older. It also results in a loss of at least three years of physical age every time it is used. But its worst deficiency is the inability to rejuvenate someone to an age greater than early puberty. This is the puberty barrier, apparently an inherent limit to the alien technology that produces rejuvenation. Everybody who takes a rejuvenation comes out no older than eleven to thirteen years old, usually around twelve. Younger ages are easily achieved, but nothing older is possible; apparently there is something in the genetic modeling system that simply cannot deal with the complex physical and hormonal changes of human adolescence.

At first, 'rejuves' were treated as adults, even though they were in children's bodies. This turned out to be a mistake. Many of the early rejuves got into trouble...and stayed there. They were unprepared for the emotional roller coaster of adolescence, and had none of the necessary support, guidance and discipline they needed. We now know that both judgment and emotional maturity are at least partially derived from the physical body. A rejuve may have all the memories of an adult, but will tend to have the judgment and emotional needs and reactions of a child their physical age, which is why all 'rejuves' are legally treated as children and placed under the supervision of responsible adults. Even today, many rejuves have trouble dealing with the combination of their necessary loss of freedom and the emotional problems of adolescence. Many experts now recommend rejuvenation back to at least the age of ten, to allow people enough time to adjust to childhood before having to hit puberty. And every child, whether rejuve or real, voluntary or convicted criminal, must have at least one responsible parent.

A few minutes after emerging, Melody was introduced to her new parents, Josh and Mary Johnson. For her first cycle, Melody would be in the care of 'spankos', people who enjoyed giving (and sometimes receiving) sound spankings. And, of course, they were ENCOURAGED to apply such correction to her bottom as often as possible, although any permanent damage would be inappropriate, and could result in a fine or reprimand. This practice was the result of society's demand that criminals be punished as well as rehabilitated. It also cut down on people committing moderate crimes to get free rejuves...If she behaved herself, and the Judge felt she had been sufficiently reformed, she would spend her next cycle in the care of parents beginning training to qualify for a license to have their own child, although she'd still be subject to strict discipline, including spankings, when needed. Society had abandoned the failed twentieth century experiments in permissiveness, and children were again being raised as children. A bad 'report card', or a hard judge, and Melody could find herself getting another six years of hard spankings.

Mary had swept Melody up into her arms, her gown almost falling off her little body, exclaiming "Oh, how CUTE you are!! we'll have lots of fun, won't we Melody!!" Melody yelped as Josh's hand smacked her thinly clad fanny "We sure will, honey, though I'm not sure how much fun Melody will have... "

Later that afternoon, her hair in pigtails and wearing a cute little yellow dress, Melody arrived home with her new parents. Mary ("remember, call me Mommy!!") led her upstairs to her new bedroom. The walls were covered with dancing lions and teddy bears. Mary told the family float-cam to "be sure and get all of this", then sat down on the taffeta-trimmed bed and pulled Melody up and onto her lap.

"You've been a VERY bad little girl, Melody!" she scolded. "Taking things that don't belong to you is STEALING, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to spank your naughty little bottom for it!!" She turned her new little girl over, putting her face down and bottom up over her knees. Sweeping up Melody's little dress, Mary commenced spanking her little white pantyseat with crisp smacks of her slim hand. Melody yelped in pain as her fanny was sharply stung by the spanks. It hurt more than she'd expected!! a LOT more!!!!

"Wait Mommy! No-not yet! Oww! Pleease! Just a OW! minute!! Can't we Yeow! talk about Yeeek! this OW! Mama! Waiiiit! Yeow! Noo! Hold up-Aieow! Mommy!"

To Melody's surprise, she was soon sobbing and begging off as hard as she any child being soundly spanked. Her mother ignored her pleas, continuing to hand-spank her little fanny with slow, firm swats!!

"No Mommy! No! I'll be good! Pleeze! Waaah! Mommy! Noo! Won't do it again!"

Melody was reacting to the spanking as a naughty little girl, not as an adult. While this was partly due to the physical effects of childhood mentioned above, it was mostly due to the implanted nano-web, which all convicts are given. The nano-web partially controls and overrides emotional reactions, forcing the mind-set into a more childish and malleable form. Melody will find herself reacting to her experiences as a child, emotionally, and not as the oh-so-sophisticated fifty year old she had been.

"Now, Melody, you know you need this spanking. In fact, you'll need lots and lots of good, sound spankings over the next few YEARS! (YEEOW!) to pay for being so wicked. So I guess you'll just have to grin and...bare it!!" With this pun Mary slipped Melody's little cotton panties down to her thighs and continued her spanking on the bare bottom!!

"Noo! Please, Mommy, not Bare!! OW! Yeeow! Oww! Noo! Not Bare-Bottom!! It hurts YEOW! over my panties! YOW! It DOES! Pleeze pull them back up? Mama?"

"Of course not, Melody!! A naughty little girl like you NEEDS to be spanked on her TENDER...LITTLE...RED...BARE....BOTTOM (WAAAAAAAH!) to teach her to be a good girl. Your bottom is turning a rosy red, and looks very sore, but I'm going to keep on spanking it until I decide you've had enough!!"

Melody was mortified by the baring of her bottom, tremendously embarrassed by being exposed, even in private. Again, the web was intensifying her reactions, enhancing those appropriate to her 'age'. Melody began to sob and cry as her Mommy's hard hand- spanks reddened her naughty little bottom. She was now reaching the limits of her control, and was rapidly being reduced to a bawling little girl. "Waaaah! I be gooood! Nooo!"

Finally, her first spanking was over, and Mary turned Melody around and cuddled her on her lap. Soon the neo-child had her crying under control, and Mary helped her into her cotton nightie, with the picture of Boswell Bunny on the front, and tucked her into her bed. "Daddy will be up in four hours to give you your next spanking, dear, so you better go right to sleep..." This quiet comment caused a fresh renewal of Melody's sobbing, but she soon fell asleep, even though it was barely three PM.

Her next spanking was every bit as bad as she'd feared. First, Josh ("Daddy now, Melody, or Papa. Or Sir") had made her go stand in the corner for five minutes while he sat on her bed watching with the camera. He then ordered her over and pulled her gently over his big lap. Her new Daddy had promptly bared her bottom by pulling up her nightie to her shoulders, ignoring her heartfelt pleas to be spared the humiliation of a bare fanny. Josh began to swat her tiny bottom with his hard hand. Her fanny was still pink and stinging from her earlier spanking. As a result, her fanny took fire a lot quicker than when her Mommy had spanked her, and she was soon howling and bawling under her Daddy's crisp swats.

"A thief! Well, this is what happens to little thieves in this house, young lady! They get their naughty BARE bottoms spanked nice and red!! I enjoy spanking naughty little girls, Melody, and I look forward to having you over my lap every chance I can get!! Oh, you'll know better than to steal be the time we're done with you, young lady!! You won't ever EVER want to misbehave after that!! Yes, you just lie there and cry while I spank your naughty bare little bottom some more!! You're really turning red, now, Mel!! Oh, that BARE BOTTOM looks sore!! After this spanking you'll go right to supper tonight!!"

Finally it was over, and she lay exhausted over his lap, crying hard. Josh rubbed her bare bottom and told Melody "That's enough for tonight. Tomorrow I'll introduce you to your new Grandma and Grandpa; they're looking forward to showing you how disappointed they are with you...." Melody bawled anew at the thought...More people to control and spank her....

* * *

That was two months ago. Melody has had many, many spankings since then. At least one spanking every single day. Sometimes two or three or even four in a single day!! And each time she reacted like the little girl she appeared to be. Each time she felt ashamed and embarrassed and horribly PUNISHED, which was, of course, the entire idea.

Most of the rest of it was just as bad. Going to bed at eight o'clock every night; earlier if she got a bedtime spanking. Being dressed in the morning by her Mommy, and undressed at night. Being GIVEN her bath instead of taking a shower. And her strange desire and NEED to play games and run around and have fun (when allowed). That wasn't so bad. But now she was settling in, a bit. And without realizing it, she was starting the subtle process of rehabilitation. First was the fact that she'd NEVER want to risk going through this again. But she was also learning the subtle lessons about proper behavior that she'd forgotten before. Fortunately, being 'born' after September she wouldn't have to deal with SCHOOL until next fall....

And now her first Christmas in her new home. Not that there was much hope of 'Santa' having brought HER anything, she thought, as she'd obviously been a VERY naughty girl all year... Sighing, Melody got out of bed and trotted downstairs.

She winced at her first glance at the mantel, which confirmed her worst fears. A very lumpy stocking with her name on it hung there, with several wicked-looking switches sticking out of it. Josh and Mary's stockings were stuffed with fruit and presents, as were Rodger and Cora's, her new 'grandparents'. But there, under the tree...yes!! It was!! A 'Spanking Susie' doll! Melody had thought she'd have to wait until next year!!

The Spanking Susie (or Spanking Sam) doll was an important part of every convict's rehabilitation. It allowed them to resolve their complex feelings through appropriate age-play, both alone and with their peers. The wonderful toy was also very popular with other 'rejuves', as well as 'real' kids.

Melody's new doll was proportioned like a four or five year old, but sized relative to her own height, i.e. it was proportional to her as a five-year old would be to an adult. Tiny, proportional 'P's decorated its tiny hands. (It was the Penitatas version, of course). Its soft plastaflesh was very lifelike, particularly over the padded bottom. A spank or slap to that area would result in a lifelike flush of pink, shading to red with repetition. And Susie would respond with a large repertoire of appropriate sobbing and crying, begging and pleading:

"Waaaaaaah!", or "No! No Mommie! Susie be good!" or "Don't spank me! I be good!!". Pulling her little cotton panties away from her waist would result in a "Noo! Don't take my pannies down!" or "Not bare! Pleeze Mama! Not bare bottom!" Activating the doll while holding it upright would result in "I've been a baaad girl, Mama!" or even "I guess I need a good spankin', huh??" It was a wonderful way for rejuves (or real kids) to express their frustration about the external limits on their lives.

Soon Josh and Mary came downstairs, to find their little girl playing with her new doll that Santa had brought. She had it over her knees and was replaying her own sound spanking from yesterday morning. Soon Rodger and Cora, her 'grandparents', arrived from their own home down the street, and it was time to take down the stockings. Josh activated the camera, and it floated up and started to holo the family as they looked at their presents. With a sour look, Melody carried her coal-filled stocking over to Josh and Mary at the table.

"Lets see, Mel" said Josh. "We have a peach switch, this one looks like apple, and yes, a real peeled hickory switch and...oh dear! this one's rattan, Melody!!" He pulled out a slim 72 cm long by 7mm thick cane. "this looks like a full Junior school cane, Mel!! you must've been a REALLY naughty girl this past year."

"But you've been pretty good for the last two months" chimed in Mommy, with an odd look towards Josh, "which is why Santa brought you that nice dolly."

"You know what comes next, Melody." said her Daddy. "Count out the lumps of coal and we'll try out one of your new switches."

Slowly Melody pulled lump after lump of anthracite out of her little stocking...twelve in all.

"Cora, why don't you give Melody her first switching." said Mary, handing the (apparently) fiftyish woman the apple-wood switch. "Go over to Granma, Melody."

"Camera on Melody," Josh ordered.

Reluctantly Melody walked over to where Cora sat in one of the straight backed den chairs where Melody received so many spankings. Cora pulled Melody between her legs and bent her over her left knee, pinning her legs tightly. She quickly slipped down the child's panties and pushed the baby doll nightie well up her back. "Hold her wrists, Rodger." she asked, and her husband complied. SNICK went the switch and "Yeeeow!!" went Melody. SNICK SNAP SWAP SMACK went the switch, and Melody was soon bawling as the slim length of wood swept stingingly across her bare bottom over and over, SNAP WHAP POP WHAP SNAP painting bright red lines of fire where they'd do the most good. WHAP SMACK!! After she'd gotten her full dozen, a bawling Melody had to go face the corner while her 'family' opened their gifts to each other. By the time they'd finished, she'd calmed down a little. Melody knew it was far from over; by the end of the day she'd get a dozen licks with each switch, one dose from each member of her new 'family'.

In the kitchen, Mary asked Josh: "Are you sure about that cane?? Melody wasn't a violent offender, and I thought girls her age...."

"It was sent over by Corrections, hon, it must be right. I agree, though, it seems much too severe. But they're the experts, and we're sworn to carry out the Christmas switchings as prescribed by them..."

Now it was time for Melody to open her own gifts from her family. While there were a few toys and such, each one had also prepared a 'special' gift for her. These she opened last.

Melody opened the package from her new Mommy. Inside was a new hairbrush; made of red maple, it was twenty-four centimeters long (including the handle) and eight centimeters wide, and a full centimeter thick.(*)

((*) 9 1/2" long, 3" wide for you non-metric people.)

"We can try it out tonight." said Mary in a cheerful voice.

"Mom-mee!" pleaded Melody, "the switches!!!"

"I meant as a hairbrush, dear. We can wait a few days or so before trying out the OTHER side."

"The UN-friendly side." joked Rodger.

"Gran-pa!! Th-thank you Mommy. It's a very nice brush." Her parents had emphasized the importance of always being polite to Melody. Several times already. Painfully.

Next was the package from Daddy. As she expected, it also held a spanking implement, this time a wicked-looking thirty centimeter long oval paddle. The spanking area alone was a full eighteen centimeters long, and ten wide, it was also one centimeter thick.(*) It was painted a bright pink, covered with rosy red bare bottoms. Along the edge it read: "Melody's Very Own Spanking Paddle". In the center was a little verse:

Show Her That You Really CARE... Spank Her Soundly... Bottom BARE!!

((*)11 3/4" long (7" spanking area), 4" wide, just under 1/2" thick)

"I'm sure we'll get a lot of use out of that, Melody." Said her Daddy. "Would you like a little taste of it now, or..."

"N-No thank you, Daddy!! Th-that won't be necessary. Thank you for giving me this...this lovely p-paddle. I'm sure it will help me become a VERY good girl."

Next was Granma's present. Melody opened the box to find a full set of four 'Pain-ties"™ These thickish little-girl panties were specifically designed for well-spanked bottoms. Have you ever been stuck by the end of a nylon thread in your clothing?? Pain- ties were DESIGNED to have such threads in the area covering the bottom. These were called 'biters' colloquially. The first pair had only a few such threads. They were the thinnest pair, looking like regular plain yellow cotton panties. But when worn, every so often a thread in the bottom area would stick, causing a brief fiery sting. Sitting on them, (in the corner, for example), would cause more frequent stings as the child's own weight pressed the special fabric into her bottom. The next pair were pink, covered in a pattern of small hairbrushes and paddles. These were small enough to only be recognizable at close range, so the panties could be worn without being TOO obvious. It held about twice the density of 'biters' as the first pair, resulting in more frequent sticks. The third pair was white with a pattern of rosy red bare bottoms on it. These were designed to be obvious; even if worn under a short skirt, anybody could tell a child was wearing Pain-ties. The density of biters was about the same as the yellow pair, but the threads were designed to be a bit longer, imparting a fiercer sting. The last pair weren't really panties at all, as they extended right down the thighs halfway to the knee. The back of these panties had a single design; a well spanked bare bottom painted right over the appropriate area, with the spanking carried on down both legs. These would be obvious under ANY kind of dress less than knee length. The density of 'biters' (type 2) was higher, too, and covered not only the bottom but also the upper thighs.

Standing while wearing any pair of Pain-ties was an uncomfortable experience. Sitting down in them was much worse. Add in a well- spanked bottom, and corner time, even standing, becomes quite an ordeal. And when a well-spanked naughty child has to SIT in the corner wearing Pain-ties.......

"Oh!!! Nooo! Granma!! I-I mean...thank you for the panties, Granma. I-I'm sure I'll be wearing all of them very soon..."

Grandpa's present, at first, look normal. A little red dress in Melody's size, with some sort of pattern, and a flared, pleated skirt. When Melody looked closer at the pattern she realized it was the same hairbrush-and-paddle design as her new pink Pain-ties (not surprising, as the dress was made by the same company). The dress buttoned up the back, but the top button was larger than the others, and there were buttons just below the shoulder blades as well. Melody quickly checked, and yes, there were three buttonholes hidden along the hem line. It was a punishment dress. The skirt was very short, revealing the very base of her panties all the time, and most of them whenever she bent over. The skirt was also designed to be buttoned up in back to display a well-spanked bottom while standing in the corner. Nevertheless....

"Thank you for the lovely dress, Grandpa!!"

"Why don't you go put it on, pumpkin?? and a pair of Cora's panties, too?" said Granpa. "Then you can come down and I'll give you your next switching..."

Tears came to Melody's eyes as Mama escorted her upstairs. She was quickly changed into the red spanking dress and the matching pink panties. Melody winced as a sharp pain stung her well- switched bottom as she walked downstairs. Josh checked the camera; Grandpa was sitting on the couch, the peach switch next to him. "Come here, dear, and stand in front of me." Rodger quickly pulled up the skirt and buttoned all three buttons, holding it inside-out well above Melody's bottom. Then he pulled her onto his lap, where she had to sit, wiggling, as he gave her a long lecture about being a GOOD little girl, and how disappointed he was with her behavior last year. Finally he turned her over his lap, stretched out along the couch. Her Mama took her hands gently as Grandpa slipped those awful pain-ties down to her knees and took up the peach switch.

Swisssh-WHAP!! "Yeeeeaaaaow!!" Granpa's licks were harder than Granma's!!

Swisssh-WHOP!! "Aiiieowowow!!! Noooo!" A LOT harder! It HURT!

Swissh-SMACK!!! "Waaaah!! Nooo! I be goood!! Granpaaa!"

Swisssh-WHAP!! "Yaaaaaow!! Noo! M'Bot-tom! Waaaaah!"

Whisssh-CRACK!! "Naaaaa! Waaaa-haaaaah!! Ganpaa!!"

Sssssss-SPANK!! "<sob> Waaaaaah! <sob> Waaaaaaah!"

Swisss-SNAP!!! "Yeaaa! Waah-haaa-haaaaaaaaaahhh! <sob> Nooo! Waaah"

Ssssss-SMACK!!! "Yeeaahaahaaa-waaaa-haaaa!! <sob>"

Whissss-CRACK!! "Yeaiiiieeeeoowwww!! <sob> Waaaaaaaaah!"

Whisss-SNAP!! "Waaaaaaaah-haaaaaaaaah!! <sob>"

Shisss-WHOP!! "Yeaaaaaa-haaaaaaaa!! <sob>"

Sssss-SMAAACK!! "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!<sob>" </sob>

The switching ended as Melody howled and bawled with each sharp lick of the limber wood. By the twelfth stripe Melody was sobbing and crying like, well, like a well-spanked six year old, crying in hard heaves and sobs, tears running down her face in a torrent. After the last lick, Grandpa rubbed her bare bottom a little while, then sharply spanked it four or five times with his hand, causing Melody to renew her howls and screams. Then, oh, horror- Grandpa pulled those horrible pain-ties back UP before sending her to the corner to cry until noon, and dinner...where she would, of course, have to sit up properly at the table to eat.......sit on her well-switched bottom... WEARING THE PAIN-TIES!!

While Melody contemplated the corner Josh played several of her more 'memorable' spankings back through the family holoset for Rodger and Cora's enjoyment. Melody blushed an even darker crimson as she listened to her own howls and pleas from the earlier lickings.

Dinner was as bad as Melody feared. Sitting still was torture as the Pain-ties stuck frequent stinging needles of pain into her-well switched bottom.

"I just don't understand." she sniffled. "Christmas is one of the few really GOOD things about being a kid..."

"So why do they make us ruin it for you?? Honey, you've been placed in our care because you broke the law, as a punishment. It's only proper...those days that are especially wonderful for most kids have to be especially terrible for you. That's why you get so many switchings; ordinarily that many lickings would be against the rules as too harsh..."

"But on Christmas, and Easter, and my birthday, really nasty spankings are REQUIRED as part of my punishment, I know. But it still isn't FAIR!!"

"Only for your first cycle, dear" inserted Mary. "Next cycle will be different; more like a regular childhood...unless you get in enough trouble this time, of course.." As a general rule, for non-violent offenses, a prisoner was placed with "spanko" parents for the first third of their sentence. The second third was up to the judge; he could give 'hard time' (with spankos), 'soft time' with parents who were training to qualify for their own child, or even waive the last two-thirds altogether (almost NEVER done). The last third was usually waived for good behavior, or was 'soft time'; only a dedicated rebel might get 'hard time' in their third cycle. The judge could decide how the convict would spend the next cycle upon every rejuve of the sentence.

Mary said, "OK, Melody. You may go up to your room and change panties; I know those pain-ties must be...uncomfortable. I'll let you spend your corner time in regular panties. But keep that punishment dress on, and leave it buttoned up. Your next switching will be at three, and you will sit facing the den corner until then." With a smile, she added "use the padded stool, dear, and you may play quietly with your new game while you wait."

Corner time was one of the things Melody hated the most about her punishment. And she should know, since she spent a lot of time doing it. She played quietly with her new computer game, "Should you do it?" which taught children about ethical decisions; the only way to get a good score was to make, not the best decision, but the RIGHT decision each time.

Three PM. "All right, dear, lets go up to your room. Camera follow." Mama took Melody's arm in her left hand. Her right held the peeled hickory switch Melody had gotten in her stocking that morning. In her bedroom, Mama sat on the bed and pulled Mel in front of her. Setting the switch down on the covers Mama quickly stripped Melody buck naked, even taking off her socks. Melody blushed, still embarrassed to be bare in front of her new family. Mama then quickly popped her over her lap and started to spank her bare bottom with her hand.

"Ow! Mommy! Yow! Wha? Ow! But, the switch! Yow!"

"Oh, you'll get your switching, dear. This is just a quick warm up to tenderize your BARE BOTTOM for your switching. I'll bet it really stings over Granma and Granpa's switchings...I can still see the stripes."

As she spoke, Mama had continued to spank Melody with crisp, moderate slaps until she had a hot pink behind and was crying quietly but continually. Then she set Mel on her feet, stood up, and began to arrange the bolster and pillows at the edge of the bed. She quickly tied her daughter's wrists in front of her to "keep them out of the way", then made Melody bend over the pile of pillows, which arched her hot bare fanny high up into the air. Mama then took up the limber hickory switch to commence the punishment. She held the child down firmly with her left hand and...


the dozen licks cracked down across Melody's bare nates one after the other, in less than ten seconds, leaving a dozen thin, parallel welts criss-crossing her tiny bottom.

"A-A-Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaooooooooowwwww!!" went Melody as her bottom caught instant fire. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

On the one hand, it was mercifully over in an instant. On the other, it was the single most painful moment of Melody's life so far!! She howled for five minutes over the pillows before the pain in her rump faded enough for her to catch her breath and settle down. By then her Mama had her little flannelette pajamas ready. Melody was dressed and put down for her nap in just a few minutes. She laid on her tummy, with her wrists pinned to the mattress by the wrists of her long pajamas, to prevent her from rubbing the fiery sting out of her bottom. Still crying hard, she was comforted by her Mommy until she finally drifted off to sleep.

But Melody still had one more switching to get before her Christmas could be over. Her Daddy had yet to give her his dose. And there was the rattan school cane that had yet to be tried out on her bottom.

At seven, Daddy awakened Melody from her afternoon nap. The camera hovered over his left shoulder. He unpinned her wrists from her mattress and carried her into the bathroom, where he had a tub all ready. He quickly pulled off her pajamas and slipped Melody into the warm water. Although the water made Melody's sore bottom burn a bit, she soon found it to be soothing the pain of her earlier punishments away a bit. She blushed with embarrassment to be bare naked in front of a man, but she was slowly getting used to being a child again, to being cared for. She even stood up when told to, and stood still as her Daddy carefully washed her entire body, wincing as he scrubbed her welted bottom with the rough washcloth.

She knew, of course, that the hot water was softening and tenderizing her behind for her licking, but that didn't matter as she was soaked and loved and relaxed by the warm bath.

Then it was time. Her daddy pulled her out of the bath and carefully dried her off. She was dressed in a T-shirt, which barely covered her little fanny, and carried back to her room. Daddy pulled her own little chair out from under her little dresser and placed it in the center of her room. He took a towel, folded it twice, and put it over the chair's back. The camera took position and activated.

"All right, Melody. Bend over the chair and grab hold of the seat. Hold on tight, honey, you DON'T want to let go, I promise you. It means EXTRA SWATS after your, a caning; this is a full school cane. Anyway, you do NOT want any extras, do you. Go ahead, bend over."

Her heart pounding, Melody angled her pert little body over the thin back of the little chair. She grabbed hold of the far edge of the seat. The position pushed her tiny bare bottom up high into the air, placing all of it where the wicked rattan could sting it terribly, even the tender area where her bottom met her thighs was horribly exposed to the cane. Daddy stepped to her side, and Melody felt the cane placed right across her tender rump. Her Daddy was standing next to her, his presence giving her comfort even as his hands gave her pain. The cane left her bottom.......

Swishhh-CRACK!! "Yeeeeeeeeeeow!!" The pain was AWFUL, worse than...

Shissss-WHACK!! "Aieeeeeee!! OWWW! Nooo!" HORRIBLE Pain!! Terrible!!

Whisss-THWHAK!! "Yeeeeaaaaowowow!!! Dadeeee!! Nooo!" Melody's hands left the chair back and flew to cover her bottom, even as her feet left the ground and she bucked like a pony.

"MELODY, GET YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM THERE!!" roared Daddy. "That's five extras, young lady!! Get your hands down!!"

Melody obeyed, pleading for mercy. "It HUUURTS! TOO MUUCH! I CAAA STAAAN IT!!" she howled.

Swisshh-SMACK!! "YAAAAAAAAAA! NOOO! <sob> WAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Melody was now bawling like a baby as the fourth parallel red welt appeared across her upthrust bare bottom.

Whisss-WHAAP!! "YAAAA-HAAAA-YEEEE-OWWWW!!!" Melody bucked again as the fifth stroke burned right into the tender region at the base of her bottom, where her tender thighs started. It was even worse than the other licks!! How she managed to hold on to the seat Melody couldn't understand.

Whisss-SNAP!!! "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-IIIIIIIEEEE!!" The sixth cut burned into Melody's tender thighs right below her bottom. She was now crying as hard as she ever had in her life under the horrible pain. Six rigid parallel purple welts burned across her bare bottom. The real Junior school cane was much more than a six-year old could possibly be prepared to deal with.

"I'll give you a few minutes to recover before your last set, Melody." said Daddy. "This is a lot harder on you than I like. I'll do my best not to cross stripes for the last six, but your fanny is so little, honey, I'm not sure I can."

Five minutes later Melody's punishment resumed, much like before. By exerting all her will power Melody managed to stay in position until stroke eleven, which burned into her tenderest region at the base of her bottom right on top of the earlier welt. Again she lost control and earned another five extra spanks. She prayed they wouldn't be with the cane. She'd just die if they were with the cane.

Finally, after twelve strokes Melody's caning was over. Daddy picked her up and carried her to her bed, where he sat down and put her over his knees. He didn't spank her, though, he just dabbed some cream onto her welts and tried to comfort her. "I hated to do that, Mel. But orders are orders. Somebody in Justice ordered a full Junior-level school caning for you...something about not cooperating during the investigation..."

"That-that-that MAN" Thought Melody!! "Just because I wouldn't suck him off!! He said he'd get even with me, that I'd be sorry!!" In broken words, still face down over her new daddy's lap, Melody sobbed out what had happened while she was in custody. Somewhat to her surprise, her Daddy was furious, enraged!

"He had no business...that...I'll kill him. No, I'll see to it he gets just what you got, hon, only more so. It's people like him that keep the system from working like it should. He probably figured that as a spanko I'd enjoy caning you so much I wouldn't care. Shows what he knows; I'm still a human being; if I'd had any idea before; no, it wouldn't matter. I'm sworn to obey the court's orders. I'm even gonna have to give you those extras, hon, in a few minutes. But I'll see to it he gets his, the... don't you worry."

Melody felt better, knowing that her torture was an aberration rather than a normal punishment for a convict her age. She'd thought that was an awful lot of strokes for a six year old from a British rattan Junior school cane.

An hour later, Daddy woke Melody up as she lay over his knees. "I have to give you those ten extras now, hon. I had Mama get your new paddle, see?" Sure enough, there was that awful looking pink paddle with its glowing bottoms, inscribed:

Show Her That You Really CARE... Spank Her Soundly... Bottom BARE!

Daddy picked up the paddle and started spanking Melody's bare bottom with the gentlest spanks possible. They still made Melody yelp and howl as they burned her welted bare bottom. She was soon howling and bouncing around on her daddy's lap as the thin paddle burned her already flaming nates. But eventually the ten swats were delivered and Melody was put to bed after her awfullest Christmas ever.

* * *

Epilogue: Three months later.

Melody was not the only victim; three other women had been forced into having sex with threats, and one other who had refused had been caned at Christmas, but as she WAS a violent offender her caretaker had not thought it terribly aberrant. To Melody's embarrassment, the holo of her caning was placed in evidence, along with her statement about what had happened...made while over her daddy's knees, her welted bare bottom on display.

James Platsburk, the clerk who had abused his power this way, was convicted of forcible rape and attempted rape by abuse of government authority. He'd hacked into the computer and had a regular British junior school cane sent to the homes in the stockings instead of the slim 55 cm. long, 5mm thick nursery cane that SHOULD have been included. That would have stung Melody's bare bottom badly enough, but the cane sent was NOT rated for anything below an eight year old violent offender!

Three months later he was sentenced to eight times four-to-eight, a sentence much harsher than Melody's. And as a multiple sexual offender, the judge chose to sentence him to Y-repression. Melody was in the courtroom, sitting on her Mommy's lap when the sentence was announced. She laughed out loud at his howls of protest. When he was rejuved, his Y chromosome would be inhibited. He would end up as a four-year-old GIRL, and would remain female for his entire sentence. He couldn't fix it until his next rejuve after his sentence ended AND he grew back up to twenty-one; and then he'd have to go back to being eleven or twelve, and be treated as a child AGAIN until he reached twenty-one. He'd just have to learn how the other side felt....

A week after the trial, a little before 7 PM, Melody sat in her Boswell Bunny nightie, watching from the window of her room. In the house next door, her new neighbors were spanking their little girl. They'd pulled the drapes back and opened the window, and she could see and hear everything. She smiled as the little child's bare bottom turned red under her Mommy's long, hard hand-spanking. She almost laughed aloud as a crying Janie Smythe (nee Platsburk) went over her new daddy's lap for a good, sound dose of the 4mm thick spanking paddle, the heaviest recommended for four-year-olds. Janie was soon howling even harder as her crimson behind took on an even darker and hotter hue as spank after crisp spank burned her bare baby-bottom.

"Enjoying your revenge, dear?" asked Mommy, who had slipped into the room.

"Oh! I-I'm sorry Mommy! I know I shouldn't peek, but..."

"That's OK dear. Why do you think they opened the window...or moved in next door Saturday, one day after Janie's rejuvenation, for that matter?? We'll try to arrange for you to see a lot of little Janie's spankings. But now, I'm afraid it's your turn." Mommy raised up Melody's hairbrush in her right hand. "Time for your bedtime spanking, dear. Close the window and drapes and come over to your bed."

(The camera was no longer in evidence. Like most new parents, Josh and Mary had soon stopped taping everything, even every spanking, and only recorded Melody's more memorable punishments.)

Blushing, Melody obeyed, being drawn gently across her Mommy's lap. Her little nightie was pulled well up to bare her six- year old fanny, and she started to cry as her Mommy began to spank her with crisp, firm smacks with the back of her own hairbrush. She was soon crying and bawling as her fanny caught fire. And she thought to herself "I am so LUCKY to get parents who really CARE for me!!"

As her Mommy put her crying child to bed, she whispered quietly in her ear. Melody gasped and giggled through her tears, hoping against hope that her Mommy's suggestion would come true. "In a few years, maybe we can arrange for you to baby-sit...."